To Love and To Be loved

Please tell me if this sucks or not I just made this up during my free time, review please don't flame. Dedicated to my BFFL Nicki

I have loved, been loved, and been heart broken

I have tried to be like everbody else

But I am not , nor can I

I have a gap in my heart that bothers me

I have a place in my heart I've yet to give and I hold

My heart aches in so many ways

It hurts to smile, it hurts to laugh

My gap is big and empty in need of love

But when I loved long ago I lost my loved one

Thats why I have this gap in my heart

My wish is o soar above the skies where no one can find me

My wish is to be swept off my feet and have that gap go up and away

I wish I was loved by someone the way I use to be

But my smile has faded, if i smile it is not the same

But my lauh has faded, if I laugh it is not the same

And a piece of my heart is missing. it took away my joy

It ook abig chunk of things, so it hurts to even love

I have loved with a greater intensity than anyone who has ever lived

I have needed love for quite some time now

But my fear is loving with the great intensity I had before

What is wrong with this you ask? It's just one thing

It's loving with that great intensity, and not being loved back

And trust me it is very hard

I should know for I have loved and not been loved back before

To anyone who has this I wish you the best of luck

But for me, my love has yet to come

But when it does I'll be here waiting to love and to be loved back