Chapter 3: Journey to Suna

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Hinata smiled at Tsunade, "Why are you sorry, Tsunade-sama?" the innocent way she had asked the question killed Tsunade.

"I…I… it's just that this is going to be a long mission and I know that you wanted to spend some time with Naruto…" worded Tsunade awkwardly, Hinata felt something wrong about the situation. Was there something more to this mission that Tsunade wasn't saying?

"It's there something you want to tell…" Hinata was interrupted by the arrival of Sakura, Sasuke and Kakashi. She could hardly help but wonder why both Kakashi and Sasuke were going since they were both unnecessarily powerful for a simple mission. Combining Sakura in the mix made Hinata think twice about this whole thing.

"So you all are here… As of right now all of you will make up the new Team Kakashi for this mission." said Tsunade. Tsunade had hoped that no one would mention the fact that Naruto wasn't there.

"Umm… Tsunade-sama, if you're making a team Kakashi again, why isn't Naruto with us?" asked Sakura. Tsunade froze for only a brief second before righting herself and placing a serious look on her face.

"Are you questioning my decision, Sakura!" said Tsunade sternly. Sakura quickly closed her mouth and focused her eyes on the floor. Sasuke notice something not right at all, Tsunade usually wasn't so harsh to anyone and it had seemed a little unreasonable to lash out at Sakura like she did.

"Is there something wrong, Hokage-sama?" Asked Sasuke, Tsunade realized what she had done.

"I'm sorry Sakura, I'm a bit frustrated right now…" apologized Tsunade, Kakashi was starting to wonder what was going on. Very rarely was Tsunade so emotional, but he attributed it to Naruto's arrival and the fact that she probably didn't get to see him the other day.

"Tsunade-sama, if you don't mind, what is this mission you have for us?" asked Hinata, even if things were a bit strange, Tsunade was their leader and whatever she wanted was probably for the best.

"Oh, yes that's right the mission…" whispered Tsunade as she picked up the mission statement she had just finished writing. She handed one to each of them.

"A terrorist organization named Akatsuki," at this Kakashi's brow rose, "has kidnapped the present Kazekage, Sabaku no Gaara…" Sakura's fist tightened slightly.

"Right now Suna has sustained serious damage and is in need of help and since they did come through for us during a darker time," Sasuke's head fell as Kakashi placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, "It would only be right to give them the best help possible, that is why I want my two best medicnins to be there. Konoha always pays its debts, right!" shouted Tsunade.

"Right!" said the crew.

"Since time is a factor, please leave as soon as you all are ready. Expect for Kakashi and Sasuke, I need to discuss something with both of you." Sakura and Hinata disappeared and left the two men facing the Hokage.

"Is there something else you need, Tsunade-sama?" asked Kakashi. Tsunade sighed deeply, she hated this part.

"Once your team has arrived at Suna, I want you two to leave Sakura and Hinata there while you guys will go after the people who kidnapped the Kazekage." Kakashi's eyes widen, Sasuke smirked happily, maybe he could get some clues on Itachi from whoever kidnapped Gaara.

"Are you sure Tsunade, I mean the last time…" Kakashi didn't want to do this at all. Last time he had ended up in a coma and had yet to live it down from Gai.

"What are you taking about Kakashi, this is a once in a lifetime chance for me!" shouted Sasuke angrily. How could Kakashi talk about giving up the chance he had to find info on Itachi?

"Sasuke, these people are strong, incredibly strong, I doubt at our current strength that we could take on a team of them by ourselves." Both of them combined could surpass a Hokage level but the Akatsuki were on a completely different scale.

"Couldn't we get Naruto…" started Sasuke.

"NO! Absolutely not, Naruto is not allowed to get involved with this mission!" shouted Tsunade in a panic voice, both Kakashi and Sasuke looked surprised. They stared at her.

"I…I mean… thanks to the Intel we collected from our sources, there should only be two of them. They are both high A class missingnins, which shouldn't be a problem for you two to take out." smiled Tsunade innocently. Sasuke was about to question her but Kakashi could tell what she was trying to keep away from the boy.

