"For the last time Grace, Get UP!" The annoyed voice rang up the stairs. "We're going to miss the train!"

The Winters Manor was in complete chaos. Clothes, schoolbooks and breakfast was strewn throughout the main hallways from the haste of last minute packing, and the shouts and arguments sounding throughout the house was enough to make even the most deaf person hold his ears from the noise. This apparently was not the case for sixteen year-old Grace Winters however. As the rest of the house shook from the activity and noise, Grace was still sound asleep in her cozy, king-size bed, not the least bit aware of what was going on outside her silent room. Little did the rest of the family know that she had put a soundproofing charm on her room the week after she had come home from school because she had gotten sick and tired of being woken up before noon by her annoying little brother and sisters trampling the halls outside her room, so she couldn't hear a thing going on outside her door. About two minutes later however, with a small poof of blue smoke, an alarm clock appeared out of thin air, and hovered right next to her ear and gave an ear-splitting RING! With a yell and a jump, Grace woke up, toppling off the side of her bed with a loud Thud.

"OW! What the bloody hell was that?! " She cried, trying to untangle herself from her blankets.

"GET UP GRACE!" Came her mother's voice from the hovering alarm clock. We have to leave in ten minutes!"

Finally liberated from her blankets enough so she could at least breathe, Grace looked up and glared at the air-born clock, it's face know resembling that of her mother's.

"What did you do that for?! You nearly gave me a heart attack!"

"We're going to miss the train because of you if you don't hurry up!" the clock replied irritated, ignoring her pointless question. And with a last, "Hurry up!" The clock fell from the air onto the pile of blankets that was her lap; it's face now back to normal, showing her what time it was.

"10:30?!" Grace shouted in alarm and sprang to her feet. Or at least she tried to, as Grace was still swaddled in her blankets, and made it only halfway before she crashed back down in a heap. Flailing and cursing, Grace finally was able to fully untangle herself and got up, only to be presented with her body's feelings toward being woken up in such a fashion.

"OWWWWWWW!" She moaned as she straightened up, clutching her back and head at the same time. "TWIX! TWINKY! COME HERE!"

A second later, two houselves appeared with a loud CRACK and bowed.

"How may we serve Miss?" The first one, Twix asked humbly.

Trying to block out her pains, Grace said, " Can you two please help me pack my school things for me then take it downstairs with the rest of the luggage? You'll notice I got up a bit late this morning."

"Of courses miss of courses." Twinky replied with another bow.

In to much agony to complain about their nonsense bowing (She never approved of house-elf enslavement, nor the way they humbled themselves around humans) Grace just nodded and rushed to the bathroom to change and get ready. In a flash she had her pajamas off and her wand pointed at herself. With a "Acqua inodio!" she was drenched head to toe in hot soapy water. "Lavcapellio!" and her hair was washed and rinsed. With another flick of the wand, she was rinsed and dried and had her hair wrapped in a towel and was rushing to her huge walk-in closet. For a minute Grace actually paused, staring at her clothes as though hoping for the perfect outfit to come soaring out. When none did, she sighed and began thumbing through the closet herself, searching, finally deciding on her favorite low-rise dark blue jeans that slightly flared at the bottom and a big black T-shirt with a picture of Captain Jack Sparrow from her favorite muggle movie of all time, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Curse of the Black Pearl on the front that came down to her thighs not caring that it didn't show off her gorgeous figure. Taking the towel out of her hair Grace carelessly ran a comb through it and shook it back and forth for a "not so neat look" deciding to just let it air dry. Running out of the bathroom back into her room she saw how the house-elves were doing, pleased when she saw they were almost done, not so pleased when she saw that the time was now 10:38 and she was going to be late.

"Here, let me help." Grace said as she began rushing around the room picking up last minute necessaries, then shoving them all into her trunk. With a last look around she decided that was everything and slammed and locked the trunk shut. "Thanks guys, can you take this downstairs for me now?"

"Yes Miss!" They both squeaked, grabbing each end and vanishing with a loud CRACK.

Grace looked around her room again double-checking it to make sure she had everything, then turned and started toward the door when she heard a tapping on one of her large windows. She turned and saw a beautiful black and white-tipped owl tapping on the windowpane with his beak, waiting for her to let him in. Grace grinned widely at the familiar owl, the owl that had frequented Winters Manor bearing letters from an unknown friend—a pen-pal of sorts, and quickly ran to open the window for him. The magnificent owl immediately swooped in onto her bed and held out his leg for her to untie the letter. Grace obeyed the unspoken command, and was about to open the letter and start reading when she heard her mother's voice yet again floating from downstairs through her open door.

"Hurry up Grace, were going to miss the train!"

"I'm coming!" She yelled back to her, then looked at the owl who was waiting for her to send a reply. "I'm sorry, Shadow, I don't have time to send a reply, I have to go."

As though he could understand (no doubt he did understand) he gave a low hoot and flew again out the open window.

"Come on Grace!"

Rolling her eyes and placing the letter in her pocket to read later, Grace quickly closed and locked the window and dashed out of her room and down the stairs to her waiting family.

"Finally!" She heard her mother cry exasperated as Grace made her appearance in the front hall.

"Did little Grace-Y-Poo sleep in this morning?" Came a second voice from the small crowd at the entrance, in an annoying, baby-talk drawl.

"Oh shut up Jessica, at least I don't need to get up early to put on my make-up in order to look like a normal human being." Grace snapped back to the oldest of her little sisters. "You seemed to have been on the short end of the gene pool as far as looks are concerned."

Before Jessica could respond, their mother interrupted the argument with a "now behave" and a shove out the door towards the two cars parked right outside. Jessica's eyes flashed as she looked back at her big sister, a sure sign of revenge, but Grace couldn't care less. Jessica would forget all about her plot of revenge as soon as they board the train. Then all she'll care about is boys.

Sure enough, as soon as they stepped through the barrier, Jessica said goodbye to her parents and went to find her fellow, empty-headed little Slytherin friends. With a little more care than her little sister, Grace gave both her mom and dad a hug and a kiss and said goodbye to her youngest sibling, James, who wasn't yet old enough to go to Hogwarts. As soon as the whistle started blowing —a signal that the train was about to go— Grace ran aboard the Hogwarts Express and waved a final goodbye to her parents and little brother. Once they were out of sight, She turned and began looking for an empty compartment, or at least a Gryffindor-friendly one to sit in. She knew she wouldn't find Ron and Hermione anywhere, as they had prefect duties they had to attend to, but Grace hoped that she could at least find Harry Potter. After looking around for a while however, she gave up, and settled for a compartment near the end of the train, having remembered her letter and wanting to read it.

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