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Sasuke grinned widely at the shock on the three ninjas faces. He'd never felt so…alive. He sent another shock through the collar and chuckled when Mikomi squalled in pain. He observed the way Naruto's muscles tensed and reveled in the fact that his old friend was suffering. Oh, how he was suffering.

Naruto growled at the ebon haired man across the river from him. Why did his family have to get involved? His baby girl had never done anything to the Uchiha. Why did he take her? In the back of his mind, Naruto knew the answer. It was to make him suffer, to supposedly feel what Sasuke felt. Naruto closed his eyes and hoped that his plan would work. It had to work…if his little girl was to survive this.

"Whatever you're planning Naruto, it won't work. I have control of this situation and the only way it ends is with this little monster's death. I want to see the fear in your eyes as I kill her, watch the tears roll down your face, revel in the hopelessness you experience. I want to watch as you feel a fraction of what I have."

Naruto grit his teeth, his fangs poking over his bottom lip. He'd only get one shot. He turned back to Lee and Sakura to find them petrified.

"Guys, I'm going to get my daughter back. Stay here and wait for a sign to leap in."

Lee was nearly frantic. He knew that Naruto worked best on the fly, but this was a little girl's life he was playing with.

"Naruto, wait! Let's think for a second here."

"About what Lee? He's going to kill her if I don't get her away. Just trust me…I got this…I hope."

Sakura and Lee watched with wide eyes as Naruto began to channel chakra only for Sasuke to raise his sword to Mikomi's throat and tsk him.

"Nuh uh Naruto. You wouldn't want my blade to slip and cut something precious would you?"

"Damn it Sasuke! Let her go. She's done nothing wrong."

"Nah, I think I'll just shave a little bit off of her."

Sakura screamed and Lee began to remove his weights, but a quick hand motion from Naruto made them pause. The iciness of his voice even made Sasuke take notice.

"Go ahead Uchiha, do it. Cut her. I dare you."

Sakura was ahast at the callousness toward his own daughter.

"Naruto! What are you thinking? He'll do it, he's crazy."

"Yes Naruto, don't goad him. Sasuke is lost in his madness."

Naruto looked at the two out of the corner of his eyes and they were quiet.

"He won't do it because he can't."

His two friends looked at him like he'd lost his mind.

"What do you mean he can't? He has his sword to her throat right now."

Sasuke laughed loud and pushed the sword closer to Mikomi's throat.

"Are you really so naïve to believe that I won't slit her throat you fool? Fine! Believe it when you see her crimson river flow!"

Sakura screamed and Lee gasped when the steel made contact with flesh only to go bug-eyed when the baby disappeared with a poof. Sasuke ground his teeth in anger and looked toward the trio across the river. A second Naruto appeared with Mikomi in his arms. Sakura and Lee were dumbfounded and only Sakura could stutter out a simple 'how?'

"When I let my chakra spike I made two clones. Since the bastard didn't have his sharingan activated due to his arrogance and I had the air saturated with chakra, he couldn't feel me switch Mikomi with a Kawarimi. It was risky, but it worked."

With a poof the clone disappeared after handing over the screaming baby. Naruto ripped the collar off her neck and tried to calm her the best he could. With a mental command he summoned a large fox to his side.

What is your command my Lord?

"Take my daughter to the queen and make sure she is safe."

As you command.

Naruto gingerly laid Mikomi in the large foxes mouth and watched as the vulpine bounded off, looking like a furry crocodile carrying its young. Naruto almost didn't catch the blur going by him and reached out with a clawed hand to snatch the Uchiha out of the air and hurl him back across the river, where he impacted with Madara's nose. Sasuke grimaced as he pulled himself out of the crater and jumped back to the top of the statue.

"It seems I was indeed arrogant. You won't catch me twice in one day though Naruto. Your daughter may have escaped my judgement for now, but rest assured that the Leaf will burn. The Oto ninjas will make sure of it."

Naruto smirked and crossed his arms. Now that everything was on even ground he wouldn't have to hold back anything.

"Actually, I believe that Ino and the foxes are having a field day with the Oto ninjas right now. Some of those foxes have never tasted human flesh before. I'm sure they'll find it delightful."

Naruto was trying for a mind game with Sasuke but he could feel the fear rolling off Sakura and Lee. He focused his mind and sent them both a mental message.

'Don't worry. This is all for show.'

The two relaxed and he could feel the relief in the air. He turned his entire attention back to Sasuke.

