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Chapter 11 - Nas Nie Dogoniat

Lexa sat at the table staring at the screen and captions shown on the TV. She and Jesse had emerged from the room only a half-hour earlier and had been sitting down to a late lunch while playing the TV in the background. Unfortunately their comfortable bubble was burst by the interruption of a news break cutting through the babble of afternoon television.

Keith had told Jesse, Brennan, and she about his occasional job in the eastern part of the city for Dela corp. He had been working occasionally as a consultant on some of the research. He had laughed saying that the information was so far behind what he had been doing it was funny. He had referred to it as being a high school student having to go back and retake his elementary grade classes all over again. That was probably why he had been successful as a consultant.

Now the newscaster flashed another image of the Dela corp. building. Its three story stucco exterior showed its age, but still had well manicured lawns and gardens in front. The view was marred by the members of the SWAT teams and police force swarming the front.

A sharp ring of the phone startled the brunette as she stared at the building. Quickly jumping to answer it she picked it up to hear a harsh breathing on the other end before she could even say hello.

"Hello?" She queried. "Who is this?"

The breathing took a sharp intake before speaking. "Lexa, its Keith, Just listen, I think the Dominion is using this as a diversion to get me. I don't know how they found out how I'm alive, but they are searching the building for me now."

"Just hide somewhere Keith. We'll be there to get you."

"No, this has to be a trap for you guys. Just tell Shal that - oh shit, they're coming-"

The line went dead as the door burst open holding the other three members of the team.

"Is that Keith?" Shalimar questioned as she raced for the handset.

The dial tone of the empty phone line echoed in the quiet apartment. The noise sounded almost grating, but no one was willing to stop it.

"What happened?" Brennan broke the tension as he walked to Shalimar and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder to soothe her while replacing the handset on the phone holder.

His eyes connected briefly with both Jesse and Lexa over Shalimar's head as she turned into his chest and clenched tightly to his shirt.

"We were having lunch and we saw the picture of Keith's building come on with a news break that there was a hostage situation." Jesse said pointing to the screen. "I figured it wasn't a coincidence and ran upstairs to get you."

Lexa put her hand on Shalimar's shoulder in a soft gesture. The feral's eyes met hers in a sense of gratitude and understanding as she brought a hand up to cover Lexa's. It was the first real gesture that she had made toward showing any forgiveness to Shalimar. It was then that Lexa realized that she had come to terms with Shalimar's decisions, with that the envy and anger had faded.

"We'll do something," was all she could say.

"We have to get him out." Jesse said after a moment. "We can't stand by while innocent people are getting hurt, especially if it's our own fault that it happened." At looks from the others he added. "If Shalimar and Keith hadn't been looking for us I don't think the Dominion would have found them. They must have found out about Shalimar when she took out those Dominion members at the information drop."

"I'm so damn stupid!" Shalimar cursed as she pushed herself away from Brennan and stomped over to the window before stopping and looking out. "I led them right to us." Her voice was barely more then a whisper. She crossed her arms in front of herself and leaned against the window sill.

Lexa felt the weight of her friend's emotion as if it was her own. A slamming of the door made her spin to see Jesse staring at the door and Brennan no longer there. Jesse looked as confused as she felt and offered her a slight shrug as he walked over to Shalimar who still hadn't moved from the sudden flurry of motion and noise. Her sight remained locked on the street below.

His emotions were twisted inside. Watching Shalimar lament over her… what? What was Keith to her: Ex-Boyfriend, roommate, friend …lover? His heart twisted slightly at the thought, even with the realization that up until earlier she hadn't even known of his feelings for her.

Then the guilt had started in. That was when Shalimar had pushed away from him. Watching the tears roll down her face in the window's reflection he had to get out for a minute. Maybe he had made a little of a dramatic scene in hindsight. It wasn't intentional.

Walking up the steps he got to the roof and gathered the weapons. It was still early afternoon and he stretched for a moment enjoying the warming sunlight hitting his skin. Letting the sun chase away his negative emotions he realized that he was being childish. No matter what, Keith was in trouble and they had to help.

New resolve flowed through him. Grabbing up the last of the equipment and tossing it into the bag he went back downstairs and re-entered the apartment. He wasn't surprised to see Shalimar in the same spot, but Jesse and Lexa were conspicuously absent until he heard their voices in the computer room.

Making a decision he dropped the equipment by the closet and walked over to where Shalimar stood. The urge to touch was strong and he pulled his hand back before it could reach her shoulder. He had to let her move to him. His body was close enough to hers that he could almost lean a few inches and be touching her. He stopped before he did though.

"We'll get him back, Shal." He said and stood for a moment watching her for a reaction.

Her arms slowly uncrossed themselves and she reached a hand back to catch his. Grabbing it she pulled his arms around her. Tenderly wrapping his arms around her petite form he kissed her hair and just stood in silence waiting for her to speak.

