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Challenging Fate

Part 3 Heading out PG

Koss sighed. He could not find peace. He had been at the monastery for over a year now. What he needed to do was work. He rose from his place in front of the flame. He walked to the balcony and looked out across Vulcan. Normally he was at peace here. However peace would not come. All he could think of was his loss. He had retreated here after the fall of the old High Command. Oddly he approved of T'Pol bringing it down. He had never wanted her to be forced. He had always cared for her. Clearly his feelings had not been returned. He had come here to purge all emotion and regain his balance. However it was not working. He could not do this. He could not let go.

A young adept came to him.

"Shalile there is a message for you."

Koss took the missive. He did not even notice the adept slipped away to grant him privacy. He opened it and read.


We have needs of your skills.

You will come to Altair 7. I

have need of your skill.

You will help design our new embassy.

Come at once my son.

There will be a transport awaiting you in two days.

Kevan and Marly

Kavan was his grandsire and a man Koss respected even more then his own father. His mothers father was a man of honor. He had long ago accepted a post on Altair as ambassador. Koss looked at the missive and decided it was a chance for a clean break. He needed to be away from Vulcan and answering a summons from his grandsire and grandmother was a good excuse as any. Yes he would go to Alair 7 and work perhaps work would ease his pain of failing in his bond. He carefully folded the missive and set it inside his robes. He had much to do and little time to do it.


Trip leaned back as he read the letter form his folks. It seemed that Elizabeth's star was rising. She had been offered an off world commission. He was so proud of her. He laughed when he heard that the patron had assumed she was male. Then again Altair 7 was an old fashioned colony. He chuckled and wondered how blunt his sister had been at setting this guy straight. It seemed they wanted her to help with designs of several houses along with a meeting house for various delegates form different worlds. Yes Trip was proud of her. He could hardly wait to see the finished building. It had only been bare bones when they had left Earth. He would have to write her a letter soon. He shut off the screen and headed to the galley he was hungry for pecan pie and the chef was saving him a piece.