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Recap: " sweet too bad this has to end. "Slade said holding a gun to them.

Richard put Kori behind him instantly. Slade watched as they cowered in fear of him.

"What do you want? "Kori asked her voice shaking

"On the contrary my dear I think you know exactly what I want. "

"Well your not getting him I can guarantee you that Slade." Richard said sure of himself

"Oh well Richard I always get what I want…and I can assure if you keep talking back I will make you watch that boy die along with Kori." At that Richard's mouth became very dry and found he could not say anything.

"As we speak my men are looking for that boy." At that Kori's face became pale

"Don't worry dear they won't kill him….I will." At that Kori felt faint.

With Terrence …...

Terence knew they were coming after him he had excepted it. He had felt his mother's fear increase by far and could only assume it was Slade's doing. He left the hospital as fast as he could and thankfully he wasn't noticed. He knew he couldn't take on Slade and save his mom and Richard. He was going to need help he quickly flew to where he at least hoped he would be safe.

Back with Rich and Kori …...

After a few hours of being tied up. Slade's men came back empty handed.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN"T FIND HIM!" He then looked at Kori and Richard.

"It seems our son is smarter then I thought Kori."

"He is not your son you bastard." He then made his weay to Kori and looked at her for a brief moment. Silence filled the room that was then replaced by a loud smack. Slade then made his way to the door.

"Men bring them with us we need them as bait."

Richard then walked over to where Kori lay on the floor silently sobbing. He picked her up into his arms and cradled her.

"Kori look at me." Kori looked up at him with a red, tearstained face.

"He'll be ok Kori don't you worry, he'll be ok."

Slade's men then came over to them and put a needle in them. Everything was black.

A little while later they woke up in a dark room.

Richard woke up in a room, he immediately looked for Kori and was relived to see her laying down next to him unconscious.

"Kori." Richard said calmly, he received no response.

"Kori." He nudged her gently. He then saw her eyes flutter open

"Richard where are we?" She asked as she looked at her surroundings

"I don't know the last thing I remember was Slade's men shot some drug in us. " Then the door opened and Slade's voice was crystal clear as his men took them out of there and into another room. This one resembled a laboratory similar to one showed on Television programs owned by a mad scientist. Slade then came into view as they were being strapped against the wall in chains.

"So glad you two could join me here, it seemed like I gave you a bit too much of that drug. Maybe a little bit lighter dose next time. As for your boy….my men have not found him….so that's where you two come in." At that 4 of his men went and grabbed Kori and put her in a chair and strapped her up.

"Your going to be bait. What is going to happen is I will shock you with 100,000 volts of electricity, that is if that boy of yours doesn't come and save you from certain death."

"KORI!" Richard yelled with all his might struggling to get out of his chains.

"Say goodbye Kori." Slade hissed out

Then there was a blue expolsion that destroyed the wall behind them. Then Terrence appeared out of the smoke, with Ryan following.

"No Slade my mom's not going anywhere." Terrence said.

At his words Slade looked amused.

"Do you really think you can defeat me Terrence?"

"My mom taught me I could do anything I set my mind to."

Slade chuckled.

"Men, get him." Slade commanded

Men swarmed around Terrence. Terence's eyes glowed fiercely. He then had a blue light around him which knocked all the men out. Terence looked at Slade amused

"You really thought it'd be that easy?" Terence asked. Slade then improvised he then lunged at Terrence who flew at his attack. Terrence then fired star bolts at him.

Meanwhile Ryan helped Richard out of his chains and then Kori. By the time they were out of chains they saw Terence being knocked to the floor.

"Silly boy, do you really think I didn't except this. I let you win at first. Know you and your family will die. " At that tons of robots crawled out of the place surronding them, they were out numbered by far.

"Goodbye, and good riddance my boy, by the way you gave me a DNA sample already." At that Slade showed some of Terence's hair which was in a plastic bag. Slade then ran out.

"I can't believe he got away." Kori said

"No he didn't mom." Terence said with a grin

"What do you mean?" She asked

"We called the police before we came they're outside arresting Slade as we speak." Ryan said proudly

"But what do we do now?" Richard asked noticing the robots coming closer and closer

"Watch this I can do it." Terence closed his eyes and a blue light surronding all the robots as they all fell apart.

"Nice job Terence." Ryan said

They looked around hopping to find a way out. They did, it was a huge door that was only opened with a lever, when stepped in the room gas leaked out. They started coughing.

