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Bail spent close to an hour cleaning himself up, making himself presentable. He was about to step out of his rooms and see what needed his attention, what neglect his planet had suffered for his grief, when Winter hurried in, still dressed in the clothes she would normally wear aboard a ship. "Dad," she all but choked out as she engulfed him in a hug that he returned with equal force as he smiled for her, tried to be strong for her. "I came as soon as I heard."

"I know," he said, stroking her hair, "I wish I could say it was just a horrible lie by the Empire, but I don't think it is."

"You've heard the official reports," she said as flatly as she could manage as she made an effort to restrain her emotions.

"They are convincing enough for the Emperor, and if he believes, then I don't know how she could possibly be alive."

She burst into tears as she lost her battle with her own feelings, sobbing for a short time before regaining control of herself. "I know it was foolish to hope, but I just couldn't help myself."

"I know, I did the same thing," he told her, wiping the tears from her face. "But we must go on. We must not make her death meaningless."

"Who will take her seat in the Senate?"

Bail's face contorted as he told her the news that had come on the heels of the reports of Leia's death. "There is no more Senate. Palpatine closed it down shortly after Leia's death. He said there was too much corruption in the Senate for it to be an effective body. But we will need you to take your place as the Princess of Alderaan."

"Yes, father," she said. She was just as much Bail's daughter as Leia had been, though she had been more free to be active in the Alliance than Leia had. Now she would have to learn to balance her duties with the Alliance and her duties to her people. "What is Alderaan going to do?"

"What we have always done; we will make peace our priority, and work with the Alliance, and pray to the Force that Leia didn't die in vain."

"Tell me what you've been able to find," she said, eliciting a sigh from her father.

"Well, most of that is in my office. Come, you can see everything I have."

Ysanne Isard viewed the whole mess with the two teenaged girls that Vader had killed with some scepticism. Just as Intelligence was starting to investigate a very high-level leak in the Emperor's most valued systems, Vader came sweeping through, tying everything up in a neat little package and putting a bow on top. That might satisfy the Emperor, but it only made her suspicious. She was new to her position; her father had, ahem, retired recently, and she had taken over his job.

Now, of course, she knew what a headache it was most of the time. She had but the illusion of freedom, while being tied down by the job's time constraints as well as the expectation of the Emperor. Ah, well, not to be worried about. She did want to speak with the fathers of the two girls before she proceeded further. Finally she pushed a button. "I want the Earl of Cormoron and the Viceroy of Alderaan picked up for questioning."

With that minor task properly delegated she turned her attention to the really important work. She called up the security video of the death of Senator Organa and began a thorough review of the case.

Vesenj woke to the sound of a voice screaming, and it took her a moment to realize that it was her own. Leia was there. She didn't say anything, but there was little to be said. Twice tonight she'd woken with the same nightmare. Worse was the nightmare was absolutely real. She wasn't supposed to have remembered anything from the trance that Master Kenobi had worked very hard to put her into to mimic death. The substance they had injected her with shortly beforehand was supposed to mask her presence within the Force, and it had given her the feeling that she was completely disconnected from everything. Whatever it was, had taken an awfully long time to wear off, but had finally started to do so during the afternoon. She had hoped that had meant that the nightmares would stop, or at least abate, but it wasn't even midnight, and she'd woken twice already.

"I hate this," she said as she collapsed into sobs, Leia comforted her as best she could, but she'd had her own nightmares to deal with.

"It was the only way we could think of. Dying was the only way to get all of us out, Vesenj. Disappearing would have meant Father chasing us to the ends of the galaxy, or worse, someone else. And Father was right, the Emperor wouldn't have believed it if he didn't have physical evidence, something in front of him. He had my leg inspected by three different men independently of one another without telling any of them anything about what happened. That was why he wanted your body, to make sure it was you."

"I wasn't supposed to be aware of what was going on, I thought," Vesenj told Leia, who nodded. "I remember. I remember that foul beast touching me, how cold his fingers were against my skin, how angry Vader seemed, and them arguing about what to do about my body."

"How did he win?"

"He said he wanted to throw my body at the feet of my father and take him down a peg or two for my defiance of all that he'd offered me."

"I was waiting for him. I didn't know what happened with you that afternoon. I didn't think it would be as difficult as it turned out to be."

"You've never fought with him, have you?"

