The next day dawned bright and cheerful. The rays of morning light streamed through the tall dorm windows, steadily filling the quiet room with light, much to Grace's displeasure.

It was TOO bright. She groaned as she buried her face deep into her pillow and tried to ignore the joyous chirps of the birds outside the windows.

Her head was positively throbbing and all the light and noise wasn't making it any better. If she could just block it all out, she just might be able to fall back asleep and let the day start without her. She didn't think it would mind; it had been a good sport about such arrangements all summer, she didn't think it would start complaining now.

Grace drew her blankets up and over her head.

Just block it all out...

Two beds over, Lavender Brown had just woken up and was beginning to prepare for the day with much rustling and thumping, taking no care to muffle her activities.

Just block it out...

One bed down to her right came alive with a loud yawn and the unmistakable sounds of cracking joints as its occupant, Beatrice Bard started her day with her routine stretching and popping of her various joints.

Ugh... Grace thought despite herself. That is so gross! Why must she constantly do that?

Pain jolted through her head again as a sliver of light penetrated the folds of her blanket and found her delicate eyes.


She buried herself still deeper into her pillows and drew her blanket tighter over her head. Only the smallest of gaps was allowed to feed her the much-needed oxygen to keep from suffocating under her bedding.

Just ignore everything...Sleep...Let me go back to sleep...

Outside the chirps grew louder and more frequent as the sun rose higher in the sapphire sky.

Grace's clutch on her blankets tightened as she fought to hold onto the last tendrils of blissful sleep, but she knew deep down she was fighting a lost cause.

Please...just...let me... sleep!

The dorm room door burst opened to reveal a perky short and stout fourth year grinning into the room with a rather cheeky expression.

"Gooood morning 6th years! Rise and shine sleeping beauties; the sun is shining and there's not a cloud in the sky! It is going to be a B-E-A-UTIFUL day!

I can ignore this...I can. Just tune it—


"UGH!" Grace screamed into her pillow. "That is IT!"

She proceeded to pummel her defenseless pillow with her fists as she irefully resigned herself to the will of the day, before the sudden rush of pain in her head told her to stop before she fainted.

She threw her covers off her angrily and got out of bed muttering, oblivious to the shocked looks on all sides.

"Stupid birds, stupid light, stupid loud fourth years, stupid bloody CHIRPING! Can't have a single bloody moment of quiet, can't…"

Tris Garner —the afore mentioned fourth year intruder— looked frightened. Being a mere fourth year, any grudges held by a sixth or seventh year could be torture for the source of the grudge. She had only done what Granger had asked; and that was to make sure the 5th and 6th years were getting up. It was the first day back after all; people would still be on their holiday schedule and still unwilling to get up past noon for something as unholy as school.

"S-s-sorry." Tris stuttered. "I was just following orders." With a resolution never to volunteer to help Granger again —she didn't care if she was a prefect—, she fled.

"Wow Grace," Lavender remarked with wide eyes. "Spaz much?"

Grace ignored her. She was too busy trying to stay upright as she waited for the waves of pain that were rushing through her head to subside. She just knew this was not going to be a good day for her.

Which she thought, was totally unfair considering her last conscious act yesterday was a good deed towards her worst enemy. Surely she deserved better than this. There was simply no justice in the world she decided. No bloody justice.

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