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He couldn't take his eyes off of them, no matter how hard he tried; he couldn't help but look at them and the picture that they made. Such a beautiful picture; Moving slowly against each other, giving out those delightful little sounds all the while.

When he was dying and agreed to come with the summoned Darkness, he had expected anything but what he had experienced so far. From the tender care with which the eternal being treated him with, to the gentle explanations that he had been given before agreeing to come to this realm at first. Though he didn't find Darkness' lack of clothing as anything but completely natural, he didn't think that he would find himself in the same state upon awakening from near-death.

Even stranger, he hadn't expected the sight that greeted his grey eyes upon waking either; The Creevey brothers; those annoying, hyperactive Gryffindors were getting off on each other, and Darkness had just watched them, amused, before joining them, and Dear Merlin, it was the hottest thing that he had ever witnessed.

Who knew that the younger boys could be so beautiful? Though he could now admit without any doubt that the large, bulky Hogwarts robes had done them a severe injustice, making them look smaller and more awkward, swallowing them in their black folds, covering their enticingly messy hair with those pointed hats. And as he saw their lithe bodies pressed on either side of the ethereal being, he couldn't deny that they looked strangely fitting beside him; their slim forms melded to his strong, glowing outline, their legs intertwined and their heads resting comfortably on his shoulders; it was both tender and erotic, and he was already hard from having watched them.

Still, he hadn't done anything but keep watching, entranced by the sight. He had already registered his surroundings, and he found them highly appealing, especially their openness. It was almost the complete opposite of the oppressing walls of Malfoy Manor, and it gave him both a sense of freedom and slight naughtiness as well. It was thrilling being nude in such an open place and the idea that anyone could be looking at him simply increased that feeling.

Never let there be any doubt that he was completely vain and more than willing to show off. A true exhibitionist, for sure. He loved the feeling of people watching him and appreciating how he looked, and from what he had seen of this world, he would get plenty of that here, and who knew, maybe he would be able to join that beautiful tangle of limbs someday.

The thought made his hard flesh harden even more, even as pre-come gathered at its tip.

He resolutely ignored it, though, and continued his observation though glazed eyes. Draco Malfoy couldn't really keep his mind from thinking of how it would feel to be in Darkness' tender mercy, or how his cock would enjoy burying itself into either of the Creevey's tight little bums. He panted slightly just thinking about it, imagining himself with them, fucking them and being fucked in turn. By Circe, he would die quite happy indeed.

And to think that such thoughts would have never crossed his mind before.

Unable to take it anymore, he closed his eyes and took hold of his thrumming erection, palming it slightly as he rubbed the leaking liquid across its head, enjoying the feel of it as he squeezed it a little and begun to play with his balls, stroking himself lightly. After what had happened in the other side of the room, he didn't think anyone would mind him releasing a little stress, and if he caught their attention and their eyes turned in his direction, well, it would only make the experience that much more enjoyable.

Arching his neck and stretching his muscles, he upped the tempo of his strokes, running his palm across the head of his cock as he twirled it about and pulled it around, trying to extract as much sensation as he could, even as he pulled at the skin of his balls before grabbing them and squeezing them gently.

He set an unhurried pace and relaxed against the comfortable bed, which he was sure was spelled somehow, and continued with his leisurely wank, images of the boys on the other side of the room and Darkness himself taking center stage in the pictures that his brain saw fit to display on the back of his closed eyelids. He felt hot, but the cool temperature of the room made it anything but stifling, is was as if the weather was simply made to be in the nude, and he wondered in a corner of his mind if that could be the case.

Still, as he opened his eyes to get a quick peek at the new object of his fantasies, he didn't expect to find those bright green eyes looking straight at him. It made him freeze for a mere moment, before a smirk spread across his features and he tightened his hold on his cock, beginning to stroke it once again, his eyes never leaving those on the other side of the room, only to freeze up once more as a cool hand joined him in this venture.

A strong body pressed itself to his side and a warm whispered breath tingled pleasantly in his ear, even as his hand was made to continue its movements, "I am Darkness, I am everywhere at once, and not even light can push me away for long," and as he turned his face from those stunning green eyes, he saw the same gaze looking back at him, but from entirely too close a distance, for there was Darkness too, lying beside him.

A rather devilish smirk covered those perfect features, his long hair flowing downward as the eternal being lifted himself up slightly and came closer to press a heated kiss on his parted lips. And was a kiss! It tasted of the Creevey's and a powerful, wonderful taste that he was sure he had become immediately addicted to; like strong coffee and chocolate, but completely unique and not at all bitter or sweet. Indeed, he really couldn't understand or pinpoint the flavor at all, for it was neither spicy nor salty, and certainly nothing that he had even tasted before.

Maybe this is what the fabled food of the gods would taste like, if it ever existed.

Still, it made his whole body tingle and he simply surrendered himself to this powerful being; allowing himself to be cared for and cherished, and shown such tenderness and pleasure. It had his teenage hormones raging, even as trailed kisses and caresses followed such a wonderful kiss, he had only enough time to briefly wonder if Darkness had a fetish with giving blow jobs, but that thought was quickly erased when that sinful mouth closed around his pulsating cock and gave him the strongest orgasm that he had even experienced.


They woke up in no particular order and without any real cue, but they did wake up at about the same time. Colin had to wonder just how people told the time in this realm, seeing that there was no day or night, and darkness was a constant thing. But that though and question was left for a later time as a few things registered when he opened his eyes.

First was just how comfortable he felt, resting against Harry's right side, though the fact that every inch of his body that could be pressed against his actually was made the whole concept of cuddling take a whole new meaning. What with the lack of blankets and everything, he would have attributed it to sharing body heat, but he was not cold at all, and really, no heat actually came out of Darkness' body. It was puzzling to be sure.