"Just Luke, and mostly what Obi-Wan calls Soresu katas and velocities. He had thought that defense would be of more immediate use to me than anything offensive, and he was right. I felt so badly trained going up against Father. He can put so much strength into a blow, and we knew it was being filmed, because he had chosen the location to have precisely the amount of security coverage it did. I just hope that Daddy forgives me for deceiving him this way, but no one can know that I'm alive. I think Father's right. Dad can't act well enough to make it believable. I don't want to cause him pain, but if it keeps him alive, and me, then it's worth it. If we can kill the Emperor, all of this is worth it."

"I would think it would be confusing to have two fathers," Vesenj said.

Leia grimaced in the pale light from the cityscape. "It's difficult, especially when they aren't getting along. I don't talk to one about the other, and I think they both pretend that the other doesn't exist."

"How do you think that your cousin and grandparents are dealing with this?"

"I don't really know. Pooja and I were starting to get so close, but you know that. I hope that this doesn't outright kill my grandparents. They are both so frail, and I want to get to know them better."

"Maybe we can see if Luke will go see Pooja before she leaves for Naboo?"

"Maybe. We should check with Obi-Wan and Father first."

Vesenj nodded. "I really liked Pooja. She was very nice."

"Grandmother Naberrie said she is very much like my mother, very kind and dedicated."

"I learned about your mother from my father. She was a very inspirational woman. she only made a few mistakes during her career, but the ones she made were fairly spectacular."

"Yes, trusting Palpatine was primary among them," Leia agreed, "But at the time of the Invasion of Naboo she was only 14. She couldn't have known how absolutely, irredeemably evil he was."

"Which is why we have to do this. Do you think that the nightmares will ease?"

"I hope so," Leia said. "Yours and mine both."

"Absolutely not," Obi-Wan said. Leia frowned, and Vesenj laid a sympathetic hand on her arm.

"You risk jeopardizing this whole mission. If Jobal and Ruwee know even part of the truth, then it will be possible that others will learn that from them. It is not an acceptable risk, as much as I hate it," Vader said. There was a distinct frown in his voice.

"Grandmother is so frail," Luke said, supporting the girls, though he knew that the idea was not logically sound. "I don't know if she will survive this."

"She survived Padmé's death," Vader pointed out, "And there is nothing that we can do to let her know the truth without also informing Pooja, and like everyone else, we need her reaction to the news to be believable. I need people to hate me for what I've done, and if Pooja cannot believe with all her heart that I killed you, then she cannot summon enough hate to make the Emperor believe that I really did this. I dislike deceiving my mother-in-law, especially with her health being poor, but it cannot be avoided, not if we are to be successful in righting my wrongs."

"You oversaw the emptying of our apartments?" Leia asked, deciding that a change of subject was in order.

"I did. The contents of your apartments await your transport arriving. The management of the building said the most unkind things to me."

"Threepio and Artoo?"

"They are with your things but I can bring them here if you would rather."

"Just Threepio, I don't think Artoo would be much help right now."

"Very well, I will see to it."

"Thank you," she said.

"Ami Skywalker," a stern looking nurse came in looking for Leia. Vader had been surprised to find that Obi-Wan had copies of both Luke and Leia's birth records. Amidala was her middle name, and the small alterations they had made hadn't made waves. The small staff of the exclusive medical facility had risked much to take on Leia and Vesenj. It had been prearranged, though they hadn't quite believed what Vader was wanting. All staff who were currently dealing with the Skywalkers were from a group who had been previously scheduled to go on a two year tour of Outer Rim planets, performing procedures that would be routine on Coruscant, or any Core planet, that the Outer Rim planets typically didn't have the facilities for.

"Coming," Leia said, and she stood, wobbling slightly.

"You have therapy," the nurse said.

"I know," Leia sighed. "I just haven't quite gotten this down just yet."

"Which is why you have therapy."

Leia sighed.

Vader walked through the Imperial Palace, his hatred for the Emperor primary on his mind. It masked a myriad of other emotions, thoughts and ideas he knew that Palpatine wouldn't approve of. There were only two days before Leia would be well enough to be released under protest of the doctors who were overseeing her case, and it was only three days before his fleet arrived. Then he could go to the Outer Rim and pretend to hunt down Rebels, and spend time off his ship, shuttling to wherever his children ended up. Luke was likely going back to Tatooine, but he quite honestly had no clue where Leia was going. He wasn't sure that Obi-Wan knew where Leia was going, or Luke for that matter. He dismissed the thought as inappropriate for where he was, and went back to hating the Emperor. For all the things that the Emperor had done, that he had required Vader to do, that had been done to and for his children.

