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Chapter 5

In silence, Sarah and Rosemary comforted each other, after they told their stories. Loved ones had vanished from their world, and they shared the feelings of despair and longing for their return. A quick knock and the opening of the door summoned their attention.

The Goblin King strolled in twirling a delicate crystal between his gloved fingers. A smirk graced his lips as Sarah's eyes followed the beautifully, clear crystal with awe. "Sarah I ask so little of you, wouldn't you agree?" With fluid motions of his hand, he moved the crystal up and down causing Sarah to unconsciously agree with him. "Good… When this little battle begins, I want you to go with Rosemary to a secret and secure room. Do not watch the battle, do you understand?" Repeating the way he got her to agree before he smirked, but sighed. Jareth made the crystal vanished, and he lifted her chin up, so she would look him in the eyes. "Do you understand?" Sarah glared at him. "Yes, I understand! I have no intentions in watching," she declared.

"Good. Battles are not a pretty sight." With a quick turn of his heel, he left the room as quickly as he had entered it; heading to the war room.

"Well, you seem to be in good spirits," said Queen Oriana as she glanced up from some maps.

"If I join the spirits today, I rather be with the happy ones then the gloomy ones. For some reason the good and bad spirits are always split apart," said Jareth as he joined her, "but then good and bad is just a matter of perspective, isn't it?" Oriana studied Jareth's unusually cheerful mood. "You're just happy because you get to use your goblins in a real battle."

Jareth's smirk verged to a smile. "To be all truthful… yes…What are you doing?" Queen Oriana looked back up at him. Confusion written on her face; she asked, "Isn't it obvious? I'm looking at a map of King Sable's land." Jareth shook his head as he pulled his cousin up from her chair and led her to a map on the wall. "This is where the battle will be," he said as he let her study it.

"It's a map of your kingdom. We had declared war on him," she stated as she folded her arms.

"Yes, we did. But you must think like the ruler of shadows. What would he do? I think he would bring the battle to us," said Jareth as he took her chair. Queen Oriana rolled her eyes as she saw him lounging in her chair. "So, you want me to summon my armies here," she asked as she pulled up another chair.

"Yes," said the Goblin King as he began to twirl another crystal. The Queen nodded and disappeared in a cloud of mist. Jareth smiled and barred his teeth. "Sable, you will not win this battle," he whispered deadly.

A deadly silence fell upon the Labyrinth and the castle. The time for battle was drawing closer. The Goblin King, wearing his dark silver colored armor, stood in front of his army of goblins.

The normally cheerful goblins stood in armor and formation, awaiting orders solemnly. In a burst of mist, Queen Oriana appeared by the King's side in her gold colored armor. A second later, in a burst of petals, appeared meadow nymphs, in armor of thorn and bark.

"When the clock strikes thirteen, I bet the shadows shall appear," whispered Jareth as he scanned over his army.

The Queen nodded and whispered, "Look at the sky." Dark clouds began to roll in, blocking out the golden sun. A lightning bolt tore the sky open; letting it drown the land. A few seconds later an earth shattering rumbled deafen them. "Why does it have to rain on today of all days," asked Oriana irritably.

Jareth looked up into the sky as more lightning bolts wounded it. "It's the Labyrinth," he whispered solemnly, "it voices the despair, the anguish, the fury of this battle. It mourns for the soon to-be fallen." Queen Oriana looked up into the sky as the clock stroke thirteen.

A loud roar caught Sarah's attention, and she quickly ran out to the balcony in the pouring rain.

Sarah saw an army of goblins and nymphs, of different shapes and sizes, in armor, standing in a large plain behind the castle. She could see the King and Queen standing in front of their armies. And by looking at Jareth's hair they must all be soaked.

Sarah looked at what they were all glaring at and saw an army of gargoyles and shadow men, and standing in front of them was King Sable on a large black dragon.

"Charge," yelled the Kings and Queen. A roar of cries rose as the armies crashed like a violent train wreck.

Goblins against gargoyles; nymphs against shadow men.

Gargoyles tore their powerful claws into the goblins, and the goblins leapt upon the gargoyles plunging spears into their back and chest. Shadow men shifted between forms to hack at the nymphs, and the nymphs took hold of deadly vines sent it through the bodies of the shadow men. The cries of pain and anger rose above the roar of thunder.

"Sarah, it's time to go," called Rosemary from the balcony doors. The rain fell harder and hid the battle from Sarah's eyes. She focused through the rain to see the horror of the deadly battle.

