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Rory was on her way in starting her career. She was currently traveling with the newspaper. It had been almost three days since she had talked to her mom. The traveling newspaper was stopping in Cleveland for a couple of days and she was going to talk her mom then. It was better, not to mention quieter, talking on the phone in a hotel room then on the road.

It had been about a month since she had left Connecticut and started her new job. And during that month she has had a lot of time to think while on the road. She thought about her mom, her grandparents, Stars Hollow, but mostly she thought about Logan. What he was doing. She would sometimes think about where she would be and what their life would be like if she had said, "yes."

After getting settled in her hotel room in Cleveland. She pulled out her cell phone and called her mom.

"Hi Mom."

"Oh my god. It is my traveling daughter, so how is the traveling life?"

"Good, but I'm glad when we stop. I'm sorry that I haven't called. We were on the bus and I don't like talking on the phone when on the road, too noisy."

"Oh I see. So where are you now?"


"Oh you should go see…what's in Cleveland?"

"I'll find out and let you know."

"Sounds good. So how are you doing?"

"Good. I wanted to ask you something?"

"Anything, what is going on?"

"Have I ever gotten road sick?"

"No, haven't you gotten road sick, while being on the road?"

"It's weird I felt fine when I started on road about a month ago and for the past week, I have been getting sick while on the road."

"For the past week?"

"Yeah it's weird.

"I don't know hon." Lorelai then thought for a second and asked, "Have you gotten your period?"

"Mom, now I'm glad I didn't call you until I got to the hotel."

"Rory, just tell me?"

"Mom I'm due to get my period any time. What is this all about?"

"Honey, before I found out about you I was sick for about a week and then for about two months afterwards."

"I can't be pregnant. The last person that I was with is Logan and we were really careful. We always used a condom."

"Sweetie, condoms don't always work. You are living proof of that."

"What, you never told me that. Even in all the talks that we had you never told me that. What if it is genetic?"

"Well than if it is I'm glad that you waited until you were 19 when you started having sex."

"Okay Mom what should I do? Should I wait? Take a test? I never done this before"

"Rory, calm down. You're going to be ok. Take a deep breath." She heard her take a deep breath, then she continued, "Okay go to a drug store, I'm sure Cleveland has them somewhere. And get three pregnancy tests."

"Why three?"

"While one could come out to be a false negative."

"Oh right. Okay I'm going to get the tests and I'll call you back."

"Ok. Hun. Talk to you later.

"Bye mom."

Rory hung up her cell phone and grab her purse. On her way there she couldn't believe that she was doing this. She didn't feel pregnant. But then again she didn't know what it is what it is like to be pregnant, especially in the first few months. Maybe she should call Lane and ask her. She got to the store and found the right aisle and was shocked. How many tests are there, to tell a person one little thing, well not little, but one thing? She picked up one box and read the back. And then she thought about what her mom said about how one could come out to be a false negative. And then that got her thinking if one could be a false negative could one be a false positive. That's probably why she had her get three. The best two out of three could be good or bad. She was reading one of them and it said that for best result use first thing in the morning. Oh great she thought. And then she grabs six boxes of six different brands. She then went and grabbed a soda and some food that she thought that looked good. And then she went up to the register and the girl rang up her purchases. Rory thanked her and went back to the hotel. She took everything out of the bag and then took out her cell phone.

"Hey so I got six boxes."

"Rory I said to just get three, you didn't need to get six."

"I know, but has I was reading one of them said that the best results are in the morning so I'm taking three tonight and three in the morning."

"Okay, that fine. Rory, you do know that if any one of them comes out positive, you need to see a doctor, at least to conform."

"Okay, but let's wait until I take the tests."

"Okay, that is fine."

"Okay, I'm going to take the tests."

Rory put the phone down on the bed and went into the bathroom. She couldn't believe that she was doing this. It's not like she did want to have kids. It is just that she just graduated from Yale and started her new job that she loved.

Lorelai was also thinking after Rory left to take the tests. She was too young to be a grandmother, but then she realized that she is younger then Emily was when she had Rory (by just a few years). She couldn't believe that her daughter could be pregnant.

Rory came back on the line, "Okay I took the tests, two of them take three minutes and the other five minutes."

"So what do you what to talk about?"

"I really don't know, I think that this is a first, that we don't know what to talk about?"

"Yeah, it may be."

"So, how are Luke and you doing?"

"I see you thought of something to talk about."

"Yeah well we need something to talk about to pass the time."

"Luke and I are starting slow, but he is not keeping me from seeing April."

"That's progress."

"So April is spending the summer in Star Hollow"

"Yeah until mid August, which I don't mind. She's a good kid; she reminds me a lot of you when you were her age."

Just then the timer that she set when off, Rory looked to the bathroom. Lorelai had heard the timer go off over the phone and said, "Time to check sweetie."

Rory slowly got up, went into the bathroom and looked at the two that where ready in three minutes. Positive. Positive. "They're both positive."


Both were silent until the third was ready and it said the same as the first two, positive.

"How am I going to tell Logan?"

"I don't know sweetie"

"I told him no when he ask me to marry him. It just wasn't enough time. I needed more time to think it over. And now he is gone somewhere out in Palo Alto and now I'm pregnant," Rory started crying, "and we are not together because I needed more time."

"Rory are you saying that if he asked you now you would marry him, baby or not?"

"Yes," still crying.

"Rory it going to be ok, go to a doctor and get this conformed before you do anything…and if the doctor conforms that you are. Then you can come back here, if you want."

"Thanks, Mom." She said as she was starting to calm down some.

"Bye, sweetie"

"Bye, Mom" Rory said than hung up the phone. She thought then that she had to find Logan, but then she remembered what her Mom had told her, doctor first.

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