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Chapter 2

Little goblins laughed at the chaos they caused in the throne room. The Goblin King lounged on his throne, lost in his thoughts, oblivious to the causal flying chicken with tiny goblins chasing after it. Suddenly a mournful cry split through the castle. The goblins froze and listened as the echoes of the cry faded away. They looked at each other and then at their King, as he rose up from his throne. As the door closed behind him, the goblins laughed and returned to their merry chaos.

The Goblin King had no runners in the Labyrinth who could have made that horrifyingly sad cry. He could hear such pain that was foreign to most of his subjects. He walked down the hallway, following the sobbing sounds of a woman. As he turned the corner he saw two servants sitting in the hallway; one consoling the other.

"Rosemary, what troubles you so," asked Jareth as he casually leaned up against the wall, "did something happen in your trip aboveground?" The little old servant with faded and watery green eyes looked up from the arms of the young servant.

"It was horrible your Majesty… I went to visit my grandchild Timmy, and my daughter said… she said she never had a child! I ran to his bedroom and saw that all his toys and furniture was gone. It was so strange; he was even gone from the pictures… He disappeared from the world and memories of everyone… everyone except mine."

"Jareth! Where are they?!" A young woman with flowing golden hair ran up to him. "Where are who…" asked the Goblin King with cold indifference but was interrupted. "Don't play games with me. There are young ones disappearing from the Aboveground. Where are they?!"

"I don't have them," Jareth snapped angrily, "Queen Oriana, there is another King who takes humans!" She backed up with a gasp; fear from her cousin and sudden realization taking her breath.

"You don't mean King Sable, ruler of shadows," asked Queen Oriana with a whisper.

The Goblin King nodded gravely. Rosemary came to the King's side. "If I may your Majesties," she spoke softly, "I'll go to the Aboveground and search for evidence."

Both the King and Queen nodded and Jareth threw a crystal. In a blink of an eye, she disappeared to the world of man. "What do think he could be up to," asked the Queen as she looked out the window.

"War…Unless the evidence proves otherwise," replied the Goblin King as he gazed out the window with his cousin, "But I think it will be best to prepare for the worst."