Darkness envelops. Flame as cold as winter frost biting, tearing at my skin. Surrounding me. No escape. A scream, all too familiar. Eyes of blue. Two pairs. One of ice and one of a feral instinct. Over and over again. Watching, who, me. Feral. Ice. Feral. Ice. Feral. Ice. Cold envelops, it burns. Burn the beast they say. Burn the beast. Beast of beauty, beast of blood. Burn they say. Screams become music and flesh becomes ash. The only solution they say. The cold becomes familiar, one with me. Yes they say, be with the cold let it envelop you. The scream of familiarity. No they scream. Beast of blood and beauty return to me it croons. Yes I say, the beast must not burn but the ice that envelops. Prince. Yes it says, the ice. Prince. The ice, the cold is where I belong.

I'm coming for you, Jaydon.



"AHHHHH!" Jaydon screamed as he was torn from his nightmare.

Reflex's kicked in as he felt the smooth handle of his blade in his hand and he sprung upright. He stared at the dark walls of his tent, his surroundings soon returning to him. Jaydon's breath came in sharp, deep draughts. His skin and sheets slick with sweat. His grip tightened on his blade as his thoughts and dreams came rushing back.

"Prince?". His head whipped round to the source of this intrusion. At the opening to his tent stood one of his father's foot soldiers, watching the young lord with slight worry and confusion. Jaydon closed his eyes as his adrenaline left him, leaving him as a worn and dead tired young man. The blade slipped from his sweaty hand to his bed. Both hands attempted to wipe away the sleep as he addressed the messenger. "What is it?" he asked in a slightly annoyed tone. The man took the hint. "You are requested to come before the Royals" he repeated the obviously formal version on what would have been 'GET MY SON HERE NOW!' Jaydon groaned, all he wanted to do was go back to sleep.

"Fine. I'll be there shortly" he snapped and waved him away. The soldier bowed and let the flap fall enveloping the young Prince in darkness once again. Jaydon almost immediately felt like falling back into the land of nod but the memories of his nightmarish vision surfaced, putting him on alert. Slowly he got up from his bed and by on memory found the small table that always had a bowl of water waiting for him.

Beast of Beauty, Beast of Blood.

He sighed in frustration as the water splashed across his face, it was like ice.

The cold becomes familiar, one with me.

What did this all mean. His grip upon the bowl tightened till his knuckles were white.

Screams become music and flesh becomes ash.

His eyes clamped shut as the voices returned.

Burn the Beast they say…Yes they say…let it envelop you…return to me…

With a yell he threw the bowl, the water flying everywhere. His outburst was not comforted by the crash of the bowl as it landed. But none came to see if he was all right. But then again these were such a common occurrence. Ever since their return from Vampyra three days ago these…voices or visions, whatever they are, have plagued his sleep. And his random outbursts of frustration had become routine and his dark depressing mood caused people to avoid him altogether. Of course none really knew what was wrong, ever since his return the mood hung over him like a cloud. But then again there was sweet, little Gwen. She who knew exactly what was at least one of the causes. Skylar and her rejection. Jaydon, at the mere thought of it winced as though it caused some physical pain.

Why? He had asked himself over and over again but still he could not find a reasonable explanation for her actions. But one seemed to just blare loudly within his mind. Maybe she just didn't love him. But he was refusing to believe that. There was something between them. Bu then again his mind could be playing foul tricks on him, as it had been for the past three days. Sighing audibly he grabbed a nearby towel and wiped himself dry. He swiftly lent down to pick up his fallen blade and swiped a nearby shirt on the way out.

The brightness of the outside world was not much different then his in his tent. Though the rain had relented the dark clouds still hung forebodingly above them. Blocking the sun from lifting their spirits. He pulled the thin white singlet over his head as he walked, he pretended not to notice the men avoid him like the plague. He made his way through the bright yellow tents and onward to the navy blue. The Erakylion army. It was where the Royals tent had been erected to better situate the High King. He really had no idea what they could possibly ask him about. If they wanted more information of when the Vampiric envoy would arrive to negotiate, they could ask Gwen who was eagerly awaiting their arrival. Their Prince was sure to be with them much to her delight. He knew he had to change his train of thought quickly because they were slipping precariously towards the Prince's twin.

Shaking his head he came to a stop within distance of the most heavily guarded tent. It was easily one of the largest and had Sky's Twin Dragons printed on the entrance. Without missing a step he went straight in ignoring the momentary movement of the guards. Inside was not as busy, basically it was literally empty. The tent was circular in shape and there were less pompous like twelve thrones sat in a large circle. Most of them were filled except for Kings Timmy and Riven who appeared as holograms.

They were all in deep conversation and Jaydon could hear snippets "…they let her out…to many men…headed where?!..."