The second thing that he registered was his brother's bright blue eyes staring silently at him, their gaze warm and lazy, content. It was really the first time he had seen his brother so calm, since his energy levels were well beyond even his own, and that was saying something. Finally, the last thing that caught his attention was the platinum blond hair splayed across Harry's stomach, which inevitably led him to find Draco Malfoy resting facedown atop of darkness' left leg and Dennis's' hip, even as he fondled with Harry's rather perfect balls, a gently thoughtful look on his sharp face.

It would seem that he was the last one to awaken then, though no one seemed to want to move, which he couldn't help but agree; whatever the bed was made of was extremely comfortable, not to mention the feel of Harry's cool body against his own, warm, flesh was simply hevenly.

He frowned slightly, confused, which raised the question, just why didn't he have morning wood then? He couldn't imagine not being hard from waking up in such a delightful position (a teenage boys mind works only one way, really), and he truly wasn't ashamed enough to hold back his queries, so he looked over at his brother and prepared to just blurt it out.

Subtlety, after all, was lost on him he had been told.

"Magic," his brother answered plainly before he asked, making Malfoy pay attention as well, "It happened to me the first time I slept with him as well. He told me that his magic was working on our bodies so that we could better adapt to this realm. It's changing us slowly, and one of those changes is that we won't have an involuntary erection or anything of the sort. He told me that it was a waste," he finished with a shrug.

"And why are you talking as if Harry wasn't here, Creevey?" Malfoy asked, he had been told by Darkness to call him so, and he frowned at the end of his question. He really didn't find anything wrong with this, the magic changing him, though he had grown slightly accustomed to waking up with a hard on anyways; but then, there was probably a better reason behind it, and besides, why would it be a waste?

"Because he isn't, Malfoy," Dennis answered his voiced question, taking him away from his musings, "this is just his shadow. Though he can be in any place at the same time, he sometimes needs to pay attention to other places more closely, so he leaves a shadow in his place, especially since we were still sleeping."

"Oh," was Malfoy's faint response.

"Why does it feel so real, then?" he asked his brother, who seemed to know much more than he at the moment.

"It is real, that's why. It's just that it's more like he's sleeping, not completely conscious, you know? He didn't disintegrate his body because it would have disturbed up."

That explanation was a bit too confusing and he didn't really get it at all, though he had to admit that his sights were far more focused on Malfoy: he had taken Harry's flaccid, though considerable cock in his hand and was popping it in his mouth as if it were a lollipop, "Well, it feels real enough."

Yes, well, if he didn't have to go to the loo, he was sure that he would have been pretty hard just from watching Malfoy do that; it was a hot sight to see. Maybe that's why Harry chose them, they, all three of them, had absolutely no shame and were more than slightly bent; they were absolutely and utterly gay. It made a certain amount of sense after what he had experienced so far, though he hadn't known that his little brother had been a poof as well. It was quite certain that Malfoy was, seeing the way that he was playing with that cock, and well, he wasn't delusional enough to not know his own preferences.

Still, all these thoughts had nothing to do with finding a bathroom, so he simply asked, "Erm, Dennis, where's the loo? I really have to go," he told him and his brother simply sat up with a sigh.

"Well, it's pretty different here, so I better show you. Malfoy? You should come as well, Harry told me that I should show you guys around anyways," Dennis told them, standing up and leaving the bed, though it was more like a thick square matt on the floor; and a rather big one at that, even if it was more comfortable than any bed he had ever slept on.

Standing up himself, he looked down at Malfoy, who just stared at Dennis a bit before sighing to himself and standing up, looking ruefully at his lollipop and more than a bit disappointed. Colin was sure that he had wanted to see that lollipop harden, and to tell the truth, he was as well. How many licks would it take to reach the juicy center? Or would that be the creamy filling?

Whatever the case, he really wanted to find out.

He was surprised, however, when Harry's body seemed to melt into shadows and disperse, not leaving any trace behind, "See? It disintegrated. I can't find a better word for that," Dennis told him as he stretched, garnering quite the appreciative glance from Malfoy, though he didn't seem to be aware of it, "anyway, follow me and I'll show you around."

It was a bit disconcerting to see Malfoy following quietly while ogling his brother's cute bum; not saying anything rude, insulting, or even whining or tantrum-like. It was as if he were another person entirely.

Still, he really had to go to the bathroom, and he was pretty hungry on top of that, "Dennis, can we leave the tour for later? I really, really need a bathroom. And I dunno how much time it has been since I've eaten, but I'm pretty much starving here."

"I quite agree with everything he said," Malfoy drawled out, pointing back at him.

"Yes, well, aren't you a patient lot?" Dennis asked as his stopped at the edge of the open room. It was quite big, really, even if it seemed a little bare.

When he caught up to his brother and Malfoy, he found that they were standing around a basin on the floor. Or at least he assumed it was a basin; there were things carved around it, maybe some kind of runes or pictures, though the basin itself wasn't more than a foot in diameter, not to mention that it was set into the floor, only protruding on inch or so from it. What was strange, however, was the thick looking black liquid inside of it.

"So where's the bathroom, Creevey?" Malfoy asked, looking at the same thing he was, and seemingly wondering why they had stopped here.

Dennis smiled that big smile that he wore when he knew something you didn't, rocking on the balls of his feet, which made for quite an interesting play of muscles that he would have never noticed before, even as he pointed down at the basin, "you're looking at it," and didn't he say that far too cheerfully, eh?

Malfoy's incredulous stare found his brother, and he decided that the platinum blond could take care of this perfectly. He knew his brother well enough to know that he wouldn't be able to get a straight answer out of him, after all, "What?"

