AN: Well then, I've spent the past two weeks reading every word of everything Dasey I could find, and I have to say that I was craving something new and different with their discovery/reveal situations. This is by no means an original idea, though I desperately wish it was. This is based off that horrible movie The Invisible that came out last year, and for the record, I do NOT recommend it, as I hated the whole thing.

But lo and behold, here I am writing this stupid story. And just pretend like you don't know what the ending's gonna be if you've seen that travesty.

Please enjoy the first 10 pages of my first LWD fic... and please let me know what you think. I'm rather thrilled that I've gotten myself to write again... I was going to use the tagline from the movie as the summary... but it was awful.

Summary: After having a serious accident Derek looms around the house unseen, learning things about his family he never expected. [Dasey

Disclaimer: I own neither Life with Derek nor The Invisible.

The Invisible

Derek Venturi had to get out of his house. It was Friday and he didn't care what anyone said about rules or curfews, not tonight.

Lizzy had tied up every female in the house with a twisted web of uncalled-for drama over a boy (and commandeered the couch on top of all that), leaving the men to become moody and aggravated. Edwin had locked himself away in the attic after having spent the evening unapproachable due to his foul mouth, while George had converted the dining room table into a home office for the night. The father of the household buried himself so deep in a case he couldn't even hear the curse words spouting from his youngest son before the loud retreat to his room.

Nora had spent the week wound up so tightly from work and stress from home that the instant Lizzie's first tear shed, the mother snapped and lashed out at anyone in the house not willing to either move out of the way, or lend a sympathetic ear. Casey, also gripped by the second-crush-melodrama, had come downstairs in her pajamas with a scowl for anyone other than her blood relatives and ready to resort to physical violence if interrupted.

Derek, the last one in the house to throw a temper tantrum, however surprising that fact may be, tried his hardest to ignore the ruckus in the house but eventually failed. Staying in his room for the night had proved impossible, as the family had inadvertently skipped right over dinner. Everyone had either distracted themselves well enough to forget food (but would be paying for it at about 2am) or had shoved their faces full of enough comfort foods to forego an appropriate meal.

Derek, however, lacked the need to distract or comfort himself, so he trudged downstairs with a growling stomach at twenty 'til nine in search for any kind of food. He stood in front of the refrigerator equally as long as he remained in front of the pantry, and eventually resurfaced to the island with a box of corn puffs. Fully intent on pouring himself a bowl and retreating back to the safety of his room, Derek got the milk and his dishes out before being completely attacked by most members of the family.

"Der-ek that is not a good supper!" George shouted from the table, noticing the movement in the kitchen while he thumbed through files.

"Well I haven't had any other food choice, now have I?" He bit back forcefully, the comment completely and totally ignored.

"Der-ek, you'd better clean up your mess." Nora berated, albeit in a softer tone. "Just because you chose to eat after everyone else doesn't mean that you can leave that bowl for the morning!"

Derek bit his tongue, not nearly as willing to snarl at her as he was to his father, but made sure to leave the cereal on the counter. Immature, sure, but Derek was positive that the bowls the girls had used would be on the coffee table when he came downstairs the next day.

Just as Derek was walking through the living room back to his room with the bowl, Casey shoved by him to get her little sister more chocolate milk. Half way up the stairs, a stabbing shriek rang through the house. "DER-EK!" He stopped and rolled his eyes, shoving a sloppy spoonful of cereal in his mouth as Casey stormed back into his line of sight holding the corn puffs box. "Mom just told you to not do this, and what do you do? Exactly what you weren't supposed to!"

Derek opened his mouth to defend himself, ready with a quip about using the same box in a few hours tomorrow anyway but Nora cut him off. "Derek," She stared, shock running deep in her voice. "I can't believe you'd do-"

"GOD- Derek you are SO... insufferable!" Casey cut off, her voice straining as she held nothing back. "You never think of anyone but yourself, ever! What exactly does purposefully doing the exact opposite of what was asked of you makes you... cool?!"

