3 special days

The second special day…

(Chapter II)

-Almost forgotten about you-

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-December 21, 2007-

24 days have past (I am referring to Natsume's b-day November 27, 2008)…the alice academy became very busy for the reason that Christmas was coming soon…

"Good morning my fellow students!" the gay teacher, Narumi greeted

"Good morning sensei…" replied the students except for Natsume and Hotaru

"I have very good news to all of you! There will be a big play during Christmas season! But the sad part is…only Toyohashi-san and Natsume-kun will be on the play" Narumi said as Sumire…err you know

"NANI! Sensei sensei sensei!" panicked the poor cat-dog as Mikan stood up making the whole class quiet

"Sensei…please excuse me I'm going to the restroom" Mikan stated and ran out the classroom

"Mikan…" Natsume muttered

Flash back:


Please keep this a secret…

Even Hotaru don't know about this…

This is a little clue for the boy that I've always love…

Seeing him through the halls, I wonder what to say to him. I think and think. Then I bumped at him, I don't know! What is this feeling I felt every time I bumped at him.
Seeing him in class, I think of what to say. Nothing, I can't think of anything. He started the conversation by saying 'hey polka'. I try and try to think of how to put it but I just can't…is it true? Is it true that I'm in love with him?

Well I think I already knew the answer…

And that is yes, I am…

"Hey Hyuga…" Hotaru called

"Imai? What are you doing here?" Natsume asked emotionless

"I think I can tell that you are more idiot than my best friend" Hotaru said flatly while pointing at Mikan as Natsume saw Mikan laughing happily

"What are you talking about?" Natsume replied

"I assume that, that recorder refers to Mikan's love, right?" Hotaru said as Natsume nodded slowly

"Yeah kinda" Natsume said as Hotaru smirked

"Jealous?" Hotaru asked Natsume

"What!?" Natsume shrieked as Hotaru chuckled a little

"The guy that Mikan referring is you…" Hotaru stated and walked away leaving Natsume who was so shocked

Flash back end…

"ARGH! It's just a play Mikan!" Mikan said in front of her reflection

"Why are you so jealous?!" Mikan asked angrily to her reflection and splashed water at her face

12/22/07 the next morning…

"Where is Natsume?!" Ruka asked Mochu

"I dunno!" Mochu replied as Yuu tapped his right shoulder

"Did you tell him to meet us here?" Yuu asked politely

"Of course!" Mochu said as the gang looked at him like not believing at him

"I-I really did t-te-tell him!" Mochu said while sweat dropping

"There! I saw Natsume! NATSUME!" Koko shouted as they saw Natsume running

"NATSUME!" Ruka shouted and Natsume turned his head and saw Ruka waving his hands then they ran through him

"Hey Natsume! I told you last night that we will meet here!" Mochu said as Natsume hold his forehead

"Shimata! (Shit!) I forgot about it…sorry guys but I'm busy practicing I'm the leading man here and Toyohashi is the leading woman I'm really sorry guys" Natsume said as the gang shook their heads

"Natsume! Hurry up!" the man shouted as Natsume nodded

"YEAH! COMING! Sorry again guys have to go bye!" Natsume said and ran away

"Natsume-kun please give this to Mikan…I wanted her to give this to my brother" Toyohashi said as Natsume nodded

"Okay I will" Natsume said as he called Mikan's phone and told her to meet him under the Sakura tree

A/N: If you notice…Natsume is kind to Toyohashi well that is because they became friends since they started practicing being the leading man and woman of the play.

"YAY!" Mikan jumped over her bed and laughed and hold her chest

"7pm under the Sakura tree…" Mikan muttered


7pm under the Sakura tree…

Mikan was waiting happily for Natsume she was sitting there.

1 hour have passed…2 hour…3 hour…5 hour…

It was already 12 midnight the noise coming from the people passing by is starting to fade. Mikan dropped a single tear and stood up but suddenly Natsume caught her wrist while catching his breath.

