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Dinner and Dates

Chapter 1. Bachelorette and Staff Meetings

Cagalli Yula Atha watched as her father paced back and forth in front of her.

"Cagalli, as you know, the Orb law states that the Princess or Prince of Orb must be married before the age of 21."

She sighed and rolled her eyes as she answered her father, Uzumi Nara Atha.

"I know father, but all the boys I meet end up being complete idiots who want to use me, I know what I must do and I will do it for my country."

Uzumi cast his eyes down at the floor before looking back at his daughter. Cagalli narrowed her eyes at her father and waited for the bad news that usually followed after this look.

"Cagalli, I called you here to tell you that I have arranged a number of ummm…Dates for you. You will meet the some of the most eligible bachelors in the world and have dinner with a different bachelor every week in the A.Z Cuisine."

Cagalli could only blink at her father. As the information slowly processed in her mind, her amber eyes widened with realisation.


Uzumi flinched as his daughters voice echoed around the mansion.

"Now Cagalli, I believe this is the only way that you'll meet a suitable man to become your husband in the time that you have." He reasoned.

Cagalli stared at her father in disbelief and then turned her head towards the floor. What her father said did make sense. She was 21 years old. If she did meet someone now and learned to love him before the age of 24, she could be happy on her wedding day. But she had always believed in soul mates and "your one true love" as they say. As she came to a decision, Cagalli stood up and looked at her father straight in his eyes.

"I'll do it, for Orb." She placed a small smile upon her face to help mask her sadness. Uzumi smiled and kissed her gently on the forehead.

"Thank you for not making this difficult. I'm sorry, but I have to leave for a meeting. In this folder contains all the information on the bachelors you'll be meeting and what time your date is."

As the door closed shut behind him, Cagalli fell back onto the bed. She looked over to the folder that was left for her and looked at the first bachelor.



"El Fasi, huh? This might actually be fun meeting all these bachelors." A smirk came across her face as she thought about those TV shows where there was one bachelor and about 10 women competing against each other for him. But this time, it was the other way around.

"Hey, guys, get over here for a minute. Staff meeting." Athrun Zala, owner of the A.Z Cuisine. He had midnight blue hair and striking emerald eyes. He watched as his employees and two friends walked towards him.

Lacus Clyne, waitress and cashier. She had crystal blue eyes and flowing bubble-gum pink hair. Kira Yamotoe, Bartender. He had messy brown locks and pale violet eyes. These two were Athrun' best friends since their youth, they came to help and support Athrun when he first opened up his restaurant. Other employees are Miriallia Haw, Meyrin Hawke and Stella Louisser who are waitresses. Shinn Asuka, the other bartender. Sai Argyle, the receptionist. Andrew and Aisha Waltfeld, "Chef" Murdock and Mwu La Flaga were the cooks. (I didn't know Aisha' surname so she's married to Andrew now. It's hard to picture all those men in the kitchen, maybe because none of them can cook in Seed XD.) And lastly Murrue Ramius who was the manager.

"Ok, people, the reason that I called you all here is to tell you that once every week, I'll be working here with you. The reason for this is that Cagalli, the princess of Orb will be having dinner her with a different date every week." As the words left Athrun' mouth, murmurs and whispers broke out.

"No way! The princess of Orb here?!"

"Every week? Why here?"

As the whispering continued, Kira and Lacus walked up to their childhood friend.

"Athrun, are you serious, the princess of Orb?" Lacus questioned. Kira nodded and looked at Athrun with a serious face.

"Yeah, it's like I said. She's coming to have dinner with a different date every week." Athrun explained.

"But, why, I mean why with a different date every week" Kira questioned.

"You know that law Orb has? That the Princess/Prince must marry before the age of 24?" Both Kira and Lacus nodded. "Well, they want to start looking for a suitable husband now, so that the princess can get to know him and learn to love him. It's vice-versa for the bachelor too." Athrun declared. Kira looked satisfied with the answer whilst Lacus looked down sadly.

"Lacus, is there a problem?" Kira looked at Lacus with worried eyes, his heart pained to see Lacus upset or sad.

"No, it's just that doesn't it seem like she's being forced into all of this? It just doesn't seem fair." Lacus reasoned.

"Cagalli Yula Atha is well-known for her bravery and kind heart. She has sacrificed many things for her country and that's why the people of Orb love her. She sacrifices things for the happiness of the people. The princess is probably doing this to please her father or the people of Orb." Kira explained with a small smile. Lacus seemed convinced and smiled brightly.

"You're right, Kira. The best we can do to help her is to support her decisions and make her time here enjoyable!" Lacus cheered.

"Yeah, and maybe we could ask her to sing one night-we could use Athrun' acoustic guitar!" Kira' and Lacus' eyes lit up with excitement as they talked about what could happen with the princess. Athrun watched the two and silently chuckled as he walked away.

"Those two are like kids…So, Princess Cagalli Yula Atha, are you everything that you are portrayed to be by the media? Or more by your people? Well, we'll find out soon enough…"

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