This is my 2st story. I hope that you like it. I don't really make the SasuSaku or ItaSauk very much but my friend Amanda wanted me to write it because she loves the love pairings.

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It was a sort of day that Sakura thogught was beautyful. She was outside and walking down a path in the Road of konoha. she stopped to smell the flowers growing in the ground.

I'm am sad, she thought. SHe was very heart-ache because she could not find Sasuke. He had pormised her that they would make a date together today. She found a note he had write for her earlier today that said so.


"I has a note for you, girl-kid," Saukra's mother called to hEr as she was walk down the stares to see her mother that called; Sakura said "what mom"?

"I say I has a note for you," her mom said again and gaves the note to Sakuera who read the note and letters. The note had the words like this:

DearSakura Chan,

I want to sorry for all the mean and nasty cold-hearted things I have done to you in the time before now is. I just was said those mean and nasty and cold-hearted things because I not know how to say my feelungs. My REAL feelings for you. The truth is I am love you very much in all my heart. I want to meet together under the cherry-flower-blossom-tree tree in Konoha park at tomorrow.

Sasuke, with love. (oh what a sweet letter lol XD)

Sakura healt the letter paper to her chest and heart. SHe felt her face blush a pink. Her mother smiled, she knew that her little girl was found love.


But sakura was here now at the same park the letter said to be in and at. SHe looked arounfd and did not see Sauske and she waited and she did not see Sasuke come so she waited and looked olonger.

she waited there for one hour waiting for Sasuke and come to her. SHe imigened (splling?) him taking her into his warm stong ninja-man arms and holding her close to to his body. SHe imaged him making sex to her intop of the pink cherry petal-flowers. Her face wernt red at that sexfulled thought.

She stayed there for a while, lost in her mind that was lost in her love thoughts. SUDDENLY she felt a thing on her shoulder that had fingers like a hand ! That was a hand!

COuld it be Saske finally?! she think as she spins around to see who touched her. She turn-spinned around to see a pair of eyes that certainly look like Sasuke with his sharingan eyes... but they were not his eyes!

"Who are you?" she asks as she looks at the person who touchher. She could see that he had black hair also like Sasuke and very light skin aslo like Sasuke as well. The touching-person man was taller, thoug, and he was haves strang lines on his face.

"You are such a foolosh little girl." He said, looking at her body\up and down, first he looked at her upperhalf then down to her lower half and looked up again. She felt a wired feeling like a shivered when he looked at her like that.

"I SAID you to tell me your name!" she yelled, crossing her arms of anger.

The strange man smiled a mad-look smile. It was evil-looked and made Aakura shiver again like she was ice all over her.

The man sadi "how silly of me. How silly and rude indeed. I am a Uchiha. COuldn't you not tell?"

Sakuras' eyes were became wide. No... a Uchiha? SHe thought all the uchiha people did not alive anymore exept for Sasuke... but wait... that means...

"OH MY GOD! You're.. your Itachi uchiha!" she covered her gasp-mouth as it gasped.

It was the murdering Itashi Uchiha... the one who killed his whole family besides the Sasuke! He was in the evil SAkatsuki and he very dangering!

"yes. that is right," he said, and then moved his hand down and up (first down then up since his hand was at her shoulder first lol) and said, "Now, I am goiong to use you to hurts Sasuke even more. Since I kill the family, he has leanred to love humans again,"

"But... I not't understand!" Sakura yelled, but Itachi covered her yell-mouth and said, "I want to hurt Sasuke-brother by hurting you. Becase he loves you."

Then Itachi's sharingen eyes started to spin around and around and arounds and around and around..

He pushed Sakura down, and she landed on the ground. She hoped that the grass makes the fall softer but it does'nt. He then bend down and licks his lips that then go onto Sakura's lips, or in other words he lick his lips and they kiss.

"NO! DO NOT DO!" Sakura yell, squiriming and trying to escape Itachi who has sat on her and start to remove her cloths. He still smiles the sad, mean smiles and then she is not clothed. SHe is NAKED! (how embrerassing, being naked in the middle of the day, in the park like that, poor Sakura!)

He then takes his evil robe off of his body and Sakura sees that he does not wearing any cloths behind it! SHe closes her eyes (both of them :P)
and tries not to scream when Itachi says...

"And now... we begin the rapetime, my little cherry-flower love-girl.."