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All was quite in the alley way, a short figure walked down it quietly. The dark red, almost black, trench coat was having open, revealing a pair of black pants and black boots. Long purple tentacles-like hair fell down from the head. Walking swiftly the figure pasted a germ lying on the ground. The germ reached out and grabbed the leg of the figure. Yellow/Orange eyes glared down at the germ before a swift kick knocked the germ away.

Entering a building, which was obviously a night club, the figure looked about. Scanning about the figure soon found what they were looking for.

"Hey boss," said a germ looking at his leader a young germ. "Company,"

"Woman aren't aloud up here." The boss said

"You will make an exception," said the figure pulling her left hand out of her pocket. Raising it one would notice that the fore finger was much longer then the others.

"YOU DARE ORDER ME!" the boss said

"I would be quite child." she replied.

"GET HER!" the boss shouted.

"Mistake baby." she said as several of the men jumped at her. The fore finger glowed to life with a terrible heat. As she struck the germs began to over heat and slowly blow up. After the first few died the others were hesitant.

"Now that I have you attention, I need to know, has a viruse by the name of Thrax been here?" she said sitting down in one of the vacant seats.

While at Frank's Police Department

Ozzy felt tired, no exhausted. He had thought once Thrax was gone things would quite down but since Shan had gotten Frank to have more of a healthily lifestyles, germs were trying even harder to take control and ruin all the hard work that Frank was doing to make himself healthier.

On top of that he wasn't sleeping properly. He kept having dreams, more like nightmares sometimes, that Thrax was still alive and after him. Plus during the dreams a voice would call to him, softly telling him that it would be there soon and everything would be alright. He felt safe when the voice spoke to him, even if Thrax stood only a few feet away from him in the dream.

"JONES get you your lazy ass up and back to work!" the Chief screamed causing Ozzy to wake from his thoughts shouting

"Yes Chief,"

In an expensive hotel room.

She felt like lighting a cigarette but she knew better. Gods those germs had been annoying. At least she had been right Thrax had been here and had been 'killed' by a cop named Osmosis Jones. Well supposedly killed. She smirked at the figure lying on the bed. He wouldn't be awake for another two days. Well she had patience. Striding over to the bed she sat down and leaned over the figure.

"Took me two weeks to find Frank and took me a week to find you, and another week to wait for you to wake from the hibernation. I have enough patience to wait two more days, baby."

The figure on the bed rolled over revealing dark purple dreadlocks. Moaning quietly he muttered


"I'm here Thrax, baby, I am here."

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