Chapter Eight


"Jake imprinted on who?" I asked, dumbfounded. I'm really happy he had moved on – though there is a part of me that's just a tad jealous – but he's fell in love with the most inappropriate person! "There bird people could be out enemies for all we know! This is… wrong! She's like, half bird half human!"

Oh, how appropriate. The wolf boy fell in love with the bird girl.

Edward decided to let me go on about how sick it was. When I finally caught myself, it was too late. His expression was hard, guarded.

"Edward?" I asked timidly.


"Are you mad?"

"No." He shook his head sullenly. "I knew you would be protective about this kind of stuff. It just… took me of guard on just how protective you are. Almost like you're jealous."

I gasped. Sometimes, I truly wonder if it's true that he really can't read my mind. "N-no! I am.. everything but jealous! It's just really, really sick!"

He just shook his head again. I looked out the window childishly. Who cares? It's just Jacob.

Right, just Jacob. It's the one and only Jacob that really hurt me when he ditched me. And again the second time. He's only my best friend who I love. He's only Jacob, for Christ sake!

I felt hot, burning tears gathering. No, I will not cry about this! I furiously wiped a hand across my face.

I hear Edward softly sigh beside me. When I turned to face him, though, he was just 'concentrating' on driving. I angrily turned back to my right, looking out the window.

"Edward, I'm not freaking jealous! I'm just really annoyed that I'm getting so upset over this little thing!

Slowly, Edward's mouth curved up to a smile. "Over protective much?"

Oh, now he pretends it doesn't matter.

"You know, Edward, you're finally easy to read." I stated simply, turning away.

The rest of the silent car ride went by fast. Soon enough, I saw the airport. And long before we reached International Airlines, we saw Rosalie and Emmett and a couple of other dark figures who were no doubt the Volturi.

Hold on- didn't Edward say only four? I counted in my head the pairs.

One, two three..

There were five pairs. Ten Volturi. Twelve with Rosalie and Emmett. Soon to be thirteen with Edward, and fifteen when Alice and Jasper gets here. With me, the only weak human, sixteen people will be standing around the Airport. And don't forget the three werewolves. That's already out of their car. That's quite a large group. I turned around to demand Edward what was going on. My mouth opened to say something, but the expression on Edward's face, furious and confused, told me that he didn't know, either. I wonder why Alice didn't see this, either.

I recognized four only too familiar faces. The rest were standing at the back, in the shadows. They were probably guards. Their dark faces flickered from Alice's Porsche, and Sam's big truck. I took a deep breath in, and kept it in. Edward's hand reached mine, and gave it a gentle squeeze.

I know, Edward. Thanks for being here..I thought to myself, smiling at him.

In a flash, Alice and Jasper appeared. It was only then when I realized I was strangely calm. I didn't fight it.

"Bella, my dear. How are you today?" Caius greeted after me and Edward got out of the car. He was smileling, but I knew he was only trying to stall time, like we were.

"What have you done with them?" Alice demanded, her voice harsh in contrast with her soft, delicate form.

"It's high time you've become something extraordinary." Caius ignored her, his gaze still hard on me. I felt Edward stiffen beside me. "If your precious Edward here can't do it, well, let's just say he isn't the only one that can."

Caius gave me a meaningful look. I flinched away from it. Beside me, Edward started to growl. I put my free hand on his shoulder, warning him.

"Patience." Alice warned in a low voice.

"But dear Edward, we should discuss the date, shouldn't we? September thirteenth is far too late. Bella wants this as much as we do, am I right?"

My eyes widened at his words. Edward started to growl.

"We don't want to fight." I reminded him, trying to be as brave as I can. Still, the words came out shaky and unsure.

"Caius, were have you taken them?" Alice asked again, impatience leaking through her words.

"Dear, dear. These people sure are fascinating, aren't they? No wonder why everyone wants them so. Did you know one of them has a blog? It's actually quite interesting, if I say so myself." Caius mused, smiling at Alice. Her eyebrows twitched with something- frustration, perhaps?

"Why do you want them?" Edward suddenly spoke beside me in a smooth voice.

"The same reason you want them, I suppose." This time, it was Marcus who spoke up. He walked up to us, stopping beside Caius. "Curiosity? Fascination? Why do you want them?"

"To save them for an eternity of pain. What can you do with them?" Alice cried, finally letting go. She stood on her toes, throwing her arms up. "The most is to study their DNA, I suppose. It's not like turning them will be a big help. We don't want another species taunting the world."

