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Hours past by as the couple final rested after their "dirty" games. Rukia's evening wear was some what ruined. Splatters of yellow, blue and green were plastered all over the hem of her midnight blue dress.

"Bakamono, you ruined my dress"Rukia exclaimed as she used what's left of her strength to right hook Ichigo's face, but failed to make contact to even his chin.

"HA, you missed and you started it Wifey" the messy strawberry blond spatted back nonchalantly.

It was silent, he didn't hear a word spatted back at him. When he turned around to face Rukia he saw her sleeping. Her nose was snuggling into his back, murmuring a language consisting of Latin(A/N:The dead Language one), French, Cantonese, Japanese and Korean. Ichigo then just smiled sweetly at her sleeping form, that didn't last long until he felt a presence of another being, a stranger.

The stranger crept into the Kurosaki's living room, sacking a Swarovki glass Panda with crystal bamboo shoots. He then eyed an original Picasso. Creeping slowly in the shadows of the house, he slowly began to reach for it. Making sure not to make a sound, he moved his hand to the painting then, fwoot, there was a a dart in his hand. A surge of pain went through his hand, down his arm, slowly the feeling of pain and numbness quickly went through his arm.


"Watch your tongue, get out now and you will be spared" Ichigo said darkly as he pointed his sword at the man's stomach.

The man then dropped the goods and ran screaming "GRANNY".

Ichigo then went back upstairs to his bedroom, when he saw a man in black struggling to kidnap his wife . Rukia then woke up and stabbed the man in all black with one of her sais, tearing his Achilles heel. The man screamed in pain as he stumbled to the ground. Ichigo then stared at awe as he saw his wife tie up the man to a chair, gagging the man with rope and duck tape.

Until then they wait

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