Hanabi's New Dilemma

The Sequel of Hinata's New Life


The Next Installment of The New Chronicles

Chapter 1: Nightmares and Reunions

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She was running through a forest... yes that was it. Wasn't there a mission? Of course that's what she did now since she was a true shinobi. Her teammates looked back at her, the twins were grinning as usual. It was hard not to smile back at them, that strange tingling feeling appeared once again.

They had stopped in the middle of the forest , in a strange clearing... right... The boys looked back at her, they seemed to have something in their hands. They walked over and gave it to her, it looked like a present, wasn't it their team's one year anniversary?

She smiled as she opened it, it was a locket in the shape of half a heart. It was beautiful and touch her heart. Both of the boys were surprised when she hugged them and kissed both of their cheeks, they both had blushes on their faces. With that, they all giggled and laughed happily. They collapsed on the ground when they ran out of air, it was hard to remember when she was this happy.

Suddenly the awful shadow appeared, as it usually did… It came so quick, that none of them knew exactly what happen or even if it was real. She couldn't make out it's face as it glided across the field almost as if it was walking on air, it's natural elegance made it dangers for reasons unknown. The scarlet red clouds that enveloped it's cloak seemed as if they could rain blood, a shiver ran down her spine as she watched it move closer.

"...Let me have it..." said the phantom with a strangely appealing voice, the twins jumped in front of her almost instinctively. They looked back at her with sad smiles on their faces, almost as if they were apologizing for sacrificing themselves.

The shadow smirked, almost as if it already knew the outcome of this battle would be, as it's eyes shimmered, she saw was a torrent of jet black flame fiercer then anything she could of imagine flow towards her...

Hanabi awoke with a scream that echoed through out the apartment, her hand instinctively when for her locket. This wasn't her first time to have that particular nightmare, in fact almost every night since that terrible day she had been haunted by those images. Her skin always felt the same burning sensation after it, her mind always screamed in misery for the friends she had lost that day.

She had been lucky that day, or at least that was what everyone said. Hanabi didn't even have a scar on her, well maybe not a physical scar, but her soul had been torn and ripped completely apart. The twins were the ones who had help her through the wretchedness of loneliness that Naruto's absence had cause and with their untimely deaths, left a giant hole in her heart.

Tears covered her face, which she couldn't of helped. Every single time... why couldn't she stop those damn tears from coming. She screamed once again and slammed her face into her pillow to muff it. Why did it hurt so much, why did they have to leave her like everyone else did?

The moonlight from the window lit up her room, she could almost see that shadow again. Her hand still was holding her locket, the same one from that day... She never took it off and never let anyone else but herself touch it, it strangely made her feel safe for some weird reason.

Her old nightlight flickered as she laid back down, she was still crying. She had gotten use to crying herself to sleep, since she had done enough of it before Naruto had changed her life. She was indebted to him greatly for everything he had done for her and her family, she couldn't help but sigh at the though of the one she missed.

After the first month that followed the attack, Hinata had stopped sleeping with her. It was Hanabi's choice, she hated to seem weak and needy. Hinata of course still kissed and tucked her in every night though, something Hanabi would never admit she needed.

She couldn't help but scream out again, her body shook painfully as the tears streamed down her face and old memories tearing at all the painful scars of the past. The pain in her heart wouldn't stop, she needed Naruto fix it of course. It was terrible to come clean with that but it was completely and utterly true. Hanabi Hyuuga was terribly in love with her sister's one and only, Naruto Uzumaki.

Everyday since he had been gone and even before that, she had been fighting those feelings and hoping they would go away for good. But alas her love for the blond haired ninja had only grown with their time apart and with ever second that it increased, so did the realization that he would never return her feelings.

With that last aching thought, she drifted off to sleep, clinging to her tear stained pillow, and whispering Naruto's name…

A loud scream woke Hinata up, it came from the other side of the apartment or at least she figured that. This wasn't the first time that she had been awaken by a scream, Hanabi had quite a few nightmares and often shout out loudly into the night.

Hinata tried to comfort her just like she used to back when it was just the two of them at the Hyuuga mansion, by staying with Hanabi and falling asleep next to her. But Hanabi had told Hinata to stop rushing in and try to comfort her, it had broke her heart. After that, she respected Hanabi's wishes and only entered Hanabi's room if she heard too much screaming.

