Chapter 3: The Date

Last Chapter: We left our too lovesick friends finally got the courage to go out with each other. They spent their first night together on the beach and the second in Roy's bed. They discovered many new things about each other; so far, so good. Will this last?

Find out now.

The next morning Roy awoke early in the day to find Ed had already left. This worried Roy very much, he looked around for a while until the maid told him that Ed had gone for a shower on the third floor. Roy laughed at this because there was bathroom in his room. Roy surprised Ed in the shower and asked Ed why he was showering on the third floor.

"I didn't want to wake you." Ed chuckled. "I thought it was best if the noise of the shower didn't disturb you, so I asked where the furthest one from the room was. She directed me to this one." Ed continued.

"Haha, you didn't have to do that, I would've liked to shower with you." Roy said nervously.

"What?" Ed said, "I couldn't hear you over the shower." He added.

Roy began to yell "I SAID," Roy began as Ed shut off the shower quickly, "I WOULD'VE LIKED TO SHOWER WITH YOU!" His voice echoed throughout the mansion.

"HAHA GOTCHA!" Ed laughed hysterically as Roy's face went so red, he looked like a cherry. This made Ed laugh even more. Roy turned the shower on quickly to the coldest setting and Ed shrieked. Roy got his payback. For some reason Roy had just noticed Ed's body, completely naked. Roy looked him up and down slowly as the water poured down him. It was like slow motion, Roy was very turned on by this.

"Whoa…" he blurted out uncontrollably.

"What?" Ed asked.

"You're so… naked!" Roy said as he stared off grinning. Ed then realized the he in fact was naked.

"OH!" He exclaimed nervously. He didn't seem too sure about Roy seeing him naked. Roy got undressed and turned back around to Ed, who was in fact getting turned on by the fact that they were both going to shower together.

"Is there room for one more?" Roy asked gently.

"I think so, it's just the guest shower but I'm sure we'll find room." Their bodies so close to each other as the water poured down them both. Roy being the taller one stood behind Ed so that Ed could still be washed. Ed reached for the shampoo and slowly began to wash his hair. He passed the bottle to Roy who also began to wash his hair; Ed seemed to take better care of his hair. Roy didn't much care how his hair looked. Then Ed grabbed the bar of soap and without even thinking, began to rub it on Mustang's body. Roy let out a moan of enjoyment. Ed wasn't even thinking again, he had no control over his actions. Ed got lower and lower until he began stroking the groin of Roy; using his hand and the bar of soap. Roy could only let out pleasurable moans. Ed then rubbed the inner thigh of Roy and continued to his feet. "Now do me." Ed asked innocently.

"Uhm, ok." Roy agreed. He slowly grabbed the bar from Ed who was in the process of standing up, and he began to soap up the blond boy. Roy did the same thing as Ed did to him. Started at the top and slowly worked his way down. Ed just moaned as Roy had before him. They continued this for a bit. Then Ed rinsed off and Roy did the same. Roy thought, That's it? But he figured the boy wasn't quite ready for that sort of thing yet, Ed saw right through Roy and knew what he was feeling. Ed knew he wasn't ready for this, he wanted the time that he finally gave up his virgin body to be a magical one.

Roy sometimes forgot about Ed's age. He wasn't too young, but young enough. Roy headed off to work while Ed stayed back and explored around the mansion. All day Roy couldn't concentrate, and over his intercom between him and Hughes he kept talking about how great things are. Just as Hughes once did, Hughes knew that when people got annoyed with him it's because they were either out of that stage or hadn't gotten there yet. He decided to leave out the shower scene, he figured Hughes didn't want to hear about that yet. He did re-assure Hughes that they hadn't had sex yet.

"How are you?" Roy asked to Hughes.

"Oh, um… I'm alright, I finally got to remove the bandages from my head…" Hughes said despairingly.

"Yeah I noticed! That's so exciting." Roy said.

"Yeah I guess." Hughes replied.

"Umm you're happy about it right? I mean you've been waiting for this for a long time…" Roy said with a worried tone.

"Gracie… When I took off my bandages she screamed… and ran away…" Hughes said.

"Oh my…" Roy said shocked. "Hughes, I'm giving you the rest of the day off… Go home get some rest and come back whenever you like. No pressure." Roy added. Hughes didn't want to leave, but Roy insisted. He packed up his stuff and left. Hughes went home, and Roy was alone at work again. He missed Ed already, so he decided to call.

-Ring, ring, ring-

"Hello?" The maid answered.

"Is Ed there?" Roy asked.

"Umm, no he left a long time ago in a hurry." She responded. "He was crying and didn't respond when I inquired." She added.

"Oh god… hmm I'm going to take a personal day and go looking for him, he helped me finish this week's paper's anyways." Roy said aloud as he thought to himself.


They hung up and Roy ran out of the office. He searched all over town and then headed home to see if they had any news. Ed had called and notified the maid's to let Roy know that he was at the hospital.

"All he said was… 'I'm at the hospital… Al… Hurry!' He was crying too." The maid said. He then ran out and drove as fast as he could to the hospital where he found Ed in the hallway of the Emergency ward bawling his eyes out.

"There's… There's been an accident…" Ed said.

OH NOES a cliff hangar!

A/N: This chapter was imo perfect for the time being. It had SOME yaoi in it, but not too much, and the conflict with Al could bring them closer, but then again we'll see.