"You requested my presence" Jaydon was in no mood to be patient. Silence reigned as all attention turned to him but Jaydon simply watched them impassively. Sky was the first to respond taking from his own throne he took a couple steps towards him.

"We've heard Timmy's scouting party, and from our few spies within Baltor's nexus..." Sky seemed, almost nervous.

"What have you heard, has Baltor started his approach?" Jaydon asked quickly slightly disturbed that this may be true. Sky shrugged.

"Not exactly" "Then what?" Jaydon was getting more impatient by the minute.

"It's Frostia, Baltor's sent his demon of a daughter as a greeting with three thousand men" Sky did not looked worried just slightly uneasy. Jaydon thought back. There had not been much mention of Baltor's daughter in quite some years but he knew that her mother was one of the Trix and that she was one powerful witch. Her three thousand men might be a little bit of a problem because the young Prince knew that Baltor would not send his daughter with mindless, dimwitted demons, no these would his most elite.

"Can you handle her?" he aimed this question at his mother who shrugged.

"I'm sure we could though she could end up depleting our winx if we underestimate her" Stella looked to the others Queens who all nodded in ascent.

"Then if this is sorted why am I here?" he asked, slightly peeved that this was all he had been woken up for.

"We have decided it will be a crack team of Solarian Commandos and Erakylion Knights that will combat the new threat" Jaydon looked to his father who now stood as well. "Would you like to lead our men son?"

Jaydon was taken aback by this question. It was quite an honor, he had led small squads and forces but he had no where near enough experience to lead Solaria's Grand Army. Jaydon nodded eyes wide. "Of course father".

Brandon nodded clasping his son's shoulder "It's decided then". All attention went back to his Godfather who was striding towards them.

"Let us continue our meeting and Jaydon...I'm sorry but..." Jaydon nodded and waved him off.

"I know, I know I'm not supposed to be here".

With that he bowed to the Royal Assembly before slipping back out the tent flap. Once outside he took a deep breath trying to relax his tense muscles. Rolling his shoulders he strode away from the overly large tent, he needed something to eat. He ignored the stares and the small bows of respect and let his mind wander back to military state. Weapons and battle strategies raced through his head and he began to organize and analyse. Not much was known about the Princess except a photo a spy had managed to get out before he had been found and killed, apparently by Baltor himself. He shivered at the thought, death by means of Baltor would not have been pretty. But she had been but nine at the time so it wasn't much to go on. The reasons he summed up for her elongated absence was; a sickness, lack of power and an obsessive, psychotic, evil sorcerer father. He was leaning towards the latter of his list.

He was literally bumped back into reality as he found himself surrounded by people, rowdy people. He had obviously found his way to the to the mess tent. He pushed his way through the bumbling men either half drunk or just downright moody and was looking for a reason to fight. Thankfully his reputation preceded him and those avoided him. He was definitely not in the mood. He managed to fill a small tray with the rations he was given. His face scrunched up, he knew he could easily have had dinner with his extended family, nicely cooked food but he preferred the atmosphere in this tent. He scooted down the busy aisles between the steel tables set in long rows looking for the least populated area. He got even better than that.

For there sitting all by her lonesome was Gwen herself. She had scored a table at the edge of the large marquee overlooking the wide expanse of the training ground. As he got closer he saw that her tray was left barely eaten, her attention staring off into space. Three guesses what or who she was thinking about. The first two don't count. Sighing her slid into the seat opposite her and to his chagrin she didn't even notice. He smirked as a thought slipped into his mind.

"I'm sure Leo wouldn't like it very much if you were ogling Harmonican Swordsmen" he stated blandly as he looked down and started picking around his food. Gwen finally broke from her stupor to realize that he was actually there…but then it turned into complete mortification when what he had said actually sunk in. He found himself dodging a piece of - well actually he had no idea what it was- that had been thrown at him. He chuckled softly the ends of his lips curling slightly.

"Touchy are we? I'm sure you were thoroughly enjoying yourself…well with all that drool and all…" he was cut off by the flying steel knife that missed his head by an inch. Gwen laughed at his expression pointing her remaining utensil threateningly at a brow raised. Jaydon eyes the fork warily before he let a full blown smile come to his lips.

"I wasn't drooling over those Harmonicans, no…." she trailed off again his gaze turning once again to the sky. He quickly leaned over and snapped his fingers just over he nose. Chuckling she swatted his hand away before laying her full attention on him.

"I was thinking about how much we have changed, how much I have changed" she stabbed her sparse salad with her fork with a small frown. "I just want to go back to when we were younger, everything was so much simpler. Not a care in the world, we were in our own little world. Not with the worries we have today and not with these confusing feelings and choices!" she ranted quietly almost to herself but Jaydon heard every word.