With his hatred firmly in place, he entered the throne room, and bowed. "What have you learned, Lord Vader?"

"She knew nothing of value," Vader said. "I wish to leave immediately for my fleet with the bodies."

"You are an expert at holding people in this world, and yet you let her go, why is that?"

"I made a mistake, My Master. I told her that Vesenj was dead."


"Her despair was so great that she had no will to live afterword."

"That is unfortunate, Lord Vader. You may return to your fleet to seek out their additional conspirators."

"Thank you, My Master."

Leia was happy enough with the results of the week of extensive reconstruction that the doctors had done on her leg. It would never be the same, but if this was all she lost, it was a small price to pay to rid the galaxy of the Emperor. Vesenj was also recuperating, from a lightsaber wound to the chest. Vader had made it off-center enough that it had missed her spine, and he'd done something so that it had missed everything internal.

They had been assigned a room together, next to the room that Vader had brought Vesenj's mother to. The three-year-old boy that had come with her was something of a shock to both of them. What to do with the Duchess and Layne, the boy, was of a bit more concern currently, as they were supposed to be just as dead as Leia and Vesenj. There were several men who Vader trusted to watch over the rooms while he, Obi-Wan or Luke weren't there, though those times were fairly rare. But they had risked detection for long enough, and further treatment would have to be found elsewhere if it was needed.

"Miss Leia, I do wish you would take it easy. When Master Anakin got his new arm it was months before it was properly aligned, and he did complain so about it."

"Well, Threepio, I don't have months, and what I need my legs to do and what my father needed his arms to do are two different things. There are medical facilities near where we are going, if there's trouble, and I have a full regimen of exercises that I am to do to make sure that my artificial leg integrates with my body properly."

"Master Anakin never was one to listen to good advice, why do you have to be like him?"

"Because I'm his daughter," she told the droid. The plan was, currently, for her to go to Dagobah with Master Yoda, and for Luke to return to Tatooine with everyone else, including both droids. Master Yoda might have different ideas, which was why they planned on landing the Falcon on Dagobah if it did not prove impossible.

"I will never understand humans," Threepio declared. He was helping them pack the hospital rooms. Everything from both apartments had already been packed and put into storage awaiting the arrival of their wayward Captain Solo. She had met him briefly once when he'd flown Luke up for their trip to Naboo, but Luke and Obi-Wan had obviously had more contact with him, putting this much faith in the man.

Luke walked in and Artoo wheeled in behind him, having attached himself to her brother for the day. "Ready?"

She nodded, taking one last look around, making sure that they had everything. "Yes, it's time," she said.

Han waited nervously at the dock that the old man had said to berth at, just as he had been for several hours. Finally, his comlink went off, and he yelped in surprise. Chewie laughed at his human partner's tension. "Yeah," he said into the comlink.

"We should be arriving shortly, Captain Solo. Hopefully you won't have any trouble accommodating six people. I hadn't expected this to go quite this far."

"Yeah, there's room if someone bunks with Chewie. They'll have to be real nice, though."

"Well, considering where we are going, I don't think it will be a problem."

"Where's that?"

"I am afraid I can't tell you, not until we are off the planet, at any rate."

"Yeah, yeah, master of secrets."

"It's only for your own protection, Captain Solo. There should be some young men nearby, would you be so kind as to allow them to load the cargo we must carry with us for you?"

"I been watching them, they are shifty types."

"Yes, but trustworthy ones, I assure you."

"You're absolutely sure?"

"Yes, I have met them all myself, had conversations with most of them."

"Alright, but only into the cargo hold."

"They won't try to get any further, I assure you," Obi-Wan said, and with that, he cut the communication.

"Well, I guess if they load it for us, I'm not going to complain too much. I'm going to go into the back and watch them. You stay up here and monitor things in case there's a problem," Han said, and Chewie growled his agreement.

"Heya, fella," one of the men said when Han approached.

"Hello," Han said in return.

"Uncle D said we could trust you, and it would make it a might bit easier if you weren't pointing a blaster at us."

"You take this guy's word on things?"

"Sure, it's a matter of principle with him. He don't hardly trust no one. Name's Jix by the way."

"A pleasure, I'm sure," Han said, "Solo."

"So, how long you been working for Uncle D?"

"I am an independent contractor. I do the job, I get the money, no complications."

"Heh," was Jix's only response. He had been hauling boxes just as tidily as either of the others, but he was able to do so and carry on a conversation.

