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Chap. 9 The Perfect Match?

7:59pm A.Z Cuisine

"So! Today's episode is a special as we have the lovely Princess Atha with us this evening for her 4th-No! 6th date here in A.Z Cuisine!" Lacus silently giggled whilst Cagalli hid her face in embarrassment as Miriallia pretended to have a microphone in her hand and pretended to be a gossip-talk host.

"Can you give any information on who the lucky boy is, Princess?" Leaning in towards the distressed blonde eagerly and playfully winked.

"NO" the blonde replied and heaving a heavy sigh she put her head into her arms to hide, whilst the pink haired waitress giggled and the brunette pressed on with her 'interview.'

"Princess, who would your perfect match be? What do you want in him?" She asked eagerly. Finally giving up, she lifted her head up and sighed before answering.

"Well, he has to be polite and of course, the people of orb must accep-"

"I said what YOU want Miss Cagalli, not what Orb wants"

"FINE!" Closing her eyes she thought for a while…

The doors of the restaurant opened and a man walked in holding a bouquet of red and yellow roses…

…. "I would like someone who is kind. Tall, a strong build but, with a gentle touch"…

….Stopping to look around, he looked towards the bar. Spotting the blonde with her back to him, he took a deep breathe before slowly walking towards her…

… "A touch that says… That he loves me. I'd like his eyes to show how he feels and knows when I'm sad"…

….As he neared, he caught the attention of her two friends. They're eyes widened as he approached. Lifting up his finger to his lips, he silently asked them not to say anything about his arrival…

… "Hmmm… defiantly a playful nature in him as well. Someone like…" "Athrun" She smiled sadly. Looking to her friends, they grinned at her widely.

"Well, you never know, Cagalli, but this one looks promising." Miriallia replied whilst Lacus smiled sweetly. Confused, the blonde tilted her head.

"What are you talking abou-"

"Good evening, Princess."

Shocked and stunned. Her head slowly turned towards the source of the masculine voice. Looking up, slowly, he was wearing a black tux with a green waist coat that complemented his physique. Hair down to above his shoulders, but what shocked her most was the colour of his eyes…Green eyes.

"My name is Heine Westenfluss. It's a pleasure to meet you." (A.N. Now you can kill me!) With a handsome smile, he took her hand and placed a soft kiss on the back of her hand. Instantly a blush hitting her cheeks she looked down towards the floor, her hair acting like a curtain to hide him from seeing her blush. As if in vain, she felt a hand gently push back her hair behind her ear, then run smoothly down her jaw till he reached her chin and gently lifted her head up.

"Shall we?" Gesturing his hand towards the dining area, she looked gave her brilliant smile and nodded. Taking his hand he put out, they both walked towards the tables lead by Miriallia.

As the couple walked on, Lacus watched them leave the bar area and smiled. Slowly, the smile saddened and she turned to look up at a dark window...She was not the only one to see them leave...

...Sad eyes watched as they walked happily to the tables. Losening his tie, he looked down to the table where a single red rose lay with a ribbon tied around the stem...

After ordering their meals, an uncomfortable silence fell over the couple as they sneaked glances at eachother.

"You know, the pictures in the media do nothing for you, you are more beautiful in person than in any of the pictures I have seen of you." Looking at her warmly with a soft smile, this caused another blush to arise. "What is wrong with me!? I'm blushing at everything! Stop it, Cagalli!"

"Thank you." Gently taking her Apple martini, she played with the glass...

Eating their food whilst conversing about random things, Cagalli felt herself oddly comfortable with him, he had been pleasant company or just the alcohol kicking in. Admittedly, she had had a few to drink this was a result in being giggly and overly hyped.

Pressing onto 10pm, the lively music had come to play from the DJ that worked every Saturday night...

"C'mon! I love this song! It's great!" Taking his hand, she dragged him to the dance floor where Craig David - Insomnia played (A.N What a song to dance to! ^_^ )
Swinging her hips side to side with the beat and waving her arms in the air occasionally, she danced all night enjoying herself along with Heini.

