Chapter 2

(Lily's POV)

"Why did they have to cancel all classes so that we have enough time to get ready for the stupid ball" I heard Arabella say as she burst into the Heads common room where it was peaceful even though it had all the Marauders there. They weren't annoying me as I expected but hey oh well.

"Hello to you too Bel, Now what's up?" I said.

"Well to put it this way, I'm BORED!" She says.

"Well you two could join us in a game of cards it you wish." Said Sirius as all four of them looked at us. I turned to face Bel, her face was red, I knew she liked Sirius but she just wouldn't show it.

"Sure, what are you playing?" She asked.

"Well we can't really decide so umm." Said Remus shyly

"I know how about hearts?" I say, the boys exchanged confused looks. I went over and explained how the game worked and by the end of the game me and Ja-Potter competing for the winner. In the end I won but I suspected he let me.

(James' POV)

'Oh my god she is so beautiful when she smiles' I think as I look at her when I let her win. 'Why can't she just go out with me and save me from this torture?'
As I was staring at her she looked up at me and her eyes met mine. Her eyes were emerald jewels that sparkled when she was happy and burned she was mad. She was gorgeous. She looked at me for what felt like forever then said 'Thanks for letting me win Potter" she smiled then turned to Arabella to say something.

'oh my goodness did Lily just thank me!'

She turned back to us and said " How about a couple of games of presidents and arseholes unless you are afraid you're a pack of arseholes" and as we are the marauders we never back out of a challenge we accepted not knowing what we got ourselves into ofcourse.

(Normal POV)

As they played the game they all went out one by one when they were arsehole. So in the end it was Arabella, Sirius, Remus and Peter watching Lily and James battle it out (again). At the moment to two were in close proximity of each other. At last they were at one card each. James placed his card down it was a two of clubs the second highest card. Lily grinned; she put down her card, a joker the highest card in the game. James was shocked. When he played this game with the guys he always won and here he was beaten by a girl (not to mention his crush!), he felt his cheeks go red. Opposite James, Lily sat smiling like a Chershire(sp) cat, she beat the 'all powerful' James Potter at his supposedly best card game.

She said to James" Good game Potter we should play again sometime it was fun but,(she looked at her watch) at 3.45 we had better start getting ready for the ball." After said this she and Arabella stood up and went to the 7th year girls dorms in the Gryffindor tower to get ready for the ball.

(In the girls Dorms)

Alice started to get the girls dresses out when the door opened and two laughing girls came in.

one said " Did you see the look on his face when I played my card? It was priceless!" the two girls laughed again.

Alice stood up and said" Where were you two we were supposed to be getting ready half an hour ago!" the Arabella stopped laughing and said" Sorry Alice we were playing cards with the Marauders.(Laugh) You should have been there.(laugh) Lily won both games and beat Potter both times even though he let her win the first time but in the second game when she beat him you should have seen his face!(Laugh) He was so shocked and when we left all we could hear was Sirius laughing at how Potter lost to lily." They all laughed at the image of Sirius laughing at a gob smacked Potter. After the calmed down the got into their dresses and started to do their hair and make up.

(in the head boy dorm)

"Guys stop laughing it wasn't that funny!" shouted an embarrassed James as the boys went into his dorm to get ready for the ball.

"You're right it wasn't funny James, it was hilarious!" said Sirius between laughs, "Man you should have seen your face! Pity we didn't have a camera."

"Who cares anyway we had better get ready for this dumb ball." Said an annoyed James.

The boys put on their suits and fixed their hair nicely except for James because he had to take two potions one so that he could see without his glasses and another so that his hair lay flat instead of sticking up in everyway possible. Once the guys were ready it was 5:15, it took all the guys to get Peter's suit on. It took 5 enlargement spells and two shrinking spells to get it right. The boys went into the common room to find four masks that matched one of their suits. Sirius put on the black one, Remus put on a navy blue one, Peter put on the other black one which was a little lighter and James put on the black mask that in the angles shined a dark green. Then started the long journey to the Great hall which would take them at least half an hour at their walking speed. (But at running speed that's a record of about five minutes in the morning because they haven't eaten for eight hours 'gasp')

(in the girls dorm)

Lily came back from the bathroom to fin her friends with masks on. Arabella with a white sparkling one and Alice with a light blue one and she saw a red sparkling mask lying on her bed that perfectly matched her dress. She put it on and felt a rush of warmth all over her. She turned to her friends and they smiled at her and she looked at the clock. It was 3:30.

She said" We had better go it takes half an hour to get there in high heels." As she was about to leave she looked at her wrist. There was the present she was given by someone she never knew it was a charm bracelet it was from a secret admirer. She wore it everyday but so people didn't know who she was she took it off and put it in her purse. Then she left to catch up with her friends.