"I see, well we will go now!" said Kakashi in a rushed voice as he grabbed Sasuke, they both disappeared in a flash with leaves scattering everywhere. Tsunade sighed, that had been a close one. She was about to rest with a small cup of sake…

"TSUNADE!" she spilled the sake all over her important files as she cursed Shizune's name. Couldn't that woman mind her own business and not leak important information that she was trying to hide.

Naruto rushed the door down as he barged in, Tsunade couldn't help but notice the physical changes that had occurred to Naruto during those long two and a half years. But she couldn't enjoy it long as Naruto had rage printed on his face.

"What the hell are you thinking? Why am I not on that Team!" shouted Naruto, steam was practical shooting out his ears. Tsunade shied down from a second, before she puffed her chest in an attempt to gain control over the situation like a real Hokage does.

"What the hell are YOU thinking! Questioning a Hokage, you should be trialed for treason." she smirked at him.

"Don't give me that crap, this is serious. Why the hell are they going when I have actually training specifically to fight Akatsuki!" The rage in Naruto's eyes told her that he really was serious about this; of course he wasn't thinking rationally ether.

"That training isn't meant from you to go picking a fight with them, it was design so that if they came after you…" "Don't give me that bull, Hokage! You know as well as I do that I can't just wait for them to come after me!" interrupted Naruto, didn't she know that he never wanted Hinata to ever have the opportunity to meet with a member of that organization.

"Naruto, don't you understand that they are looking for you and once they find you they will, for certain, try to take you away. They're just waiting for the moment when you're stupid enough to leave your safe spot and get out into the open." Tsunade slammed her desk as she finally stood up, the look in her eyes nearly match Naruto's.

"Don't you understand that I'm not going to let them finally get fed up with waiting and attack Konoha, You know the first people who they will go after will be Hinata and Hanabi." when Naruto said Hinata's name, Tsunade, for a brief second, flinched. Naruto noticed it right away.

"Wait, what are you not telling me?" asked Naruto as his eyes turned a slight shade of red. Tsunade hesitated from a second; she had never figured that Hinata would be in danger from the Akatsuki at all. She couldn't tell Naruto, could she?

"Naruto now d..don't get mad…" stuttered Tsunade. Naruto's chakra flared up.

"WHAT ARE YOU NOT TELLING ME!" screamed Naruto as the walls started to shake.

"Hi…Hinata is one of my best medicnin…" stuttered Tsunade again

"What are you hiding!" the look in Naruto's eyes sent shivers down her back.

"There were causalities… they needed my best…" whispered Tsunade desperately. All of a sudden, all the pieces finally connected and Naruto felt his world crashing.

"No…no you wouldn't… you wouldn't do that to me…" whispered Naruto with tears in his eyes. No she wouldn't be that cruel.

"I…I'm sorry Naruto, I needed her…" Naruto reached across the table and grabbed her by the shirt roughly, she cringed as she saw his eyes tear up and turn bright ruby red.

"NO NO NO don't say that!" he shoved her brutally onto the floor as he started to scream loudly. Naruto ran straight for the window and was planning to go after her, until Tsunade grabbed the back of his shirt.

"Don't you dare follow them Naruto, you know I will charge you with treason if you do." they stayed there silently, with Tsunade still holding on to him, for almost an eternity. Slowly Naruto climbed down from the window and pushed Tsunade away from him gently without looking her in the eyes.

"Please Naruto… I'm sorry, I'm so sorry…" she didn't have a chance to finish as Naruto walked out the door without saying a single word.

'Please Naruto; I don't think I could bear it if I lose you too… I know it's selfish but you can't do that to me… I can't lose anymore people… I'm so sorry… one day I hope you will understand…" she wished as she collapsed onto the floor, crying her heart out.

"Are you guys ready to go?" asked Kakashi, he wanted to leave before Naruto arrived and tried to convince them to take him with them. Knowing them, they would say yes without a second thought.

"Umm… sure…" sighed Hinata, she had hoped that Naruto and Hanabi would of come to say goodbye, but of course nether of them even knew about the mission yet. It was strange but she had figured that Naruto would have at least come.

"Yeah, I'm ready…" sighed Sakura too, she hated out of the village missions. Not to mention, she had yet to forgive Gaara about the whole chunin attack. It had taken nearly two weeks to get all the sand off her.

