3 special days

the first special day...

(My Last Story I think?)

Mikan's pov…

This day is really awesome! Sumire and her friends are talking when I accidentally heard what they are talking about…I heard that tomorrow is Natsume's birthday? My face is like OMG! Right now I'm with fluffy well I named the fluff puff fluffy cause I like them no! Love them! Hehehe…oh there is Hotaru!

End of Mikan's pov…

"HOTARU!" Mikan shouted making the raven haired girl turned

"What?" asked the raven girl

"Nothing, Can I ask you about something?" Mikan stated

"You already did…" Hotaru said emotionless

"mou, so… I just wanted an advice from my best friend…what is the coolest gift for a guy who is like you Hotaru but pervert?" Mikan asked as Hotaru's eyebrow up

"argh why can't you just tell me his name to make it easier?" Hotaru asked 'although I know who is he already, Natsume Hyuga' Hotaru thought

"Well it's a secret sorry…" Mikan said

"Whatever…I suggest you give him a recorder…" Hotaru stated as Mikan smiled

"Yeah! You're a genius Hotaru! But…why?" Mikan asked

"Simple, you will record the things you want to say to him" Hotaru said as Mikan run away

"Thanks Hota-chan! Mwahh! See you!" Mikan said as Hotaru smiled a little

"Always be Mikan" Hotaru walked to the bus station leaving the girl that is happily choosing a recorder

"This will do it…maybe" Mikan said to herself while holding a black cat recorder as Mikan decided to go to her dorm

At Mikan's dorm…

"I can do this! You can do this Mikan!" Mikan said as she sweat drop

"But how? What is the thing that I wanted to tell to that jerk? And that is not a question; the question is what am I bothering to give him a gift?" Mikan said as she buried her face on her pillow while making her feet up and down as her fist are also doing up and down

Knock knock knock!

Somehow the knocked at her door startled her…

"Who is it?" Mikan asked behind the door

"Me…" a male voice replied quickly, Mikan fixed the recorder, her bed, and finally her self

"Ummm…coming!" Mikan said as she turned her knob to the left and appeared an angry boy

"I thought you're not going to let me in! I've been waiting their since 5 years!" he shouted making Mikan's eyes filled with water ready to cry…

"S-s-so-sorry…sniffs…I didn't mean to make you wait for several years…sniffs…sorry Natsume" Mikan reason out as Natsume walked towards her

"Sorry accepted, happy?" Natsume said as he throws his hanky to Mikan's face "you're so ugly!" Natsume teased making Mikan smiled

"So, why are you here?" that question stab Natsume's brain

'Yeah! Why the hell am I here?' Natsume thought

"ehem, my fans are really annoying…I had no place to go so I'm here" Natsume said as Mikan nod

"But, in the Sakura tree? In your room?" Mikan asked making Natsume annoyed

"Okay, in the sakura tree…my fans are there too especially my room! Why are asking me an oh so many stupid questions?!" Natsume said as Mikan put her hands at her side

"Well Mr. Hyuga, you're currently in my room so I have the right to asked you a question! Now, can you please go to the bath room?" Mikan said

"Why would I?" Natsume asked

"Well it's because I said so! Now if you're not going, get out!" Mikan shouted as Natsume walked towards the bath room

Mikan sighed as she record the this she wanted to say to


30 minutes have passed

"Natsume?" Mikan asked behind the bath room's door

"What!?" Natsume asked angrily making Mikan jumped a little

"Sorry, are you hungry?" Mikan asked

"Yeah…" Natsume replied a little calm

"We can eat now to the canteen if you want…" Mikan said as Natsume smirked

"Okay" Natsume opened the door looking at the almost angel

Mikan wore (sorry to tell you I don't know what is the right one is it a wear or wore or neither both of them are wrong?) a dress that is up to her knee with her slight pinkish make-up and with her pink sandals, necklace, bracelet's, and earrings made her beauty complete…