The second scream made Hinata jump out of bed and rush to the door. She ran straight towards Hanabi's room and cracked the door open just enough to see inside of the room. What she saw broke her heart, Hanabi crying her eyes out and screaming in emotional pain. Hinata felt compelled to comfort her little sister, her body even edged closer and closer, but she stopped herself.

There had been countless times when she would of rushed in there without thinking, completely embarrassing the poor child who hated to seem weak. It was hard, but she had to be strong for Hanabi and wait until she was asleep to hold her.

After what seemed like an eternity, Hinata heard the last trembling whimpers escape her sister's mouth as she fell asleep. She tipped toed across the room and sat down gently on to Hanabi's bed. Hinata's arms naturally wrapped around the smaller girl's waist and she rested her head softly next to Hanabi's.

Hanabi's face twitch into a slight frown, Hinata gently kissed her sister on the forehead. She sighed as Hanabi's lips curled into a tiny peaceful smile. Hinata remembered when she use to watch Hanabi sleep, back when Naruto was with them, and Hanabi always had that smile on her face back then.

She didn't even notice that Hanabi had moved closer to her, her small body had inched towards her older sister unconsciously. Hinata smiled down at the young girl and stroke her shiny jet black hair, Hanabi sighed quietly. They both needed Naruto and even though she tried, Hinata couldn't comfort Hanabi as much as Naruto could.

Her eyes started to feel heavy and she couldn't help but close them slowly. She pulled Hanabi's covers over both of them and wrapped her arms around Hanabi. In the morning there would be hell to pay but Hinata didn't care, she didn't think she had enough energy to cross the hall this time. Soon darkness consumed her mind and she drifted away.

Morning came quickly as the youngest of the Hyuuga sisters slowly gained consciousness. She could feel something squeeze her petite body, it sort of felt like someone was hugging her. Needless to say, it took her completely by surprised as she jumped up and ultimately knocking her older sister onto the floor.

"Uff!" cried out Hinata as she was rudely woken up by her body crashing down onto the icy cold floor.

Hanabi, breathing hard, peaked over the edge of the bed and saw Hinata struggling to fight the covers she was tangled up in. It took a lot of effort for her not to start laughing at the sight. Of course being a little pissed help quite a bit.

"Good morning, Hinata-neechan…" said Hanabi in a slightly peeved voice, Hinata notice the tone right away.

"Good morning Hana-chan… hmm…" she recognized what was coming but it didn't matter, deep down inside her she knew she had done the right thing. Still Hinata hated conflict…

"What are you doing here!" Damn it, didn't she know not to get involved with her if she didn't ask her too. Why couldn't Hinata just see that it embarrassed her…

Hinata started to stumble and stutter, "Well… you know… I heard you last night… and umm… you see I thought you need someone to comfort you… and you looked so… broken"

"And you thought you would just come barge in here and do whatever you wanted, if I need to be comforted I would of jumped in bed with you not the other way around!" interrupted Hanabi with a scream, Hinata cringed slightly.

"Just leave me alone! please…" Hinata almost missed the please, that one word told her all she needed to know. With a gloomy look, Hinata got up from the ground and left to get ready for her day and fix them a little breakfast before Sasuke arrived.

Hanabi watched Hinata leave the room like a wounded puppy would of, a blast of guilt pulsed through her already emotionally damaged body. She didn't mean to be so harsh, she knew that Hinata was just trying to help and she had to go and yell at the poor girl for that. What had become of her…

She collapsed back onto the bed with all the pressuring emotional strain. A tired sigh escaped her lips as she felt the usual depression set in…

Jiraiya hated to travel early in the morning, noon was early in the morning for the toad hermit, of course the stupid frustrating teenager who had force him to get up at this ungodly hour wasn't helping ether. He couldn't blame the boy though, a whole three years away from that fine piece of ass must be murder. Sighing, he wished he had some fine piece of ass to go back to…

"Hurry up Ero-sennin!" Naruto interrupted Jiraiya's train of thought.

"I would if I could of slept in…" mumbled the pervert irritably.