And all that was now revolving it that head of his was her words. Oh how her words were true every single one of them. But he knew that they had not been children in a very long time, and it was wishful thinking to ever believe that they could ever go back. He dropped his own knife and fork onto his tray, they clattered noisily as he leaned back his hands behind his head.

"Don't think such depressing thoughts it doesn't help with moral…" he mumbled his gaze back into the hectic noise and chatter beside them. Gwen frowned as she interpreted his words. Don't wanna talk about it so lay off the subject. True Jaydon style. She sighed dejectedly and she frowned when his last words were now coming true. They both feel into an uncomfortable silence neither saying a word, the lighter happier mood was just before was completely lost. But then again wasn't this the perfect chance for a surprise.

And surprised they were as a large explosion of smoke from the training grounds erupted beside them knocking trays and men to the ground. But to Gwen and Jaydon the black smoke brought different things to mind they flew to their feet as the smoke cleared and both froze when it all came clear. Not a soul moved all to shocked at what had just transpired. For there in the center of the grounds were ten Death Dealers. Six of them were kneeling in a protective stance around the four remaining, crossbows raised and armed. The shock suddenly disappeared as chaos ensured. The mess hall behind them became frantic scrambling as men went for their weapons.

On the grounds it was more organized chaos as men grouped and Captains took command and all around them cries of "we're under attack!" "To arms!" rang out. Gwen was the first to take action as he ordinary clothes disappeared in gold dust, her enchantix wings unfurled and she leapt to the sky. Jaydon, who didn't have wings sprinted across the ground racing to stop a full out battle that was about to begin. Gwen beat him. Arrows flew from both parties as it commenced but a large burst of light stopped them midflight and had them all looking away. When it dissipated Gwen stood there arms up towards their own men.

"Halt! They are not enemies! Lower your weapons!" she yelled out into the silence. The men stared wide-eyed at her but they did indeed lower them. Jaydon finally skidded to a halt just in front of his friend watching his men carefully.

"Well that was an unexpected welcome".

Both turned to look at the owner of the smooth, velvety voice. The four remained Death Dealers had not moved an inch and wore completely calm expressions. For there dressed in full battle gear were Prince Leonardo, Princess Skylar and Council members Miranda and Malik. Gwen cracked a smile while Jaydon merely stared blandly at the bewitching Skylar. Skylar was looking directly at Gwen her gaze unwavering. Leo wore his usual cocky smirk as he slipped into a relax posture as he gazed about them. Malik was watching him carefully his hand resting n his crossbow. The last, the beautiful brunette gave them all a wide smile her fangs gleamed eerily.

"Well, well do you great all your honored guests this way" she spoke smoothly and with a very…upbeat manner for a vampire.

"Well such an entrance was a sure way to get yourself killed, Miranda" Gwen smiled and shook her head.

"But such an entrance is more fun" Miranda shrugged with a cheeky smile. Jaydon was plain confused, this was one odd vampire.

"Well come I'm sure my parents and High King Sky are already in an uproar since they would have already been told about your 'attack'" Gwen was once again enveloped in gold dust before it fell away and she once again in her normal gear. They nodded and Jaydon watched as Skylar whispered something into one of her men's ear who nodded and stood taking position behind them followed by his fellows. Her gaze caught his for the merest of moments but was broken just as fast. He sighed as he watched the envoy walk away as Gwen lead them his men giving them a wide berth. Shaking his head he jogged after them, he had a feeling that this meeting would be interesting.

King Sky let his eyes widen as the messenger filled him in on the news. An attack?! This was not good. Their meeting had still been in session when the man had appeared so all the Royals received his message. Brandon was already on his feet headed for the door phantoblade unsheathed. The others were only halfway out of their seats when the flap was lifted by no other than Gwen. She stared at them all with wide eyes and a small smile.

"Well at least I caught you all here and we won't have to wait" she told them happily watched their shocked reactions.

"Kings and Queens of the Magical Realms the Vampyra envoy has arrived" she told them formally bowing and all the smiling and holding back laughter. The whole situation had given Sky whiplash, first they were under attack and now he was to be greeting Vampire Ambassadors. But his resolve hardened as he thought, he was about to greet the very creatures who took Bloom all those years ago. He backed up as he felt some the others return to their thrones , Holographic Timmy and Riven were still seated. Gwen stepped in and drew back the tent flap as the envoy stalked in. Sky watched as a male and female took the head while a brunette followed closely next to a tall dark-skinned vampire. His eyes narrowed at the man who looked oddly familiar.

Though it was the two leaders, who he guessed were the twin heirs took his entire attention as they came to a halt before him theirs eyes wide as they stared at him. Audible gasps and stuttered words filled the room as it fell into a shocked silence.

For Sky was looking at two mirror images of himself

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