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The man started to wake up, groggily looking up he saw a short, fierce woman, wearing a gray tank top, a pair of black jeans and had a gun pointing at is spinal cord behind him.

"So your awake" a male voice said. Looking up to trace the voice he saw the strawberry blond man, sharpening a knife, sitting on a fold-up chair.

"Now answer some were you trying to kidnap me?" the man heard from behind him. "And who sent you here?"

The man made no sudden move except he laughed in hysteria. Ichigo then looked at the kidnapper then his wife, sighing slowly Ichigo then raised his knife directly one millimeter close to the guy's throat.

"Tell me, who sent you and I'll make sure you won't get hurt to badly"

"You know who it is" the man said shedding tears from laughing

Ichigo then saw from behind the guy, a double edged daggered came out from his sleeve.

"Good night love birds" the man said huskily as he jabbed Rukia in the thigh. Rukia then began to limp

"You thnk a simple stab would..bring ...down..."

Rukia then collapsed to the ground."RUKIA" Ichigo shouted out as he went oer to his wife, checking her pulse, wound and the dagger.

"Go ahead call the police or an ambulance...I can't go no where, your bitch slit my ACL, can't go know where tied up." the man said haughtily as he saw Ichgo take out the dagger, cleaned the wound up and started bandaging it up for the momment.

"Or how's your life doing?"

"Don't change the subject you ass, and tell me what you stabbed into her" Ichigo said darkly

"Like I'll tell know your wife is better at interrogations than you" the man said with a chuckle

Ichigo then put a gun to the guy's head. His cell rang. "Kurosaki, saw a flicker of lights and screams of pain go on at your house, is every thing ok?"

"Of course it's ok, Urahara both you and I know that these thugs keep on coming over to abduct or kill me and Rukia either by kidnapping or assassinating us right in our own home. Now come get your ass over here and help us"

"Alright Alright Kurosaki, you know you could say 'please' once in a while in these emergency clean up things"


Ichigo then heard some one come upstairs, foot steps coming near his bedroom. Then a slight pause...suddenly...

BAM"I'm HERE" the old goofball of a friend then had a grenade hook on his finger swinging it around freely like a plain yoyo, wearing a green and white stripped hat." Now where should I place this?"

The kidnapper then blanched at the sight of the grenade."Aww come on Kurosaki...this kidnapper here is an intermediate level can surely handle it. Of course you can, see he blanches at the sight of a grenade"

"He wouldn't spill" Ichigo said annoyed

"I time to do my job" Urahara said with a grin. He then uncorked the grenade, which then began release some smoke. Urahara then threw the grenade under the kidnapper's chair and simply hid under a sofa, along with Ichigo dragging Rukia behind it.

"Now please tell us who sent you" said Urahara in a loud air tone"

"A..Aizen-sama," the guy wailed out

The the smoke stopped and then there was an explosion. The house then filled up with smoke and...

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