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i am riting my first fanfic. Please don't make fun ov me. BY THE WAY! I'm Norwegian.

Ok here we go.


There was a day. It was a sunny one. Inu yahasa wus sitting biside a little pond, with many fish.

Shippo was also sitting next to this pond. They decided that they should catch fish.

InuYasha went for string, and came back with much. Shippo was waiting with his feet in the pond, waiting for InuYasha to return.

When inuyasha returned, Shippoe looked on to him with his cute little eyes. He thought when he saw the white-haired half-demon named Inuyahsa, Oh my god, he looks so sexy with that string. Wait, why was he sudden;y having these stang feelings for the half-demon Inuyasha!?

Inuyasha glared oddly at Shippo wondering what could he be thinking? He did not understand the look he got, he ignored it.

"Here Shippo I has string. Lets use it to catch fish!."

Inuyahsa and Shippo grabbed each a stick and tyed string to it to catch the fishs with them.

They caught many fishs and then Shippo pushed Inuyasha into the pond (he didn't mean to be nasty it was a joke, don't be mad at Shippo :S)

"Ow wat the hell was that for you looser!" Inuyasha said angirily as he stood up. Shippo could not help but notice how Inuasha's red cloths clung to his masculine form when he was wet because he fell in the pond (because Shippo pushed hyim)c

Inuyasha was angry, but calm and removed his shirt and splashed Shippo playfully.

Shippo was taken aback by the playfulness off Inuyasha (I'm gonna use Inu for short now lazy)

Sshppoo decided it was time for himself to remove his also hi8s wet shirt that clung (ooo steamy)

They splashed for a little until the dired clothes were ready to wear again so they put them on,

Shipo was sad to see Inu put on this cloths again because Inulooked so refibed (splling?) whn he was not wearing his cloths. He loved the way the cool pond water (the 1 the fish were in) ran in drops and droplets down his bare chest.

This wus the first time he had seen another boy half-demon, or even BOY! Like this! He had strange feeling in his stomach like a pain but not. He decided to ask Kagome abnout this feelings. She told his it wus the same feeling as when she ate bad fish.

Shippo thought to himself I didn't eat fish today. What could it be? They were hungry so they coocefd the fish. And eat them nice.

Shipo still had the strange feeling in his stomachs, so he decided to be ask Inu to check if he had a bad feeling in this stomah also. "Um, inuasha?" he stared. He wus blushing.


"What do you want looser?" Inu answered?

Shippos asked "I has a strunge feeling in my stomach, AND ITS HAPPENED ALL DAY! I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE BAD FISH! Do you know what it could be?"

Inu thought to himself for a while and then blushed slightly in his cheeks. (NOT HIS BUTT CHEEKS LOL HAHA) Inuyasha had the answer but was afraid to say it to shippo (who is still blushing btw hehe) Then replied "Well shippo has you noticded anythinhg different about me today?"

Shippos blush got more blushy when he realized that he, yes, he did infact notice something not the same-different about inu today. He realized that the werd feeling was there when he saw inu with the String and the watera and the bare chest what defined what good and gorgeous abs he had on him. He also realized he didn't feel the same way when he saw kAgome because she didn'th ave the same defined abs or gorgeous. (as Inu did)

He told Inu "I DO NOTICE DIFFERENCES! You looked very nice today by the pond, and I think… I think… it hink… I LOVE YOU1!"

INUS FACE RAPIDLY BLUSHED! HOW HAPY HES IS NOW! All his life had been a sad and lonely life. No one had every loved him before and he he alsawys thought that Shippo was a cutie-patootie with his big eyes and long, soft tail. He was much more prettier and good-look than Kagome. Kagome had boobies and he did not like them! EEEWWW! (I personally like sehsomaru hehe shhh he is sexy!11! 2)

Inuyasha heard a noise! He decided to ignoreit eventhough it scared Shippo and instead cuddle with Shippo to protects him. They gazed into eachothers eys and then slowly but surley theire lips met and Shippo saw many spinning colours around and around and around and around and around.

Shippo had never kissed anyone before it was amazing, also he was surprised that Inuyahsa had such a soft and nice sid to him, he though the other boy-demon was a mean guy-face what loved Kagom!

They heard the nosise adgain and then they cuddled closer while Inuyasha fell asleep. When he woke up!

":\OH NO!" INU screamed. "Shiipo is missing from my arms! WHERE ARE THOSE LIPS AND CUTE-FACED HIS GONE TO!?"

Shippo was kidanappeD!