"It seems that our entertwining lives end here today Uchiha, at the battlefield where it all started."

Sasuke nodded and drew his sword. There were to be no more words between them. This was their fight. Naruto saw the unspoken worry in his enemy's eyes and put his hand out to his friends.

"You two stand back. Don't interfere until I say so."

In a flash the two combatants were in the air. Sasuke swung at Naruto's head and followed up with kick to his gut. Naruto masterfully dodged the swing but the kick took him by surprise. He wanted Sasuke to suffer and had decided to keep most of his power in check by choice. He'd forgotten, however, that Sasuke was a Hokage not only in title but also in power. He'd need at least three tails to keep this level.

Naruto went on the offensive, slashing with his claws, trying to disembowel Sasuke, but only striking his shirt. Sasuke lashed out with a punch but Naruto caught it and when Sasuke went for a kick, Naruto caught that as well. The Uchiha smirked and made to hit him again but found all his limbs bound. Naruto bore his teeth and ground out.

"Hope you got a hard head motherfucker."

With a quick snap backward, Naruto headbutted Sasuke, sending him into the river below before landing lightly on top of the water and standing there. Sasuke emerged soon after, his Sharingan blazing before he ran up the side of the mountain, Naruto in pursuit. The entire exchange had only taken seconds, but Sasuke decided that he needed an advantage.

And for that he'd need dry ground.

As soon as he reached the top of the statue he leapt for the riverbank and flashed through the needed handseals before crying out 'Kuchiyose no Jutsu' and grinned victoriously as he stood atop Handra's head. Naruto cocked an eyebrow and grinned as well.

'This should be interesting.'


Ino and the foxes stood in the field, bloody and not in the least bit tired. The Oto ninjas had not been of any significance and she felt slightly…disappointed. As she came down off her battle high, she realized that her demonic side gave her a bloodlust when in battle and she was not sated in the least. Her desire soon gave way to worry as she wondered if Naruto had gotten Mikomi back.

The cheers of the people of the Leaf brought her out of her funk as all her friends and family ran toward her. The children reached her first and Hikaru tackled her as soon as she transformed back to her humanoid state.

"That was awesome mom! You guys defeated all those ninja and made it look easy."

Ino smiled down at him and ran her bloodied fingers through his pink and blonde hair, leaving streaks of red. Any other time, such an affectionate gesture would have been met with a general sound of disgust and protest but after such a battle, it only seemed appropriate. Juugo and Karin were silent as they stood with the rest. Ino sighed and slid Hikaru off of her and knelt before the two.

"Juugo, Karin, are you ok? You're not hurt are you?"

The two Uchihas shook their heads. It was obvious what was bothering them though. Karin voiced her worry immediately.

"Where's momma? She's not here and we can't find her."

"Oh honey, she went with Naruto to get Mikomi back. Don't worry, she'll be back."

Karin sniffled and nodded her head as she stood beside Tsunade. The older woman knelt down and wrapped her arms around the young girl and let her weep into her shoulder. The three children had taken lives that day that they shouldn't have had to take. That thought made Ino stand and search frantically.

"Where is Jiraiya?"

A grunt was heard and the aging pervert limped forward holding his side.

"Right here Ino. What's the problem?"

"What the hell was with those clones that wouldn't die?"

Jiraiya's face became pensive and he turned his face to the ground.

"That…was one of Orochimaru's forbidden techniques. It's a way to reanimate dead corpses and direct them to fight. It's similar to the puppetry practices of Askasuna no Sasori but the bodies are not preserved and they have no direction. They attack whatever is in front of them. I wouldn't have believed that the Uchiha was depraved enough to use it but it seems I was wrong. It's sort of a weaker version of Edo Tensei, requiring less chakra and using the actual bodies of recently dead people. I don't recognize any of them, so they're probably Oto ninjas."

Everyone's faces showed shock and disgust. This had been their Hokage? A remorseless man who defiled the dead? Ino held Hikaru tighter when she saw one of the council members tense and then relax.

"What do you see?"

It's one of our people running toward us. Lord Naruto must have summoned her.

Everyone watched as a large fox ran up to Ino and bowed hastily.

My queen. I am sorry that I did not arrive sooner.

"Is there word from Naruto? What happened? Is Mikomi safe?"

It was then that Ino noticed the tail hanging out of the fox's mouth and gasped. The fox opened its mouth to reveal a filthy, wet, but safe, Mikomi who seemed to be looking all around in wonder. When she saw her mother, she let out a squeal of happiness and raised her hands out. Ino felt the tears prickling her eyes and took her daughter out of the fox's mouth, which the fox was grateful for. It had been hard running and trying not to pant too hard.

