Because of him- everything was ruined- tainted.

Ridiculous. He always told himself that Sora was his best friend. It was impossible- who would want such a tainted person by their side?

Inside and out he was dark, it was his destiny- but it wasn't his voice telling him twisted thoughts and dark intentions hell-bent on revenge.

Nothing could save him- this was his choice.

Girls- they never understood him but were always telling him how to fix things, never asking for anything in return making him feel like the most selfish person in the worlds.

Maybe this was just a dream- he would wake up to find out that he fell asleep on the beach, sand in his hair and the sun in his eyes, or maybe he would open his eyes and see that he was living in hell and everything he touched crumbled and broke- that this was his price for thinking he was better, thinking he could do something on his own.

Everything was screwed. The Princess was on the floor broken and heartless, the Keyblade Master tangled up in the web of lies weaved by that Witch, his mentor blinded by revenge, the islands destroyed and taken over by darkness everyone he knew and loved was involved in something much darker than those horror stories on TV. Nothing was ever going to change what he had done- nothing was ever going to fix everything that he had broken.

Things back then were a lot easier to deal with- you slipped and fell then you got back up, monsters were just make-believe, the world was one big place just waiting to be explored by curious eyes, no one ever thought of darkness overcoming their heart or being torn between what they wanted and what needed to be done. He never thought that way at least- until it happened to him.

Of course he was the one who was always better than everyone on the island- he was the best at fighting, the best at swimming, the fastest runner- now he's better then everyone in all the worlds, he's the best at screwing up everything.

Life surrounded by darkness. Life filled with regret and revenge, life that was broken and ripped apart so lies and twisted tales of what's right and what's just damn evil could find their way in- breaking through his 'solid' walls around his heart.

Isn't it ironic that he was always better than Sora- but now he was the one on the side- the one who was noticed for being the boy who was overcome by darkness while his friend was loved by everyone?

Forgive and forget- two impossible things that he could never do. He could never forgive himself for what he'd done, and he could never forget the look in Sora's eyes when his best friend tried to kill him, or when he was manipulated by a simple fairytale villain, one that could bend and break his view of reality.

Everything that happened had broken his heart, shattered his soul, and damaged his life. He would never be the same because everything bad that happened was inevitably tied to him.


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