Hello everyone I've been thinking about this tell me if it's ok I made i up on the spot. Please enjoy

Loving you changed my life

Richard Grayson:26 blue eyes black ebony hair

Kori Anders: 25 Red hair green eyes

Gar Logan:25 bond hair forest green eyes

Rachel Roth:25 black hair (always died purple though) with blue eyes

Victor Stone:26 bald brown eyes

Richard Grayson walked down the streets of Jump city. He had just gotten off his plane and was looking around trying to get an idea of the city. He had just moved here from Gotham City, away from his troubles. By troubles it was girls and not just girls one girl, one girl who had won his heart and still kept it with her in Gotham. He couldn't be anymore depressed then this. It was just a normal day for Richard. He had gotten off work early so he was going to surpise his girlfriend Barbra Gorden at her apartment. When he went in he saw her with his bestfriend Xaiver Redd in bed together. He had no choice but to break up with Barbra and for Xaiver he tried to forgive and forget but he couldn't, so he had left out of desperatio to get away from the Gotham and choice Jump city where he had three trusty friends. Victor Stone a african american that he has been friends with since middle school. Garfield Logan or as the ladies call him(if there were any, lol) Gar, the blond haired vegeterian, who thinks he's funny. Last but not least Rachel Roth, the dark depressing one, but she is really sweet once you get to know had told them he would meet them at their job, the police station. They were cops, he was one as well, he was going to join them there. He started walking to the police station. On the way he couldn't help but think about what were to happen if the Barbra incident happened again.

No I can't let that happe again, it still hurts. I make a promise right now that I will never fall in love again.

He then reached the police station. He walked up the stairs and reached the building. Hec walked over to where he saw his friends.

"Hey guys long time no see"

"Rich it's good to see ya again man." Vic said as he gave him a man hug

"Sorry to hear about ...Barbra, I never liked her really." Gar said giving him a high five

"It is good to see you Dick but it'd be better if it were under better circumstances." Rachel said

"Guys don't worry about me i'm fine. How are you guys though?"

"We're all good, now about the chief."

"I'll be fine Rae, just tell me where to go."

"Down the hall 5th door to your left good luck your gonna need it." Rachel advised

"I'll be back."

So he followed Rachel's directions, and knocked on the door. Instead of hearing a gruff low voice as he excepted he heard a higher one saying to come in.

He opened the door and saw a girl with long fiery red hair and the most unusual but beautiful emerald eyes. With that he had only one thought.

So much for that promise.