"Thank you for bringing my daughter to me. I'm eternally grateful."

The fox bowed low again and stood beside her brethren.

It is my duty to serve the king and queen. It is an honor to have met you all and to have had a hand in saving the princess.

"I thank you all. Mikomi is safe because of all of you. Our home is safe. Now if only Naruto would come back."

This was an unspoken prayer from everyone.

'Please Naruto, come back to us.'


Naruto stared up at the smirking Sasuke and let out a low whistle. He just hoped that Handra was truly a snake of honor.

"Well, well, Sasuke, you got me there. I mean, whatever am I to do."

Sasuke glared down at his blonde foe. He was expecting a more…satisfying reaction. He watched as Naruto turned to Sakura and Lee and hollered at them.

"You two please call out your boss summons please!"

Sakura and Lee gave him an incredulous stare but complied. Twin cries rang out over the Valley and soon Katsuyu and GamaBunta stood before them. The large toad surveyed his surroundings and let out a satisfied puff on his pipe.

Ah, so it's finally come to this. I was wondering how long it would take. The little pipsqueak has finally bit off more than he could chew.

Katsuyu nodded her enormous head and looked at Handra.

I believe he finally has, indeed, GamaBunta. Lord Handra, how are you? Have you been well?

As well as can be Lady Katsuyu. My people are flourishing now.

Sasuke stamped his foot on Handra's head and glared down angrily at him.

"I didn't summon you here to chitchat with the other summons. I called you here to help me defeat my enemy."

Handra hissed angrily and glanced around.

Who is my enemy?

"The blonde one on the ground."

Handra glanced down at the fox king and saw him merrily waving at him with a huge smile on his face. The snake boss rolled his eyes toward the top of his head and chuckled.

Kukukuku, I see. I refuse.

Sasuke balled his fists in anger and screamed at the top of his lungs.


Handra hissed angrily and opened his mouth, showing off his poisonous fangs.

I am in an alliance with the vulpine and I am honor bound to abide by it. I have sworn not to attack him if he doesn't attack me and I shall not. You are the enemy of my ally. Do not call me or my people again. Consider your summoner status revoked. If you call any of us, we shall devour you immediately. Lord Naruto, forgive my interruption.

Naruto smiled and waved his hand dismissively.

"Oh not at all. Don't apologize."

I expect you to call upon me again some day.

"Hai, I shall."

Handra nodded his head and with a hiss in Sasuke's direction, dismissed himself. Sasuke was unceremoniously dumped on the ground and stood up trembling with fury. GamaBunta and Katsuyu stood to the side and watched.

Handra should have stayed and watched the fireworks. I ain't missing this for the world.

I agree, it will be interesting to see whether or not this plays out the way I think it will.

Sakura and Lee kept silent, still unsure as to what the hell was going on.

Naruto watched with mild interest as Sasuke flipped through a set of unfamiliar handseals and decided to call him on it.

"Hey dumbass! Whatcha doing?"

"I'm going to make you suffer more."

"Seriously Sasuke, you can't hurt me physically, you know that."

The look on the Uchiha's face was frightening. He appeared to have leapt into the abyss of madness. The sinister grin that splayed across his face was abominabal.

"I don't intend to hurt you physically. I'm going to hit you where it really hurts. I'm going to let those you wish you had and one you love hurt you for me."

Naruto's fear grew steadily with each word.

"What do you mean?"

As Sasuke finished the last seal, he called out two simple words.

"Edo Tensei."


The four bystanders were appaled at what was about to happen. Messing with the dead was taboo. It went against the order of life.


Naruto watched with wide eyes as three coffins erupted from the ground and three figures staggered out, parts of their bodies missing. He felt tears creep into his eyes as he looked at the leftmost one. The short man he recognized as the first one to show him kindness, to show him he was wanted. The head slowly lifted to show the face of Sarutobi in his prime. The old Hokage glanced at the blonde in front of him and slowly swung his head to his left. Two pairs of eyes met his and he felt despair.

Naruto was starting to hyperventilate. This couldn't be happening. It wasn't happening. It was all a bad dream.

The red headed woman looked to the taller blonde and the brown haired man in awe.

"Minato? Sarutobi? What are we doing here? Where are we?"

"Kushina? Kushina!"

