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Chapter 1: Life Changing Events

The final bell rung and students were pouring out the front doors of their school; excited they were free of their prison for the next three months. Summer Vacation officially started tomorrow morning and every one was getting ready to get together with their friends and celebrate. With the exception of one single individual that is.

One lone eleven year old girl with short red hair, dressed in a pair of worn gray sweat pants and sweat shirt, with a pair of badly worn black runners, walked out of the school. She was looking at a piece of paper that she unfortunately had to call her report card, which had a D in History, Gym, and English while in Science she had a C- and F in Math.

Though she hid it well on the out side, the girl was shaking with fear on the inside, knowing what was to come when she got home. 'Dad is going to be so mad when he sees this.' The redhead thought in her mind with fear, knowing the consequences for having even a single grade short of a B.

The poor girl had tried as hard as she could, but she could never get the grades her father desired. Of course getting better grades would be easier if her father would just let her do her homework, instead of having her running deliveries; cleaning the house which her father took the liberty of trashing every evening; or making her go out at any time to get him beer or food.

The redhead knew better than to say that to her father though, since it would only make things worse. She learned that lesson at the same time she learned to not ask the content of the packages she delivered. Of course it did not take time to figure out what the packages were after a while, seeing how the 'customers' sometimes checked the package to make sure the contents were alright a few time while she was waiting for the money.

The only good thing the redhead got out of her delivery runs was the occasional tip from the nicer costumers, which were few and far between. The girl hated the fact the money came from dirty dealing, but beggars could not be choosers after all and secretly hid the extra money away.

'Knowing my luck, Dad will punish me and then still expect me to do today's deliveries afterwards. Why...why can't he love me? Why did my mother abandon me with him? If only I were stronger.' The redhead mentally sobbed; knowing she could not break down in public; that lead to questions and her father hated questions.

Unknown to the frightened girl, she was being tailed by a police cruiser as she made her way home. "That the girl?" The officer behind the wheel asked the man in the back seat. The man nodded his head and slowly followed after his target.

"So that's one of the two we are after. This has got to be the strangest arrest I have ever made." The partner of the one officer who was driving said, while the man in the back seat took out his cell phone and dialed up a number.

"Orders are orders, to think we over looked the kid's father for so long, he must have had a lot a bribes going around to keep his deals under wraps." The first Officer said, while the man in the back put phone to his ear and started speaking.

"It's me madam. Yes I have found them, I am with a pair of police officers at this very moment and we are following the child. Don't worry madam, I'll make sure they both get what they deserve. Goody bye madam." The man said and put the cell phone away.

After that there was nothing but silence in the car while the two officers and the man in the back seat followed the unsuspecting girl.

Fifteen minutes later, the redhead arrived at the rundown apartment where she and her father lived. They lived in one of the cheapest and crime filled parts of the city known as Fadden Hills. Because of what her neighborhood was like, Will always wondered what it would be like if she lived in one of the hero cities as she called them.

Places like Metropolis had Superman or Keystone had the Flash or her personal favorite, Heatherfield City's Batwoman. The girl always wondered if her life would have been better if someone like that was around Fadden Hills.

She admired Batwoman the most out of all the heroes because Batwoman was the only one with out any superpowers yet could deal with just about anyone. The redheaded girl wished she had that kind of strength, or any strength at all for that matter. Maybe then she wouldn't have to live like this!

'No, get those thoughts out of your head! Don't get yourself wishing for the impossible again. It's not going to happen no matter how often you want it.' The girl scolded herself and headed into the building.

Once she got to the apartment door she slowly unlocked it and prayed her father would not be home or at least be asleep. She did not want to show him the report card for as long as possible, in hopes that a miracle would happen and he would forget to ask to see it.

It would seem fate had other plans in store for the poor girl because as she swung the door open, a man with red hair and brown eyes like her own was standing in front of it and he did not look happy. "About time you got home." The man stated and grabbed the redhead by her shirt and dragged her inside.

Once the angry looking man slammed the door shut, he grabbed the report card out of the terrified girl's hand and looked it over. It only took a few seconds for the man she called her father to see what he wanted to see and backhanded her as expected.

"You stupid little brat! I put food on your plate, clothes on your back and a roof over your head and this is how you repay me!" The man yelled as he grabbed his daughter and proceeded to slap her across the face repeatedly.