Then Alice suddenly slumped down. Jasper caught her, whispering in a soothing voice at her ear.

Marcus chuckled. "Isn't that reason enough? We just want to see if they could harm us."

"And if they could?" Edward said. I could practically feel the acid in his words.

Marcus shot him grim look. Question answered. I felt a shiver going down my spine.

"It doesn't matter. Because that won't happen." Edward reassured me.

"How are you going to prevent it?" Alec spoke from behind Marcus.

Silence. That was enough for Alec to put on smug look.

"What are you going to do with them?" Alice asked, throwing Alec a bitter look.

"Nothing at all." Alec replied, smiling mischievously.

Alice growled. I flinched away, behind Edward.

"What would you do with them?" Marcus asked, giving Edward a hard look.

"We would make friends with them! We wouldn't totally destroy them!" Alice snarled.

"They're a treat. Exposing anything humans consider as mythical. One of them has a blog. There are pictures of them, flying. It's not safe for them to be around, flying all over the place." Alec growled back, equally menacing.

"I thought the Volturi destroys people who exposed vampires? Would you care if werewolves were exposed?" Edward challenged.

With a loud roar, Alec threw himself at Edward, and his hand tore out of mine. As soon as he was on the ground, I felt a chill down my neck. I barely turned around when someone grabbed me by the waist, and ran off.

And by ran, I mean freaking fly at two thousand miles an hour.

I let out an ear piercing scream. Then, everything went black.

By the time I woke up, I knew it was too late.


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I was first aware that I was no longer on some sadistic vampire's shoulder, being carried around like a rag doll. I was lying on a rather soft material. If my mind wasn't quite sharp, and screaming to wake up, I'd probably gone back to sleep.

Then, I was aware of my head, which was aching badly. Again, I wanted to groan, and roll over so I can sleep, and not feel it anymore. But somehow, I knew I wasn't in some place safe for me to dream.

Then the sounds in the background became more pronounced. One by one, voices became clearer. They were all talking, discussing about something, no someone. Or some people?

Groaning, I managed to sit up with my left hand on the left side of my head, and my right hand perching on the soft material I was sitting on so I don't collapse. I forced my eyes to open, and thankfully the room was dim, so they didn't have to adjust too much for them to function again.

When I opened them, though, I wished I had never woken up.

There were four people in my room. I recognized two of the menacing, dark figures. Caius was standing a few feet away from me, and Aro was sitting at the edge on whatever I was sitting on, looking amused.

"Welcome, Bella. Good sleep?" Aro mused, his eyes oddly twinkling.

"'S probably going to be one of the few more nights of sleep you're going to get." Caius muttered quietly. Aro's smile widened, his eyes still on me.

"W-where's Edward?" my voice cracked at the beginning, as if I haven't used it in a while, and sounded weak and unstable at the end. My eyes were probably, without a doubt, full with pain, confusion and anxiety.

"Don't worry, sweetie. Your Edward's perfectly fine. In fact, you're going to see him very, very soon." Aro's low voice reassuringly said. It had just too much of concern and care. I bravely glared at him. His smile widened still. Unconsciously, I scooted away from him.

"You're in Italy, my dear." He explained. Well, no freaking duh. "And since your dear Edward can't seem to do the job, I will."

He didn't need to explain that one for me to get sick in the stomach. Oh, god. Ohh, my god!

I started shaking uncontrollably. "N-n-no, n-no!" I scrambled further down the bed, as I realized it was that just now, until I hit the wall, my head shaking back and fourth.

"Don't be afraid. We are going to let you get used to things around here, first. We won't force anything on to you," Aro's eyes flashed at his words. I had a hard time believing him "Besides, once you get in the hang of this gala, you'd be practically begging."

I didn't have strength to say otherwise. If I wasn't scared out of my mind, I would have snorted, or scoffed or something like that. But, unfortunately, I was. So I didn't.

"We'll be back soon. You're.. breakfast is waiting." He stood up, and with the other three left. A young looking woman came in through a different door with a tray of food, and set it down at the food of my bed. I could tell she had a hard time not making eye contact with me. But I didn't have to, to know that she was still human. Her dark skin, black hair. Her imperfect beauty and Asian features. I tried to greet her, but my throat was still clogged up, and my brain still frozen. I just sat there, dumbly against the wall, and watched her come in, and out.

Where was Edward when I needed him most?


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