The small woman felt herself wrapped up in an immense hug and stared in disbelief at her husband.

"Minato, how are you here? What happened? Why are we here?"

"I know why we're here."

The couple turned to see Sarutobi's downtrodden visage as he stared at the black haired man behind them. They turned to him and waited for an explanation.

"This is known as Edo Tensei, a forbidden technique. It calls forth the souls of the dead and reanimates them to fight for the caster of the jutsu. It is necromancy at its worst."

Minato looked confused.

"But…then why were we called out of all those he could have summoned?"

"It's because of who we are to fight."

The utter sadness of his words were not lost on them. Kushina hesitantly asked who they were supposed to fight. Sarutobi nearly broke down when he answered.

"Your son."

The couple gasped and turned as one to the one they were supposed to fight. They took in everything about him. His blonde hair, his blue eyes, the whisker marks on his cheeks, the nine tails waving behind him, the ears on top of his head, the fangs hanging over his bottom lip. But most importantly, they took in the sorrow of his eyes and the trails of tears running down his cheeks. Minato uttered the one word that destroyed the dams of Kushina's emotions.


She began to wail loudly before Sasuke appeared behind her holding three kunais with tags attached. He watched with glee as her sobs stopped and her eyes took on a dead look. Minato stood silently as his head was pierced by the kunai and never stopped looking regretfully at his son. Sarutobi was the last and he looked back at the Uchiha with such a disappointed look.

"So you truly followed in the footsteps of my student. I am disappointed in you Sasuke, I had thought better of you."

"I did what I had to do to survive. Now I seek to take revenge on my enemies before I die."

"This isn't the way…"

"Shut up and do my bidding."

He jammed the kunai in the back of Sarutobi's head roughly and watched with satisfaction as all three completed their transformation. Turning to Naruto, he took in the defeated slump of his shoulders and the rivers of tears cascading down his cheeks.

"Do you see now what I have planned for you? I've brought back your precious Sarutobi and your parents for you, only to have you take them away. A fitting punishment I believe."

Naruto stared hard at the Uchiha and his teeth began to grind furiously.

"Punishment? Punishment! You're messing with the natural order Sasuke! You've desecrated the dead!"

"And if all goes to plan, so will you. There's only two ways to let their souls leave this plane of existence."

"And they are?"

Sasuke shook his head and wagged his finger, like he was scolding a child.

"Ah Ah, that would be telling. It's much more fun to see you work it out on your own."

Naruto didn't see Lee and Sakura leap down beside him, but he felt their presence on either side of him. He was grateful for that. Sakura stared sadly at the scene before her.

"I guess…I'll take your mother Naruto. I'm sorry."

"Yes, I'll take the Sandaime. This is very bad…Naruto, that leaves you with…"

"My father. The man who started this whole ball rolling."

Naruto slowly raised his gaze to lock eyes with Sasuke, who just stood there. His features became more and more feral as his eyes bled to red. He was lost in fury and despair.

Once I've finished here Sasuke, I'm coming for you. I'll personally see you taken by the Shinigami.

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

He slowly turned his attention back to the soulless stare of the Yondaime and let out a shuddering breath.

Let's begin.


It was said years later that you could feel the colossal clash of the powers at the Valley of the End that day. The jutsus used were phenomenal and the land was devastated and changed forever. The statues of the Shodaime and Uchiha Madara were destroyed and the river between them nearly had its course changed. It was horrific and sublime at the same time.


Sakura had never known what Kushina was capable of. There were no records of her in the Konoha archives. No one had ever known about her. But outside Konoha, she was a feared kunoichi, almost on the same level as Tsunade. Not because of strength, nor because she had devastating jutsus, but because of her ferocity in battle. It was like fighting a tigress protecting her cubs.

Sakura ducked a kick aimed at her head and reached out to grab onto Kushina's leg to crush it. She caught the appendage and wrenched it completely out of the socket, only to have the red haired woman stand still and wait for the leg to reform. Suddenly, Sakura remembered why Tsunade had made her study the Sandaime's battle against Orochimaru. It was specifically for studying this particular jutsu.

As Sakura ducked and dodged various kicks and punches, she tried to remember what the secret was to this forbidden technique. Dismemberment didn't work, since the limbs would simply reform. Recently dead bodies were used as mediums and ash from the coffins helped to reform what had decayed. The only way the Sandaime had been able to stop them had been to use Shiki Fujin. She shook her head. No, there was another way, there was always another way. She threw a kunai at Kushina's head and the woman caught it in midair and hurled it back at her. Sakura knocked it away and her eyes grew wide.


