The Revenge Of The Mask


"Police,get to 433 West Tokyo Street. "Jennifer said .

"We will be right there. "The operator said.

"Hurry,he's in my house. "Jennifer said.

Jennifer hid behind her T.V. stand holding a knife hoping that the police would get there before that man found her and killed of the sudden her phone picked up the and the man said,

"You idiot,are you stupid? "The man said.

"What are you talking about,I called the cops on your sorry ass. "Jennifer said.

"Well,then you must be stupid because they won't get here in it out,you live at least 20 minutes out of town,you will be dead by the time they get here. "The man said.

"What do you mean?I locked all the doors to my house,there is no way you can get in. "Jennifer said.

"Well,what would you do if I said that I was already in your house? "The man said laughing.

"What do you want with me,what did I do to you? Jennifer asked.

"I don't have to tell you. "The man said.

"Well,can you at least tell me where you are in the house. "Jennifer asked.

"Hmp,well,check your patio. "The man said.

"What,I thought you said that you were in the house. "Jennifer said.

"What would you say if I lied to you? "The man asked.

Jennifer got up and ran to the patio door,she turned on the light to the patio and she saw nothing,no one was to be seen.

"I tricked you didn't I. "The man said.

The man was standing right behind her holding a large knife ready to kill turned around and she saw a tall man wearing a long robe and wearing a white ghost face mask.

"OH MY GOD. "Jennifer said running up the stairs.

She ran up the stairs as the man in a mask was trying to kill her..She got up to her room and locked her door.

"Jennifer,don't you want to come out and see your boyfriend? "The masked murderer asked.

"WHAT,you have John?What are you going to do to him?Don't you hurt him. "Jennifer asked and screamed to the masked man.

"If you ever want to see your boyfriend alive again you will come out here. "The insane man said.

Jennifer walked slowly to the door and unlocked it very slowly so the masked man wouldn't hear her come out of the opened the door only to see the wall on the other side of the walked out of the room and she looked around to see if the masked man was out there couldnt find anything .

"Oh my God,am I dreaming? "She asked herself walking down the stairs to investigate to see if she could find anything.

She went downstairs to see if she was looked everywhere,but she couldn't find anything.

"Few,I wonder where he went? Jennifer asked herself.

She went and opened up the coat closet just to make opened it up and she saw both of the police she had called for in the closet with their throats slit.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. "Jennifer screamed as she turned around to see yet again the masked murderer.

The man grabbed Jennifer and he slit her throat,and after he did that he stabbed her in the heart two or three had to make sure that she was he killed Jennifer he grabbed her body and drug it to the back threw the body in the shed and he got in his car and drove soon as he got down the road he looked in the rear view mirror and saw some more police drove slammed on the petal to flee from the police found Jennifer's body in the shed and then they called for an ambulance,but it was too late,Jenniffer was 's parents terrified.

"Who did this? "Jennifer's father saked the officer.

"We don't know but we are going to find out. "The officer said.