Bloom stirred slightly but froze when she heard strange voices,

"Viktor you are not allowed to bite humans it is against our laws" a woman said in a harsh whisper, she then heard a slap. She heard the man she assumed from the alley gasp out in pain,

"this is a curse we do not want to spread" the woman continued

"now get out of my sight". She heard him making a hasty exit. Bloom felt around her, she was on a bed which looked very expensive. She turned around slightly to find a beautiful woman there before her, The lady had long waist length black hair which was braided, her features were soft and gentle but what entranced her was the womans eyes, they were a light blue, she was wearing a long purple gown which spilled out around her feet.

"Hello dear" she said in a sing song voice, Bloom sat up looking around.

"You are very lucky, not many people survive a bite from an immortal" whispered smiling, Bloom's hand went to her neck, it was bandaged. Her eyes went wide, her other hand felt her teeth. They were indeed pointed, tears welled up in Bloom's eyes.

"I'm not….I'm" Bloom started to hyperventilate, the woman brought Bloom into a hug. She held her while she cried, the womans eyes were full of sympathy. Bloom finally calmed down a bit,

"I gotta go home" Bloom said as she attempted to get up, but she was to weak and fell back onto the bed.

"What is your name?" the woman asked, Bloom considered not telling her but decided otherwise

"Bloom". The woman smiled

"hi Bloom my name is Selena", Bloom nodded.

"Bloom you were not supposed to be bitten, Victor fancies you that's why he bit you" Selena explained, Bloom looked revolted. Selena nodded in an understanding way,

"But you see for the protection of our kind and for the humans you cannot leave" Selena said softly putting her hand on Bloom's. Bloom shot up off the bed

"no I have to go back I have a life there, friends, a BOYFRIEND!"she shouted close to hysteria

"I'M PREGNANT!". Bloom was crying again, Selena was shocked at her being pregnant.

"That's more reason for you to stay, there has never been a human/vampire hybrid before" Selena inforced

"you don't know what power the child will have or what it'll will look like". Bloom stopped for a sec. It was the first time she actually looked around the room it was spacious but dark everything looked so expensive, Bloom sat down on the bed and cried again, she felt Selena put an arm around her, Bloom finally calmed down abit. She laid back down on the bed.

"So do you guys have a queen or King" Bloom asked

"yes I am the Queen, of the vampire nation". Bloom froze

"there is a whole nation" she blurted out, Selena nodded as she took Bloom's hand and lead her to a small balcony. Bloom gasped. She was in a huge castle, on the edge of a cliff while beneath her was nothing except a lone bridge which went from the door to a swirling vortex the sky was grey and something told her that the sun did not shine here.

"Where am I?" she asked slowly, Selena came up behind her

"this is the vampiric dimension, only the vampires know that it actually exists". Bloom walked back into her bed shaking from the shock of a whole dimension hidden from the rest of the magical world. Just then she felt like throwing up. Selena reconised this and ran to her aid, she lead Bloom to a small door on the other side of the room which lead to a bathroom.

"mourning sickness", Selena nodded.

Sky punched the wall in his bedroom (which had a pretty big hole in it already). He took a sharp intake of breath from the pain, his knuckles were severely bruised. Bloom had only been missing two days, there was no sign of her. They had at first thought it was a vampire that but Faragonda said that they were extinct since a war between them and the humans. Just then the door opened, Brandon stepped into the room. Sky looked at him hopefully, the brunette shook his head. Sky went to punch the wall again but Brandon grabbed his wrist,

"we'll find her" he said forcefully.

"This is not going to help find her" Brandon let go of Sky and took a step back, Sky nodded and left the room….

Many months went by and Bloom was finally getting used to vampire life, Selena was like a mother to her. Queen Selena made Bloom the sole heir to the vampire throne since she had no children of her own.

The other eight realms continued their fight, with Linphea and Tides completely overrun Baltor moved on to Zenith. But he also sent a surprise attack to Erakylion, they were able to fight off Baltors men but at the cost of their King, Sky's father. Sky was crowned King of Erakylion, but he never gave up on finding Bloom.

Authors note: i know it's short but i hope you like it oh and please check out my other story