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Edward's POV

Finally, it was the end of the school day; time seems to trickle slower every time I am away from Bella. As I rushed towards her classroom, her aroma began to fill my nose and sooth my excitement for what was about to happen, although, nothing could truly calm me from the excitement of what Emmett and I have prepared for Newton, not even Jasper.

As I managed to reach her classroom at the annoying human pace I was forced to use, she was emerging from the room. Her chocolate brown eyes saw me immediately and she turned her body towards me ready for embrace. We kissed passionately like always, making her come up for breath. I chuckled.

We walked into the parking lot where my Volvo was parked I held the door open for her while she got in then went to my side.

"Where to?" I asked buckling my seatbelt.

"Your house, Charlie's fishing today and wont be back for a while." I smiled and pulled out of the parking place.

"Edward, I have to tell you something." Bella said after a while. "Renee called up and said that Phil is out of town for the week and asked Charlie if I could come up for a few days. Charlie thinks it's a great idea and is forcing me to go." She took a deep breath.

"When are you leaving?" I asked not knowing what else to say. She looked up at me.

"Tomorrow." She replied looking sad. I was sad too, a few days felt like and eternity away. I tried to stay positive.

"Well at least you get to see your mom." I said trying to keep all hints of my real feelings.

Yeah, I guess so but I don't want to leave you." Her eyes looked sad. I grabbed her hand. The warmth was soothing.

"I don't want you to leave either but we can still talk over the phone until you come home. I will keep my cell phone with me at all times." I said trying to make the sadness go away.

"You should hunt too." She replied looking in my eyes. She kissed me as we got out of the car.

"Hi Bella!" Emmett came over and pulled her into one of his famous bear hugs. Alice came rushing down the stairs dancing over to Bella. Reading Alice's thoughts I was easily able to figure out why she was so excited, although, it was obvious for anyone who couldn't read minds.

Bella is going to need another makeover if she is going on a date with Edward tonight.

I watched as she grabbed Bella and dragged her up the stairs. Bella's brown eyes full of annoyance. I chuckled. Poor Bella.

While was Bella was upstairs with Alice and Rosalie, Emmett challenged me to a video game. Due to his impatience to the game, I kept winning.

"YOU CHEAT!" Emmett yelled outraged. I sighed keeping my patience.

"I did not cheat." I snapped. He just got madder and jumped on me. We wrestled for a few minutes until he had me pinned.

"Emmett get off of me!" I growled. He started grinning madly.

"If you want me to get off you then you have to accept my dare." He said still smiling. I tried reading his mind.

Just accept the dare and I will tell you what it is, for now STAY OUT OF MY MIND!

I sighed, "Fine, what's the stupid dare." I murmured. He got up and just started grinning again.

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