It surprised him, however, when Dennis actually did explain, somewhat, "That is the bathroom. It's pretty multifunctional, really," he said in a thoughtful tone, "It's like a toilet and urinal, but better, and certainly more pleasant. It's much more sanitary as well, not to mention that it's a rather good experience." Again, that chipper attitude and knowing smile. Still, it was pretty obvious that there was something he wasn't telling them.

"And how," he waved at the basin, "does it work?" he asked, becoming rather suddenly aware that they were all completely naked, though he pushed the sudden thought out if his mind.

"Oh, that's easy," his brother answered, a wide smile on his face, "you just crouch on top of it and it'll do the rest. It's a pretty cool piece of magic, really."

Right. So if he understood this correctly, the bathroom of this realm was a small liquid filled basin set on the floor. It made that thick black liquid look even more suspicious at these allegations, not to mention that you had to squat over it and what? Maybe some creature will come out of it and eat your shit and drink your piss? And then lick you clean? How was that sanitary?

He shared a brief, but incredulous look with Malfoy, before looking back at his bouncy younger brother, ignoring how his bits moved with his bouncing. Right, as if he'd just squat over some unknown magical object because his brother said it was a bathroom. "Why don't you show us how it works, then?"

He was sure that Dennis would balk at this and the practical joke would be out and then they would be lead to a real bathroom, though looking around, he didn't see any enclosed rooms that could be called as such, maybe they were underground?

He was surprised again, however, when Dennis simply shrugged and squatted on top of the basin. What happened next was rather quick too, so he wasn't sure if he was seeing things. The dark liquid in the basin rose up in tentacle-like things, and one of them attached itself to Dennis' dick while the other did the same to his ass. He looked quite comfortable too, even as he briefly closed his eyes, since the things seemed to support his weight. If his eyes were right, it actually seemed as if the things had lifted him slightly, taking some of the pressure from his legs.

A moment later, the tentacles retreated back into the basin and the liquid settled, as if nothing had happened, even as Dennis stood up, right as rain and beaming at them.

Looking over at Malfoy, he could tell that he was rather bemused by the whole thing as well, though he was far more vocal about it than he, "What the hell was that?"

"Liquid Darkness, cool, isn't it?" Dennis said, beaming. He still knew that smile.

"Why don't you go first, Malfoy?" he tried being as subtle as possible, failing miserably if the glint on the tall boys look was anything to go by.

Still, he was surprised when no other comment was made as Malfoy strutted over into the circle of carvings, looking curiously at his feet when he stepped on them, 'cushy,' he heard him mutter, before his feet stopped at either side of the basin and after a moment of looking at the still black liquid, gracefully crouched, sitting on his ankles with that rather attractive behind ending pretty close to the liquid.

Indeed, it was as if the blond were tempting the liquid with his rather shapely arse, if he didn't know any better.

He was a bit busy checking the older blond out, though, seeing that he had squatted facing Dennis and him and was giving him a rather nice frontal view, so he didn't notice the tentacle-like things attaching themselves to Malfoy until the other boy let out a gasp and arched slightly, closing his eyes as his face twisted in pleasure.

Darting a quick glance at Dennis, he noticed his brother staring entranced at the sight, a smirk on his face. He couldn't think about much else, however, once he noticed that Malfoy had gone hard as one of the black tentacles wrapped around his cock and began pumping or sucking, if the odd undulations of the liquid surrounding Malfoy's rather big dick were anything to go by.

Malfoy himself seemed to be oblivious to the world as his knees hit the floor and he leaned even more into his ankles, his back arching and pelvis thrusting forward in a frantic rhythm. He didn't even register his own erection until his hand was slapped from it by his brother; it seemed that he had begun wanking himself without knowing, "You should wait for a bit more," Dennis whispered, "and let the liquid darkness do it for you," he nodded towards where Malfoy was bending wantonly as the black liquid did its stuff, "it's fantastic," his brother finished breathlessly, and he noticed that he too was hard.

So he waited, and watched, not really knowing what to make of this bathroom.


Dear Merciful Merlin, he was in heaven! Whatever this thing was, he didn't care, but damn did it know how to move! If he hadn't been sucked off by Harry just yesterday he would have ranked this as his best sexual experience ever!

He wasn't really sure what to expect, especially after seeing the youngest Creevey show them so calmly, and he knew that there was more to it than what the idiotic brat had told them, but he was a Malfoy, and he was dammed if he looked like a coward; Especially since he was trying so hard to get into the brother's good graces. They were, after all, his only companions at the moment.

So he stepped up to the little basin, surprised when his bare feet sunk slightly in the carved floor, or at least that's what it felt like, though he quickly surmised that it was some type of cushioning charm. That made the whole squatting deal a bit better, but he was still somewhat apprehensive.

What happened when he did crouch over the thing, however, was not what he was expecting; at all.

He thought that the tentacle-like liquid would just attach itself to his ass and dick, and that he would go about his business as normal. That was not what happened and that took him off guard, for instead of stopping at his hole, the liquid actually went into him!

It was warm and smooth, yet still strangely firm as it slid into him without much pressure, and before he knew it all of his muscles were relaxing, even as the other tentacle attached itself to his hardening cock. And Howling Hellhound in Hades, did it feel good! It didn't take long before he felt filled even as something inside of him was touched that made every nerve in his body come alive.

He arched because of it, and was surprised when the tentacle seamed to harden and expand before it started undulating. Not to mention the one that was sucking him off! Great Merlin! He knew that he liked blokes somewhat, and that he found the Creevey's attractive now, but he always thought the he had been bi-sexual. He didn't mind any of it, and mostly appreciated beautiful things, be them boys or girls. Still, he had never had actual sex with a boy, even if he had been told about what it was like.