Lee was, for once, not having fun in battle. He was up against the 'God of Shinobi' and he couldn't even get close to the man. Every punch or kick he threw was negated by the man's superior jutsu archive. He'd never been assaulted by Earth, Water, Fire, and Lightning dragons before, at the same damn time. Truly, the man deserved his title.

Lee punched through a wall of mud and tried to get at the Professor again. It was no use. The man simply couldn't be touched if he didn't want to be. It was hard for Lee to accept that the kindly old man he knew was once a feared man in his prime. And facing him in his prime, even when he was dead, was not a tantalizing prospect. Lee somersaulted back from a few dozen fireballs directed at him and dropped his weights. A handicap was not needed or appreciated here.

Deciding that discretion would not be the better part of valor in this match, Lee opened the first gate and shot forward, launching a fist at Sarutobi's gut. It connected and sent him flying back into a tree on the other side of the river. Not wanting to give his opponent an inch, Lee leapt over the span of the river and made to dropkick the Sandaime in the chest. The Hokage was on his feet before Lee ever got started though and made several Kage Bunshins to greet him when he landed.

Fighting multiple opponents was one of Lee's specialties, but he was severely handicapped against a Kage level opponent. With only taijutsu, he was outmatched against this one.

He heard Sakura shout and his eyes widened in recognition.

He needed to get close again…


Naruto and Minato had been standing still for several seconds while the others were fighting. For Naruto, it was because he couldn't believe that he had to fight his father. For Minato, it was a rule of battle to let the other move first. Sasuke was getting impatient however, and shouted for the Yondaime to attack. He moved toward his son in a blur.

Naruto nearly didn't block the fist launched at his skull in time, but managed and threw a kick at his father's leg, trying to take out a knee. The Yondaime stepped over it and twisted his arm at an unnatural angle to land a punch in Naruto's gut. The demon king flew back several feet and stood up huffing and puffing. This wasn't going to be fun.

Of all the ways, in all the dreams he'd had, this was the worst family reunion ever. It wasn't fair, that he should have to take his parents and his adopted grandfather's lives just to satisfy a cruel man's whim. But…if his children were to ever be safe, he'd have to. He formed the Rasengan in his hand and grimaced when his father mimicked him. They both rushed forward and the two spiraling balls collided.

The burst of energy backlash was felt all the way in Konoha and it made the foxes fur stand on end.

Naruto leapt back as the balls began to spiral out of control and the energy dissipated in a huge dome, throwing Minato back and into the river. Naruto watched in morbid fascination as the man's right side was obliterated by the blast and then began to reform as he clambered out of the water. He heard Sakura shout and focused on her voice for but a moment.

So…there was another way to end it…



She leapt forward and threw a chakra-enhanced punch at the woman's head, only for her to shrink back, as if afraid. But Sakura knew now that she was right.


Lee set his face into a grim, determined frown and opened the second and third gates before shooting forward. He couldn't afford to miss.


Naruto stared sadly at his father and let all his power saturate the air. It was thick enough to cut with a knife almost. He felt the tears stinging his eyes as he leapt forward toward his stunned opponent. Naruto could see the fear in the man's eyes as he mouthed the word 'Kyuubi'. The only thing Naruto could think to say was…

"I'm sorry…father…"


Three hands plunged into three heads as one and yanked out the offending kunai and hurling them into the river.

All three recently revived people stopped what they were doing and turned to the young men and women that stood before them. Sarutobi recognized them again and bowed his head.

"Sakura…Lee…Naruto…I'm so sorry for causing you trouble."

Sakura and Lee were too far into trying to hold back their tears as the blonde and redhead approached Naruto. Kushina latched onto him with her quickly eroding body and sobbed.

"I just wanted to hold my baby one time in my life. Just one time…"

Minato clapped a hand on his son's shoulder and looked up at the sky.

"I'm sorry for what I had to do son. I never wanted this for you…for us…"

Naruto didn't trust his voice at the moment and just stood still, trying not to break down. He vaguely heard Lee and Sakura shout before he heard a thunderous cry.

"Goukakyu no Jutsu!"

The flames did little to Naruto but he watched in horror as his three most precious people were incinerated in the fire. His hard, red eyes turned to Sasuke and the smug look on his face did nothing to abate the hatred he felt.

"Such a touching family moment, but that wasn't why I brought them here. I believe I brought them here to destroy your emotions. They were worthless in that regard."