"What was that?" asked Naruto in a strain voice, Jiraiya knew that it was a bad idea to pester him right now.

"I said… can't wait to get home?" the answer was perfectly clear since he had been rushing for the last ten miles. It had taken them nearly two days to travel this far when they were leaving and now in less than a few hours they would be arriving in Konoha, that's if he doesn't pass out from exhaustion of course.

"You have no idea!" cried Naruto loudly was a positively radiant smile, it was hard for Jiraiya not to smile back. It felt good to see him so happy once again. Nearly the entire trip he had been moaning and groaning about his beautiful Hinata-chan or his precious little Hanabi.

"I'm glad." ,said Jiraiya simply as he picked up his pace.

Early mornings where Sasuke Uchiha's favorite part of the day. He loved everything about it, the air seemed sweeter, the sounds around him chirped a little louder, and no one was around to glare at him for being a traitor.

It had been nearly three years since he had tried to abandon everything he had for power, power that he new would of come at a price far too cruel to pay. He had been saved from that terrible future by his best friend, his first real friend, and had ended up with a life much better than what Orochimaru had planned for him.

His hands curled into fists and his eyes flashed red as he thought of the snake who had lusted for his body. A shiver raced down his back at the thought of what else could of happen if he had gone to the dark side of the shinobi world.

He sighed as he saw the Uzumaki apartment in the distance. It had become a morning ritual to stop by his friend's home and have a nice breakfast with his family. Sasuke of course knew that they were his family too now, ever since that terrible day when Orochimaru had kidnapped Hanabi. A unintentional frown appeared on his face as he remembered everything that had happen because he wasn't strong enough to stop that monster. It was because of those memories that he trained even harder than before and had gained a new level of power he probably wouldn't of gotten if he didn't have people to care about.

Sasuke shook his head, almost like he was trying to shake all the bad thoughts away, and continued the rest of the way towards his delicious meal that was waiting for him. He couldn't help but smile gently as he remembered the good news that he had heard from Sakura the other night, it would make the Hyuuga sister's day without a doubt…

Hinata finished making the last rice ball as she heard her little sister get out of the bathroom, it was times like this that she had wished they had more than one since Hanabi liked to take her time and always left a mess for her older sister to clean up. She couldn't help but to sigh, at least when Naruto was with them Hanabi tried to be more of a lady.

Hanabi walked into the kitchen with a slightly gloomy face, Hinata wonder what had brought that on as she watch her younger sister slump into her chair and grab a rice ball bleakly. Not once did Hanabi look Hinata in the eye, Hinata had the feeling that Hanabi had a case of the guilts at that moment even though she couldn't for the life of her figure out why. The whole incident that morning had been her fault, how could anyone see it any different.

As she took a bit out of her wonderfully tasty breakfast, Hanabi's mind filled itself with self loathing. The least Hinata could of done was burn the food purposely to get a little even with her but no she just had to make this perfectly. Any normal person would of tried to get even with her after that horrible and uncalled for meanness, of course Hinata wasn't quite normal.

For a while they stayed in awkward silence, both waiting for the other to shout or get mad. It was straining both of them as they started to play with their food and wait for Sasuke to get there.

'Enough of this, if she isn't going to say something I am!' thought Hanabi irately.

'I don't think this tension is good, I better say something…' resolved Hinata.

"What's wrong with you?" asked both sisters at the same time, in different tones of course. Hinata's a slightly worried whine and Hanabi's a bit too much nerve. However, Right as they finished someone knocked on the door. Both looked at each other in relief, it must be Sasuke and now they didn't have to both with this crazy emotional stuff.

Sasuke waited for someone to open the door, he could almost taste the scrumptious meal that what waiting for him. If there was one thing that the Uchiha loved more than mornings, it was a home cooked meal. He couldn't help but sigh as he wished he had someone to cook for him. Of course now he had Sakura, but she couldn't cook too well and still wasn't too friendly.

Sakura had finally given up on Naruto after the first year of his absence, it took a lot of convincing from Hinata and Ino to make her believe that there was no chance in hell she was getting a shot at the blond lover boy.

What seemed like an entire year after that, Sakura stopped being depressed and started to act like her old self and from there it wasn't too hard for Sasuke to swoon her off her feet. His only rival was Lee, of course the day Sakura and Lee were together, he would sprout wings and fly away to join all those pigs up there.