It sounded interesting enough, but he never found anyone worthy enough to experiment with, or trustworthy enough to even allow them near his ass. So he centered his attentions on witches, even if his appreciative eyes had wondered more than once to that handsome Hufflepuff, Cedric Diggory, or the cute Ravenclaw that was a year below him that had golden eyes.

Still, if what he was experiencing now, that sensation of being filled even as that heavenly spot that made him see stars was periodically being stimulated, was anything like having sex with a bloke, well, girls could just count Draco Malfoy out of the running, because he would definitely be doing this again, and if that made him completely and utterly bent, well, too bad, it felt too bloody good not to do it as often as possible.

Already he could imagine Harry's cock buried inside of him, feeling a million times better than this, and it was this that threw him over the edge.

He came explosively and quickly, nothing like the exquisite pace that Darkness had set when he had sucked him off, and he didn't know if he should feel disappointed or not, but he was still extremely satisfied; it was better than wanking in the morning while half asleep, that's for sure.

And as his breathing calmed slightly and his vision cleared, he found himself still kneeling on top of the basin, quite comfortable, with the older Creevey looking at him and almost drooling, while the younger of the two stood behind him, restraining his brother's arms. He had to smirk at that, since by the look of Colin's leaking and swollen cock, he most probably wanted to masturbate at the sight of him, Draco Malfoy.

Well, that was an ego boost, for sure. So he stood languidly up and stretched while he peeked to see the oldest Creevey looking at him with glazed eyes. Yep, that was lust that he saw there, and he was quite happy about it. That boy wanted his body, and if he had anything to say about it, he would have it sooner rather than later.

After what he just went through, he wanted some of his fantasies to become a reality, and soon.

Maybe he could join that erotic tangle of limbs quicker too, though he couldn't figure out how he had woken up there earlier on, even if he suspected that Harry had had something to do with it.

His thoughts completely blanked, however, when Dennis, if that was his name, pushed his brother forwards, making him stumble on all fours on top of the basin. It didn't take a second before the tentacle-like liquid quickly attached itself to the other boy, making him start trusting forward frantically, doggy style. And damn, did it look hot.

"Hey, Malfoy, how about some help?" Dennis asked him, and he had to tear his gaze from the sensual sight of the other boy practically fucking the tentacle thing…or was it the other way around?

When he looked at the younger boy beside him, his eyes went right to where the boy was holding his twitching cock. It made him quirk an eyebrow, "help?" he asked.

"Well yeah," Dennis answered him, somewhat indignantly, but in good humor, "you caused this, you know," he said, gripping his dick tighter and pulling at it in his direction, "so you should help me out with it."

Shrugging, he made a sound of ascent and simply knelt in front of the boy, swallowing the well endowed member. For someone so small, he sure had a big cock, but then, maybe it looked that big because he was so small; he was certain that his was bigger than this and he was only slightly above average in size. He didn't know about it, and didn't really care since the boy came after a few quick sucks, startling him. Well, maybe he had been holding it in for longer; he had gone to the loo first, after all.

And surely, not getting hard while experiencing that was pretty difficult.

What surprised him even more, however, was that when he swallowed the boy's seed, it tasted like freaking strawberries! And delicious strawberries, at that. Dear Merlin, was this why Darkness sucked them off one after the other? He had to admit; it was a delightful taste, even as he swallowed all of it and licked the softening cock clean of it.

So it was between the panting and satisfied sounds of the Creevey brothers, and the appreciative sounds of Draco Malfoy, that the two older boys finished their first experience with this realms sanitary system.

It would surely not be the last, they knew. They would be using this loo quite often, he was sure.

Still, they were brought out of their thoughts by the excited voice of the youngest amongst them, who had unexpectedly sidled up to Draco Malfoy, surprising the platinum blond with the warm contact, "And the best part of it is that it cleans you up completely," he grinned at them, "you could literally eat out of your ass now, and it even leaves a slight residue behind, making your insides all slick and smooth," he nodded, pulling Draco with him as he started heading outside, even as he ignored his brothers incredulous gaze, chattering on, "Harry let me lick him after he used it the other day. It tastes surprisingly good."

Draco stopped completely at that, looking back at the elder Creevey with a devious smile, a smile that was equally returned, "Indeed?" he asked, turning toward the younger boy, who was walking forward without noticing that he had stopped.

"Yep," Dennis answer, oblivious, "But anyways, let's go get something to eat—"

He didn't get to finish, obviously, seeing that Draco really wanted to see if what the boy said was true. So he tackled him to the ground, and with a brief comment of, "How about a little appetizer before breakfast then?" he quickly flipped the younger boy into a better position and swiftly tongued his pretty little asshole.

Only one though crossed his mind as that tight little ass was pressed into his face and his tongue penetrated the warm ring of amazingly relaxed yet still tight muscles: It tasted like raspberries.

Obviously, he really didn't protest when small hands parted his own cheeks and a slick tongue started licking at his entrance. They were teenage boys after all, and their hormonal minds would not stand for anything else; experimenting when given the opportunity was in the growing-up description!


It was a completely spent and sheepish bunch that Harry found some time later, a sleeping heap of heads limbs and bodies; face cushioned in soft bottoms and murmurs of appreciation wafting from their swollen lips. True, they had found and tasted a wide variety of flavors, discovering that Dennis tasted of berries, whatever they might be; from blueberries to strawberries and everything in between. Draco, in turn, was delighted to find out that he tasted of an assortment of grapes, sweet or sour, spicy or tangy. He compared himself with wine and had briefly wondered if his own taste would ripen with age.