"Then why are we waiting, let's go everyone!" shouted Sasuke, they all looked at him like he was crazy. He was starting to go crazy, they need to catch up with the Akatsuki group as fast as possible. Maybe he might get luckily and it would turn out that Itachi was the one to kidnap Gaara.

"Yes, Sasuke is right let's go!" said Kakashi as they started to leave; they heard Naruto shouting for them to stop. Kakashi nearly smacked himself in the head, he was so close.

"Wait everyone, wait one second!" Naruto looked agitated about something. Hinata figured it was about her leaving him, since he now had a taste of her and would be addicted. Sasuke figured it was because Naruto was jealous about them getting some action and he was stuck at home.

Naruto nearly collapsed in front of them as Hinata gently hugged him. Sasuke smiled slightly at that and started to walk away, he really was in a rush. Sakura was already a few feet away from them, looking back at them with an irritated look on her face. Kakashi could sense trouble brewing.

"I'm glad you made it in time to say goodbye, Naruto-kun" smiled Hinata warmly as she kissed him lightly on the forehead.

"Wait, Hinata, don't go." whispered Naruto, she looked at him puzzling.

"Don't worry Naruto-kun, I'll probably only be gone for a few days and then we can get back to some… interesting activities." she giggled perversely. Kakashi sighed loudly.

"No you don't…" he caught the look in Kakashi's eyes, saying not to cause unwanted trouble. Naruto hated to admit it, but he was wasting time they didn't have… "understand how much I'll miss you?" he finished awkwardly. Hinata giggled and kissed him on the lips.

"Don't worry Naruto, besides I need you to take care of Hanabi while we're gone." Hinata hated the fact that she left Hanabi with Naruto alone, but maybe that was what she needed to help Hanabi through her depression. She would even let Naruto and Hanabi have sex if it meant that Hanabi would feel better.

"O..Okay Hinata-chan, Hanabi is in good care…" he whispered sadly. Hinata smiled warmly and kissed him again on the lips, expect this time he grabbed her and pulled her into a deeper kiss.

Hinata sighed deeply as she felt Naruto deepen the passionate kiss. Naruto tried to put everything he had in this kiss as he tightened his grip on her waist; he even pulled her up to get a better angle. She had never felt such a powerful kiss, well not since that morning. He pulled away slowly; Hinata had a dreamy look on her face.

She turned around drunkenly and started to walk towards Sakura as she felt Naruto's arms wrap around her, "Please be careful Hinata, I don't know what I would do without you…" he whispered in her ear as he hugged her tightly. Hinata didn't know where all this emotional stuff was coming from, wasn't this just a regular mission?

"Umm…sure Naruto… I will be" she whispered back, Naruto let her go as she started to walk away.

"Don't worry Naruto, I will watch out for her the entire time." 'Well except for when we separate in Suna.' Kakashi said as he gently patted Naruto on the back.

"You better, Kakashi, you better…" Kakashi could hear the threat in Naruto's voice as Naruto disappeared from right next to him. He sighed deeply, glad that the situation had gone so well.

Kakashi looked up at the sky as he prayed for this mission to go as well…

"Naruto-kun!" shout Hanabi as he walked through their apartment door, "Did you know that Hinata-neechan is on a mission?"

"Yes…yes I did…"whispered Naruto sadly; Hanabi wondered what he was so sad about. It was probably the fact that he and Hinata wouldn't be together for a few days. Well then she would have to distract him until Hinata came back, that couldn't be that hard.

"Naruto-kun, I want to see how much stronger you are! Let's go train for a bit?" She asked cutely. Naruto smiled slightly and shook his head no; he didn't really feel like training.

"Well then how about you tell me some of your stories about your trip with Jiraiya-kun?" she knew he loved to talk about his adventures; few things got him out of his slumps like they did.

Naruto however, just slowly walked over to his favorite chair and sat down quietly. Hanabi sighed in defeat, maybe her depression had spread to him. She sadly sat on his lap and curled up next to him. He gently rested his head on top of hers as she closed her eyes.

They stayed like that for a few moments, listening to the sounds of the quiet apartment. Naruto had never been so still or quiet since Hanabi had met him, and Naruto could have said the same thing about her. Together, they just rested and listened to each other's heartbeat, it seemed a little melancholy to both of them but they didn't care. Sometimes it was good to be sad and quiet.

