Kronus is rising, along with his faithful and loyal servants. The old rulers of the sky, sea, and underworld prior to the Big Three are returning and Percy's control over the ocean is quickly slipping from his grip. Now, he knows he's not safe in the water, in the sky, or dead (obviously). But along with that, Grover's still on his search for Pan while the biggest storm of the century brews as Kronus gathers his forces to find a powerful item that can restore him back to his full self and full power. But worse still, will the sudden appearance of a certain Goddess of Love wreck havoc at Camp Half-Blood?

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I Take a Nap

"Here, take this…" a deep voice whispered coarsely.

At the sudden noise, my eyes flickered open quickly to reveal complete and utter darkness. My hands reached out blindly as I scrambled to my feet, my sea green eyes scouring the obscure blackness suspiciously.

Seconds later, my eyes slowly began to adjust to the lighting, bringing two faint silhouettes into view. One of them seemed to radiate brilliance, standing taller than the other form with a broad, masculine frame. He held what looked to be a cube, a grin tugging at his shaded face. The second form was familiar to me, but I didn't know how. He wore a hat and baggy pants and had a small goatee protruding from his chin

A cold draft slithered by, wracking my body with a sudden shiver. I was in a cavern, and even the air seemed to be tainted by the heavy blanket of ebony, like this place had never seen light. I drew in a sharp breath before realizing I could speak.

"Hello?" I asked quite loudly, but apparently not loud enough, seeing as the two either didn't hear me or chose to ignore me.

Feeling a tad bit like Helen Keller, hearing nothing, seeing nothing, and not really quite speaking, my pulse quickened. Where was I anyway?

Suddenly, I heard the very familiar voice of my satyr friend. "A Jigsaw puzzle? What, how will this help? Please, Pan?"

I was about to attempt speaking again, but my mind decided to catch up with me. Grover had found Pan? I quirked an eyebrow; two mystical creatures, one jigsaw puzzle... it just didn't quite add up.

"Trust me, it will help. Give it to your friend, the son of Poseidon. Then you have to find me. The Garden of the Hesperides is poisoned and in grave danger. And only I can help - " Pan paused for a second, as if listening to something, before panic etched into his voice suddenly, "Oh no, no, no. Young satyr, you must go! Now!"

"But Pan!" Grover said, "Where are you!?"

"Go through the La-" Pan began, but was interrupted as the place they were in suddenly burst into a flaming brilliance of dazzling lights.

For one second, everything seemed to be fire, brilliance echoing all around the cavern they were in. I caught a glimpse of Pan, shoving what looked like a jigsaw puzzle into a backpack and throwing it into Grover's hands.

"Go!" he repeated.

Everything began to fade rapidly. Pan's bark-brown hair that was shaded over his eyes, and his small green hat that covered his small horns underneath his hair was suddenly whisked away as I suddenly found everything black again.

"Percy, get up - I have news," rang my mother's voice right above my face, her finger jabbing my shoulder annoyingly.

"Glarrrrrngggaar…?" I grumbled, my eyes not opening as I struggled to get a grip on my dream, running it over and over again in my head to remember it.

Had Grover actually found Pan? I didn't let the dream fade, contemplating it.

I gasped suddenly at my realization and jack-knifed into a sitting position, nearly banging heads with my mother.

My mom stared at me for a second, then looked out my bedroom door as if looking for an eavesdropper or something.

"You'll never guess..." my mom pulled back the covers of my bed and sat down next me and placed her hands over mine, completely ignoring the fact that I had just nearly collided heads with her and that I was only half-awake.

"Glarrngar…?" I offered with a shrug, pressing my fingers to the temples of my head as I struggled to get a thought process going.

I wasn't very good at it, considering how I had dropped back to being only a quarter-conscious.

She was about to say something more, but she was interrupted as the doorbell rang loudly, echoing throughout the house.

She looked up from me, irritated that someone had interrupted her, but stood nonetheless, "Hold that thought."

I nodded as she walked out my room's door and fell back on my bed, my head hitting my pillow hard with a loud thwak!

"What the-?" I said, rubbing my head and reaching my hand under my pillow to pull something out.

My hand closed around an envelope and something underneath it that was compact and hard. I yanked it out from under my pillow and gasped as I realized it was a Jigsaw puzzle. Wasn't that what Pan had told Grover to give me? I examined it closely, looking for some colour out of place or something that would make the jigsaw reveal a secret compartment for something I surely needed from Pan. I held it up to the light, hoping dearly for something to reveal itself, but my mom strode into my room again, leaning against the door frame and looking at me strangely.