Colin, on the other hand, tasted like citrus fruits, though his taste tended to be rather sweet, like a plump orange. In their escapades, they completely forgot about breakfast and after such rigorous activities it was doubtful that they would be able to get hard after the bouts of playful taste-testing that they had gone through, or at least that is what they believed; Harry knew much better, seeing that their changing bodies were coming along nicely.

If nothing else, the whole thing had bonded them rather closely, since there was nothing like playing with each other's bits to turn even the harshest of enemies into the deepest of friends, or at least that's what they thought; it became a sort of private philosophy between them, and Harry didn't dare think of what would happen if they were to return to their own reality at the moment; it would certainly be amusing at least. Dennis was of the idea that his own spunkberry-flavor had been the thing that turned Draco Malfoy into such an all-round nice bloke too, making them all laugh quite heartily as they were telling Harry what they had done that morning.

Modesty, the eternal being was sure, had been securely thrown out the window, for which he was glad.

Harry simply muttered something about 'randy teenagers' some time later and dragged them toward lunch, which was served in an outside low table-like rock (there was a shortage of furniture and pretty much everything else, so Harry had to make due until they headed down to the village), which was a rather interesting ordeal, since the boys had never sat on soft grass with their bare bums. It was ticklish at first, and they squirmed for quite a bit, but they settled quite soon, whispering to each other about how the blades of grass were tickling their balls and if they liked the feeling as much as the other did?

This comment saw Harry chuckling lightly for quite awhile, even as they shifted like guilty children when he did so. It just amused him even more. Still, even though they were teenagers, they were too spent to react to this sensation in an overt manner, even if their dicks did twitch occasionally. Harry had to wonder what would happen when they were completely changed and found the stamina to react to all of these sensations; it was something that he was quite looking forward to, for certain.

Much like with the liquid darkness that served as a bathroom, they discovered that food was acquired in a rather unique way. They were able to order it through a bit of crystal clear water, which was enchanted to let them know what was available and then allow them to order it with magic.

Harry explained that those who became cooks and worked in coordinating and making the village's food had made those enchantments centuries ago, and they distributed all of the food to everyone in the village this way. Everyone had different tasks in the community, since everyone had different gifts or preferred doing something above anything else, so they split the labor and professions and everyone worked in something that they loved.

There were the normal professions: the healers, the cooks, the artists, the farmers and hunters; there were enchanters and teachers, artisans and singers, and any number of other occupations. There was no currency to speak of, and everyone worked for the betterment of the community, seeing that it was so small, with only a few hundred inhabitants in each of the three villages of his realm.

Harry told them that they would be visiting the village soon, and there they would see how it worked and what they wanted to do themselves, since they would need to learn whatever craft they chose and help out, if only to occupy themselves sometimes. True, they wouldn't need to give a lot of time to it, but they should search for something that they would want to do or learn, at least. They were rather young after all, and they had all the time in the world to figure things out.

After all, Harry finally informed them, that the people of his realm, and they by extension, had a lifespan so great as to be considered immortal to other races. That's why his magic needed to change them so much, and why only those who were young could adapt to such a change; they were still growing after all, so additional change didn't put that much strain on their bodies.

Besides, as young as they were, the ever-changing ways of life of his people, and how their culture worked, would not be too much of an impact. After all, if they enjoyed playing around with each other as much as they did now, then they wouldn't really have any problem fitting in with the rest of this world.

All of them, after all, could be said to be hormonal young men…


"Eh?! All of your people are blokes?" Draco exclaimed as he looked around at all the naked boys, while giving them sideway glances, even as he slapped Colin upside the head to stop the boy from drooling. Truly, that boy was the puffiest of them all.

"Certainly," Harry answered calmly as he stood regally beside them, seemingly holding in a sigh at the sight of all the bowing and scraping that he was being subjected too. "Remember what I told you before? When I took them with me, they were one of the first humans to have been created, and Creation hadn't come up with the female gender. Most of the legends of your world have some grain of truth within the vastness of the universe. In this case, men indeed come first, though women weren't created from their ribs."

"How do they reproduce, then?" Dennis asked, quite intrigued by all of it. Though Draco had to wonder just where Harry came up with that rib thing, because personally, he'd never heard it before.

"Slowly," Harry said somewhat sadly, answering Dennis' question, "There is a way, but it takes time and it is very delicate. That was why their race was threatened so easily and was nearly extinguished; giving the female gender the capabilities of baring children when it was created seemed to solve the problem, though. Still, I find that the way these, my people, reproduce, to be far cleaner, for one," he looked out to the awed faces around him, his features softening, "That was why I made this realm as I did, so that nothing could endanger them in such a way anymore. Maybe you three will help by contributing as well," he finished, while ignoring their confused expressions. After all, he hadn't said how they actually had children, though he had to wonder if it was really that different; the image of a pregnant man was quickly banished and he hoped that that wasn't how it worked, shuddering slightly.

"Well, if nothing else, there's certainly no shortage of eye candy here, that's for sure," Colin finally piped up, wide blue eyes almost popping out of his head even though Draco could literally feel the perverted thoughts practically pouring out of the older Creevey's mind.

Then again, if the way that all the young men kneeling in front of Harry were eying them in turn, he couldn't really say that Colin's' thoughts were unique. But then, seeing that the whole population of the village was made out of young men that looked no older than twenty, it quite explained the situation; they probably only had sex in their minds as well. It made a terrible amount of sense, he thought, nodding to himself.


"Didn't you say that they were practically immortal, Harry?" he asked, "They look pretty young to me." It had been nibbling at his mind since they entered the village and everyone had come out to greet them and pay their respects to Harry.

