-1Chapter 14: The Fights

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Ryan's Point of View

After my friend Andy gave us orders which we all followed feeling confident that he would get us through this. I quickly blew Lash into a spare classroom so he and Speed couldn't team up. Nodding to Melissa we took off after him I was the first through the door but was closed line by and extended arm, bad idea on Lash's part as a rock slammed into his arm right after sending it flying back into his body. I got up and brushed myself off, "Thank Melissa, now lets deal with this reject from a carnival." She smiled and nodded and we squared off. Lash stretched out into a net like fashion hoping to bind us both but Melissa was faster and had better control another rock slammed into the center of his chest at full power knocking him flat on his ass. I followed up with a brutal gust of wind that lifted him off the ground slamming him into the ceiling wrapping him around the ceiling beams like a laffy taffy. Another gust of wind brought him back down to the ground unconscious. Melissa created four huge boulders and we tied him so each of his limbs were strapped to a boulder he wasn't going anywhere. We nodded had a quick make out session since our adrenalin was pumping then went to see how the other were doing.

Warren's Point of View

Warren smiled as he saw speed kicking into high gear for his super speed. "I fell for you trick once, but now I have the beautiful companion here so it won't happen again." Speed rushed Warren but Alana was faster a small puddle of water appeared right in front of Speed causing him to slip and slam into the wall. "And that was all that was wrote," stated Warren as he lit up and launched a fireball at Speed starting his shirt on fire. Speed started rolling around trying to put himself out, this caused Warren and Alana burst into fits of laughter. "Alana put him out, and trap him in the bubble you placed me in," stated Warren recovering his cool attitude. Alana taking a few more minutes to recover held up her hand as a bubble appeared in it that she let float off her hand. It grew and grew until it was the same size that Speed was. It enveloped him trapping him inside the bubble that then rested on the ground. The fire was out and Speed was trapped it was time to go see if anyone else needed any help.

Layla's Point of View

The copy girl backed Layla into the cafeteria, "What aren't you going to attack me?" taunted the girl. "I don't believe in using my powers for violence," replied Layla. "Ha…I bet you don't even have any powers," taunted the girl again. Layla just continued backing up till she hit the wall. The copy girl flipped and tumbled closer and closer it was 6 against 1 not exactly what you would call fair. The girl got closer and closer until she stood right in front of Layla, then she slapped her. Layla's head went sideways then she looked back the copy girl had a triumphant look on her face. Layla just glared, "You shouldn't of done that." She raised her hands as she looked like she lifted off the ground tons and tons of vines appeared in the window behind her along with a bright white light it made her look like Gaia or something. She tossed her hands forwards the vines rushed forwards wrapping around the chairs and tables. Then they wrapped around the copy girl and all of her copies. The copy girl was speechless, "But you're just a sidekick?" Layla just looked at her and shook her head and then started to leave. "Wait don't leave us here Gwen rigged the place to fall down to earth, you can't just leave us here we will all die," stated the copy girl. Layla stopped and smiled, "Andy was right," she whispered, "just hand around for a little bit you will be fine," she stated to the copy girl then left the cafeteria, which now looked like a jungle.

Gregg's Point of View

Megenta and me made our way to Principal Powers room where we went through the papers until they came across the plans of the school. They looked at it and memorized the path to the anti-gravity device. When they both got it they rushed to the air duct that will take them the device. A few halls and they found it, "Well this is the one time to go Meg." I turned into a horse and kicked the vent in then transformed into a ferret so I could follow Meg who had turned into her gerbil. They scurried through the vents and ducts taking turn upon turn until they reached the anti-gravity control. Sure enough there was a device attached to it with Royal Pains symbol on it. So how are we going to get this cut I stated in thought-speech. This was something Meg and me figured out when we first started talking and practicing it was basically us talking in each others mind. How about a lobster you think you can handle that stated Meg in a teasing voice. Yes I can handle it but I think you should do it I stated with a shrug. WHAT! You know I can only do this gerbil form stated Meg. You make such a cute gerbil to but I know you can do more you have been practicing just picture the lobster and fit your body into it, I know you can do it I stated with a ferret smile. She nodded as a gerbil and then started to focus…it took her 3 whole minutes with a lot of I can't do this but finally she transformed into a lobster. I nodded as a ferret See I told you, you could do it. The lobster nodded and started working on the wires You know we would cut through this faster if you would help me mister. I gave another ferret nod and turned into a lobster as well and started cutting the wire. After about 30 seconds the wire snapped. Well the rest of it is up to Andy lets hope he is doing good I stated to Meg and we started to head back through the duct.

Andy's Point of View

I covered my back in a plate of bone as I crashed through a wall, "The damn bitch hit me with a toaster," I stated referring to her suit which was a giant toaster oven in my opinion. I got up brushed myself off through my arms down as bone blades slid through my skin on my knuckles. "Well this is going to be harder then I thought," I stated, "ready or not here I come bitch." I rushed back through the hole I came through and charging Gwen or Royal Pain or whoever she is. "Back for more?" she taunted. "What can I say I am a sucker for punishment," I jumped up as she through a table at me pushed off a wall and slammed into her my blades digging into her side. Not drawing blood or anything but causing her to fall back. A lightning bolt came at me from one of the lights I rolled to one side as it struck my shoulder which I had quickly covered in bone plating. "Ha you think you can beat the great Royal Pain?" stated Gwen. "Actually yes I do, see you are prideful me I am just trying to save my friends," I stated as I jumped up grabbed a beam on the ceiling dodging another bolt of electricity. "You know your shocking personality is getting kind of old," I stated jumping behind her and smashing into the nook of her back sending her flying forwards. She got up but I launched a dozen bone spikes pinning her to the ground, "I think you have had enough fun for one night." Suddenly a dozen vines wrapped around her waist, arms, legs, and shoulders, "I have to agree with you Andy." I smiled as Layla walked up to me giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I put my arm around her waist, "Well you're the boss." Next a circle of fire surrounded Gwen as well it was at least 6' tall. "Gosh Andy didn't leave any fun for the rest of us," stated Warren walking up with Alana behind him chuckling. Ryan and Melissa walked up next, "That's it for you Royal Pain." She started to laugh, "Its not over till its over," a few buttons clicked on her arm. I just leaned against a wall…she did the buttons again with her mind, again and again, "What this school should be falling like a rock to the ground," stated Royal Pain. "You know Meg she isn't a fast learner for being so smart," stated Gregg walking up to us. "You disabled it but how did you know I rigged it?" stated Gwen. "Well see you're the kind of villain who would have a backup plan and what better one then destroying the school you hate so much, and what better way to destroy it then dropping it to earth," I stated with a shrug. Layla smiled as Gwen sputtered Layla waved her hand as a vine wrapped around her mouth, "She was getting annoying."

Author's Notes

Alright here it is the second to last chapter! There is a few other disclaimers I need to discuss thought speech is from Animorphs. Also I did take the line "The bitch hit me with a toaster" from Scrooged I like that line and just watched the movie the other day so I put it in there shrugs. I still want peoples suggestions on if I should continue into there Sophomore year I would start that one during the winter and then Junior spring and finally Senior around graduation if I continue that much. Alright that's it for me! R&R!