Unknown to him though, this would be the last time he would ever strike this girl again because just out side the building the Calvary was gathering.

A second police cruiser pulled up, meaning the back up had arrived and the police could finally move in. "Sir, please wait here while we make the arrest." One of the officers said to the man who was still in the first police car.

The man nodded his head in acceptance, yet the expression on his face clearly said he had wished to accompany them. The officer gave him a reassuring smile as he said, "Don't worry sir, we'll get them."

With that the first officer, along with the three others head into the building. The man could only hope they would be quick and successful in their task. 'Or else my employer will be very upset.' The man thought as he watched the foursome disappear through the front entrance.

Mean while the assault on the poor girl continued. The redhead was begging her father to stop between slaps, but her father refused to listen. "Shut up you worthless piece of…" The girl's father started to yell, but then the door was kicked in and the four policemen entered with their guns drawn.

"Freeze, you're under arrest! Let the girl go and put your hands on your head!" One of the officers ordered while they moved in to grab the man. Their target had other ideas in mind and threw his daughter at one of the cops and made a run for it.

The other three officers pursued while the one who had caught the girl was checking on her as he asked, "You going to be alright?" The girl gave him a weak nod as she tried to recover from her father's beating.

"That's good…Please put your hands back then." The officer instructed gently, while the girl looked up at him in shock and fear. She started to back away, but the officer had already grabbed her arm and latched the handcuff onto her wrists.

"You have the right to remain silent. Any thing can and will be used against you in a court of law…" The officer started saying, while the redhead started to cry. The cops must have finally caught onto her father's dealing and since she was his delivery girl, she was in just as much trouble as he was.

The officer then led the young girl out of the apartment, the sound of her father's struggles still heard in the background. The young girl knew her father would fight till the bitter end, so it was going to be at least five minutes before the cops would even be able to get the cuffs on him.

Once out side the apartment, the girl was placed in the same car as the one who had the mysterious man in the back seat. He was bald on the top of his head, but had black hair on the back and sides of his head and a black mustache on his face and was dressed in a black suite.

"Miss Wilhelmina Smith, I presume?" The man asked in a sophisticated tone of voice, as he addressed the child next to him. The girl's scared expression quickly turned to annoyed upon hearing the name and said, "I prefer Will, thank you!"

The man raised an eyebrow at this statement, but paid it no mind as he responded, "I'll take that as a yes then. Anyway, Miss Wilhelmina…" This got an annoyed growl from the girl, now known as Will, but the man ignored it and continued what he was saying.

"If things go well when we get to the station, you will be pardoned for being an accessory to multiple crimes of drug trafficking, since the private investigator that was hired by your mother could easily tell you had no choice in the matter." The man explained.

Will's jaw dropped at this bit of news, her mother had hired a PI to investigate her father? Why would her mother do that when the woman ran out on her and left her with her jerk of a father?

"Madam, please shut your mouth. It's not very lady like to have it hanging open like that." The mystery man scolded Will, snapping the redhead out of her confused trance and stuck her tongue at the man before saying, "Bite me!"

'She's going to take a lot of work, but that's understandable seeing how she was raised by that thing she calls a father.' The mystery man thought to himself, as the police cruiser started heading towards the police station.

At the station Will was led to a medical room, to have her bruises from her earlier beating looked at, as well as gather further evidence of past child abuse to be used against Will's father during his trial.

The physician was glad to report that while there was plenty of signs of past abuse, the permanent visible damage was minimal. Will's father seemed to prefer to keep most of his assaults to back hand slaps over things such as whipping or other forms of abuse that leave physical scars.

"Since we have plenty of evidence thanks to that PI, eye witness accounts from four officers, obvious signs of past abuse on the child, it should be an easy task to prove him guilty of child abuse, along with his other crimes. I'm pretty sure the child won't need to testify unless she wants to, and since I have gotten word from the higher ups that they have granted your request for a pardon, you are free to take custody of the child." The Police Chief reported to the mystery man.

Will was getting annoyed of them talking about her like she was not in the room. Plus the cops were handing her over to this strange man, who had yet to tell her his name! 'He knows mine but I don't know his. That's real fair! And where is he taking me anyway?' Will mentally ranted as the two men talked.

