In the last chapter we stopped read when Sasuke was on his way to see Sakura being rapetime by Itachi. Remember? SO now I'll continue from.

Sasuke went to see Sakura as quick as he could. After a while of walk he was tired but he got to the big-tree with the cherryblossons in Konoha, park that thy were going to meet. HE didn't see her imidiatly (selling) but when he did he wasn't believe his own eyes!

Sakura was lieing in the bed of cherrey flowerblossom on the gorund. He face went TOTALLY pink like her hair and the flower and the blossomflowers and her lips and cheeks because he saw that she was NAKED! It was very embarassing for Sasuke because he had much loves for her and didn't know why she was ov naked in the park! So he was blushed.

He ben t down and took off his shirt (mmm hot, lol) to cover up the Sakura bareness that was exposing skin.
He did this and he saw sad, sorrowing tears rolling down her cheecks that weren't pink anymore because she wasn't blushing not because she was not be happytime! He was very saddeness because he never wanted Sakur to be sadness also! BEcause they were in Love!

"sakura why are you cry and naked in the Park? Did some bad happenning?" he asking bruching tears away from her facecheeks with soft kisses filledwith happy-love.

"IO... Itachi.." sakura saaid blusching now. she blush because even though the rapetime was had she was so happy feleling that Sasuke was touching with lips, "Itachi... he... sexed me... with rape!"

Sasukes eyes went wide! VERY BIG WIDE! He couldnt' believed that his older brother could ever do such a mean-terriblesad thing like as having rapetime with Sakurera! ANGER! flowed into his mind! Hes eyes went from being bigwide to narrow. He was so upst! Itachi had rape his girl love!

How could anyone hutful sextime this prefect cherryflower angel, he thought waith angrey-sadness made inside his heart.

"Sasuke kun" saukura said with a soft voice, "Im scared. I don't want to hurting from Itachi any again! I..." sher blush got more blushy, "I just only want you to... too make sex wih me from now on."

Sasuke suddenly the anger was leaving him, even though he would always sad and anger forever, beause Itachi killed they family, and now he hurt Sakura... but hearing thise words fomr her soft, delicate pinky lips; he was feeling no more not so sadness.

"I has something to say," Saskue said, brusing some hair from her face and puttong it behind her ear "that... I has so much love for you. I have love you and I will make sure no more rapetime or hurts ever happen to you again... I love."

Sakura eyes also went big! EVEN BIG MORER THAT SASUKES! She knew taht he had alwsys loves her because it said so in the wordpaper he left. but hearing him say that words and sentance of love with his own mouth made her heart stop making the beat! She was so much love with him! So happy she was, so much love was inside... she thoughts her heart and mind and soul were explOSION from the love. Love.

They loked in too theyre eyes and loved it very so. Love. Sasuke waas thnkikn of plan to get itchis back for the mean-faced-guy thing he did to sakura the RAPE TIME! They thogut anf thoghuet of the [plan to make. They thogut long and hard and eventally they came up with something!

They ran fastb qucily yo itchai hoo was already awiting for this to happen. He stood by the tree thinking to himself. WHAT I DID WAS WRONG OR RIGHT?
Itchy said to hisself. HMMMMM he did not know. So then they APEARED and jumped on him and ripped off his clothes and went in the house and stole more of his clothes so he had no clothes EVER AGAIN! (OMG HOT!) He couldn't go buy more of the clothes cause he was akatsuki and those robe was special oprder and HE HAD NO MONEYY!S

Neji ad Naruto were walking around in the town and saw sakue and sasuke with many many piles of clothes in hands of them. Love. Naruto and Neji were thinking. WHO HAS NO CLOTHS ON!?

It was itachi and he was of the nakedness. They thogut something was wrong and that itchy was a BAD BOY and needs to have a punishemtn (splliedng?) so they took them deep into the basemnent where the happened the RAPE-TIME! (omg itchy rapetime again only this time in hiS BUM!)

they happened this for 6 months and itchy had baby in sakura so they aborted. POOR FETUS BABY DEMON! THE BABY COULDNT EVEN LIVE HIS BREATH IOF his! (ooo six month rapetime!)

And Saukura and Sasuke got married soo anfer they were admitted there love. They got married. It was a happyness wedding and there were flowers of pink but also of rainbow colour all over the wedding and at the wedding was the priesdt to make up for his hurting rapetime of Sakura and of baby taht was not. Alive. Love.

Neji and Naruto continued make their sexy-man-love-time in room of that theirs and also on tabel and also on copuch and also on floor and aslo on fence and walls on sink and even TOILET (EEEeeEEwwwwWW toiled water!)

After the six mothn rapetime, Itachi never sat down again.


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