Hinata hummed quietly as they sped towards Suna, everyone seemed to have something on their minds. This bothered her quite a bit. So far in this simple mission, several strange things have appeared. Of course all of it was probably in her head, she figured.

Sakura was running next to Sasuke as she wonder if she would be any real help over there as she still doubted her healing abilities. She knew that Hinata's abilities were slightly greater than hers, mostly because of her Byakugan and the ability to see the insides of people. Another factor was Shizune had more time on her hands than Tsunade, and when she did get a chance to train with Tsunade, Hinata usually joined them. This had pissed Sakura off quite a bit.

Sasuke was focus completely on the fact that in a short twenty four hours he could be facing Itachi or someone with actual information about Itachi. It wouldn't be easy, Sasuke knew this, to get the information from the members he would fight, and in fact he would need perfect teamwork with Kakashi to have a chance of keeping the Akatsuki members alive. Of course he wasn't crazy enough to hope that Itachi was the one who kidnapped Gaara, but it would be an awfully nice surprise. He couldn't help but grin…

Kakashi was sailing right behind his team as he pretended to read his book. He was worrying about Naruto's threat and Hinata's well being too much to actually read. It wouldn't be out of Akatsuki's nature to kidnap a love one and hold them hostage just for the target to give up. Then again, maybe they wouldn't know Hinata was Naruto's lover… no it would be common knowledge among those who were assign to capture the Kyuubi's host.

"Kakashi, how long until we reach Suna?" asked Sasuke for the seventh time, both Hinata and Sakura rolled their eyes.

"It's shouldn't be long, if we don't stop to rest it should only take about six hours." both Hinata and Sakura whined loudly, well Hinata's was soft.

"Maybe we should rest…" said Hinata, she wasn't like Sasuke and Kakashi, she couldn't really go for too long without a little bit rest.

"No we're definitely stopping before we get there." commanded Sakura, Hinata had to admit she wished she had the dominating power Sakura had. Sasuke hesitated for a second as he turned to her.

"No Sakura, we're not going to stop." Hinata and Kakashi flinched as they felt the force of Sakura's killer intent. Sakura's face twisted into a shape of anger and disgust that Sasuke had never dreamed he would see.

Sakura rushed towards Sasuke, and grabbed him by the throat as she tossed him down through several layers in the forest canopy. They heard a crashing sound and dust rising up towards them. It was pointless to keep going and they jump down to check and see if Sasuke was okay.

Everywhere was dark, Naruto couldn't see anything. It all seemed so familiar, for some strange reason… The air, the darkness, the only thing that was missing was that voice. The Shinigami's voice… it had been nearly three years since the last time he was here.

"What's going on? Death I thought we had a deal!" screamed Naruto to no one in particular. Suddenly the air around him dropped twenty degrees as he felt ice start to form on him.

"Naruto… You're… Close… To a piece…" the haunting voice informed Naruto, just as before it scared him.

"What do you mean close to a piece? Where is it?" Naruto was sure if there had been a piece he would have seen it or at the least felt it when he got close. Maybe this would happen every time he was close…

"Near… Your… Heart… I can't tell you anymore…" Naruto could feel a strange tingling feeling.

"Wait, how could it be that close, tell me more!" demanded Naruto.

"Goodbye... Naruto... Uzumaki... It's... Time... To... Wake... Up..." Suddenly a bright light erupted behind Naruto and covered everything once again.

Naruto awoke with a start and accidentally knocked Hanabi onto the floor, "You should warn a person before waking them up!" Naruto threatened the sky or tried to direct it as best he could towards the Shinigami.

"You could too, jerk." whined Hanabi as she dusted herself off. Naruto smiled innocently and helped her off the ground.

"Sorry, Hanabi-chan. I guess I just had a bad dream…" he tried to chuckle but it came out awkwardly. That was when he notices her necklace, the strange golden half heart. Something inside Naruto pulsated; he could almost feel a strange presence in himself that started to freak out at see it.

Hanabi notice Naruto staring at her chest and had she been any other lady she would have slapped him. Of course she didn't find anything odd about Naruto staring so intensely. Besides she thought that she had great breasts, so why not expect someone to stare.

