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Monday morning I wrapped my ankle up to make it look hurt. All I had to do is add a slight limp and it will be convincing enough. I jumped in my now repainted Volvo and headed to Bella's.

As we got to school I departed from Bella and begrudgingly 'limped' to my class. Ignoring the sympathetic thoughts of my classmates (which is mostly sarcastic for the men), I opened my book and pretended to read the chapter until class started.

Half-way through class one of the principal's secretaries came in and handed the teacher a note.

"Edward, head to the principal's office after class." She said absentmindedly as she turned back to the board to continue her lesson. After class, I made no haste to get there. As I entered the office building the secretary from before immediately sent me in without wait. The Principal was writing what her thoughts told to be a reminder for errands later. She looked up and smiled at me when she noticed my arrival.

"Edward, please sit." She said as she waved her hand to the nearest chair. "I would like to apologize for your injury. I did not expect it to go that far. I feel that you have learned your lesson and there is no more need to cheer if you so choose. All you have to do is turn in your uniform."

"I thought I could just give it to you…" I said quickly hoping to not have to see them again.

Yea right. Like I'm going to be in a room alone with those devil cheerleaders. Oh…an excuse…

"I'm afraid I have to many errands to run so I don't have any time." She said quickly.

Please take the bait, please take the bait…

"Surely you can just drop it off on your way can't you? I don't even go by there during my day…" I said enjoying her thoughts too much to let this game end.

Damn persistent kid. Like hell I'm going to converse with those demons…

"Well then I guess you can do it after school before you go home. I know you are aware that they are practicing today. I'm sure they would be happy to say goodbye!"

Or suck his blood dry…

I found it harder to keep a straight face as she thought this and decided to leave. "Yes ma'am." She dismissed me quickly so I couldn't argue more. I left the office with a slight smile on my face.

After school I headed to the gym with my uniform hoping to get it over with. When I entered the lights were off and the girls were in a circle with candles lit. They looked up as I walked up.




Trying not to freak out, I handed the head cheerleader the uniform. "Thank you for the help. It was…fun." The last part came out as a question. The head cheerleader smiled but handed it back.

"Once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader. Keep it!" She said.

Aw, I'm going to miss him…

He was nice…

Cricket, cricket, cricket,….

Breathe…breathe…okay now blink…OH GOD! Breathe…there…forgot for a second…

I have to remember to block them from now on. I quickly shook my head and handed it to her and started to leave the still dark gym.

"She said to take it!" I turned around quickly. One of the girls was on all fours barking maniacally like a dog. The rest was standing up around their leader. One had a knife with what smelt like animal blood. I sighed.

"Fine…" I grabbed it and left before there was anymore argument. I left quickly and met Bella in the parking lot. She frowned when she saw my face and the uniform still in my hands.

"What happened?" I sighed and ran my hand through my hair.

"Never…again…" I said cringing. She got what I meant immediately and started laughing. The sound immediately made me feel a bit better.

"At least it's over." She said at last smiling. She kissed me and we jumped in the car and headed to her house.

Yes. Over...or is it?


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