"Sorry Mikan I'm so busy…" Natsume said and put out the little box came from Toyohashi.

"Toyohashi told me that, her brother and you are closed so she wanted you to give this to her brother thanks bye…" Natsume said and ran away

"Oh…" the only word that escaped from our princess

12/23/07 (it's my b-day!)

"Mikan!" Anna called as Mikan turned around to face Anna and appeared a very scary big eye bags and very gloomy body

"OMG! Mikan what happened to your face?" Nonoko asked as Mikan just shook her head

"What time did you sleep idiot?" Hotaru asked as Mikan shredded

"You didn't even fix your hair into pigtails" Anna said and she brushed Mikan's hair

"Hey Ruka I think Natsume doesn't have time for us right?" Yuu stated

"Guys just think about his schedule right now he is very tight!" Ruka defended Natsume

"But I think he is not that tight…when you Ruka became the snow white as I remember you have time for us even though you are practicing!" Mochu said as the girls looked at them

"You mean?" Anna stated

"Maybe because of that new girl Toyohashi, he's been with her lately" Mochu said as Mikan shook her head

"Natsume is just with her because she is the leading woman in the play. Please don't jump conclusions!" Mikan told Mochu as it became quiet

"Mikan was right guys…" Ruka second emotion

"You are still going to defend Hyuga to us even though he wasted your time waiting for him under the Sakura tree huh…" Hotaru stated "And not just waiting…it's already midnight! And the only thing he will tell you is 'bring this to Toyohashi's brother'?! I'm not dumb Mikan! I know what happened!" Hotaru said as the gang widen there eyes

"It's none of your concern! Natsume is not that type of guy except he is really doing something important!" Mikan cried as Anna rubbed her back

"Is practicing stupid play more important than you?!" Hotaru asked Mikan

"Hotaru stop it…" Anna said as Mikan continued sobbing and Hotaru started to walk away

"If the play is more important than you for that Hyuga…for me…my inventions is more important than you…" Hotaru stated and walked again. Hotaru noticed a presence of someone behind the tree and there she saw Toyohashi smirking but she ignored it

"Mikan stop crying…" Anna said as Toyohashi appeared

"Mikan-chan…did you already give it to my brother?" Toyohashi asked

"Y-yeah…" Mikan said and sobbed she wiped her face and looked at her then smiled

"How's Natsume's doing?" Mikan asked politely

"Oh! He is already preparing to our next scene the kissing scene" Toyohashi said hardening the word kissing

"Ki-kissing scene?" Mikan stated as Toyohashi nodded

"Yeah! He told me too that he is going to tell you that! Don't tell me he didn't tell you that?" Toyohashi asked the gang as Mikan shook her head

"No…but maybe he will tell that to us in any minute" Mikan said and let out a forced smile as Toyohashi walked away

"On to the next guys bye!" Toyohashi said

"Why do you think Natsume didn't tell us such a thing?" Ruka asked as Mikan smiled at him

"He already told us Ruka…he is busy. You're the one who told us that he is tight right now, right?" Mikan said as the gang nodded

"Right this time, the only thing that we can do is to support Natsume" Koko said and the gang nodded

"Yeah so we have to watch the play okay?" Mochu said

"Tomorrow we will meet at the big Christmas tree 6:30pm" Anna said as the gang lift their fist

"See you guys!" Mikan said and ran to her dorm and quickly closed the door she rest her back on it and sighed

"Will I be able to watch the movie where you and Toyohashi-san are together? Will I be able to hold back my jealousy when you and Toyohashi-san are going to ki-ki-k-kiss?" Mikan asked her self and plumped her self at her bed as she put the pillow in her head and soon she sleep quietly

12/24/07 2:00am

"I must tell Hotaru that we will meet at the Big Christmas tree today!" Mikan said happily as she walked to her door and open it as she saw Natsume full of blood