"Ah, that is because they do not age as normal humans do," Darkness replied softly, "that is something else that Creation included into humanity later on, when she noticed that they reproduced far too quickly now that they had women. It had to include aging so that the time in which they were able to reproduce was reduced as well," and in a way, that did make sense, "Then again, Creation also made women moody and bitchy as a way to deter the propagation of the species, along with any other number of gimmicks. These people, however, though they are fertile and forever young, cannot produce more than a certain amount of offspring within a certain amount of time; believe me when I say, they have grown greatly in the last few thousand years. There were no more than thirty at first, now there are nearly six hundred of them."

He sounded so proud, too, but still, it sounded like so few; there were more students in Hogwarts than there were people on this realm! And this was even when they had been living for thousands and thousands of years; was their population growth so minimal? It was a bit sad. From what he had learned of them so far, they are a wonderful community.

"Now, if you truly wish to know which of them is older, you need only look at their skin," Harry kept answering his initial query, "As they age, and as you age, for you are one of them now, their skin begins attaining a certain quality; it begins to shine like moonlight or starlight."

And at that, he quickly noticed that most of them did indeed glow, and only about seven of them had a skin that looked even remotely tan or opaque, like their own, so maybe they were the youngest of them? It was easy to deduce, seeing that five of those seven were obviously children.

In the end, after Harry spoke to them and told them to stop bowing and he opened his arms to them in a gesture of welcome, the whole village surged to its feet and converged around them, and Draco found himself being hugged gently and kissed and rubbed in greeting.

Every one of them was young and handsome, their skins smooth and glowing, their eyes shining. They were all warm and welcoming and genuinely happy to greet them. Some of them burst into song, while most of them danced, and instruments were brought out as if it was a common thing, and still the surge of bodies surrounded him.

He was kissed both gently and deeply, and he didn't really fight any of it. His ass was caressed and his back massaged and his hair was ruffled as fingers carded through it. He became quite hard at first, but someone had sucked him off in greeting, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. He was given the longest, most tender hugs that he had experienced in his life, not to mention the mild spanks and pats on the back.

It was all enough to make him starry-eyed and turn him into putty, and he happily engaged in the next hug or rubbed himself with that auburn-haired bloke with the amber eyes who reminded him of someone.

Colin, Dennis and Harry were receiving quite the same treatment, though none of it surprised him more as when the five smaller children, who were no younger than seven, he was sure, approached him as well, and hugged his legs, or his hips, kissing his skin there or his bum, even as two of them nuzzled his balls with their noses, as if giving him an Eskimo-kiss. It was the cutest thing he had ever experienced.

He ended up in a pile of bodies, in a round, open pavilion where the whole village congregated and the party truly picked up, even as food and drinks started being distributed and more petting and kissing followed, though they settled into some intense cuddling after a while as conversation began to flow, everyone mostly hearing Harry speak, or asking them questions about Harry to them. They hung to his every word, and had star-struck looks in their eyes, as if their god had come down from heaven and blessed them with its presence.

And as he looked around, trying to ignore how his flaccid cock was being softly massaged by a black-haired, black-eyed, extremely handsome boy he could see that to them, that was exactly what was happening; Harry was their god, and they were completely honored that he was back amongst them. So when he finally did focus on Darkness after seeing the entangled mass of bodies, something struck him as strange.

While everyone else was sharing warmth, showing affection and sitting closely together, Harry himself was pretty much alone, kept at a respectful distance, as if touching him for too long were forbidden or offending, as if they felt themselves unworthy of it, when Harry probably wanted just that, for them to act with him as they acted with each other.

Looking toward Dennis and Colin, he saw that they had noticed the same things, and though he was quite enjoying his welcome into the village and was already half-hard again, he nodded toward the other two and stood as they stood up from their places in the circle as well, causing silence to spread around the gathering when they gently disentangle themselves from their respective places. The black-haired boy even pouted at him, and he was startled to notice that his skin wasn't all glowy like the rest, so he was one of the younger ones in the village. He promised himself that he would speak with him later, though.

Because he had noticed Harry and the small smile that he was giving them as they made their way toward him, and this time, they noticed how his eyes started glowing all the more, especially when they each kissed him and settled around him, though Dennis sprawled quite comfortably in Darkness lap, enjoying the looks of shock that spread across so many handsome faces.

And as he sidled onto his right side and laid his head onto Harry's reclining shoulder, he could feel contentment almost radiating out of the eternal being. That small smile became a bit more pronounced when they were finally settled, and Draco just couldn't help but admire how beautiful the green-eyed entity was. Now, if he could only get that cock to stand up, he would show the long-haired beauty just how happiness felt like as well.

He had to smirk at that, imagining it in his mind.

For now, he contented himself with that cool hand wrapping around his now leaking cock and closed his eyes as Harry continued speaking to his people. There was something in there about decorating his home, but his mind quickly lost track of the conversation while he focused on the sensations that coursed through his body, especially now that Dennis had attached that chatty little mouth of his to his neck, and didn't seem to want to let go anytime soon at that.

When he came all over his stomach, he was already half-asleep and only noticed a head of short spiky black hair lapping it all up as he let himself drift off.

He woke up at Harry's urging some time later, he didn't know, and he simply walked where he was led too, which he was certain was still within the village, since the walk was rather short. What startled him a bit more into consciousness was when he noticed that there were far more people settling down with them than he was used to.

Harry was already lying down, putting Dennis, who he had been carrying, on his left side while Colin found his normal place on Darkness' right side and almost immediately falling asleep, obviously tired. Draco himself was slightly bewildered by the extra boys, who didn't seem to know what to do until one of the more brave ones tugged at his hand, he couldn't be more than seven, but his little chest was puffed up slightly as he asked, "C-could we join you?"

