It's a SasuNaru oneshot. I wish it were canon, but all those really good fanfiction and Doujinshi make up for it. I wish a could draw or write something that well...

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Out of all the places in Konohagakure no Sato, the best place to look at the stars was on top of the Hokage Monument which looked over the village. It was ideal. It was high up, it had enough space to move around, and if you knew the right places, you could hide from anybody.

In the morning, you could get a clear view of the busy village below. You could see every last one of the villagers walk through the streets, but from this height, they looked like ants.

Near the end of a hectic day, you could see the most beautiful sunset from atop the monument. Oranges, pinks, and purples mixed together, and it painted a very pretty picture.

But, for one Uzumaki Naruto, it was prettiest at night. At night, you could lay down on top of the cliff of the monument, and you could see the most beautiful night sky for miles. The stars were numerous, and looked so close, and shined so bright in contrast to the inky black sky. Naruto would just lay there for hours, staring at them occasionally counting them, but he had lost count long ago.

The stars were not the only lovely thing. In fact, the main thing the boy came to see made the stars pale in comparison. This time of night, you could see the great moon, round and at its fullest. It was a pale orb that hung in the night sky, casting its cool glow on everything below it.

It was then when Naruto felt complete. But it ripped him apart from the insides as well. Just watching the moon would make him think of him. The one person that was so dear to Naruto. The one who he would do anything to help, no matter what the costs. The one who he…loved.

And he was also the one who held Naruto's delicate heart in his hand.

Naruto stretched a hand upwards towards the moon. Maybe, just maybe, if he tried he could reach what he wanted to as well. It was a foolish thought, he decided, as he put his hand down, after it had gone numb.

A futile effort.

But, what the blond didn't know was that, some where, in a far away country. The very person who haunted his dreams was looking at the very same moon.