"That's the last one, Wrenga," one of the other two men said.

"I see," he said to the men.

"He wanted us out of here as soon as this was done," the other man said.

"So he did," Jix said, "I guess even I don't want to test him on this one. Nice meeting you, Solo," he said, waving, and heading off. Han closed the cargo hold, and checked the straps on whatever they'd brought in, but all of it was secure. He sighed in relief that this part was done, and headed back for the cockpit.

Obi-Wan could feel Captain Solo's disquiet for nearly a full kilometer from the landing pad. It lessened considerably when, he assumed, the cargo was finally securely on board. He couldn't imagine what kind of people Anakin would have gotten to load the furniture and boxes for him, but they couldn't have been any worse than the guards that he'd gotten for when neither he nor Luke could be there. In fact, he wouldn't have put it past Anakin to use those same people. They were traveling in a private airbus, something Anakin had gotten a hold of somehow or another. He was flying while the rest of them were in the back.

"Anakin, did you have to choose a landing pad halfway across the planet?"

"Yes. I can ensure that we are not followed this way."

"Very well," Obi-Wan said with a sigh. "I am glad we are nearly there."

"How can you tell, old man?"

"I can feel our esteemed Captain Solo. He has a very distinctive flavor within the Force."

"Ah," Vader said, and dropped down toward the landing pad.

They arrived in short order, and Luke stepped out of the back, eager to see Han. Obi-Wan put a hand up to the young ladies; he wanted to see what Han's reaction to the news of exactly who their passengers were before he let them out. "Kid, good to see you alive. What was up with last time, not wanting to go home? I know you hate Tatooine, but Coruscant is dangerous, as dangerous in its own way as Tatooine, especially for a farm kid like you."

"I'm sorry, Han. I think you'll forgive me. I had important things to get done, people to save from the Empire's grasp."

"You missed a couple, don't you think?"

"I got the ones that count," he said, defensively. "Have you watched the news?"

"Vader killing people?"

"Yeah, that," he said with a glance at Obi-Wan, who nodded. "It's not true. All of it's made up."

"Does the Emperor know about that?"

"No, and we are going to keep it that way," Luke said, and Han let out a long whistle.

"Did you crack your head, Luke? I mean, I know that you've got some damned fool ideas, but this one is way out there."

"It's not though, Han. It's the only way that Leia and the Countess could be protected."

"Protected from what?"

"The Emperor of course," Luke said, and Obi-Wan decided it was time to make his appearance.

"You hear what the Kid is saying?" Han asked Obi-Wan.

"I've heard," he said evenly, then turned to Luke. "Go help your sister, I don't think she's too steady on her feet as of yet, despite her desire to be."

"Yes, Master."

"We have a very limited window to remove ourselves from Coruscant at this time. It is rather unfortunate that we could not stay longer," Obi-Wan told Han as the walked toward the front of the vehicle. The driver's window retreated and Han's eyes widened in fear as he was confronted with the visage of Darth Vader himself. "We shouldn't be much longer. Will you be able to make it to the homestead in a couple of weeks, Anakin?"

"It should not pose a problem. I will be back with my fleet soon, and the final preparations for the Death Star are the first thing on the fleet's agenda once we leave Coruscant. Hopefully that fool Leia was feeding information to has gotten the last disc I sent to the Rebels. They don't have much time before I get there, and I would rather not have a Death Star to go to. I gave them all the information that they will need to plan and execute a clandestine operation that will risk a minimal number of their people. If their slicers are any good at all, they will be able to adjust the data they need to in order to get their people on board. Since the arrival and departure of the Rebels will be masked as that of scheduled Imperials, I will have no leads to go on. It will be most difficult to track them. I'll probably be chasing that lead for five or six months alone."

"What else did you give our merry little band?"

"I gave them quite enough to keep them busy for the next year, perhaps more, depending on the size of the force and how fast they are able to grow, and how hungry their top people are."

"Are they going to be able to get to the information on the Death Star in time?"

"Oh, yes. That was all separate. The rest will require sorting, but I'm sure they have a large band of techs to work with. The only problem that I can foresee is how quickly they are able to begin accessing the data. It's been a week and there is not fleet movement. I am beginning to be concerned."