He smiled to himself as he remember their first date, the double date that had ended with Orochimaru kidnapping one of his precious people. Deep down inside she must of realized that it was hopeless at that time…

"Sasuke-kun…" he was so deep in thought that he didn't even notice Hanabi, he smiled apologetically towards her. "Sorry… I was just thinking…" Sasuke sounded lost for some weird reason, Hanabi gave up on him and returned to breakfast. Upon smelling the delicious aroma in the air, Sasuke lost his train of thought and followed her in, he notice the tension in the room almost right away.

Ever since Naruto had left, Hinata and Hanabi had been stress with each other for some strange reason he could never figure out. He had long given up trying to find out and decided just to ignore it.

"I have good news today." said Sasuke as he reached for a rice ball, Hinata and Hanabi looked at him with puzzled faces. This was unusual since Hanabi did most of the talking, Hinata and Sasuke were without a doubt the quietest people Hanabi had even met, next to Shino of course.

"Really, does it have something to do with your training?" asked Hinata innocently, her mind wondered towards something far less innocent though…

"Did you get Sakura-chan knocked up yet?" asked Hanabi taking the words straight from Hinata's thoughts. Sasuke started to choke, he should have been expecting that. After a few coughs and other choking sounds, Sasuke glared at Hanabi in a way that she knew meant no.

"It has something to do with a special blond boy…" This got Hinata and Hanabi's undivided attention. Sasuke smirked, he had figured that they would react this way but to be fair he had done the same thing when Sakura told him.

"What! Naruto! Where! When!" were the exacted incoherent words the Hyuuga sisters used, Sasuke could hardly help but smile. It seemed all the tension in the air from before was gone.

"Sakura overheard Hokage-sama talking to Shizune about when Naruto should be back…" Both of the girls grabbed Sasuke's shirt and pulled him across the table.

"When! Is it soon? How come Tsunade-sama didn't tell us yet?" asked the girls, it got to the point were he couldn't understand them anymore. He sighed and signaled they to be quiet with his hand.

"Yes it's soon today as a matter of fact, and Tsunade wanted it to be surprise…" the girls looked turned and stared at each other for a second…

"NARUTO'S BACK!" shrieked the sisters as they started to run around the room, Sasuke smiled warmly at their actions. Hinata grabbed Sasuke's left arm while Hanabi grabbed his right and they pulled him into their little dance around the apartment, singing "Naruto's back, he's finally back" over and over again.

Naruto looked over the horizon, towards his precious village that had been waiting for him for so long. He couldn't wait to see everyone and there were three people that made the top of his list. It was hard not to visualize how everyone had changed, since he had changed quite a bit, and how they would react once he got there.

It was a bit nerve racking, since he was worried no one would even notice him gone these past two and a half years, coming back and starting his old life again. He wonder if Hinata looked more beautiful or if Hanabi had grown a little, maybe Sasuke wearing orange now. Naruto chuckled to himself at the idea, as long as he doesn't wear a stupid open shirt everything would be fine.

Even if they had changed he would still love them and he hoped they would do the same. It had been a long trip and the effects on his personality, skills and strength were not insignificant. His muscles pulsated from his past training, he had to work hard and in the end it paid off.

However because of all the training, he had hardly anytime to look for the pieces of the Shinigami's Heart. He ended up without a single clue were even one piece was, which was a disappointment for both him and the Kyuubi. The main problem of this mission was that nether the demon nor Naruto had any idea what they were really looking for, Naruto figured that since it was a God's heart it must be big because the Kyuubi is big and he's not even a God.

At that moment they were lost since it was pointless to look for something and not even know what it looks like, like looking for an invisible needle in a haystack or invisible haystack. Hopefully Naruto would cross paths with the pieces one day but it didn't seem likely though.

Hanabi was on her last leg, patience had never really been her strong suit. Everyone, which included Tsunade, Kakashi, Hinata, Hanabi, Sasuke, and Sakura, had been waiting in front of the village for several hours. Tsunade had given them time off from their missions, just to await the blond boy coming home.

