This fan fic story chronicles Lore's life prior to his initial encounter with Data.
Contains mild violence and sexual content

Journey to the Dark Side: A Lore Story, REDUX
Written by: S. Bell

Chapter One: The Newest Member of the Colony

Omicron Theta, 2335

It had been a few months since the activation of Dr. Soong's android. The android had successfully passed the developmental stage, its childhood as it were, and was beginning to show great promise. Soon, it was time to introduce him to the colony, to allow him to learn and adapt with humans — other than Dr. Soong and his wife Juliana.

"Why did they make him so… so pale, and why are his eyes like that?" whispered Alexander as he grimaced with disapproval.

Alexander gawked at the android that was sitting alone at a table which was isolated from the rest of the diners in the atrium. He sat with a relaxed smile on his face as he patiently observed the other patrons.

"Alex, don't stare. Hasn't anyone ever told you that it's impolite?" Jacqueline replied as she elbowed him, "Besides, the color of a person's skin shouldn't prevent you from getting to know them."

"Jackie, this is different. He's just a machine, he doesn't understand." Alex replied and for a moment he saw the android's expression change. 'He couldn't possibly have heard me, could he?' he thought.

Jacqueline shot him a cold glance before he realized he had said something offensive.

"'This is different?' Jacqueline replied with annoyance, "That's how it always starts! In case you hadn't noticed, there aren't a lot of people around here with my complexion either! But that didn't stop them from giving me a chance, that didn't stop you from giving me a chance. You can stay here and cower all you want, but I'm going to introduce myself to the newest member of the colony! By the way, don't call me Jackie when we're around other people!" Jacqueline replied before she stormed off.

The android continued to watch a group of students exchanging jokes and pranks with one another when he saw a woman approaching. She was about 5' 7", slender but shapely and her skin was the color he compared to golden caramel.

"Mind if I join you?" Jacqueline asked.

"No, not at all." the android replied.

Jacqueline made a move to pull out her chair and she was surprised when the android moved swiftly and beat her to it.

"Oh, thanks." she said with a smile. 'Alex never does that for me.' she thought as she looked in his direction to see that he was rolling his eyes.

"I'm Jacqueline. Jacqueline Bailey." she replied as she extended her hand. The android glanced at it for a moment and began to process the meaning of it.

"Ah, you'd like to shake hands. I'm Lore. It's… a pleasure to meet you Jacqueline." he replied before taking Jacqueline's hand into his own and shook it in a slightly mechanical manner. She shuddered when she realized that his hand was not cold like she'd expected, but slightly warmer than her own.

"Have I hurt you Jacqueline?" Lore asked with concern after promptly removing his hand.

"No. No, you haven't. It's just that you're… so warm. I didn't expect that."

"Yes. I am capable of altering my body temperature. Based on the information I have been provided, I realize that humans often prefer to shake hands slightly warmer than their own. Therefore, before shaking your hand, I altered my temperature so it would exceed yours by six degrees."

They spoke for a while and Jacqueline smiled, she couldn't help but be impressed.

"Lore, I've heard many things about you, but I didn't expect you to seem so… human." she said.

"What did you expect?"

"I guess I… oh, I don't know, just something different. Has anyone else spoken to you today?"

"I've attempted to sit with several groups of people, but they all… strongly requested that I find another place to sit. Those events eventually led me to sit here, alone."

Jacqueline sighed and she couldn't help but feel sorry for the android.

"Well, it's their loss. You're very good company." she smiled, "Lore, why don't you sit with my fiancé and I."

"Because I haven't been invited." Lore calmly answered, to which Jacqueline laughed, "Why are you laughing?"

"That was an invitation."

As Jackie and Lore walked to the table at which Alex was sitting, a hush seemed to sweep through the atrium. Lore noticed that people were pointing, staring an even giggling.

When Alex saw them approaching, he could not believe it.

"Oh no, what the hell is she doing?" he asked himself under his breath, "She's bringing that over here?"

Jacqueline and Lore arrived at the table.

"Lore, I would like you to meet Alex, my fiancé. Alex, this is Lore." Jacqueline introduced.

Lore extended his hand to Alex, who reluctantly shook it before analyzing the android's features closely.

"Wow, other than its creepy eyes and weird skin, it almost looks… human." Alex replied.

"Alex, I consider it rude that you refer to me as 'it'." Lore replied.

"Why is that?" asked Alex.

"My name is Lore, not 'it'."

Jacqueline smiled as she raised an eyebrow at Alex who was stunned. She was clearly amused. Although the three of them sat together, Alex was withdrawn from the conversation for the most part. He was mainly focused on the other people who were gawking and laughing at them. His embarrassment was immeasurable.

"Well, I guess I have to get going." Alex replied impatiently as he stood up, "Jacqueline, you coming?"

"Yeah, we've been here for a while." she answered as she joined Alex.

"It's been very nice meeting both of you." Lore said.

"Yeah whatever, let's go Jacqueline."

"Bye Lore. See you later." she replied as she turned to walk away with Alex, but something made her turn back.

"What are you doing? Let's go!" Alex hissed so that only Jacqueline could hear it. Little did he know about Lore's extraordinary hearing.

"Lore, tomorrow a bunch of us are going out to the lake for a swim. Would you like to join us?" Jacqueline asked, barely able to concentrate on her words since Alex was whispering objections from behind her.

"Yes. Thank you for inviting me."

"Sure, just meet us here tomorrow at 14:00 hours and make sure you bring a bathing suit."

She then walked away with Alex, who continually whispered questions like 'Why the hell did you do that for?!'

When Lore returned to Dr. Soong's lab that evening, he discussed his experiences and mentioned Jacqueline's invitation.

"Father, if I'm to join them, I'll need a bathing suit."

Dr. Soong's smile faded slightly. "Lore, I have to tell you something. Although you're water-resistant for the most part, you don't have enough buoyancy to float in water. I'm sorry son, but you won't be able to swim."

Lore thought for a moment. "Still, I would like to join them, even if I can't swim. I've been given a chance to interact with others and I wish to take it."

"Alright, I'll get you some swimwear. Just remember not to go into the water."

"Yes father, I'll remember."