"Natsume?" Mikan snap her fingers

"Hey, the canteen is already closed…let's eat to my room" Natsume said as Mikan smiled "Okay!" with that Natsume blushed 'just as I thought…' Mikan thought…little Natsume didn't know that Mikan and his classmates or should I say the whole academy have a planned…A BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR THEIR KURO NEKO


"Good morning!" Mikan greeted as she sit beside Nonoko

They are at the room of Mr. Narumi…

"We had a plan Mikan…and it's about a birthday" Nonoko whispered

"Is that so?" Mikan whispered back

"Class! Here is the plan! Sumire!" Narumi shouted

"You're the president of NatsumeRuka fan club right?" Narumi asked

"Yes I am…and I'm so proud of it! OMG!" Sumire said as Natrumi sweat drop

"Okay…the whole day your fan club is going to bother Natsume in these places…in his room, at the Sakura tree, at Ruka's room, at the class room, at the DA room is that clear? Well except at Mikan's room" Narumi explained as the girls nodded

"Mikan!" Narumi shouted

"Yes?" Mikan asked

"This is your role, making Natsume and you go to his room at exactly 12nn…you will walk I mean you are going to leave your room at exactly 11:30 pm then walk towards the room of Natsume so that in 12nn the two of you are already at his room, k?" Narumi explained

Flashback end…

"Sigh…Natsume" Natsume stopped from walking

"What?" Natsume asked

"Ummm…is it okay for you if I will ask a question?" Mikan said as Natsume nodded

"I have this weird feelings about a guy…I…when I am with him…I wan—I wanted to hold…his hands…but he will get mad he will shout like 'will you stop holding my hands you idiot!' but even he get mad at me I still wanted to hold his hands…what should I do in times of situation like that? And what is that feelings I felt towards that guy?" Mikan asked with that Natsume give her his shocked expression

"Are you in love? Can you tell me what class and what is his name?" Natsume asked

"I-I-I don't know! Well his kind of quiet but in times of my problem comes…he's always their for me, he is also pervert sometimes…and sometimes he's gentleman…I think? His name? I- um—it's a secret…" Mikan said

"Oh…" the only word that escaped from Natsume's mouth…as Mikan smiled and snatched his hands

"Come?" Mikan asked Natsume just looked at her

"Will you stop holding my hands? You idiot!" Natsume said making Mikan laugh out loud

In front of Natsume's room…

"Natsume please! Wear this on!" Mikan said and not waiting for an answer she put the black blind fold to Natsume as Mikan walked inside of his room

"Hey, Mikan" Natsume stated as he walked forward then he turned on the lights (he know where is the switch even if his wearing the blind fold) then…

POK! Confetti's on Natsume's head is now seen Natsume removed his blind fold

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" the people shouted as Natsume released his small smile that was only seen by the 4 people which are: Mikan, Hotaru, Ruka, and Youichi

"Natsume, here is my gift!" Sumire said

"Here is mine…" Hotaru said

"Ah—hope you like this Natsume" Ruka said

"onii-chan geft fu ku…"(onii-chan gift for you) youichi said and last but not the least

"Natsume, if you don't like it just put it in the trash bin…" Mikan said with a slight blush on her cheeks

"Whatever" Natsume said as he snatched the gift and walked at the corner he opened the gift…he saw a black cat stuff recorder he pressed the red button


Please keep this a secret…

Even Hotaru don't know about this…

This is a little clue for the boy that I've always love…

Seeing him through the halls, I wonder what to say to him. I think and think. Then I bumped at him, I don't know! What is this feeling I felt every time I bumped at him.
Seeing him in class, I think of what to say. Nothing, I can't think of anything. He started the conversation by saying 'hey polka'. I try and try to think of how to put it but I just can't…is it true? Is it true that I'm in love with him?

Well I think I already knew the answer…

And that is yes, I am…

As the record stop, Natsume looked at Mikan with widen eyes…

"Mikan, who the fuck is that guy that bumped at you? As I know…I'm the only guy in our classroom that bumped at you and call you polka?" Natsume asked his self and push the red button again…

A/N: well…I think Natsume is more idiot than Mikan…dunno when will I update if I'm in the mood I will update…maybe…