The boy had longish ginger colored hair and hazel eyes and he nervously introduced himself as Damon, and when he looked over at Harry, he saw the small, happy smile and a nod of ascent, so he picked the boy up and looked at the rest of them. There was the spiky-haired boy who looked to be around his age, if not a year older, with black eyes who introduced himself as Max and was carrying a sleeping ten year old by the name of Jason; a fifteen year old with straight dirty blond hair hanging all around his face and deep blue eyes, piped up that his name was Taylor, and introduced the small eight year old that he was carrying as William.

The last of them, a sixteen year old with golden shaggy hair and warm green eyes was named Nick, and he was carrying a sleeping twelve year old on his back named Vincent.

Looking around, he noticed that the party was still well under way now that he was more awake, so it seemed that the only ones going to sleep were them, the youngest. Turning his sights toward the lot of them, he shook his head ruefully, noticing that Damon had fallen asleep in his arms. Nodding at them, he set about making everyone comfy. William and Jason were placed at either side of Harry, where Colin and Denis quickly surrounded them with their arms without protest and without waking up, their heads still on Harry's shoulders as the little ones almost disappeared between them, burying their own heads into the chest of their respective Creevey.

Vincent, who was rather slim, was placed on top of Harry, where he comfortably sprawled; his light brown hair somehow matching that of the sleeping brothers. With that done, and all the sleeping children comfortably settled, Max and he settled in between Harry's legs, which was his usual spot, with the youngest, Jason, between them. Draco himself rested his head on Harry's lower hip, almost completely on his back, as Max spooned against his side and Damon was settled on his chest, even as Harry's legs provided them with enough support and their own legs tangled together.

Nick and Taylor settled behind Colin and Dennis respectively, who were coincidentally the closest to their own ages, before everyone seemed to press into each other and Harry's magic made sure that they were all comfortable.

They made an odd pile, certainly, but as he closed his eyes, feeling Max's hair tickling his shoulder and the rise and fall of Damon's small chest, even as he rubbed the child's back, he couldn't think of another way to spend the night. And for the first time in his life, he felt like he belonged somewhere.

He wondered, only briefly, as sleep crept up on him, if Harry was feeling the same as him.

He hoped so.


They woke up completely different from how they had carefully arranged themselves; for one, Draco was completely upside down in a way that his bum were firmly placed against Harry's even as the two of them were laying more to their sides. Dennis was somewhat in front of him, though he was using his hip as a pillow even as he used Dennis' own thigh as a pillow of his own, still, Dennis was happily slurping at his cock which was hard already. Weren't there suppose to be no involuntary erections on their part? He was confused.

He continued taking stock of the situation; he wasn't aroused enough that he needed release, thankfully, so the youngest Creevey could suck his little heart out. Max was at Dennis' back, face buried in the younger Creevey's bum, while Taylor was at Harry's back, soundly asleep. Jason and Damon were oblivious to the world and were jumbled in their own upside down heap between him and Dennis, nuzzling their bits.

Right, so age didn't really seem to matter here, seeing that those two, who were the youngest of the lot, looked to be quite friendly with each other, though he supposed that they really couldn't do anything overly sexual until later on…he shook his head, banishing those thoughts from his mind.

Colin's pervy ways were rubbing off on him, damnit.

And speaking of that Creevey, he was on his back, with Harry hugging him from one side and Nick from the other, with Vincent sprawled on top of him in what appeared to be very enthusiastic sleep-sucking. Lucky bastard. Then again, he shifted a bit to give Dennis better access, he did have his own sucking wonder as well, so he settled back and went into a state of half sleep once more, still quite as comfortable as when he had fallen asleep in the first place.

It was weird, certainly, waking up like this. And he didn't really know what to make of all the sucking and fondling going on as well, but it was comfortable, relaxed, and somewhat languorous, to tell the truth. All in all, it was something that he wouldn't mind getting used to. And from what he had seen so far, well, it was the most normal thing in the world in this place.

Considering that they were a species of human that not only stayed forever young, but have never seen a female of the species, well, he could understand how things worked quite a bit. There was really no shame or embarrassment; it was not needed. At least when it concerned physical affection; they weren't even awkward about it, since they grew up with it; it was as if they had a whole other language that consisted of physical contact. Maybe getting sucked off was a way to say good morning? Dennis, after all, knew more about this people than him, so that could probably be the case.

So he shrugged within his sleepy mind and moved his head a little; if he was going to wake up in this position, and his companion was already saying 'good morning' well, he wasn't going to be rude, so he leaned a bit forward himself and slurped Dennis' own dick into his mouth. When it hardened, he could only assumed that the boy was awake, especially since his own cock was now being licked with a little more coordination.

They all awoke soon after, and they rearranged themselves into one big pile for an early cuddle. Hugs, deep kisses and general affection was exchanged, and if nothing else, at least the whole ordeal had gotten the youngsters over their distant attitude with Harry, who was now giving Jason a piggyback ride to the hot springs.

A bath, goodie! He could hardly wait. Not to mention that Harry said that the one at his house would be reactivated soon as well.

Chattering all the while, Draco himself carrying Damon on his back, they stopped by a few of those loo-basin things and squatted, again, as if it were the most normal thing in the world. Draco, following Harry's lead, simply crouched without putting his cargo down; somewhat amazed when four tentacle-like things came out, taking care of Damon as well.

He was lucky that Dennis had giving him that blowjob earlier, or he would have been humping that tentacle thing…like Max was doing right now, to rounds of laughter, since William was on his back, squealing happily on top the bucking teen.