"What is that." Terence asked coughing

" It's methyl isocyanate." Kori answered

"What?" He asked again

"It's a deadly gas that can kill you." She said


"Someone has to stay and crank the lever." Richard said

Then at his words the door started opening, they looked and saw Ryan cranking

"Ryan, no!" Kori pleaded

"Uncle Ryan! Don't!

"Go I'll be fine…Richard take good care of them please!" He begged

"I will."

"Ryan, NO!" Kori yelled as Richard carried her out.

"One last thing, Kori, Terence, and Richard, don't forget me."

"Kori then started crying she then said "I promise Ryan, I promise." They then made it outside and walked until they found Rachel, Gar, Vic and all the other officers taking care of Slade. They then called out to them, Rachel looked and then told the others.

"Are you ok guys?" Rachel asked

"We're fine, Ryan's still in there though can you get to him in time?" Kori asked

"We can only try no promises." At that Rachel then asked three people to go in there, they put gas masks on and went in.

An hour passed when those three people came out with a body wrapped up with towels.

Rachel came over to them and shook her head in a sad way. Kori band Terence started sobbing again as Richard held on to them as tight as he could in a loving way. He knew that things were never going to be the same ever again, but as long as he was with Kori and Terrence he would be ok, that was for sure."

Two Years later Two years later Two years later Two years later Two years later Two years later….

One year later many things had happened. They had told everyone about their adventure, even Bruce Wayne, Richard's father what had happened and introduced them all. Kori and Richard had learned much about each other and were stronger then ever in there relationship. Terence loved his grandpa Bruce, but that might have something to do with the amount of presents Bruce bought for him. One of the most important things that happened was Rachel and Gar started going out, so did Victor and Karen Beecher. Another thing and probably the most important was that Richard asked Kori to marry him. Of course she said yes, and they were to be married 5 months later. When they did get married it was perfect…it was outside in a beautiful garden, with flowers and roses surrounding it.. Terence was the ring barer(Not sure if that's how it's spelt) and Rachel was the maid of honor and Victor the best man. Bruce was there, all of the police officers there(NOT IN UNIFORMS ..that would be weird.) And Kori's real father was there as well.(After Ryan's death they had been reunited and had been very close) Kori of course was so nervous thinking something wrong would happen. It was a perfect day the sun was shinning, Kori looked stunning and Richard was looking very nice. They were married and couldn't stop smiling or looking into each others eyes. Now in the present day. A few months later Kori became pregnant as well. And now we will go to the very last day of Kori's pregnancy.

It was 5 in the morning when Kori woke up in the middle of the night relizing her water had broken.

"Richard." She said, no response

"Richard." she said louder

"Richard Grayson get up!" She yelled still no response. She then stood up and pushed Richard out of the bed and onto the floor. At that he woke up.

"Huh?" He said waking up. He saw Kori above him saying "Get dressed we're going to the hospital now." She then left to get ready. It took him a while to understand what was happening before he left to get dressed as well. They woke Terence up, who was not very happy about the fact he had to wake up at 5 in the morning and was grumbling in the back seat of the car saying things like. 'That baby couldn't wait till noon to wake us up.' Kori called Bruce as well getting the same response she got from Richard and Terence but he drove to the hospital as well. When they got there Kori was screaming.

"AHHHHHH!" Kori then grabbed on to her husband's hand very tightly.

"AHHH!" Richard screamed out of pain. Doctors and nurses ran over and got Kori on a wheel chair, by the time they got to the room Kori was ready to have that baby.

"AHHH! Richard you got me into this! AHHH!"

"Kori calm down." He said


"Push Kori push!"


Meanwhile outside Terence and Bruce were sitting outside listening to every word and every scream. They thanked God they weren't in there with her.

A couple of hours later….

A nurse came out looking very exhausted saying to Bruce and Terence saying "You can go in now." They went in, while the nurse sat down and took out some Advil, boy did she need it. When they went inside they saw Kori holding a little baby boy and Richard cooing over the baby.

"Thank god it's a boy. "Bruce and Terence said

They went over to the baby. The baby had tan skin and light blue eyes. And you could tell he was going to have red hair by the little strands sticking out.

"He's gorgeous. "Richard said while holding him

"What is his name?" Terrence asked sitting next to his mom on the bed

"His name Is Ryan John Grayson." Kori said

"That's a perfect name Kori." Richard said

Then everyone came in through the doors Vic, Karen, Rachel ,Gar, Kori's dad Myan, and every one at the police station carrying baby toys and teddy bears, even somethings for Terrence, so he wouldn't feel left out.

Kori and Richard looked into each others eyes.

"You know Kori loving you changed my life."

"Loving you changed my life as well Richard." They then kissed no very romantically but a simple but very meaningful kiss.


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