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Future Interference During Act Six

Sitting and waiting were the two women. Serenity looked figety, glancing around nervous of what was to come. Sailor Cosmos was a little more relaxed, but she too was anxious. Anxious enough to lose her block on their host's thoughts for a moment.

I'll become the leader of the four soldiers? These words echoed through the pinkness and the women's minds. Quickly, both looked up, startled. Cosmos immediately blocked everything from the younger woman, but she was already looking questionly at her elder. Wonder and fear shone in her eyes.

"Leader? Of only four soldiers?" She asked, shakily. Cosmos sighed, frusterated at this part of her past.

"No. We will be leader, but they have not yet met the last soldier." She managed to grit out.

Later, when their host slept, the Princess excused herself and slipped off to the dreams of her beloved. Cosmos spied into the woman's message.

Serenity stood on a balcony while covering everything in mist. She turned her head ever so slightly to a figure down below.

"The Phantom Silver Crystal..." she whispered to him, just as she was instructed to. Their host and her beloved woke, so she left and came back to her place.

Cosmos cleared her throat. "Princess, you should know that the girls do not know we are here. They do not believe us to be you, they search for you and your mother's crystal." This was all she told the other person, so she might have the truth at last. She was becoming restless and needed to know how the others fared.

Suddenly, a black cloud began to form as mist that was nothing like the mist Serenity created. Cosmos shieled Serenity from the cloud, but kept them both hidden. They couldn't afford to be found at their host's foolishness. The two could the girls energy reserve diminishing, but they could not send her their power, not with the cloud growing. The cloud stopped moving and began to shrink as the women fewlt themselves tingle with warmth. The cloud disappeared and the girl's strength returned. Cosmos froze after she relaxed her shield.

"Prepare for transformation." She told the other, who nodded. They concentrated on the prism power as they felt Usagi's body change. They felt uncertainy in her emotions, bits of envy and uselessness. The both understood. It was time to heal.

"Concentrate. She is holding the Moon Wand. We can pour power into her and have it flow to that." She closed her eyes and glowed. Serenity followed her example. Their glows merged and brightened.

They opened their eyes when the deed was done. Warmth flooded their senses. Warmth they knew. It was him.