-1Chapter 2: Bus Ride

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I waited at the bus stop for about 2 minutes when I was suddenly toppled over by a gust of wind. I tumbled backwards into the air landing on my hand and vaulting onto my legs. "Ryan watch where you blowing your hot air!" I called out to the person walking up to the bus stop. He stood the same height as me, 5' 6", had sky blue eyes with black hair that had sky blue streaks in it that have been there since he was a baby. Also he has a tattoo representing a gust of wind going up both arms. He was wearing a sky blue t-shirt with a pair of blue jeans. "Oh come on Andy your hard head can handle it," he tossed back to me. "Whatever," I shrugged we have been going on like this since we were like toddlers. Our families have known each other since forever our parents went to school together and my older sister is dating his older brother.

"You ready for our first day?" I asked him sitting down on the curve. "You know it but what are you going to do your 'code of honor' doesn't allow you to show off for power placement, even though your power is amazing," stated Ryan. I shrugged, "Not show off so what if I get placed in side-kick I think it is stupid anyway, side-kick classes are easier anyway." Ryan shook his head, "Active as always bonehead." I chuckled, "You know it wind bag." About 3 minutes later the bus arrived and we got on. We nodded our heads as the bus driver Ron introduced himself and than made our way to the middle of the bus. We saw Ryan's cousin and went and sat down in front of him. "What's up hot-head?" I stated not turning my head. "Nothing bone head, you?" stated Ryan's cousin. He was taller than us and a year older, he had jet black hair much like Ryan's but had red streaks through it instead of sky blue. He also had a set of tattoo's much like Ryan's except his were flames around his wrists. His name was Warren Peace his dad was a villain, pyro-kinetic, and his mother, pyro-psychic, was a hero giving him a bad reputation. "How about you wind bag?" asked Warren. "Going good, how is your mother?" "She is getting along nicely. That was it for conversation between the two of us till our next stop came.

The stop was our last one and two people got on a boy and a girl. The boy had brown hair and stood about the same height as me and Ryan. The bus suddenly went into a roar of whispers and giggles as this boy was Will Stronghold, the son of Jetstream and the Commander. These two were only the most famous hero's in the city and it was no surprise that there son would be popular as soon as he walked onto the bus. I shook my head and nothing special about him suddenly my back felt like it was going to catch on fire, "Hot-head cool it I know his father put yours in jail but your going to light the bus on fire." Warren glared at Will one more time but than doused the flames that were balled up in his hands, Warren was a pyro-kinetic just like his father which added to his already poor reputation, pyro-kinetic's could create and manipulate fire. The girl was the one that caught my attention she had long red hair with a lily stuck into it, she was wearing a green tank-top and a long green dress. She looked my way and smiled which I politely returned an that was it.

After a few minutes of picking up Stronghold and the red head we were driving off a under-construction bridge and the bus took flight. There was a lot of screaming and hollering before we landed on the flying school known as Sky High. "Alright we are here your ready for this bone head?" stated Ryan. "You know it wind bag," we both laughed. "You two better get off to power placement," stated Warren as he got off the bus behind us. "Alright hot-head catch you later," stated Ryan and we walked off to the gym.

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