However most people left after the first hour, now only Hinata, Hanabi, Sasuke, and Sakura were left. Tsunade tried to stay longer but the overgrowing paperwork had grown a little too large and she had to reluctantly leave. Iruka had kids to teach and papers to grade, the thought of having a little field trip had cross his mind though. Sakura would of left if it wasn't for Sasuke and Hinata pleading her to stay, Hanabi really didn't care too much if she stayed or not.

"When is he goin' get here, damn it's already been an hour!" whined Sakura bitchly as she continued to pace around. Didn't anyone care that it took her hours of prepping to look this good and now because one little lazy ass decides to take his sweet time she had to suffer. Well everyone would have to suffer too then, of course if she didn't look her best then everyone was already suffering.

The others had thought ahead and had brought a blanket to cover the ground next to a particularly shady tree, Hanabi had even brought her beloved juice boxes for everyone to enjoy, well except Sakura who she didn't particularly like. In the end, Hinata, Hanabi and Sasuke sat comfortably under a shady tree drinking juice and staring at Sakura who was driving them crazy.

"Maybe you should leave then…" said Hanabi under her breath, Hinata and Sasuke glared at her. Well Hinata gave more of a disapproving look instead of the glare. They knew Naruto would be happy if she was there since he did consider her like his sister in a way.

"I'm sure he's just a little held up… I bet he'll be here soon." said Hinata gently. Hanabi sighed, she wished she could be gentle and sweet all the time. Sasuke sighed too, he really wished Sakura could be gentle and sweet all the time, even a little would be a big improvement.

"Maybe he's taking on some bandits or something like that?" Sasuke honestly didn't care too much, the longer Naruto was late the less D-class missions he had to do.

"Shut up, Sasuke! I don't care about why he's late. I'm about to leave if he doesn't show up in the next 10 seconds" Sakura said bitterly and glared nastily at poor Sasuke, normally she wouldn't be so… bitchy as he called it, but she had been pacing for an hour and the weather was slightly humid. Humidity never was Sakura's friend…

"10...9...8..." she continued, Hanabi was kind of glad she was about to leave since it was hard to deal with her at moments like this. They had a love-hate relationship and whenever Naruto was involved the hate usually came out more, even though Sakura had given up on Naruto completely.

"4...3...2..." "Hey what's that out there!" interrupted Hanabi as she pointed towards a small speck in the distance. Sakura glared at the young girl, she hated to be interrupted.

"Byakugan!" shouted Hinata as she activated her bloodline limit. The spot was quite a ways away but she could tell it was Naruto thanks to the orange splash of color. Her grin grow as she deactivated her Byakugan. "It's Naruto!" everyone looked quite a deal happier, well except Sakura who just huffed and said, "Finally…"

Naruto could see Konoha in the distance. The village looked lovely as the sun shined through the clouds, almost highlighting the already beautiful place to divinity. He smiled to himself, it was just a matter of time before he finally after so many years had Hinata back in his arms. It was purely the thought of holding Hinata again that gave him the strength to continue his training and push him far pass what he would of completed if he had still been alone.

"You're ready to go back right, Naruto?" smiled Jiraiya, Naruto smiled back. He could tell Naruto had been waiting to get back here for a long time, probably before he even left.

It didn't take too long, he had ran most of the way to the giant gates of the hidden village. As he walked through them, he saw four people sitting and standing by the old tree he used to climb back in the days. They were people he recognized and apparently they recognized him too because their faces lit up.

There was only one boy standing in front of him, he was dark and smug all mix in one. He was wearing a dark blue open shirt, something Naruto found disgusting, a white piece of fabric wrapped around him and held by a dark blue rope, and black pants. It was hard not to notice the sword strapped to his back.

Other than the one boy there was three other girls. One had pink hair and a terrible glare on her face, something that scared Naruto greatly. She wore something more rational than before, a red zipper shirt and black shorts with a pink skirt.

Another of girls, the one who seemed the youngest, had a cute little smile on her perfect face. Her long black hair seemed to shimmer in the sun, she was wearing a basic ninja suit with strangely long sleeves and, this is what surprised Naruto, had a hitai-ate around her waist acting as a belt.