While Obi-Wan had his conversation with Vader, Han had been staring, and Luke and the others had been loading the few parcels that had been brought from the medical facility. Threepio had been helping and rattling on about how he felt about returning to Tatooine, and his opinion of the idea was not a good one. "We can only trust in the Force, my friend," he said. "We should depart soon. I will see you soon, I hope. We will visit Master Yoda, but I am fairly certain that he will not want Luke and I there. Or perhaps he will keep Luke and send Leia with me to Tatooine. We will send word to Owen and Beru if Tatooine is not to be our training area."

"I will be there," Anakin said. He was quiet for a moment, and Obi-Wan looked at him steadily. "When I first saw you, you asked me a question, and I have wrestled with it the whole time that you have been here," a rattling sound that could have been a sigh came through his vocalizer. "I know the answer to your question now."

Obi-Wan smiled. "I know you do. I have always known the answer to that question. It only remained for you to find it."

If he could have seen Anakin's face, he was sure there would have been a smile. "I still thank you for asking."

He stepped away from the vehicle, and now that it was empty, Anakin took off back toward the capital. "We should get going," Obi-Wan told Han.

"Yeah," Han said, and he shook his head as they headed for the ship.

Leia was safely ensconced in her cabin when Vesenj came in. Since it was to be her cabin as well, she didn't say anything. "Are you really having nightmares, too?"

"I had to drop a hundred meters within the view of the cameras, and after that I only had a few seconds to use the Force to keep myself from crashing into the ground at a high enough speed to kill me. Obi-Wan and Luke were there, and they were helping, but it was still a close thing. Then right after was what happened to my leg," Leia said, not even wanting to say what had been done. "I have nightmares about the fall, about not stopping in time, or falling forever with no one to catch me. Sometimes the other, but not as often."

"Cutting it off then making it seem like it had been ripped from your body. I still don't know how Obi-Wan knew how to do that."

"Well, he's seen a lot of war. He was a High General in the Clone Wars. He must have seen many people die."

Vesenj nodded. "I imagine he did. Is this war going to be bad?"

"Hopefully, there won't be a war. We've given the Alliance quite a number of locations, and things. You do know that while you were in your trance I was actually meeting with my contact on that rooftop?"

"I didn't actually. What did you give him?"

"The location of the Death Star, estimated completion schedule, every scrap of data available on that monstrosity. And as complete of a list of Imperial locations, secret and not, as Father could get me without drawing much attention from the internal security sensors."

"And then, at least as far as anyone outside this ship and a few select people know, you gave your life for that information."

"Yeah. I told my contact that I thought this would be the last thing I could give him for a while, because of the other attacks, but that I was sure that this was all good data."

"What do you think that the Alliance is going to do with the data?"

"I don't even know what the data is, except the stuff on the Death Star. Father screened it all and put it together an hour before he was supposed to be killing you. But they will take it and do everything that they can to undermine the Empire. They will capture what they can, and destroy what they can't."

Mon Mothma's hands trembled as Tern, Leia's handler, handed her a high compression data disc. "You took extra precautions getting this here?"

"I was hoping that no one followed me from the meeting that I had with Princess Leia. I took every precaution in the book. She was dead not an hour after she handed this to me. Scary business, Vader. I am not going back to Coruscant."

"Have you looked at this?"

"Didn't want to spoil the surprise. If it's what she told me, I think it's a fitting legacy. She said she hadn't checked it herself."

"Neither of you checked the data to ensure its integrity?"

"It's a type of disc that only goes in big computers, full wall-size jobs. I don't have access to one of those, and so far as I know, neither does the princess. Maybe that Countess friend of hers snuck into Vader's private lair, I don't know, but that thing won't even fit in a regular reader."

She was glad that she'd had Tern meet her on Alderaan, because the techs there could get to work on it right away. "What did she say it was?"

"Everything available on the Death Star, and some extras. She wasn't clear on what the extras were. She was pretty sure that she wouldn't be meeting with me again for a while. After the other attacks, she said she felt like she was under greater scrutiny."

"It is so tragic to have lost one of our brightest young stars," Mon Mothma said, and she walked toward the exit. "Would you like to see what's on this?"

"Wouldn't miss it for the world," Tern said, and he followed her out to an airspeeder, so they could go to the Alliance's premiere data extraction facility.

The Earl Merick Ercarach was in his study plotting out his next move when stormtroopers entered unannounced to arrest him. It wasn't something he expected, though, as he reflected, he probably should have.

"Is this Vader's doing?"

"No, sir," the trooper who seemed to be leading them said, "Intelligence wants a chat."

He grimaced, having seen a few people after they'd 'had a chat' with one branch or another of the Empire's intelligence services. "Let's get this over with," he said with a sigh.