Derek was just about to reply with a lazy expression that he didn't need to start trying to be cool now, but Lizzy looked up at him with a scowl. "Yeah, Mom, what I wouldn't give to have just one day in my life where it wasn't all about Derek." His eyes widened at Lizzy as if to ask what he ever did to her, but was cut off once again. "It's been so long since my day didn't revolve around him that I almost forgot what it was like."

"Yes!" Casey rang out, sitting on the arm of the couch, eyes wide as she craned her neck forward to shout more. "And I can't remember a day when I didn't worry about anything I do coming back to haunt me with this one here." She pointed animatedly up to where Derek was staring at nothing while he stood on the stairs. Casey threw her hands up with a growl, nearly missing Marty who sat playing with a yo-yo string on the floor as if no one had even said a word.

"Just one day, Mom," Casey started, catching Derek's eyes for the first time since the screaming started. "What I wouldn't give to just have ONE DAY where he didn't exist!" The wish came out as more of a threat, with narrow eyes and a sassy head bob to punctuate it all.

Derek clenched his jaw and a dark expression passed over his face and he continued up to his room in a huff, ignoring the 'I'm not done with you' and 'where do you think you're going?' shouts coming from the couch.

He walked into his room and slammed the cereal bowl down on the desk, ignoring the bit of milk sloshing over the side onto the faux wood surface of his desk. "Like you existing is any better," he grumbled, wishing for all his might that he could go back out and fight back. Deciding to let a losing battle go, he threw himself into his desk chair and chewed on his bottom lip. An idea dawned upon him shortly after and he smirked darkly as he opened his email.

A letter from someone named 'Brenna' (he really had to start paying attention when he handed out his email address) told him all about a 'really kicking' party in Warwick tonight. Assuming he met her at a hockey game or some other out-of-town event, Derek read on, noting the warning to park down the street and to bring cash if drinking was in mind.

Derek punched in the address on the internet search engine and texted himself the directions before deleting the email and closing the map window, having learned a lesson in privacy weeks before. Stalking out of his room, he went up the stairs to Edwin's room and opened the door. "I need cash."

"God, Derek, no!" Edwin said from his position sprawled across his bed on his stomach, a magazine laid out before him. "I'm not your little-" Edwin planned on finishing the thought, but Derek walked over to the box labeled 'model airplane' and pulled out a few bills before leaving his fuming brother to himself.

Stomping down the stairs, Derek saw that predictably, all eyes were on him. They were apparently awaiting a reverb of some sort, but he grabbed the keys to his car and ripped his jacket off the hook and was out the door before anyone could so much as scream his name. Giving the car no time to warm up, Derek pulled away from the house and drove quickly towards the highway, not wanting anyone to follow him.

Blowing out a breath, he turned up the music as loud as he wanted to push the old speakers and shook his head slightly.

Like he didn't wish they weren't around either.

Casey smiled happily. She was showering with a new perspective on the activity. There was no line at the door, no dirty underwear thrown on the floor, no jock strap hanging off the towel rack... just her and a hot shower.

She was sure she was dreaming. Things were too patchy, like how she went from gushing with Emily over a guy who, as far as she consciously knew didn't exist, to enjoying herself in a shower. But this was amazing and she was going to enjoy it, damn it.

Stepping out of the shower, she used a large, clean towel to dry off and wrapped herself up before using a hand that she couldn't feel to wipe off a mirror that didn't reflect. "Best dream, hands down."

Casey woke up, the glee still present in her chest as she stretched slightly and pried her dry eyes open to look at the clock. She frowned slightly, noting that 3:18am was definitely too early to get up. Unable to fall back asleep immediately, Casey gently peeled the corner of her blankets back and stepped out of bed.

In the bathroom, she made a point to not notice the jock strap, the underwear, or the dirty, half-refolded towels littering the area. Looking in the mirror she sighed to herself, remembering how much she hated her 'just-woke-up' face. After using the toilet and rinsing her hands, Casey went downstairs and poured a half a glass of water and turned to make her way back to her warm bed. She walked by the mess on the couch and raised an eyebrow, remembering the night, and also noticing that Derek's jacket wasn't on the hook.