After a few more minutes and signing a few papers, the mystery man led Will out of the office and towards the station entrance/exit. As they got close, the two doors burst open with three men dragging a certain redheaded man into the station.

Will's father looked a little roughed up and even had a black eye, most likely due to fighting the police during his arrest. "Get your hands off me you tax leeches!" Will's father demanded as he struggled to break free of his captors.

Once he saw Will and the mystery man though he stopped struggling and sneered at them. "So the bitch's loyal dog is here to take back the piece of trash she spawned. I should have guessed!" He said with venom dripping from his every word.

Will was shaking with fear at the sight of her father, but stopped when the mystery man stepped in front of her in a protective manner. "Mr. Smith, I would kindly ask you to not refer to your former wife or her daughter in such a manner. In case you have forgotten you helped 'spawn' this child as well, if I recall correctly." The mystery man said calmly, yet Will could tell the man did not like her father, nor was he frightened of her father.

'Okay Dad is in hand cuffs and has three cops latched onto him, but is this guy nuts! No one tells Dad to do anything! Not unless they want a few broken bones at the very least!' Will mentally screamed as she watched the mystery man stare her father down.

"Don't remind me, Alfred. It was the worst mistake of my life." Mr. Smith said to the mystery man, who Will assume was named Alfred, if what her father said was true. Will could see Alfred's body tense, making Will assuming this was a sign that the cool, calm and collected man was now getting angry.

"Then why did you force Mrs. Susan to give you sole custody then?" Alfred demanded with a tone that would have made a smart man shut up. Unfortunately Will's father was not a very smart man at times and this was proven when he said, "For a little money and to pay that worthless woman back for all the trouble she caused me."

The second those words left Mr. Smith's mouth, Alfred decked him much to Will's shock and the three officers' amusement. "Nice left hook sir. Maybe we should have brought you up with us when we made the arrest, would have made the whole ordeal a lot easier." One of the officers commented as they picked up the now very dazed man.

"Thank you officer, now if you'll excuse us, Ms. Wilhelmina and myself must be going." Alfred said and headed out the door, with Will following close behind. She did not want to get on this guy's bad side if he could do that to her Dad.

Outside the station Alfred called a taxi then took out something from his pocket and handed it to Will. "That is your plane ticket Ms. Wilhelmina, be sure not to lose it. I will escort you to the airport, but after that I will need to finish up some business here." Alfred explained to Will, who about to protest the use of her 'real' name again, when the concept of what was happening finally sunk in.

"I'm…I'm leaving town? Right now? But I don't have any of my stuff! Not that I have much besides some old clothes mind you, but still!" Will said in protest. But Alfred just shook his head as he responded, "I'm well aware that you don't have anything with you, but your mother left specific instructions for you to be on the next plane home and I will follow her instruction to the letter."

The drive to the airport had been a silent one, mainly because Will was contemplating why her mother wanted to see her after all these years. Will had been told for years that her mother walked out on her so how come the woman wanted to step back into Will's life now after eleven years? And she was wondering what was with this Alfred guy. He seemed to act like her mother employed him, yet he got upset when her father insulted the woman.

'Is he a friend, an employee...a lover? I hope he is not the last one!' Will thought with a shudder, as she looked out the window of the taxi, in a way saying good bye to the only home she had ever known. A lousy home mind you, but it was still uncomfortable to think she was leaving every thing familiar to her to live with a woman that abandoned her.

'That Alfred guy said Dad forced Mom to give him custody, but then why would she wait so long to come back into my life if she wanted anything to do with me?' Will thought to herself, with a mixture of anger and sadness boiling up in sider her.

Alfred could see the turmoil going across Will's face because of the faint reflection in the window and was growing concerned. He did not know what was causing the young girl to get so upset, but he felt he had to at least try to help if he could.

"Ms. Wilhelmina, is there something wrong?" Alfred asked, once again getting looks of anger and annoyance at using what the redhead considered, 'the forbidden word.' "Would it kill you to call me by my name, instead of Wilhelmina all the time!" Will practically screamed at the man.

Alfred, despite knowing that Will despised her full name, was taken back by the force of her demand. After taking a second to recover from Will's statement, Alfred spoke again, "I apologize Ms. Wilhelmina, but I can not do that. It would not be proper for me to do so." This just made Will give a loud huff and go back to looking out the window.

