Just to warn you this is my first story. Disclaimer: I do not own the Labyrinth or its characters.

Chapter 1

With a groan, Sarah pulled herself out of bed; forcing herself to get ready for the days college class. She put on her favorite jeans and white dress shirt with vest. As she opened the door of her bedroom the smell of Karen's pancakes hit her, reminding her of her hunger.

As she walked in to the kitchen, she saw Karen putting the pancakes on the table and Robert reading the newspaper. Another boring day, Sarah thought horribly. But as she served herself a plate, a thought occurred to her. Something isn't right…Something is missing… "What's wrong Sarah? Are you not hungry," asked Karen as she sat down.

She ignored her stepmother's questioning as she looked toward the seat next to her. "Sarah," said Karen with concern ringing in her voice.

Suddenly it dawned on her. "Toby! Where's Toby?" Karen and Robert looked at her with confusion in their eyes. Sarah felt sick; a mix of fear and horror weighed upon her like a ton of bricks. She jumped up from the table and ran to Toby's room.

How could they forget their own son?! She threw the door to Toby's room open, suspecting to see the six year old little boy playing with Lancelot. But no he wasn't there. The room that used to be filled with toys was empty. It looked like an ordinary guest room. What did they do? Did they throw his stuff away, she thought sickly. She ran downstairs and screamed , "Toby is gone!"

"Sarah calm down," said Robert as he grabbed hold of her. She looked at him like he was out of his mind, "how can you tell me to calm down? He's your son and my brother!"

"We need to talk," replied Karen as she directed Sarah to the kitchen.

Sarah sat down reluctantly as her parents sat by her side. "Sarah, Toby…He wasn't real," said Robert as he silently signaled Karen to relax, "When your mother had left us, you began to imagine a friend named Toby, and when Karen entered our lives you had made him your brother. The doctors said that you made him up because of your loneliness. They said that a day would come when he would disappear. Sarah I-."

"What! I didn't imagine Toby! I couldn't have. Remember…" Sarah tried desperately to claw at any meaningful memory but all she could grab was flashes of images. O my gosh... Think of something! He was here and alive. He was a great part of our lives… The family portrait!

Sarah ran to the living room. She suddenly stopped; terrified at what she saw. It was a picture of Karen, Robert, and Sarah, but Toby wasn't there. She remembered him laughing as they clowned around while they got the camera ready. She shook her head and backed up. No… Toby…Where are you? She bumped into something and jumped around with a yelped. She looked up and saw her father; his eyes seemed so cold yet sad.

"Why can't you remember him," she whispered sadly. He hugged her as tears streamed down her face. She felt her heart being torn apart. She didn't want to admit defeat. How could she prove if he was real if the only pictures that remained of him stayed only in her mind?

Sarah took some comfort in her father's embrace, but the comfort faded quickly. She could hear Karen in the other room… "Yes…Sarah is a bit distraught…Can we take her down there as soon as possible?..." She suddenly realized her parents were going to take her away or at least drug her to make her forget Toby.

"I need some air," replied Sarah as she pulled away from him. She could feel her father's eyes burning into her back, watching her every step. Time seemed to slow as her heart began to beat faster. She had to get away and somehow find Toby. She slowly turned the door handle and as her foot touched the outside she ran. She could hear her father running a few steps behind her and calling out her name. Robert stopped running after her as Sarah ran across the street, nearly missing an on coming car. There no turning back now. I have to find Toby.