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To say that Buffy was panicked was an understatement especially when she learned that the Virus Patrol had her baby.

"It has to be a trap or we wouldn't know they had him." Rift said trying to some how sooth her enraged friend.

Simon sat not far watching his foster mother and his Aunt Buffy talk. He wanted to meet his cousin it would be exciting to not be the only child among them any more. But he knew right now the evil men had him but he knew they would get him back.

"Momma," Simon said when a thought struck him, "They don't know your here."

A thought struck all three elder viruses.

"Your son is brilliant Rift." Thrax stated as a plan formed in his mind.

At a lab hidden in the darker parts of Frank, Ozzy was trapped frightened and still shifting form but now it was painful.

"Please let me go," Ozzy begged, the pain causing him to forget his pride all together.

But no one answered him or even acknowledged he said anything. If anyone came in the room it was to check the equipment that was hooked up to him and Ozzy believed that it was machines that were causing him to hurt.

Time had no meaning to Ozzy but it felt like days before something happened. It was dark and all Ozzy could tell was someone was entering the room but there were no footsteps, only a slithering sound.

"Ssshhh its okay," whispered a voice.

At first Ozzy was afraid but then he felt his binds loosen and he was lifted into someone's arms.

"Your parents are so worried about you." said the voice which soothed Ozzy. "Close your eyes, little one I don't know if my eyes will affect you or not."

Ozzy did as he was told and closed his eyes tight, the sounds of fighting came to his ears but he dare not open his eyes.

"Stop her, no no AAAHHHHHHH!" and similar screams were heard but no one stopped her. Ozzy knew he was safe with whoever she was.

"Who are you?" he manged to whimper out. "What are you going to do with me?"

"I'm you Aunt Rift, and I am going to take you to your mother before she gives her self a heart attack."

"My mother?" Ozzy said the thought of someone maternal taking care of him making him feel somewhat better.

"Yes and your father," his Aunt Rift said calming his nerves and letting himself drift to sleep.

To say Rift was pissed was an understatement. She felt like destroying all of them for threatening not only her nephew but her son as well but she remained the clam one for now.

By the time Rift return to the hotel Simon had already set up the bed for Ozzy. Laying him down all Rift and Simon could do now was wait for Thrax and Buffy to return.

Thrax and Buffy had attacked the lab while Rift retrieved their son, they knew that it wouldn't take Rift long to get him but they had to make it look realist by the time they escaped both were covered in wounds but neither cared so long as their son was safe.

Entering the room it took all of Buffy's will power not to tackle her son who was sleeping peacefully next to Simon.

"You both look like crap," came Rift's voice from a corner of the room, she was hid in the shadows ready to pounce on any attackers or those who threatened the children.

"You don't look any better." Thrax replied.

"Not in front of the children you two, fight later, clean up now then plan to run with our kids." Buffy said as she saw Simon stir a little. However both children continued to sleep as the adults took their time to clean not only their wounds but themselves as well.

Buffy cradled her son while Simon sat on his mother's lap watching his aunt and new 'baby' cousin.

"Momma won't he be afraid when he wakes up?"

"Maybe," Rift replied

"An momma what about his old momma and daddy won't they miss him?"

"Do yours miss you?" Rift replied patiently answering her son's question. But inside turmoil raged. She wanted to do what Buffy and Thrax had done to Ozzy but she was afraid Simon would hate her.

"No but mine were bad, were Ozzy's bad Aunt Buffy?"

"Yes child they were," Buffy replied as she started to rock her son.

"Momma, will you one day do to me what they did to Ozzy,?" Simon asked as he snuggled into his mother.

At first Rift had no clue what to say she just stared at her friend who gave her a small smile and then looked at her husband.

"Some day when your older, I may but til then, aren't you happy being my little cell."

"Yes momma, when are we leaving?"

"So many questions boy is that all you do is ask you mother questions?" Thrax said but no anger was in his voice.

"No sir, but it's not every day I get a 'baby' cousin or that momma actually answers me." Simon replied.

"Speaking of we should be leaving now, before Shane leaves for school and we have to pass to an animal instead of a human." Rift said placing Simon down and standing.

"Agreed," said Thrax and Buffy.

Ozzy continued to sleep as they quietly slipped from the hotel and out into the city. They had left a Shane and were now traveling on a random human by the time Ozzy awakened. The first sight to greet his eyes was a little cell.

"HI! I'm Simon!" the young cell greeted as Ozzy slowly sat, he ram a clawed hand through his now long purple dreadlocks.

Ozzy looked and his hands and then hugged himself tightly. He felt strangely cold.

"Where am I?" Ozzy manged to ask as he shivered a little. Simon pulled the throw blanket off the edge of the blanket and threw it around Ozzy's shoulders.

"Your safe, momma and auntie and uncle all went to get something to eat. Til they get back I'm suppose to make sure you stay warm. Momma says all baby's need to stay warm so they don't get sick. I thought it was silly that they call you a baby since your body is grown up but momma says that even with a grown up body your still a baby virus and that's why your body will act like one." Simon rambled off. "Momma promised some day she would let me be reborn too like you, but I'll be a virus like momma."

Ozzy sat there shell shocked, he opened his mouth and closed it several times but he could not think of a single thing to say.

"I'm a virus now? But how? WHY?" Ozzy nearly shouted. He was panicking and he knew that wouldn't help him. It explained why he kept changing and feeling strange but not why he was now becoming a virus

"Yep, and momma said when a mommy and daddy virus feed their strain to a cell and that cell's body accepts the virus, they become one themselves, momma also said it doesn't happen with many cell's many die from the change. But you didn't, you survived, so that makes you special." Simon said staring thoughtfully. "An to answer why silly is because they love you. They wouldn't have turned you into their baby if they didn't."

"But, but,"

"Relax Ozzy it's okay, why don't you try to get more sleep, the adults will be back soon." Simon said yawning as he curled up next Ozzy, the little cell quickly fell asleep. Ozzy, suddenly felt tired as well and laid back down and joined Simon in dream land.