'That could have gone better.' Alfred thought sadly as the long drive to the airport continued.

Thirty minutes later they arrived at their destination. Alfred paid the driver and escorted Will to her flight. "Now Ms. Wilhelmina," Alfred started to say, ignoring the glare from Will for using that word again.

"In the envelope that has your ticket, there is also a key and a note from your mother. The note will have instructions on what to do with the key when you land, so please be careful with them." Alfred continued to explain to a very annoyed Will, who knew if she ever had to live with this man, one of them was going to die!

"Now if you will excuse me Ms. Wilhelmina, I must be going. Have a pleasant flight." Alfred said before he left, while a now very red with anger Will, resisted the urge to take off one of her shoes and throw at the man's head.

'He is doing that on purpose!' Will roared in her mind and she stomped off to catch her flight, knowing that while she could make a break for it and forget that she even had a family, she wanted answers and to yell at the woman that gave birth to her. That woman had left Will with that jerk a father for over a decade, the woman owed Will five minutes to rant her ear off at the very least!

It took Will a half-hour to get through security and find her plane, but once she did it was a real shock for Will to find out she was in first class! 'Wonder if mom is trying to buy my forgiveness by shelling out a little extra for a good seat?' Will wondered as she sat in her seat by the window and made herself comfortable.

Despite the fact that the plane had yet to take off, the flight staff was already severing the passengers and since Will was one of the few actually in first class, she was getting lots of attention. Some of the reason for this was the fact that she was the only child in the section and was alone of course, but Will was not going to complain.

Will was sitting back in her chair, enjoying a cherry coke, when she heard the pilot's voice over the PA. "Attention passengers, we are about to take off on our one stop flight to Heatherfield City. Please fasten your seatbelts." The voice said, leaving Will in a stunned state, as her body went into auto and fastened her seat belt as requested.

'Did he…Just say Heatherfield City? Where Batwoman is? Oh please God, let Dad break out of prison and try to follow me. I want to see him get his butt handed to him!' Will silently prayed as the plane took off.

Since there had to be one stop over on the flight, it was not until 9AM that Will's plane arrived in Heatherfield and had to be woken up by one of the flight attendants. "Miss, time to get up. We have landed." The woman who was shaking Will said. Will had been wrapped up in a blanket and seemed reluctant to open her eyes, but eventually gave into the attendant's wishes.

'First good sleep I've had in months and it gets interrupted by a landing.' Will thought grumpily as she made her way off the plane. Will took out the note and key Alfred gave her and started reading.

Dear Wilhelmina

Sorry I could not come to meet you or have Alfred stay with you, but unfortunately my work keeps me busy and I wanted Alfred to stay behind, to handle any problems that might happen with your father's case.

I want to make sure the bastard is put away for a long time so you'll have nothing to worry about from him ever again.

Now, I'm sure you're wondering what the key that came with this note is for. It opens a locker that is near the exit to the airport. Find it and there will be a few things inside for you, along with another note to explain every thing.

I hope you have a fun time with what you find inside sweetie.

Love, Mom

Will felt a bit angry at what she read in the letter. The woman who called herself her mother seemed to act like she had never left Will to suffer under her father! A part of Will knew her mother was only trying to be comforting with her words, but the majority of Will was filled with too much resentment to accept this woman at this point in time.

'Well, might as well see what my 'mother' left for me in the locker.' Will mentally commented as she marched off to find a locker that had a matching number to the one on the key.

After a bit of searching Will found it and muttered aloud, "Locker 302, lets see what you got for me." With that, Will inserted the key and turned to open it up. Inside Will found a wallet, some keys, a cell phone and a piece of paper.

Will took the paper and unfolded it to read what it said.

Hi Wilhelmina, as you can see I left you a cell phone and some money. In the wallet is a prepaid credit card and a normal credit card.

The prepaid is for your personal use, feel free to buy what ever you want with it, but the credit card is just to make sure you'll have enough money for the taxi ride home, and to get around the city with out using your own card. Don't use it for anything else, please.

There is also my cell number and our home address inside the wallet as well. If you run into any trouble, please don't hesitate to call.

Keep the phone on at all times and be home by seven.