"Like what you see?" asked Hanabi in a playful voice. Naruto however, wasn't affected. It seemed like he was in a trance.

"Hanabi, were did you get this necklace?" asked Naruto as if he had something else on his mind. Hanabi's mood dropped and her playful smile on her face disappeared.

"I..It was a present…" she whispered sadly. Naruto snapped out of it as he saw a few tears appear in her eyes.

"What's wrong Hanabi? I didn't mean to say something wrong." Naruto's voice was coated in worry. He had promised to take care of Hanabi for Hinata and now look what had happen. His arms naturally wrapped around her body as he pulled her to him.

He could hear her whimper as all the pain and depression from the last year had risen through out her body. It was almost as if she had waited for Naruto to finally get the complete comfort she need.

"I…I got this locket the day… the day my team was killed…" Her face buried deeper into his shoulder and Naruto cringed, how he could have known that she would be so insensitive about her neck piece.

"If you don't mind me asking… what happen?" Hanabi quivered as he strengthened his hold on her. Her little body was shaking too much, he had to stop it some how.

She knew she should tell him the story; maybe it was what she needed to get over it once and for all. But of course it was still harder than she wanted to admit, her body was still shaking and it didn't seem she could get a word out.

Naruto noticed that she wasn't calm enough to tell him yet as he scooped her up bridal style. Hanabi squeaked like Hinata usually did when Naruto picked her up. He carried her to his bed and gently pulled back the covers, while laying her down. Finally he sat down right next to her and started to caress her sides. It seemed to do the job…

"Th..Thanks, Naruto-kun…" she whispered as a deep blush appeared on her face, still a slight frown on her face told Naruto she wasn't completely satisfied.

"Do you want to tell me… I mean I will understand if you don't…" he hated to pry into her business, but she seemed really troubled and he had to find out more about her locket. There was no doubt in his mind now that it was the piece he was looking for.

She sniffed a bit and nodded yes, "I'll tell you Naruto-kun… if you will do me a little favor…" Hanabi wasn't feeling too sure about this, but it was worth a try.

"Sure Hana-chan, whatever you want." he knew it was a bad idea to give her whatever she wanted. Of course her little crush on him was probably gone, but he still didn't feel quite right.

"Cou..Could you hold me while I tell you everything…" she knew if Naruto's warm arms were wrapped around her, she would have the strength to pour out her soul.

"Ahh… Sure Hanabi-chan…" he was unsure about this but he did say whatever she wanted. Naruto climbed onto the bed and crawled over to Hanabi; he then got under the covers and wrapped his arms around her chest. Hanabi sighed and pressed against Naruto's chest.

"I guess I should start when I got my hitai-ate…" she whispered, Naruto nodded.

"It was a little more than a year ago when I graduated from the academy. It was the same year as Konohamaru, I'm sure you knew he was a genin too?" Naruto was speechless; he couldn't believe that both Konohamaru and Hanabi were at the same level as he was. It was just a bit insulting.

"I got stuck on a team with twins," she smiled sadly, Naruto kissed the top of her head and held her a little tighter, "Their names were Setsuna and Jinmaru Gisei." her eyes seemed to shimmer as their names left her lips.

"We started off terribly, I remember fighting with them for nearly a month… ha ha ha, I remember our sensei nearly having to separate us and put us on different teams…" Naruto knew how that felt but wondered why she was smiling so sadly.

"I guess now I wish sensei would of found me a different team… then maybe they would still be alive…" she whispered as tears started to trail down her face, Naruto scooped her even tighter and tried to shush her by whispering, "No, don't blame yourself, never blame yourself."

She was still shivering as she pulled away from Naruto, "After our first C-ranked mission things started to get better. The mission was to help some people in wave country fix a bridge they had… which was strangely named the Great Naruto Bridge…" Naruto couldn't help but chuckle.