Bail walked into a secret part of one of the standard computer laboratories around Aldrea. Mon Mothma's trembling message-'Bail, you have to come see this,' had piqued his curiosity, and her added 'bring Winter' didn't help the queasy feeling in his stomach waiting for the other shoe to drop. He found her quickly enough, and he said, "What is it?" he asked, watching her watching the techs manipulate data three-dimensionally. Winter had gone off to talk to some of the techs who were about her age, and wasn't that interested in what had been brought in, even if it had been by her sister.

"We have everything we need, for a very long time. We have the name of every Imperial Facility in existence, and extensive information on over half of them. Rotation schedules, ship lists, maintenance schedules for ships and the facilities that they will be docking at for routine maintenance, supply routes and depots, both heavily used or often neglected. There is so much information here it's going to take weeks just to sort through it all."

"Anything on the Death Star?"

"Everything on the Death Star from a Crew Manifest to another copy of the plans, up-to-date, and detailed schedules for its completion. There are only a few weeks left. The main weapon is already in preliminary testing, and this Tarkin, the man in charge of the thing apparently, has sent messages to the Emperor stating that he plans to blow the planet of Despayre out of existence."

"He can't possibly! When?"

"Whenever their engineering department can hold a sufficient charge on the super laser. An Admiral had lodged a protest of this with the Emperor, but he has not responded to either, unless he actually commed them. That's possible. No com messages were included in what was sent, though there are thousands of documents."

"Well, at least if Leia had to die, she did it to give us something to work with. Let's see if the X-Wing teams are ready for another run, and take a swipe at that nasty thing."

"We'll want to do it quickly. Darth Vader's Fleet is supposed to come pick him up and their first stop is the Death Star, to oversee its completion. Right now, it's out there alone."

"Not technically alone, it is capable of holding a complement of 7,000 fighters. A quarter of those are already on board, and I believe that, at least according to what I've been able to find so far, one of the ships of Vader's fleet when they arrive is going to be a fighter mother that will depart once she's unloaded," one of the techs said, pointing to something in his work space. It was probably a list of ships in Vader's fleet, but he couldn't read it for the documents that the tech had thrown up behind that one.

"It's got to be now, while she's vulnerable, before Vader gets there, before they have a chance to work all the kinks out of the super laser," Bail said. "We must throw everything that we have into this."

"Kriff," another of their techs said. "Sorry," he blushed and then pointing out what had made him swear, he said, "This report is horrific. The Fortressa, when it was destroyed, that laser was at 4% of it's maximum capacity."

"This report says they are able to maintain a charge of 30% and expect to be able to maintain a full charge within a month," a third tech said.

"Please tell me you have or can find a weakness to this thing," Mon Mothma said.

The first tech nodded. "As was pointed out by someone involved in preparing the first set of plans that we got, the exhaust ports around the equator of the thing lead directly to the reactor. A direct shot with even a small charge would be sufficient to cause a chain reaction in the reactor big enough to take the whole station out. The problem with those vents is they are two meters wide. But we may have a new solution. There is a transport that is carrying replacement personnel for the Death Star. There will be five people, including the pilot, and they will land on Malastare tomorrow evening, and they will be there overnight for whatever they are there for, including refueling. They are to depart at 0800 the next morning, and once they do, they will be heading directly out to the Horuz system. The Pilot will be given leave to rest and recuperate in the Death Star's many excellent facilities for two days, then he will be leaving with some people who will by then be most happy to escape the presence of Darth Vader."

"So if we have five people on Malastare tomorrow evening who can pass for Death Star crew, then we can sneak people onto this thing," Bail said, excitement catching him for the first time in weeks.

"And, another thing that we've been handed," the second tech said, "Here is a list of pass code words and when they are current," he paused for a moment. "For the next year."

"Do we know who is going to be on that transport on Malastare?"

"The manifest is right here," the first tech told him. "ID numbers, physical profile descriptions, pictures, everything."

"Can we break into the Imperial Database and change these things to suit our needs?" Bail asked.

"That would be my job," a tech at another station said. "And I'll need as detailed information on the people you're sending in as I'm replacing. And it needs to be quick. I will wait until you have all of it, but it will need to be done as soon as it's available to preclude the possibility that the commanders of the incoming personnel have looked at their stats."

"Can you do IDs for the people?"

"No problem. That's easier than changing the stuff in the Imperial Database, and it'll be a snap to make our people into their people."