Through the rain and the chaos of the battle, a young boy with golden hair walked calmly through the soldiers. Sarah's breathing stopped when the boy looked up to her. "Toby!" Sarah ran past Rosemary and had felt her try to grab hold of her clothing. "Sarah, no! You can't…," Rosemary's words disappeared from Sarah's ears as she ran down the hallway.

Within moments she was outside and was standing before the battle. She was choked at first by the stench of blood and sweat; the stench of death had made her gag but she would not let that stop her. From dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the goblin city… She ran past soldiers swinging swords, strangling vines, and multiple claws and teeth. The cries, the roars; the elements, they had all disappeared to her. She could only hear her own heart beat as she searched wildly for the little boy.

Sarah stopped as the world began to slow. She saw Toby standing between a pack of goblins and a large gargoyle, which held a limp body of a small goblin between its teeth. Sarah ran as the gargoyle dropped the body. With every breath she took, she could see both goblins and gargoyle getting ready to attack. She leapt for Toby and she could hear the roars on either side of her getting closer. She felt his body in her arms as they came crashing back onto the ground.

The goblins and the gargoyle tore madly at each other. Pure rage beamed from their eyes. Sarah took a large gulp of air; not realizing she was holding her breath during the leap. Sarah looked at Toby and saw him look at her with cold eyes. Suddenly, the young boy had faded from her arms. "TOBY," she screamed to the top of her lungs.

"NO, No, no, no. This can't happen again!" Her tears were hidden by the rain as she shook her head from side to side.

"Well, I didn't expect you to be out here." Sarah turned around; not recognizing the sound of the voice. She looked up and saw a knight in pitch black armor riding a large Frisian horse. The sword he held in his hand was stand with blood, as he pointed it at her.

"Stand up," he ordered.

"Who are you," she yelled defiantly at him. She could hear him laughing beneath his helmet. "I am the one you tried to rescue," he laughed spitefully. Sarah glared at him with hatred she had never felt before. "You don't believe me," he took off his helmet and Sarah stared dumbfounded, "I am Toby. Amazing powers the shadows have, no? His Majesty granted me my wish to become a knight with powers of illusions…Hmm, I really didn't think you would have made it in this far in the battle field. Well, no matter, it's time to end this last family reunion."

…to take back the child you have stolen, for my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is as great…

"Toby, wait! Why do you want to do this?"

"People, who I thought had loved me, had forgotten me. You can not deny that you had forgotten me, and as if that wasn't bad enough, you had wished me away! What I loving sister I have," he spat sarcastically as he dismounted.

"Toby, I have done things which I am not proud of, but you were not unwanted! They had forced us to forget you, and I did everything in my power to come find you! ...Toby, you must fight the shadow's power."

Toby gripped the sword harder and said, "You don't seem to understand. I don't have to fight it. This power was not forced on me. This was my wish!" Sarah watched as her brother walked up to her with a raised sword. Her world had crashed and was turned upside down, but she refused to give up. "Toby, I love you. I just wish things didn't have to end like this."

Toby stared at his sister, and Sarah could see realization flash through his eyes. "Sarah," he whispered as he dropped his sword upon the blood stained earth. Sarah watched the Frisian rear up and disappear, and the armor fall off Toby. She walked up to him and saw him returning to his true self. They both collapsed into each others arms; afraid that the other would disappear.

You have no power over me…

"Come, we got to get out of here," said Sarah as she picked him up. As they dodge soldiers, Sarah saw what powers the Kings and Queen possessed.

The Goblin King roared as he threw crystals, disintegrating the gargoyles. The Flower Queen's eyes grew red as rays of sunlight came forth from her hand burning anything or anyone in her path. The Shadow King formed deadly shadows to mutilate anything in his path.

"Sarah, go," said Toby as he tugged on her arm. She snapped out of the trance and quickly ran as fast as she could. Sarah could see Rosemary standing in the doorway. Within a few moments, they were all running in the castle. Rosemary quickly opened a passageway and they flew down the steps and into a bunker.

Sarah looked around as Rosemary locked the door. There were two small beds, a few wooden chairs and a table, some candles, and a small pantry filled with jars. Sarah and Toby sat at the edge of a bed as Rosemary took a seat. Sarah watched her try to relax. "I'm sorry," Sarah whispered, "I didn't mean to…"

"Think nothing of it," Rosemary whispered back, "I would have done the same thing if I had seen my grandson."

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