The last girl was someone Naruto would recognize no matter how much she had changed and she had changed quite a bit. Her hair was longer, it now went well past her jaw line and her old jacket had been replace with a lavender one that seemed less baggier than before. It seemed to hug her body in ways that made Naruto blush, it allowed him to notice how much she had grown. It was hard not to hoped that she still found him attractive.

"N-Naru-uto-kun…" whispered Hinata as she watched him walk towards them, she had dreamt of this moment for so many years it didn't seem real. He had changed so much it was almost mind boggling to the young woman, he was taller and not just a little taller but it had seemed he had grown a whole foot since she had last saw him. His face seemed chiseler and his eyes seemed more mature, his new jumpsuit looked better than before but she still wasn't too sure about the orange on it. Her cheeks started to heat up at the very sight of him and she hated the fact that he could make her stutter again, it had taken so long to get over that too.

"Hai, Hinata-chan" he smiled happily at her, his voice seemed content too. It was hard not to be truly and unquestionably happy at that moment for him.

"Na-a-a-ar-rrr" Hinata stop being coherent at that moment as tears started to run down her face. Naruto grabbed her passionately by the waist and pulled her into him, their bodies pressing against each other's. His new shirt was covered in her tears as he held her, she couldn't seem to get a hold of herself but in her defense it had been so long since he had held her and she needed extra time to be comforted by it.

"Immmm isss yooouu msooo mussssh" mumbled Hinata into Naruto, he smiled warmly at the attempt to talk. She could be incredibly cute even when she didn't want to. She squeaked cutely as she realize that she didn't say anything that could be understood.

She pulled back and smiled with tears in her eyes, "I missed you so much…"

He gently grabbed the back of her head and pulled her into a kiss, not a overly erotic kiss or long one, it was a chaste kiss, the type that Hinata had missed the most. She smiled warmly at him with her eyes close, it was all she needed for her to know that this wasn't a dream.

"I missed you too, my Hina-hime…" he whispered in her ear, she couldn't help but shiver. His voice had matured so much.

"cough…cough…" Naruto and Hinata looked over towards Hanabi, Sasuke, and Sakura. Sasuke was smirking, it was clear that he was happy about Naruto's return. Hanabi seemed to be annoyed by the fact that he hadn't even notice her and started to grope her older sister. Sakura looked pissed for being ignored by anyone.

"I'm sorry guys… I got caught up with…" Naruto blushed and grinned his embarrassed grin like the old days. They all had to smile at that, it seems as if Naruto hadn't changed at all.

Naruto walked over to Sasuke and shook his hand, Sasuke smirked, it was plain to see that Naruto still considered Sasuke to be his best friend. Hanabi huffed, she felt like she was being ignored. Sakura didn't understand why Naruto wasn't hugging her first, she had wasted all this time the less he could do was talk to her first.

"It's good to see you again, Sasuke-teme." said Naruto as he increased the grip of their handshake.

"You too Dobe, I hope you got stronger because I sure have…" Sasuke increased the grip even more, nearly breaking Naruto's hand. Hanabi just shook her head.

"Did you forget about me, Naru-kun!" Naruto knew that voice, it was slightly more mature than before but it still held all the love he could ever want. Hanabi wrapped her arms around Naruto and pulled him away from Sasuke.

He had to notice the difference in height between them now, when he had left she was a little taller than his stomach and now she was only a foot shorter than him. Naruto was a little more than six feet, Hinata was at about five feet, six inches and Hanabi surprisingly was at a little bit more than five feet.

"Of course not, Hanabi-chan. Man you sure have grown!" he couldn't help but feel Hanabi's newly acquired breasts pressing into his chest. They weren't as big as Hinata's, it was plain to see, but they were nice never the less.

"It's good to see you notice…" It wasn't hard to hear the seductive nature in her voice. He figured it was just his mind playing tricks.

Hinata had enough of this, thankfully she had asked Sasuke to let Hanabi stay with him so she could have some quality time with Naruto. Sasuke notice Hinata's quick glance and nodded, he wasn't sure if Hanabi would even agree with this though.

"Hanabi-chan, let's leave Naruto and Hinata alone for today. They probably have some catching up to do." said Sasuke in his big bad authority voice, it usually did the trick with Hanabi while Sakura would just laugh and toss him into a garbage can.

