Sunday, September 03, 2017.


Challenging Destiny

Part 105

The news feeds on Earth were all eagerly covering the first visit of a human world leader to Vulcan. No one ever expected that it would be a national leader such as Queen Diana who would lead the way. Many had never thought it possible for any of Earth's leaders to be welcome on Vulcan. However the pomp and circumstance that was given to honor the Queen had many on earth shocked and awed. It was not something they had expected from the Vulcans. They were by nature a staid and reserved people yet they had a full honor guard out for the Queen and T'Pau herself welcomed her to their world. It was far more shocking and disturbing to many to see Queen Diana for a perfect T'al and greet the Vulcan leader in perfect if slightly accented Vulcan. Then there was the fact that she moved with such grace and speed on a world every earth school child knew had a far heavier gravity then Earth. More over the guards that the queen had taken were intimidating and powerful and many wondered if they were even standard humans? That would of course not be said out loud but many in the centers of power in North America were wondering once more if the queen was indeed fully human. Many forgetting that even Augments or at least humans ones were drawn from human stock.

Across the planet several agents watched with worry. It was clear their creations had found power and were now reaching out to the stars. Unfortunately for them instead of fighting their sundered kin it appeared as if the most powerful of their creations offspring was about to create and alliance with their lost kin. This was not going to be a good thing. Messages were sent off to Romulus to let them know of this disturbing development and to find out what their instructions were. Even if they still had some frozen and hidden stock it may now be too late to utilize them. Damn the Khan lines desire to rule. It sees they had perhaps made their creations a bit too aggressive.


Queen Diana and T'Pau walked together in the great hall of her fortress. They were discussing the latest intelligence from the Enterprise and their own crews. The queen listened as T'Pau told her of their recent difficulties with those still loyal to the old High command and how it was now affecting their ability to send help to the mission.

"Skon has routed out many of the traitor but we still must use care it is not easy to crew our ships and as such many are here at home. I am hoping to be able to send perhaps four ships soon to help with the patrols and perhaps discreetly aid the rescue mission but, we do not wish to provoke the syndicate just yet."

"That is probably wise. I however do not have those issues. I have ordered all my ships to be upgraded as they come in. While many are simple trading ships they will soon have a bit of a bite to them. I am also ordering new war ships to be built. The days of our ships going out unguarded are over."

"Perhaps we could coordinate patrols?" T'Pau suggested. "At least in the short term Vulcan will be rebuilding her fleet and warrior caste. While we are a peaceful people it is clear that to have peace we must be vigilant and ready to defend our interests. Once we are fully staffed once more our ships will be patrolling aggressively. I know Earth wishes Star Fleet to take a leading role in this but I am not quite certain I trust them. While there are some fine men and women serving on some of their ships many are questionable not to mention most of the crews are human. Or at least appear to be."

"Yes that is a valid concern. One I share. I personally am high concerned about the North American group. Kinsey is riasing in power and he wants and Terran Empire. No on my watch at least not one run by the mundane fools like him and Terra Prime that would not be good for earth or the Federation as a whole."

"We should perhaps insist on mixed ships or at least fleets. I agree with you on your assessment it has been our observation as well. Kinsey is not to be trusted. It would be far better if another took his place." T'Pau said. "A Tucker or Grayson would be far better for us or perhaps even a Khan."

The queen laughed at this surprising her hostess. "Yes, I agree, but sadly we cannot do that openly. Though if it becomes needed we can and will…deal with the issue."

T'Pau gave Diana a harsh look but nodded. Better to have a Khan in ruling position then one of Kinsesy's type at least a Khan honored their word.


The natives moved quickly and quietly into position they knew the Orion city well and soon they would be in place to take it and the space port down. Others followed their newest allies back in to the slave market. Soon they would regain their world.

Yani moved behind the Orion Guard and took him down and looked over to see Garnett had done the same. Both were dispatched ruthlessly by breaking their necks not something a normal human could do.

Kalan had moved to secure the transport they would need he taking out the third Orion. Of course he had broken the bastards back.

"Hey Garnett care to remind the universe why it is a bad idea to piss off a Khan?"

Garnett looked up and sighed. "Yes, we should. It's not like these three are alive anyway. So, the Eagle to send a warning that we are done playing it safe?"

"No, three of them we will pose them at the front door of the slave market. No point is being meek and mild about this." Yani said with a grin.

Garnett grinned she knew Archer and his crew would have fit but she did not care. She was pissed at being taken and the Orion Syndicate had to learn it was a bad idea to piss off her people. Yes the Eagle would do nicely. She pulled out the sharp blade the natives had given her and quickly and efficiently striped the Orion of his outer uniform and she picked him up and slung him into the transport. The drive would be short then she see if she could make as pretty wings as her new found ally.

Kalan had no idea what the women were speaking of but he felt a sudden chill. He wondered what an eagle was?

Twenty minutes later he decided it might be wise to never piss off one of these women. He was also decided it would be one hell of a message to the universe at large. The humans were not meek and mild they were Alpha Predators. He also knew he was going to keep Yani as a mate she was as fierce as any Klingon woman and she would give him fine strong sons and daughters. Children who would help him build a dynasty to rival Kahlass himself.

Garnett grinned at her friends and hoped to be invited to t he wedding. She had never been to a Klingon wedding and it would be interesting.