Right, well, that seemed to be a normal thing too, and judging from the longing look that little Damon was throwing William's way, he was sure that the ginger haired boy wanted to do that too, "How about we do that after the bath, eh?" he asked, and was almost suffocated when the arms around his neck tightened.

After all, he'd get off on the tentacles and the little boy would have fun riding him…and didn't that sound completely wrong? Meh, whatever, for all that he knew, these kids probably watched everyone going at it all the time, and it would probably be strange for them if people weren't banging like bunnies, actually.

…like those two guys over there who were fucking like there was no tomorrow…he almost got run over by Taylor when he stopped.

"What's up, Draco?" he asked, before looking over to the direction that had him so transfixed, "what are you looking at? Did one of the bears get loose?"

The platinum blond started at that, bears? Before shaking his head, "No, I'm watching those guys over…there." Right, so someone else just joined in the fun…and was that position even comfortable?

"Oh, really?" Taylor asked, surprised, "what about them? Have you ever tried what they're doing? It's pretty fun actually," the blue-eyed boy said perking up, as if he had discovered what had him so interesting, "I could show you how to do it, too!" he kept talking, even as we continued walking to catch up with the others, "I don't have the strength to lift you up like that, but you can do it to me if you want, though that's not the most fun position of the two, since you get tired much more easily."

The boy was talking as if sex was a simple thing, but he realized, for them, it was probably as simple as sleeping. True, he had fooled around with Harry, Colin and Dennis, but they hadn't done anything serious; no actual penetration and such. But the way Taylor was speaking, and as he watched around, well, there were actually a lot of people that were simply fucking, as if it were just a deeper, longer sort of greeting. Maybe the hugs are like kisses in the cheek here, while actual kissing was just another way to say hello. If that was the case, then a blowjob was probably a handshake and…and he was going crazy!

Didn't he already decide that he wasn't going to worry about anything like that and just go with the flow? After all, the flow had been extremely fun until now…the only difference is that everyone else had already experienced what he could only define as actual sex.


Even Colin had probably done it, though he was sure that Dennis hadn't. Maybe the youngest Creevey was thinking the same things that he was, then?

When they reached the hot springs, they found an empty pool and went it, with the kids dive-bombing into it. Bubbles sprang everywhere where there was a person, and when he went in, he actually felt the bubbles begin to scrub him.

"They are enchanted," Harry spoke up from beside him, where he was settling in, "The bubbles clean your skin thoroughly, even removing dead skin cells. You'll never find yourself cleaner, though I'm sorry that the springs in my own home haven't been activated."

Draco nodded, relaxing into the water as the suds did their work, amused by the sight of the younger boys wrestling farther away.

"You are concerned with something," Darkness asked him in that soft melodious voice of his. It was a statement as well, and Draco knew that there was no way to hide anything from Harry.

"Well, I'm getting used to everything, you know, but I hadn't completely grasped the amount and level of physical intimacy that is simply not intimate in this world," he explained, "not until just now, when I saw those blokes just start having sex after whatever they were talking about, almost like they were saying hello or see you later with their bodies."

"I see," Harry pulled him close and he rested his head on a broad shoulder, "And you are not worried about actually seeing it, since I do not sense that it bothers you. What concerns you is that you don't know that level of 'intimacy' yourself, right?"

"Yeah," he whispered, glad that Harry understood, "I mean, Taylor over there, who's at least three years younger than me, was talking about the whole thing as if it was common and he had been doing it forever."

"That's because he has," Harry pointed out, "age is not a problem here, and since sex, as you know it, is treated as a show of affection and truly, the most cherished thing that they can do with each other, they do not hold the kind of impediments and taboos that your world has put into the same act. Here it is not about control, perverseness or anything of the sort, but of a sharing of life," and he could truly understand that, seeing that tenderness in which these people treated each other; not once had he seen anyone angry or violent, or frustrated; it was weird.

"In fact, sooner or later, those boys, and many of the other inhabitants of these village will want to share that with you as they get to know you better."

"I know, I guess, and I want too, but," he blushed slightly, more aware of his feelings that he had ever been, "Would you…I mean, could you show me how it's done?" Maybe he could even get an answer as to why Harry didn't allow himself to become aroused, or was it that he couldn't?

Startled, Harry turned to look him in the eyes, as if searching for something before sighing and pulling him in closer, "You must understand something. I am Darkness and as such, while I may look human, I am anything but. Having intercourse with me would bond you to me, completely. You will become a part of me, and when you pass away, you will become one with me. I will be your afterlife and your ever-after."

"Then let's do it!" Dennis piped up from nearby as he tackle-hugged Harry, which surprised the eternal being to no end.

Smiling slightly himself, he gave the speechless being a searing kiss, "Yes, Harry, lets."

"Are you certain?" the voice was softer than they ever remembered it being, but it had a depth of power within it that it was hard to explain.

"Of course. We are, after all, your companions. We will share everything with you, if you will accept it. So please, make us a part of you," he finished, whispering huskily in Harry's ear.

"Yeah, Harry!" Colin jumped on Darkness' lap, almost jumping with excitement, and Draco had to wonder if everyone had heard their conversation, which, judging by the faces of everyone else was just the case, not that they wouldn't have heard what Colin said next, "You can bang the lot of us until you pass out!"

He slapped a hand to his face, rubbing it, especially when Dennis started getting excited about the whole thing as well. "Yeah, yeah! And we can find out what your cum tastes like, Harry! But I call dibs; you have to fuck me first!"

Still, as Harry burst out in deep bellowing laughs, the Creevey brothers practically pushing themselves into Harry as they kept chattering in his ears off, Colin's comments getting more lewd by the second, Draco thought that if whatever else happened from now on, he would never get bored.

Even in the face of eternity.




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