PS I also left an address to a really good mall in the wallet as well. Have fun!

Will crumbled up the note and threw it and the first one into the garbage bin near by then put the wallet in her pocket, along with the keys and attached the cell to her side. 'I'll humor you 'mother' and keep the phone on, but I hope your ears are ready for when seven o clock comes around.' Will thought as she exited the airport and found a taxi.

She gave the address to the driver and was off to check out this mall her mother's note mentioned, planning on seeing if her mother was at least being honest about the card. If the card did work, then Will could at least buy some breakfast at the mall her mother's note mentioned.

What Will did not realize was that this simple trip to the mall was going to change her life forever.

Meanwhile at a warehouse at the docks, several thugs were loading large silver canisters onto a truck. All the canisters had a danger warning written on the side of them, but the goons did not really seem to care.

"What is this stuff exactly, Cedric, and why does the boss want it?" A well-built and gruff sounding man, with shoulder length blond hair asked into a cell phone, while the others finished loading the truck.

"That's not any of your concern, Frost. Just get those chemicals to the drop off point on time if you want to get paid!" A voice ordered on the other end, making Frost back off in an instant.

"Okay! Okay! Just wondering that's all! I'll get them there on time, don't you worry about that." Frost said as he hung up and looked over to his men. "Okay, let's wrap this up! I want to be out of here in ten minutes!" Frost ordered and went to help speed of the loading process.

The goons finished right on time and were just leaving when they heard sirens off in the distance. "Damn! The cops are coming! Get us out of here now!" Frost yelled, making the one driving the truck step on the gas and gun it out of there.

As they got onto the street, several patrol cars were quickly coming towards them. Frost kept barking orders, trying to shake the pursuit force but was not having any success. 'The money better be good for this job!' Frost growled in his mind as he tried to come up with an escape plan.

Will noticed the mall off in the distance, the taxi headed down the downtown street. It would probably be another ten minutes before they reached it but it gave Will time to admire the view. Heatherfield was a coastal city, so it had some beautiful looking beaches to go along with it.

'I'll have to go get a swimsuit while I'm at the mall, it's been so long since I have been able to go for a swim.' Will thought happily as she watched the scenery pass by. Watching seemed to make Will forget about her mother, so she felt a bit more clam and relaxed now.

This relaxed state of mind did not last long when Will heard the all too familiar sound of police sirens. Since up until yesterday, Will had been the one delivering drugs, so that sound put her on a higher alert than the common person and was looking around to see where they were coming from.

She found not only the source of the sirens, but also what they were chasing unfortunately. A large truck came ripping around the corner and was heading right for the taxi she was in! The taxi driver turned sharply in hope of avoiding a head on collision, which he succeeded in doing but also went spinning out of control in the process.

The taxicab ended up on the sidewalk, with the rear smashing into the side of a building. While Will was recovering from the spin out and crash, the driver just got out of the car and staggered away, leaving Will all on her own.

Will was just starting to recover when she head a loud crash and looked over to see the truck had turned too hard as well and had toppled over. The back of the truck burst open and it contents rolled out into the street, in the form of large silver canisters that Will had a bad feeling about.

Will decided to make a run for it, but this was when the cops and the guys in the truck decided to have a firefight at the same time. 'I left Fadden Hill's for this? I could have just stayed home if I wanted to get caught in the cross fire, it would have saved me the trip!' Will mentally screamed as she got out of the taxi.

Will only got a few feet when some of the bullets from both sides hit the canisters causing a series of explosions which led to a strange purple gas filling the area. This caused the few remaining people in the area to finally start running, to escape the strange gas.

Despite her best efforts though, the gas caught up with Will and made her cough and choke, while she staggered down a back ally. It led her away from the gas filled area, but the gas seemed to make her feel very light headed, so Will could not think very clearly as she wondered around aimlessly for who knows how long.

After what felt like hours, Will was starting to consider just letting herself pass out, when she heard a voice ask, "Miss, are you alright?" Will turned to see who was talking only see a blurred out line of who ever it was.

"I…don't…know…" Will managed to say before for every thing went black. The person moved to grab Will as she fell and took her over to his car. The man then reached and grabbed the radio inside and said, "This is officer Lair. I got a young girl between the ages of ten or twelve years old. She passed out, I need an ambulance ASAP!"

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