Once back up the stairs, Casey shoved open her step-brother's door just enough to see that he wasn't in there. Shaking her head, she turned back and went into her own room. "What an idiot." She muttered before climbing back under the covers.

3:19 found Derek at the party in Warwick, which was still going strong even five hours after he arrived. Despite being in a town he didn't know, with absolutely no familiar faces whatsoever, and being in a room with the occasional hockey rival, he was having a blast. The girls flocked to him just like home and he enjoyed having all new grounds to explore with them. There was no chance that he'd get drunk and try to idle up to someone that he'd already played, and there was no way any rumors would go back to Thompson High.

Although presently, Derek had to admit it was probably time for him to go home. After arriving in a snarl, the music, girls, and beer had gotten him to relax substantially. But now, he was seeing that the number of drunken hockey enemies in the room was steadily rising, and his buzz was quickly fading, so majority vote clearly went to walking back to the car.

"Hey, you- leaving?" A deep voice asked after Derek had pried the last drunk senior girl off his arm and left the house to walk down the sidewalk.

Derek raised an eyebrow and looked behind him to the guy approaching him. Noting with something close to relief, he saw there was no hockey pin on his letterman jacket, a soccer ball shone under the streetlights instead. Giving the guy a smooth grin as he continued walking, Derek told him 'yeah'.

The soccer player let out something close to a growl before grabbing Derek's elbow to whip him around before landing a fist right on his right cheek. "That was my girlfriend."

The first answer after placing a hand on his face for a split second was to send a violent upper-cut to the guy, sending him back several steps. "Which one?" Derek asked through a pant, his adrenaline running high. "I lost count." He finished with wide, sarcastic eyes and readied himself to fight as his competition rushed towards him, fists blazing.

The first thing Derek did after opening his eyes that morning was make sure he was in his room. Seeing every familiar detail, and discovering that he was in his bed in his clothes, he relaxed. A hand went up to his face, but he noticed that it didn't hurt. He grinned; soccer players were always scrawny and weak. Derek threw a glance at the clock and rolled his eyes, seeing that it was almost 12:30 in the afternoon.

It was expected and appreciated that no one woke Derek for breakfast on a Saturday, but annoying that no one got him for lunch. He shrugged after a moment of brooding, noting that he had slept through most of a hangover and had avoided a headache from a fight. Padding down the stairs quietly, Derek had every intention of finding Casey first, and making her regret the night before, but stopped short just outside the kitchen.

"This is ridiculous." George all but shouted. Apparently no one had undergone a mood up-grade. "Derek has absolutely crossed a line. I cannot believe that he-"

"Oh," Casey interrupted her step-father. Obviously no one had noticed the object of their ranting standing not ten feet away. "You can too believe it! You had to expect it. He's so-"

"Insufferable, I know." Nora then interrupted her own daughter. "This time he's gone too far. Of course George, if you had limitations on the car then-"

"Oh Nora, don't even try." George grumbled over the sound of Casey breaking in.

"For your information, I was going to say 'idiotic'. But that doesn't change the fact that he's insufferable." Derek peeked around the corner to see George pacing the kitchen, Casey eating celery with dip at the island, and Nora leaning against the stove impatiently. "Besides, it was nice to have the shower to myself today... just like my dream."

Derek furrowed his brow at this but shook his head. It was a little ridiculous that they were standing in the kitchen on a Saturday afternoon bitching about him. 'Hell,' he thought to himself, turning and heading towards the living room again. 'I'm the only one that wasn't psychotic last night. Who cares if I stayed out past curfew?'

He stood at the bottom of the stairs and contemplated going upstairs and blasting music, but decided against it. Derek walked towards the front door, deciding that fresh air before a lifetime's worth of grounding would be good. He moved to grab his coat off the hook, but stopped with his hand hovering over an empty hook. Apparently he had taken it up to his room. Deciding that he didn't want to go get it, he left the house, hearing Edwin shout down the stairs 'anyone heard from Derek yet?' before the door clicked shut.