Hanabi looked slightly annoyed, she had been hoping to spend the entire day with Naruto. She sighed and said, "I guess your right… but don't get any ideas…" she knew when she wasn't wanted and didn't want to make a big deal about it. But at least she had seen him once and that was more than enough to keep her heart at bay for the time being.

"WHAT ABOUT ME!" screamed Sakura, which ruined the mood quickly. Naruto just shyly smiled at her and wondered when she got there.

"Hey Sakura-chan, it's been a while hasn't it?" he laughed nervously, since he remembered how much she used to beat him if he tried to ignore her. Sakura smiled warmly at Naruto, Sasuke cringed as he knew what she was about to do to poor poor Naruto.

Naruto didn't even see it coming, as Sakura's fist smashed right into his face and launched him straight towards the tree that his family had been waiting under. Hinata sighed and thought 'Well it's better than her trying to steal him away.' Hanabi was surprised by the show of pure strength that punch revealed, she knew that Sakura had super punches and loved to discuss how far Sakura's victims usually flew. It was one of the past time activities that Sakura and Hanabi shared together.

Sasuke walked calmly over to Naruto and help him up, "It seems Sakura missed you." smirked Sasuke.

"Yeah, I could tell…" said Naruto as his world kept spinning.

"Hey, Sakura, Hanabi, it's getting late let's go get something to eat." said Sasuke cooly. Sakura snorted and Hanabi smiled warmly, Sasuke always picked good places to get something to eat.

Naruto waved them goodbye as they walked towards the village, it was good to see them again. Life seemed to not of changed at all since he had been gone, something that Naruto found incredibly comforting. Hinata strolled over to Naruto's side and grabbed his hand, "Come on Naruto I have a surprise for you at home…" It didn't take much to convince him to follow her.

Sasuke smirked as he finished ordering for his friends, Sakura had her head resting on his shoulder as Hanabi started to ramble about her future plans for Naruto. At that moment Sasuke couldn't help but feel a powerful surge of happiness pour out of his heart, he would never mention this to anyone, but it was because of Naruto returning. Hinata and Hanabi would be quite a deal more pleasant, not to say they weren't before, now that the stress of Naruto's absence would no longer be a problem.

"And then I will tie him to the… Hey Kakashi-kun." waved Hanabi, Sasuke barely notice his sensei walk in and Sakura was drooling on his shoulder so he figured that she was still asleep and he would need to go wash his shirt soon.

"Hello, Hanabi-chan what's with the good mood?" smiled Kakashi with his usually crescent eyes. Kakashi wasn't a fool when it come to people, even if people thought he didn't pay much attention, and he knew something good had happen to the young shinobi.

"Naruto-kun is back!" she shrieked in the happiest tone she had. Sasuke just nodded the best he could to agree with the girl.

"Is that so… hmm… I need to visit him I suppose…" Hanabi nodded fervently and Sasuke sighed loudly.

"Now that he is back, I have something I want to check… so will you and Sakura meet me tomorrow at our old training field… around eight in the morning?" Sasuke didn't like the look in his eyes.

"Uh… sure I guess that won't be a problem…" said Sasuke. He should of woken Sakura up before volunteering her time, of course because of this he would get a terrible beating once he mention it.

"That's good…" and he was off in a puff of smoke, Hanabi cheered as if it were a magic show.

"That was awesome! Do you think he can reappear back?" asked Hanabi cutely.

"I wonder what that's about… well I guess me and Sakura will find out tomorrow…" He looked down at the sleeping girl who was still drooling on his shoulder.

"Your in for a beating, you know that right?" asked Hanabi, Sasuke just sighed and nodded. Oh how he knew and wondered if he would be out of the hospital before they had to met in the morning.

He had a feeling what his surprise was going to be, but it threw him a bit when Hinata told him that she needed to fix his welcome home meal first. Naruto knew it would be better to just let Hinata do what she wanted to do and so he sat down at the table to watch her. Hinata decided to spice it up a little by taking off her coat and put on a show for him.

Naruto watch Hinata as she cooked, it had been so long since he had seen her. Her delicate curves, tantalizing sway of her hips, it all drove him mad with lust. He wondered for a brief moment if she meant to do this to him. She dropped the spoon she was using and bent down to pick it up, taking a little more time than required, Naruto couldn't help but notice the shape of her backside. It was a lovely heart shape, he wondered how soft it was. The last time he had grabbed it...