Naruto threw his head back and howled, his rage shaking the very skies.

'I never got to say goodbye…or that I loved them…'

Time seemed to stop all of a sudden as Naruto caught a shimmering figure hovering off to the side of the battlefield. His eyes bulged when he recognized it as the Shinigami. He growled and the Shinigami twisted its head to meet his gaze.

I did not call you here, Death God, and neither did he. What purpose do you have here?

One of you will feed me this day. I have come to observe before my feast.

As long as you do not interfere.

I shall not. But hurry, my hunger grows.

Naruto turned his attention back to Sasuke to see him flipping through hand seals. In a flash Naruto had him by the wrist, stopping his motions. Sasuke looked up to find Naruto's fangs inches from his face and a grimace of malice in place.

There will be no more jutsus this day. What is about to happen to you is pure hatred, fueled by my rage. I told you before that I would devour you and I intend to keep that promise, by eating your black heart.

Naruto backhanded Sasuke, but he couldn't go anywhere because of the iron grip Naruto had on his wrist. The blow broke his jaw and he cried out in pain. What happened next was gruesome and fitting for a man who held allegiance to no one.

Sakura and Lee watched in horror as Naruto ripped Sasuke apart. Limb by limb, tendon by tendon until he was nothing more than a torso and a head. Naruto stared at him in disgust and turned to see what the Shinigami thought. The pale figure nodded its head and Naruto plunged his fist into Sasuke's chest before flipping the heart into the air. He changed into his fox form and caught the organ in his mouth, crushing it and swallowing, bringing an end to the Uchiha.

He turned to see Lee and Sakura staring at him horrified and he sighed as he changed back to his humanoid state.

"Do the two of you fear me?"

They snapped out of their trances and looked down at the ground, ashamed. Sakura shook her head and Lee snapped his back up, that burning look in his eyes.

"I could never fear you Naruto, but that was a truly gruesome display. I believe your flames of youth might have diminished from it."

Naruto laughed and turned to the body of Sasuke to see a transparent whole Uchiha and a transparent Orochimaru behind the mound of flesh, Sasuke bound by a chain to his body and Orochimaru bound by a chain to Sasuke. They both frantically looked around until they saw the Shinigami slowly approaching. Orochimaru screamed in terror and tried to back away but was held fast by the frozen Sasuke. The Shinigami took two more steps and turned to Naruto.

So then fox, what shall I do with these two?

"Whatever you wish. Do with them as you please."

Sakura and Lee looked around for any sign of another person but found no one. Lee tapped his friend on the shoulder to get his attention.

"Who are you speaking to Naruto?"

The fox king sighed and turned his head to the heavens.

"No one Lee, no one."

I shall enjoy devouring you two and letting you rot in my belly for all eternity.

Naruto watched with no expression on his face as the knife of the Shinigami cut the chains coming from Sasuke's body and began to shovel the two inside his mouth bit by bit until only the heads remained. Sasuke and Orochimaru screamed in pain and fear until they were silenced forever by the Shinigami biting down hard. He turned to leave back to wherever he came from but was stopped by Naruto.

"My parents and the old man. What became of them?"

They have all suffered enough. I let them pass on into the hereafter. Even I am not so heartless as to make men such as those suffer again. Besides, I believe I got a good trade for them. Evil always digest easier than good.

Naruto let out a short hollow laugh and turned to his two companions.

"Come. We should return to Konoha."

He threw his arms around their shoulders and began to walk away. Sakura turned to look at Sasuke's body.

"What about his body?"

"Leave it for the vultures. They began to gather as soon as he appeared here."


Konoha rejoiced as the three walked back through the gates and all their friends listened to the story with rapture. It was a time to rejoice and rebuild. Things could start anew.

Children could play without fear.

Old people could tell stories of the old days.

Ninjas didn't have to worry about reading underneath the underneath for their Hokage's deception.

And a certain family of foxes were accepted and revered throughout the land.

No, Naruto never did become Hokage, for he was already a King, but he found victory in defeat.

He found his parent's love but lost them all in one day.

He saw his adopted grandfather one last time only to see him destroyed again.

He saw his children grow without fear, even if his first-born couldn't stay with him forever.

He found acceptance among those he would protect, even if some still feared him.

And the fox realm and Konoha prospered in unity for as long as he was king.


Thank you everyone for reading. It's been a good run, but alas, it had to end sometime. But come back one last time for the epilogue, to be up soon. This is pudgypudge signing off.