"We were attacked by a group of bandits, I slipped up and lost my footing at the worst possible time." she giggled with tears still staining her face, Naruto smiled, "It was then that Setsuna… or was it Jinmaru… saved my life, it wasn't much… only blocking a simple sword with a kunai…"

"After the attack, I decided to try harder to get to know them and they seemed to do the same thing… he he he… they both had a crush on me… I remember them fighting about it and that was what cause the tension with us…" Hanabi needed a tissue and grabbed a piece of Naruto's jacket to blow her nose on; Naruto cringed and wished he would have brought some.

"It was a few months ago… we had our one year anniversary…" the tone of Hanabi's voice told Naruto that this was the end of the story, "We had the whole day planned out… we were going to be together for the whole day… a small little picnic… at their special place…" Hanabi hide her face in the shadows of her hair.

"They always talked about a very special place that they had found… no one knew about it… it was the perfect place to be alone with them…" Her voice broke a few times as she talked, "Of course they were impatient… just like always… we decided to take a break in a clearing…"

Naruto notice that she was shaking more than before, her voice had also dropped and she was just barely whispering. "They decided to give me their present early… it was something they found at their secret place… I couldn't believe they would give me something so valuable, it was so beautiful…" she started to play with her locket.

"I kissed both of them, they blushed… ha ha ha… they were so happy… I was so happy…" Naruto's heart felt like it ripped a bit as he saw the smile on her face. "It was going to be a perfect day… the first in a long time… but then that shadow appeared!"

Her face flared up in rage, "I can't remember its face, but I can remember it's cloak… black with red clouds…"

"Akatsuki…" whispered Naruto accidentally, Hanabi instantly stared at him. "Sorry, go on…"

"That cloak moved like… nothing I have ever seen before… then, before any of us had any idea that there was a threat, it demanded us to give it something… I didn't know what it wanted, but the twins… they didn't even think twice about jumping in front of me… to protect me…"

Hanabi stopped talking; Naruto wondered if this was her limit. She looked so hurt it was almost too painful for Naruto to ask her to continue. It was quiet for several long moments; all that could be heard was her crying.

"It…It had red eyes…" she whispered so lightly that Naruto almost missed it, there was only one Akatsuki member that he knew of that had red eyes, "and then all I could remember was a stream of black fire coming right at me… then I woke up in a hospital and it had been a week since they… they had died…"

Naruto didn't have time to react as Hanabi pulled him into a kiss; it shocked him too much to try to fight back. He could still taste her tears that had stained her lips; she had a powerful grip on his hair and was pulling him even closer than possible to her.

After what seemed like forever she pulled away slightly, still only an inch away from his face. The look on her face puzzled Naruto, it wasn't lust or even love, it was a strange combination of shame and desperation.

"Ha..Hanabi.. What.." he didn't have time before she kissed him all over his face, sloppily and full of misguided passion.

She pulled back for a second, "Please Naruto, I need this, I need to feel right…" she went back to kissing him all over his face. Naruto pushed her away gently, he hated to do this.

"Hanabi… I'm sorry I can't do this with you…" whispered Naruto.

"Why not! I need you Naruto, don't you understand, just let me feel right for one night instead of the usually depression I always have!" she screamed as she slapped him.

Naruto grabbed her arms roughly, "No Hanabi, this isn't what you need. Just calm down." he demanded in his toughest voice he had.

She struggled and tried to kiss him again while trying to scratch him with her nails, "It's not fair, Hinata gets to be happy and you get to be happy, I just want what you guys have… you promised to make sure I was never sad again, remember…"

Naruto froze, did he make that promise the day he gave her first kiss. The brief loss of attention was all Hanabi needed as she powered out of Naruto's grasp and pushed him down on the bed. She straddled his waist with her legs and she started to kiss him again, tears started to pour from her eyes.

He could hardly move to push her off as he started to feel guilty about the whole situation; maybe he should just let her have her way. Suddenly a flash of Hinata's face in his mind reminded him of the commitment he had with her. No he wouldn't like Hanabi have her way with him.

Hanabi started to weep loudly as she pulled her shirt off, she couldn't think straight at all. She knew that this was wrong, but she couldn't live with the pain any longer and this was the only way she would be better.

Naruto grabbed her hands and pushed her shirt back as she collapsed into him, crying more. He held her there, gently stroking her hair and feeling terrible about everything that had happen. The one thing that he knew though was that Itachi was going to pay, he was going to pay for breaking his Hanabi.

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