"Er, Percy. Some men have arrived with a... chair in your name... ?" she frowned unsure, the statement turning into a question.

I followed her out the door, running a hand through my hair and pulling my shirt down with the other after tucking the ordinary cube and envelope in my pocket.

At the front door, two men in black suits with black sunglasses on were holding up a throne-like chair and a clipboard, both of their eyes behind the sunglasses plastered creepily to me.

"Sign here, ma'am," one of them hissed, pushing the clipboard into my mother's hands. He nodded in my direction next, "Then you, boy."

She scribbled something on it with a confused expression on her face before she turned to me, smiling hesitantly, "Apparently… we ordered a chair."

I signed it next, nearly jumping in surprise as the other man stomped into the room and sat the chair down right in front of me, almost setting it on my toe.

The door swung shut as the first man stepped further inside. My mom glared at the two suddenly, her mouth moving furiously as they slowly advanced. Her voice was but a jumble of noises to me though, distant as I stared in the chair in awe. Compelling, it was, jet black with two ivory and green snakes carved into the wood on the front legs. A red streak marked the front and back of the seat with an 'H' engraved to the top. The most fascinating of all was the curious crimson coloured pillow, also bearing the letter.

I took a robotic step towards the chair, my eyes glued on the cushion. A faint smile graced my face as I spun around and plopped myself onto the chair.

Immediately, every current thought in my head vanished and I found myself staring at my mother without really looking at her.

Seconds after I sat down, my mother's voice stopped all together, as did sound itself, her mouth still moving but unable to reach my ears.

'What language is she speaking?' I wondered. My eye twitched, as I realized I didn't even understand that thought I had just thought. Nor that thought. Nor that. Nor that last one. Or rather, anything at all.

I really wanted to stand up right then, but I had forgotten how to move my legs.

'What are legs?' I thought, slowly losing my grip on reality.

My brain was silent for a second as I tried to remember how to use it.

Yes, yes, my mind was blank, and I had forgotten how to move, speak, listen, and blink.

My mom had turned away from the two men now, rushing to my side and snapping her fingers in my face. I faintly remembered how to blink and did so. Her face contorted at that second as she looked down; the snakes that had been carved into the chair suddenly became a little more 3-D and realistic. Their eyes turned red, scales pressing against my calves as the two began winding around in spirals up my leg, constricting suddenly as they reached the bend in my knees.

Seeing as I had forgotten how to be in pain, I stared bluntly at my mother, as if waiting for her to tell me what to do next.

My mom's eyebrows pointed downwards as she grabbed my forearms and tried to pry them from the armrests. I didn't even have to resist. The two men in suits started smirking in our direction.

Before I knew it, right before my eyes, their fingernails suddenly sharpened and grew, turning into misshapen claws. Their suits melted into their skin, making it black and leathery as their eyes as well transfigured into a more lethal and demon-like shape, glowing scarlet red underneath their sunglasses. Dirty and contorted wings sprouted out from their backs suddenly, flapping slightly as if to test them without going airborne.

If I could've thought at that moment it would've been just one word; Furies.

But they were a heck of a lot different from my last experience with them; they seemed to be a whole new breed of Furies, strangely enough, which would explain while they had sabotaged by even though Hades had promised they would not interfere with my life again. Actually, even that I couldn't remember too well.

My mom's eyes narrowed at the two as the door suddenly burst open and two people strode in, both sporting a sword that glinted in the sunlight that streamed in from our apartment window.

These two people were familiar, but everyone was starting to look the same after a couple of minutes; kind of like blobs.

Staring forward still, everything was slowly growing dimmer and I could barely tell the people and fury's from the room or walls now. So I just sat out whatever was going on, feeling strange as the snakes suddenly extended farther up my legs, until I was head-to-toe in the snake's body, my nose, mouth and eyes only showing through the snake's slippery and scaly skin. More constricting.

Everything else that happened was a blur, and I faintly remembered either being knocked unconscious from lack of breath, or just taking a nap out of boredom.

But soon after, I found myself watching as somebody began gripping the snakes curling around my face and pulling them away. I felt another pair of hands on my legs, tearing off another part of its body. I felt myself being wrenched from the chair, and found myself standing for a few seconds while swaying on the spot.

'So that's how you stand,' I thought finally, glad of my release from the chair.

I fell forward, doing a face plant with the dew-covered grass in front of me, hearing a crack that I was sure was my nose being broken from the impact of the short fall.

But that was the last thing I remembered before I blacked out, finally feeling the pain all around my body from the constricting and the pain from not breathing for four minutes.

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