Hinata smirked, she had notice him staring at her lower half. She could hardly blame him, he had been gone so long. He must of had needs that needed to be satisfied, she did that's for sure, and wasn't it her job as his lover to keep him fulfilled. Maybe it was a little too cruel to drop the spoon, but the look on his face as he stared at her was priceless.

It took all of his self control not to grab her, rip her clothes off, and have his way with her over and over again. He knew she would like it like that but this little game of seduction was too alluring. She walked over to Naruto and pulled her chair right next to him as she laid her head on his shoulder.

"Naru-kun...it's been so long..." she practically moaned, her breath burned his skin.

"I know... I know... God I know..." her hand drifted gently to his thigh, it sent a spark through his entire body.

Hinata had made Naruto's favorite, ramen, for his welcome home dinner. She had also decided to feed him, seductively, by picking each noodle up by hand a placing it in his mouth. Her finger swirled in his mouth as she slowly pulled it out. With the soup, she took a mouth full and roughly kissed Naruto while she pour the broth down his throat.

After dinner, Hinata rested her head back down on his shoulder, making sure to rub against him as much as possible. Naruto could feel her bosom push against him, through the fabrics of their clothing.

"Naruto..." she whispered in his ear, "Do you remember what happen at the hospital last time..." she gently rubbed his thigh, he moaned.

"Of course..." at that moment all he could think of was how close her hand was to his manhood.

"That's good because..." He could feel the blazing heat coming off her body, "I don't think this is a good place for this..." She started to pull away. Naruto just stared at her, he couldn't believe Hinata would do that.

"You got to be kidding me." whined Naruto as he watched her get up.

"I think I need to take a shower, I feel a little moist now..." smirked Hinata as she walk slowly towards the bathroom. Naruto just watched her, too embarrass to get up and show her his now bulging pants.

When he hear rushing water, he decided it was safe to get up. He had a feeling that he should spank her for that but it wouldn't be much of a punishment for her. Naruto was about to get up and lay on the bed to wait for her to be finished, when he heard someone knocking on the door.

Kakashi was waiting for someone to answer, he had hoped that he wasn't interrupting anything too… adult but he wouldn't be Kakashi if he didn't at least try to. It surprised him when Naruto opened the door, he wasn't expecting him to be dress with the shower going and he had notice Naruto was almost as tall as he was now.

"Hey Kakashi-sensei, it was good to see you! Good bye!" rushed Naruto as he was about to shut the door. Kakashi put his foot in the way, which was a bad idea as the door slammed on his foot.

"Wait Naruto, I came here to asked you to met me at our old training field tomorrow at eight in the morning?" said Kakashi, He knew if he said something about training Naruto would be there in a heartbeat.

"Really? Yeah of course Kakashi-sensei… but right now I'm a little… busy so could you leave?" It wasn't really a request and Kakashi could tell that. So he left with his usual puff of smoke that drove Hanabi wild.

Naruto just sighed as he walked to the bedroom. He rested his head back onto his comfy bed that he had missed dearly during his crazy adventures with Jiraiya. Looking around the room, he notice nothing had changed. It was still orange and his house plants were still by the window, they had grown quite a bit actually and Naruto couldn't help but wonder why.

He noticed the stuff fox Hanabi had brought with the other bits of Hinata's stuff the day they had become a family. It was too cute for his liking but he knew that Hinata adored it and that was the only reason it was still here.

It wasn't too long before the excitement of the day had caught up to him and he started to feel quite sleepy. He couldn't help but snuggle with the fox a bit as he started to go to dreamland.

After Hinata was done with her shower, she walked into the room were she knew Naruto would be at. Of course the only thing she had on was the towel and that was loosely on her. She smelled of lavender and roses something she knew he like after their first… encounter. Her foot quietly stepped into the warm room as she closed the door behind her.

"Naru-kun… I hope your ready for your surprise." she said seductively but once she turned around she notice Naruto was asleep. She sighed angrily and wished she had just had her way with the boy on the kitchen table like she had plan. Oh well, at least she could finally get a good night of sleep.


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