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Future Interference

Palace of the Universe

A lady sauntered through the beautiful palace that was her home. It had all been a beautiful dream. A dream where she learned that nothing was absolute, that darkness was not always evil and good cannot live without evil. She watched many lights dance around the room she stopped in; her favorite room. She watched the lights of the Sailor Senshi dance and twirl about. She saw her beloved's light shine with each of his forms.

Finally she opened a hidden passage. This was the most extraordinary room of all. It was a dark room with only a few lights within. The lights of Princess Serenity, Usagi, Sailor Moon, and Neo Queen Serenity. Her past selves. These lights had to be separated from all others because of their brightness. They held a brightness that would blind everyone, and so they were destined to be alone. Not even the cursed, bitter Outer Senshi or the outsiders would ever be as alone as she. For she, Sailor Cosmos was destined to be alone forever. That was why the Silver Millennia fell, that was why Chaos was released, and why she was the only one allowed in this palace.

She had seen the innocence and purity of the old Moon Princess. She saw the determination and hope of Usagi and Sailor Moon. She was well aware of the leadership and fairness shown by Neo Queen Serenity. She herself had wisdom. But she was the strongest of all and so had no right to stay with her loved ones.

Each day she watched the beginning and end of the Silver Millennia; how she was born and met Endymion and how the jealous Beryl destroyed everything. She watched her birth as Usagi, how she was reunited with the others, and how she became Sailor Moon. She watched her past self fight evil and protect the Earth. She saw everyone's demise and reawakening as she took the throne as Neo Queen Serenity. She saw how Chibi-usa was born and her growing up. Finally, she saw her death and changing into who she was that very day.

Sailor Cosmos turned away smiling sadly. No longer was she an innocent princess, girl, leader or queen. No, she had lost everything because she gained her true form and power. Now, she was alone in the Palace of the Universe. While everyone she knew was at peace, she lived on forever.

Sailor Cosmos entered another part of her home. She went over to a stone with an inscription on it. It said in the language of old:

'Thee shall be of thy line of Serenity,

Thy savior shall be that of thy Moon,

That of thy Sun.

A Princess,

A daughter,

A friend,

A lover,

Thou shall be a queen,

A warrior,

A Messiah,

A Leader,

A mother,

A wife,

Thou shallest defy death and life,

Time and space.

Thou shallt be strong and wise.

But thee shall not be absolute.

Thee shall be Cosmos.'

She smiled wry. 'Thee shall be Cosmos, indeed.' She thought grimly. 'I have certainly done as this has said. Perhaps now it will permit me to see my beloved, my friends and my daughter.'

She readied herself and spoke aloud. "Thee of thy past! I command you to let me pass. Thy prophecy has been fulfilled. Will you not let me rest? I have served you, and lived out of time long enough. Will you deny me my final happiness? My last joy?"

A voice, neither man nor woman, neither old nor young, replied. "Sailor Cosmos what you ask is forbidden. You may never see them again. If you do so, your light and power shall blind them and drive them to the brink of a fate worse than death! Do not put your dear ones in such danger."

She fumed. How dare they deny her even the smallest pleasure, even the simplest joy? "I am the one with the fate worse than death. I am the one who must suffer! Why do you do this to me so! I must see them if only for a little while. Then, you my take me back to this wretched prison of mine."

"Very well, Cosmos. But you must ask one of your past selves to allow you to stay with them for that is the only way you may leave here."She nodded and headed back to the Light room. 'I know exactly which one I will ask.'

She was in her own Light room, watching as her past danced around her. Since she knew how the Silver Millennia ended and how close the Crystal Millennia was, she went for the one straight in the middle. Closing her eyes, she asked if there was room for another in Usagi.

'Yes. I am not that ready to awaken, future. You may take my place.' Came the soft whisper of the Princess.