The oldest child of the McDonald-Venturi clan looked out to the empty curb in front of him and cursed under his breath. Figures they'd take his car away while he was sleeping.

Derek shoved his hands in his jeans pockets and wished he had gone for the jacket, the brown sweater not quite doing the job against the cold November weather. He walked with his head down, kicking at pebbles along the sidewalk while he thought to himself.

He had no idea how he had gotten home... hell he hadn't even the slightest clue who won the fight he had gotten into. Hopefully he did, although it didn't much matter since he wasn't on his home turf. Still, the ego would be damaged if he hadn't kicked a soccer player's ass. There were so many possibilities to what he could have done last night that Derek had to sigh and shake his head to disperse gathering worry.

Sure, George knew that Derek partied and had a great time, but he had never found out about the drinking aspect of it... and had never asked. What if Derek had come home drunk and woke up the entire family rambling loudly about his fight? Was that the line he had crossed? He knew that he was just about sober again before he left, but seeming as how he couldn't remember anything, he must have had more.

Maybe he and the soccer player had called a truce and slung their arms around each other's shoulders and gone back inside to do keg stands for several hours...

Derek knew that was impossible.

He would never do a keg stand.

Stopping at the park, Derek huffed and kicked a rock before sitting down slowly on the green park bench and crossing his arms over his chest to keep warm. His face stung and he knew his cheeks were more than likely red against the weather.

Seeing Demmi, Derek grinned, crossing his legs and leaned back to throw his left ankle up to rest on his right knee in a relaxed way. "Hey, Demmi, where's Em?"

Demmi very slightly turned his face towards the bench, apparently eyeing the pebbles on the sidewalk as he walked by with his mother but never said a word.

Derek frowned and shook his head slightly. "0 for 1," he muttered and looked down. He could swear that the rock sitting next to his foot was the one he had kicked moments earlier.

Derek walked into the house in a snit hours later and stood in the entryway without shutting the door, not entirely sure how he had wasted the whole day. "Alright," he exclaimed, holding both palms towards his parents where they sat on the couch with their backs towards him. "I know you're going to yell and threaten and take things. So let's just get it started so I can go to bed."

No one moved, and Derek dropped his hands with a dumb stare. "I get it," he started again. "I crossed a line, I was and idiot, I went too far- I heard it all this morning." Looking from one parental to the next, he huffed and shoved his hands in his pockets. "Nothing? Not even a 'shut the door, you're letting out all the warm air'?"

Finally, they both whipped around at the sound of Casey opening the door, and Derek had to stand and stare- wondering how he had let it fall shut without noticing. Jumping back to avoid being trampled by the step-sister from hell, Derek stared at his family as they continued to not acknowledge him at all.

"Idiot." She growled and threw herself down in the recliner. "Mom, this is-"

"Ridiculous, I know, Casey. For the hundredth time," Nora cut her off and shook her head.

"Fine, I freaking get it!" Derek all but shouted, his patience exhausted. "Derek doesn't exist, right Case?"

As expected, no one answered and he stomped up the stairs two at a time, and into his room. He briefly contemplated going out the window and escaping to a friends house, but knew that no one was home this weekend. That was the reason he was at home on Friday night in the first place.

Derek threw himself down on the bed and looked over at the clock to see it reading 7:15. He wouldn't get dinner. Vaguely wondering why he wasn't hungry after skipping four meals, Derek fell into a light sleep, not noticing Casey opening the door and scanning the room silently before retreating.

Derek woke up at nine Sunday, blinking for several long minutes before his mind took over. Were they still ignoring him? Could he finally eat? And just how the hell had he gotten home again?

Stretching, and surrendering to the fact that his head wouldn't let him sleep again, Derek stood and traded his dirty clothes for a blue long sleeved shirt and another pair of jeans before tearing his door open and walking out. He carried himself with a purpose through the house and stopped in the kitchen, finding George leaning against the counter with his head in his hands, Nora staring blankly at the skillet as an omelet cooked, and Casey sitting at the island with her head resting on one fist while she did homework.