"NATSUME!" Mikan cried and carried Natsume to her bed

"Shut up idiot…" Natsume said weakly and Mikan shook her head

"What happened to you?! Umm…can I remove your t-shirt? I-I-" Mikan stated as Natsume removed his t-shirt while Mikan blushed like a tomato

"Enjoying the scene pervert?" Natsume smirked at Mikan as she looked in other direction

"Shut up…" Mikan said and wiped the blood all over Natsume

"Actually I'm not that busy in practicing the play…" Natsume suddenly cracked the silence "That Persona is always telling me to go to the stupid missions with Toyohashi-san" Natsume said as Mikan looked at him sadly

"Natsume is it true that…Ruka wanted to ask this to you too…Toyohashi-san and you are going to k-k-ki-ki-kiss in the play?" Mikan stated as Natsume nodded

"Narumi said that if there will be a kissing scene in the play the audience will be more excited" Natsume said as Mikan smiled fiercely 'Otosan!' Mikan thought

"Is that so…" Mikan whispered as Natsume hold her arms and pulled her over him

"Na-Natsume!" Mikan shrieked "Shut up…just shut up…let us be like this for the mean time…don't ever tell Ruka and the others that I'm going to missions" Natsume said as Mikan nodded slowly and rest her head to Natsume's chest as Natsume slowly brushed Mikan's hair with his fingers

"Natsume…you know what…we will watch the play later!" Mikan stated as Natsume looked at her

"You don't have to" Natsume whispered but Mikan heard it loudly and clearly

"Why? I know you and Toyohashi-san will be happy if we are there!" Mikan said happily as Natsume smirked

"I know you will be happy if you will see our French kiss which will be a really passionate one…" Natsume teased as Mikan stood up

"I-O-Of course!" Mikan sarcastically said and walked to the mini kitchen (she is 3 star now) as Natsume smirked and hugged her behind

"Of course you will be happy…" Natsume teased as Mikan banged the glass with water

"Stop teasing me!" Mikan said angrily as she tried to break Natsume's hug but Natsume tightened the hug

"Please enjoy the movie…Strawberries" Natsume smirked as Mikan's face became red all over

"PERVERT!" Mikan shouted as Natsume broke the hug and sat at the bed

"Thanks for the treatment nurse…" Natsume stated as he put on his t-shirt while Mikan put her two hands at her two hips

"I am not your nurse!" Mikan said as Natsume winked at her and closed the door and Mikan opened the door again

"DON'T EVER COME BACK AGAIN HYUGA!" Mikan shouted and banged the door as Mikan saw the clock the clock shows; 3:55

"I can't believe I actually woke up very early…well I will sleep again." Mikan said and sleep at her bed again


12/24/07 7:30AM

"Mikan. Mikan. MIKAN!" Hotaru shouted making Mikan jumped a little as Mikan rub her eyes and yawned

"Eww bad breath…" Hotaru said as Mikan smiled and walked at her bath room

"Sorry for yesterday Hotaru…you know what, we will meet-" "I know Mikan…" Hotaru cut Mikan as she pouted

"Who told you?" Mikan asked "Anna and Nonoko" Hotaru said flatly as Mikan nodded

"Is that so…are you going to watch it Hotaru?" Mikan stated as Hotaru nodded

"Of course!" Hotaru said with a dollar sign at her eyes as Mikan shook her head

"Really…just as I expected" Mikan said and sighed

"Hey Mikan…" Hotaru called


"I will go to my room I will take a bath you go first to the canteen" Hotaru said as Mikan nodded and walked with Hotaru to the door and take each others direction

"I hope Hotaru will go to watch the play…I hope she is telling the truth" Mikan said and entered the canteen and walked ahead the gang

"Good morning guys!" Mikan greeted and sat at her chair

"Morning!" the gang replied as they began to eat and suddenly Natsume sat beside Mikan

"Hi guys…" Natsume said and ate his breakfast

"Long time no see Natsume" Ruka said and sipped his juice there was a big awkwardness in the air