11:45pm. The couple were found in the lounge area, exhausted from their dancing. She sat next to him with her head on his chest whilst he had he head tilted back with his eyes closed. Bringing his eyes forward, he locked their eyes together, faces inches apart. Both staring in silence at each others eyes as if searching for something. Breaking the silence, he spoke first.

"I don't think this will work out." Her eyes widened, then she smiled.
"I know what you mean, it doesn't feel right, does' it?"
"No, but you'd make one hell of a friend to go out with one night though." He replied with a grin.
"Yeah, same here." Closing her eyes as he kissed her forehead in a brotherly affection, she gave him a bear hug and watched as he left. Sighing once more, she walked towards the bar where the two girls waited.

"Well?!" Mariallia fired excitedly. Putting on a sad smile, she shook her head. "But, why?" She cried.
"It just didn't feel right, it was like dating my best friend. I had a good night out though- "
"Oh, don't we all know that?" A playful yet masculine voice interrupted. Feeling her heart miss a beat, she turned to see the approaching figure.

While the rest of the staff were busy finishing the night off, Athrun and Cagalli sat at the bar.

"Another Apple martini, Princess?" He asked whilst giving her a wink. Turning red, she turned to look at the opposite direction.

"A cup of tea will be fine, thank you." She answered tartly as he chuckled.

"So, any luck with todays date?" He asked sadly. She looked at him puzzled, but nonetheless answered him.

"Nope. No good, it was if I was dating my best friend, if felt-"

"Weird? I know how you feel, it was the same when I first dated Lacus." At this point Cagalli had nearly spat out her tea.

"What?! You used to date Lacus!? As in pink Lacus" Pointing at Lacus, she stared at him in disbelief. Chuckling again, he handed her a napkin and she gave a muffled thank you.

"To be precise, she was my fiancee. It was an arranged marriage, but we decided to break it and then promise to stay close friends. Then I guess she met Kira and they fell hard for each other" They both stared at Kira, who was helping Lacus pick up some dishes, Lacus then turned and kissed him on the cheek causing him to blush.

"Why is so hard to find love?" She asked as she stared into space. "Why can't I find a guy that is perfect to me, he'd just come up to me, kiss me with such passion and love that I know straight away. that he's the one for me- " She was cut short as something fell onto her lap, looking down to see what the object was, she felt a hand go under her chin and lift her head up. Looking up to emerald eyes, she watched him as he stared into her eye with such depth, that it gave her a warm sensation throughout her body. His hand moved untill his fingers lay on her neck below her ear and his thumb gently stroked her jaw bone.

"Cagalli..." He whispered softly before leaning in till their noses touched, he stared into her amber eyes once more for few seconds before finally closing the space...

Her eyes widened as he kissed her passionately, slowly closing her eyes, she kissed him back with the same passion, wrapping her arms around his neck, she pulled herself up until their bodies were against each other. Deepening the kiss, his tongue brushed across her lower lip, without hesitation she parted her lips and enjoyed the moment even more.

Breaking apart, out of breath, they stared at each other before Athrun bent down to pick up the fallen and handed it to her. A single red rose.

"Am I good enough for you, Cagalli? Am I all that you hoped for in a perfect match?" He asked anxiously. She stared at him, still in shock after that moment then quickly hugged him tightly.

"You are everything I ever hoped for in a match, Athrun. I wished for someone like you, but never thought that I'd get you." She replied whilst hiding her face in his chest. He hugged her back tightly and protectively. Breaking apart he took her hand and look around.

" Hey, Kira!" The said boy turned to look at them with a puzzled face. "Could you finish off the night here without me? I wanna take an early night off." He smiled and looked down at Cagalli then back to Kira. Immediatly understanding, Kira nodded them and bid them good night as they walked out towards Athrun' car.

"Hello? This is Colonel Ledinir Kisaka requesting to speak with Representative Uzumi Nara Atha, please. Yes, sir, it's me reporting in. It seems as though we do not need any more dates for the Princess has found a match, and may I say, he seems very capable of taking good care of her." Kisaka smiled as he watched Athrun open the door for Cagalli and give her a quick kiss before she got in the car and got in himself, and drive off into the nights sky.

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