"Let me have it." He barked, holding his arms out, appearing defenseless. No one responded. "I get that you're playing the guilt card, and great! It's working. Silent treatment accomplished."

Casey sat up to turn the page of her text before resuming her same position, and George rubbed his hands across his face before standing and crossing his arms over his chest to stare out the window.

"Casey, god, nothing about being an idiot?" He asked, turning his attention to her. "Insufferable?" Casey didn't even flinch, and Derek had to commend her later for being able to hold an expression like that. "Come on, I get it- didn't you hear me?"


Derek narrowed his eyes at her and pursed his lips before grinning. "Last Thursday I saw you naked." He was sure that would at least get a blush. It wasn't true, but that didn't mean it wouldn't make the wheels turn.

He got nothing. "Okay, so I didn't." He relented, turning slightly away before facing her again. "I want to see you naked?" He gagged silently, but never took his eyes off of hers. "I'll get you naked?... Anything?"

Several seconds passed before Casey leaned back to turn another page and stuck her pencil in her mouth. Derek was preparing to send out a quip about things to put in her mouth when his patience suddenly snapped. He shoved her out of the way and used both hands to send her text book, spiral and book bag flying down to the floor, sliding to a stop at the doors to the dining room.

Derek huffed and stared at the books for a moment before looking back to the island. A terrified squeak escaped him at the sight before him. Casey was in the same position, reading the same book, on the same page with the pencil in her mouth. George and Nora hadn't moved a muscle. Derek's eyes flew down to the floor, where there was no evidence of the school supplies ever being there.

"Hello!" He called, rushing up to his dad and waving both hands back and forth. "What the hell is going on!?" Derek darted over to Nora to put his hands on her but found that he couldn't.

He backed away from his family and put both hands on his head, tangling them in his hair as he considered pulling it all out. He looked down with a start and saw that he was wearing the clothes that he had just changed out of.

Derek lost his breath then, backing up to the wall and sliding down it to sit on the floor. What was going on? He placed his head in his hands and stayed there for several long minutes.

George ground out a mirthless laugh, starting Derek into clambering up the wall to a standing position. He convinced himself that the laugh meant the jig was up- the joke was on him.

"You know what I just can't decide?" George asked, turning to face his wife across the kitchen. Casey finally looked up from her work to listen. "Whether or not this is just one of his idiot pranks. In ten hours, we'll have to call the police- and if this is one of his fits..." he trailed off and Nora worried her bottom lip with no response.

Everyone in the room decided to ignore the fact that George had been all about the prankster gene just days before.

Nearly a full minute later, everyone silently staring at the air, Casey piped up. "Of course he's being an idiot, George." She said confidently. "He'll pop back in here and expect we bow down to him like always."

Derek scoffed, noticing that he had both hands fisted under his chin in a childish, defensive stance. He dropped his hands and walked closer to Casey to watch her go back to her books. She had given a good explanation, but her eyes told him she was scared to death.

"What did I do?" He asked her, leaning over to see her when she unnoticeably unhooked her hair from behind her ear to let it hang over her face.

Moments later, a tear escaped her, and Derek had to shove himself away from the counter. He backed out of the kitchen and turned to see the other three children sitting on the couch in front of the TV. Marti seemed to be measuring the coffee table with her shoe laces, while the other two stared at cartoons. Every few seconds, Edwin would cast a sideways glance towards the door.

Derek sat down heavily at the dining room table and rolled his head back and forth across his shoulders to loosen tension. "You're invisible." He said, disbelieving. Standing up, Derek went over to the window facing the street and looked at the empty curb. "Apparently I never got home." he thought out loud, looking around once again for his jacket.

He cast a glance to Casey as she hugged her books and rushed up the stairs without facing anyone. "And no one knows where I am."

Please, someone, let me know what's up.