It hurt.

They thought he just wanted to go on an adventure, to see the other worlds, to explore. They never knew that he wanted to explore the realm of the heart or the chamber of darkness.

It really hurt.

No one understood what he really wanted- how much he longed to get off those damned islands, away from all the people who were wasting their life worrying about if their child got perfect grades, made the team, or was the best-looking. Those people never told their children about the scary monsters in the shadows or all the terrible situations people their age were going through.

It really really hurt.

He knew that no one saw the deeper meanings behind his shyness, behind the long hours he sat on the beach looking out into the ocean all alone. He knew that they all thought he was just going through a phase, and it would pass with time just like they said heartache and mistakes go away.

It reallyreally really hurt.

Everyone was shocked to hear that he was overcome with darkness. 'Riku?!' they would say, 'what ever happened to him?' all along they where telling each other 'I told you he was different' and 'I never thought it come down to that.'

It really really really really hurt.

Behind closed doors and the talking walls were people who were planning. Plans that involved replicas, some involved revenge, and others involved invasions. None of them worked out of course- well not the way they were supposed to. They did work in their own special way- for each time he killed, each time he lied, it broke a piece of his heart, it shattered a piece of his soul. Bit by bit he was fading even more into the darkness, senses overwhelmed by seductive promises of greater things to come and twisted thoughts that told him he was doing the right thing.

It really really really really really hurt…

And in his mind…

He deserved it.