"You know when ever he gets shot to pieces and regenerates back so complete even his clothes are perfect? Doesn't that means his clothes are part of him? And if they are doesn't that mean he walking in clothes that are not clothes made not of fabric but flesh? Oh dear. He's been running around naked!" Walter has been with Hellsing for many years and till this moment had not quiet thought about this.

Unfortunately neither had Integra who had just finished a meeting with the other sirs that have some reason to try and question Hellsing. She has just fully squished another attempt to take Hellsing away from her and for her to marry some weak willed kid with no chin; she's rather happy, well at less likely to shoot Alucard for annoying her. I think she enjoys shooting him because he regenerates so maybe not less like to shoot him. Oh well.

Any who, she hears this some ways up the hallway. Her head snaps in surprise at what Walter just said. Still walking forward, walking, walking, walking, aaaaaaand… SLAM! She walks into the door to her office falls backwards and lands on her- Alucard?

Alucard wanted to go kill Anderson, but first he needed to bug Integra because, because, becaaauz… Shefinishedameetingandwhenshedoesthatit'ssofuntoplaywithherand and yeah. So he was doing his phase thing through the floor to follow her into her office; she, falling backwards, fell on the upper half of the body.

Awkward silences' lack of noise goes here. "I'm laying on a naked Alucard." Blink Blink. "ALUCARD GET OFF OF ME! NOW!" Integra does a full body twitch off Alucard. Opens the door to her office, steps in, slams the door, "Walter make me some tea," She says through the closed door. Then mutters "Another thought that will wake me in the middle of the night." Her eye twitches and she's off to do paper work.

Alucard confused. Walter startled. And Integra's traumatized. What more could happen?