"Natsume eat slowly…you might choke" Mikan said and smiled a little

"Natsume is busy he is tight so he have to hurry eating his food" Mochu said sarcastically

"Yeah Mochu is right…" Anna and Nonoko glared at Natsume as he looked at them he didn't glare at them because he knew it was his own fault

"Thanks for the food" Natsume stated and stood up as Toyohashi stood too (she is at the other table) and together ran away

"Why are you like that to Natsume?" Mikan asked as the gang laugh

"We planned that for Natsume and it seems like the plan worked even to you Mikan" Ruka said as Mikan pouted

"Meanie…" Mikan said as the gang laugh more

"See you guys later okay? I will prepare my dress now" Nonoko said and left the gang with Anna

"We will go too Mikan, Ruka" Mochu said as Koko and him walked away

"Mikan you have to prepare too" Ruka said

"Is it okay to leave you behind?" Mikan asked

"I'm going to wait for Hotaru" Ruka said as Mikan smiled

"Okay, see you!" Mikan said and left Ruka behind


6:30pm same date

"Guys! I'm so sorry I'm late" Mikan said as the gang chuckled

"You are not late Mikan we are just early" Ruka said as Mikan scratched her head

"Nice get-up Mikan!" Nonoko and Anna said as Mikan turned around. Mikan is wearing a black long sleeve with a pink shirt and a skirt with black leggings inside, she pony tailed her hair all at her right side

"Is it nice?" Mikan asked as Anna and Nonoko nodded in agreement

"You already have taste huh…" Hotaru said as Mikan pouted

"Are you telling me that I don't have taste in dress?" Mikan asked as the gang laugh

"Come on guys the play will start at 7pm" Mochu said as they nodded in agreement


In play:

"Shiro! Please…don't leave me" Toyohashi said

"I have to Umika…" Natsume said and touched her cheeks


"Shhh…" then Natsume kissed her…

'French kiss which was a passionate one' Mikan remembered the sentence that Natsume told her and the fireworks began…the fireworks is for the coming Christmas so…


12/25/07 Christmas has began 12MN

"I can't believe Natsume is so good in acting" Anna said as Nonoko nodded

"That's right and his kiss…it's like" Nonoko said "your in a fairytale!" Anna and Nonoko said in unison

"Umm…guys I will go to the big Christmas tree again" Mikan said as the gang looked at her

"What?!" Mikan asked as the gang shook there heads and Mikan walked away

"Sigh…that kiss…Natsume seems enjoying it…eh? What am I thinking?" Mikan said and suddenly she felt dizziness and fell on the bench under the Big Christmas tree

Natsume was so tired he took a little shower and when he was done he turned his head and he saw the recorder that Mikan gave him placed on his desk he walked there and took the recorder suddenly, his eyes widen

"Mikan!" Natsume stated and ran outside he saw Mikan lying at the bench under the big Christmas tree he walked ahead and saw Mikan sleeping peacefully while her milky white yet silky skin was shinning through the light from the moon he touched her cheeks

"I don't have much time to buy you a decent gift yet I have this precious gift for you" Natsume said and kissed her cheeks but before he kissed it Mikan woke up

"Natsume? What are you doing here?" Mikan asked as Natsume stood up

"Nothing…I'm about to wake you up moron" Natsume said while scratching his cheeks with his index finger

"Oh I forgot to tell you Merry Christmas Natsume here's a gift for you" Mikan said and handed him a watch

"They say that if you gave a person a watch…it means he/she will love you any hour, minute, and second!" Mikan said and she started to walk away

"Hey…" Natsume called but Mikan didn't heard it so he pulled her wrist and gave her a very passionate kiss…Natsume broke the kiss and smiled at Mikan a little

"Thanks…for the watch and for watching the play" Natsume said and left Mikan behind while Mikan touched her lips

"I agreed with Nonoko and Anna-chan…" Mikan said and walked straight into her dorm

End of the chapter...

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