SURPRUES! IT WAS SESHOMARUE! But Inu didn't know this yet, he was thinking Shipopo was playing hinding goseek and was playfully looking for him.

At the pond "SHIPPO YOU THER!?" but no one answered

At the big tree "SHIPPOOO!?" but no reply again.

At the human world in Kaghome's house and the store "ARE YOU WHERE ARE YOU SHIPO!" but again response was gone.

Then he read a peper on the ground (back in the Demon world) and it read, "I HAS UR BOYFRIEND! HE IS MINE NOW! I THOUGHT I WAS LOVED YOU BUT NO! I WAS BETRAYED YOU JKERK!-FACE!" Inu was shocked and knew thwe riting, it was Seshomaru FINALLY HE COULD SAVE HIM!


Shippo's eyes slowly opened up them to see a world of darkness and no-light to be seens. He looked up into the cold, uncaring, mean-spirited eyes of golden eyes of… SESSHOUMARUS!?

"Why hello there my cute little pet" the man said whwn he noticed Shippo was nota sleeping and that he was awake.

"WHY DID YOU TAKE ME FROM THE WARM LOVING ARMS OF MAH MAN!? (inuyahsa lol hah) Shippo screamed and the tears of sadness rolled down his cheeks (HIS FACE CHEEKS) like the water had rolled down Inu's chest so sexfully.

"Oh ha ha ha, my dear shippo," sesshoumaru laughed but it was not a happy laugh it was and EVIL LAUGH fileld with hate, "you will never see inuyahsa again! I LOVED HIM! YOU STIOLE MY ONLY BROTHER THAT I LOVED FROM ME!"

Shippo lokked at sess (that's his name now lol) with a strang look. "You were always mean to him you never love him lik I do! AND I TOUCHED HIM! YOU DIDN'T HAHA!"

Sess got angry and very very angry he was! He decided to rape and kill Shippo! WHAT AN IDEA!

Sess slowly approasgcexd (spling?) him and told Shippo his time was near, his death time!

Shippo was shaking-scared and he couldn't stop crying because he only wanted inuyahsa to do such things to his body!

Sesshomaru dropped his pants ands they fell on the cold, hard, gorund. He forcefully tore the tiny cloths from the Shippo's body. He then spanked Shippo ad said;


He smiled in a scary, mean-faced way He then thurst his massive massiveness into Shippo's bum.

Shippo's nose started to running, he felt never a pain so painfull. Shippo was crying and it lasted 1 hours.

When sess was done he left the zombie-like corpse of Shippo but he decided that if Inu found Shippo he would be more upset if he were alive than if he were deads./ Sess then ran away after re-putting on his pants. Inu yashoa was running at the big tree that had the big hole in it that people could be inside of.

There he found Shippo in the center blodded and sad andc rying and nose runny.

"I see spinning colours, they're going around and aroundf and around!" Shippo said "I WISH I COULD SEE YOU SINTEAD!" Shippo said.

Inu then asked his what had happund after taking him into his warm comforting man arms.

"ses…sess … he… and… cough" Shippo said faintly.

Inu could barely make out this mouth words! Sessoumaru appeard from the darkness of the corner of the round tree.

"I am sorry Inu, but shippo will die soon. I have a special deisease that only affects the person I sex with." Sess said as Inu gasped!


"yes… it is true… only you as a half-demon can accept it and not be harmed where shippo the fox-kid-man-child cannot!" I will rape you now too as a TEST! If you survive, I will use the sword of Tensaiaga on Shippo, but you will live with guilt of CHEATING!"

Inu thought, woah! What a difficult choice-decision to make. He didn't want to cheat on Shippo bvut it was the only way to save him the Demon AIDS kills in only 2 hours and it had been 1 hour since the 1 hour rapetime.

Sess galered eviliy and happily at Inu. "Now," he whispered, "I get what I've always wanted from yoU! YOUR BODY! HAHA!"

Sesshoumaru pounced on his younger half-brother that was younger and tore off his cloths with the same forcefull-force he ripped Shippo's off from. Then he re-de-pantsed hiself from his pants. He pushed inu to the cold floor of the tree and spread his legs open.

Shippos and Inu';s eyes met, their faces not far from eachother as the rape began. Halfway through the rapetime (which is only 30 minutes this time!) Shiippo utters words of love and joy and happiness and caring and regret and sadness and sorrow and spinning colours swirled around booth their eyes so they couldn't see eachother.

"I LOVE YOU!…" then shippo's life flowed out of his mouth and and he said "I am dead…" and Inu was cryuing now because he locved shippo so much love he had. Love. Inu cried "SHIIIIIIIPPOOOOOO!"

Sess frowned as he thurted a powerful thurst of his massivness into Inuyasha. "How dare you proclaim and tell other people name whjile I am sexing you! While we are sex you yell only my name!"

"Nooo!" Inu cried sadly and again.

"SAY MY NAME! SAY IT! NOW!" Sesshoumaru scremed into his little dog ears that were also sad.

"S… suh,.. Sesss…. Suu….." Inu muttered. Then BAM! One last thurst and Inu screamed "SESSHOUMARUU!" This was painly and terrible for him.

-hour laster.-

Inu was sad and he didn't get the Demon AIDS. SO that he could join Shippo in heaven where they could sex time eachother. Sess would bring him back to life so Inu was happier this way.

"shippo…" inu said…

Sess then cried of sadness that Inu didn't die, "I will re-alive him now" he says as he de-re-de-pantsed himself again. "GO!"he screamed as his sord lit up and woke uip Shippo who didn't know what had happened (probably for the better )

Shippo woke up and noticed Inu standing there and sess standing there also, Inu was naked and Shippo likey.

Inu then hugged-held Shippo in his man armsand shippo got a strange and hurty-but not hurty(good hurty) feelung in his pants (which he isn't wearing haha) Inu blushed and realised they were both of the nakedness and were touching! And each happy in their their pants that weren't wearing of them.

The man-seed that sess deposited in Inu and Shippo was mean and nasty. They both knew eventhough Shippo forgotten about the rapetime.

Sess ran away crying and they both touched eachother with ov their lips. They were happy again although regtreettfully of the rapetime that happened, they marked this day on the calendar as…

"THE DAY WE BOTH RE-ALIVED!" they love-maked that evening, and the man-seed of eachother wasn't nasty and mean feelung as ses's was.

The END!


This story is quite terrifying! IT MADE ME CRY! Omgosh I didn't know I was so heartless, but the words just kept pouring out like lava of a vocalno at Pompeii. I must go get tissue now, I hope you need tissue after that or else I'll think you're heartless! Poor Shippo who didn't deserve that rapetime.