Standing for long moments he stared at her reflection, noting her eyes looking down at the street but didn't seem to focus on anything. It was disturbing to say the least. When she finally spoke it was in a low tone.

"You know he told me that he wanted me to be happy. I think he knew that there were feelings between us." She paused and took a deep breath. "He already knew somehow that I might choose you if it came down to it. He was more worried about you not being good enough for me," she let out a quick sobbing laugh. "He wanted to make sure that you would treat me right."

Brennan felt his breath catch. In the back of his mind the question turned itself over and over. Was he good enough for her? He knew that he would die for her, but would he be able to give her a good life and make her happy? He didn't have any answers. Instead he kissed her temple and hoped that she would continue.

Her eyes turned to his and he could see the pain welling in her soul. It pulled at her and was tearing her apart. Something deep and painful was dwelling under the surface. Before he could question it she spoke.

"I failed him. I failed him and Adam. I was supposed to keep him safe and not let the Dominion get to him." He could tell she was struggling to control her words. Her voice held tears and her eyes shone but she held strong. "It's my fault."

At a loss for words, Brennan could only hold her tighter and pour his caring and support through his actions. Every fiber of his being screamed to comfort her, but the confusion of how to do it was just as loud. In the end he settled for murmuring soft platitudes into her ear and caressing her back. For several long moments they stood by the window encased in each other's arms. He wasn't sure if she would speak again, but he had nothing to vocally offer.

Eventually she sighed and began to speak again, her voice steadier this time. "He and I never really talked about you much. I would talk about Jesse, Lexa and even Emma. But not you, maybe that's how he knew I still had feelings for you." A smile ghosted her lips. "He was always too damn smart. I just hope we can get to him in time." The rueful tone betrayed her only slightly.

"We'll get there as soon as we can. I think Jesse and Lexa are working on a plan now."

He tightened his arms for a moment before loosening them and moving back toward the office. Shalimar kept hold of his hand and followed him in.

One hour thirty-seven minutes and four seconds later Shalimar felt like throwing every plan out the window and just doing things her way. But that had been the reason for all this in the first place, a little voice in the back of her mind chided. Her impetuous nature had caused the original drop to go bad. Taking a deep breath she thought over the plan they were using now.

It was fairly simple, but it had taken them four different drafts to find the right mode of attack. Not being sure where Keith was hiding or being kept had been the major hamper on the whole operation. This meant that they had to do surveillance and search. Jesse and Lexa were going to go in and try to find out if the men had captured Keith. She was going to start at the top and work her way down while Brennan started at the bottom and worked his way toward her. Hopefully they would avoid confrontation, but decided to plan for the worst.

When all was ready they packed themselves up and grabbed any gear they could find to use. Keith had several ear-bud microphones that they agreed to use. It was the best way to stay in communication that they had found so far. Strapping on a few of the gear pieces that she and Brennan had picked up, Shalimar watched out of the corner of her eye as Jesse and Lexa spoke in soft words to one another with occasional glances at both her and Brennan. She knew they were worried about her ability to keep her head when someone she cared about was in trouble. Past examples were pretty much proof-positive that she didn't have a great track record for keeping her cool when emotions were involved.

Taking a deep breath she calmed herself and tried to go over the plan once again in her head. Keep quiet until they had no other choice, the basic premise of the plan screamed stupid but it wasn't like they were infiltrating organizations or just taking on a few bad guys trying to save someone. No, for all she knew they were going to use everyone in that building against them. It wasn't something that they wanted to happen.

Warmth at her back caused a calming sensation to wind its way down her body and relax her muscles. Breathing deeply she caught the scent of Brennan's aftershave and the scent that was purely him, leather, sandalwood, and a rich spicy tang of his sweat. Leaning against him she felt him inhale deeply before running his hands up and down her upper arms. They didn't need to talk; it was one of the things that she had always loved about him. Their communication seemed to run in a deeper form then words when needed.

A look from Lexa had her spine straighten until it almost cracked. It was time to go.

The dark that had settled on the city was working in their favor. Brennan was able to short out the power grid. Knowing it was risky the team still opted to do it to give them an advantage. They might not have had night vision but each had practically tattooed the layout of the building in their minds. All of the operatives with the Dominion would know they were making their move but the chaos that would be added to the surrounding area would help to guide them in and out with less notice.

Brennan watched as Jesse and Lexa took off to the side of the building shortly before he fried the grid circuits. The repairs would be close to an hour, or so they hoped. Shalimar had left their side several blocks before to take to the rooftops and make her way onto the building.

After sending an electrical pulse through the main board he quickly replaced the cover and took off down the street. Rush hour traffic was still flowing through the area and with the traffic lights no longer working several minor accidents had people milling around outside of their vehicles in front of the building. Slipping into the crowd Brennan was able to find the back entrance door that Jesse had propped open for him.

The darkness settled like a blanket over his eyes for a moment before his eyes adjusted and were able to take in the gleam of lights off of the reflective surfaces in the hallway. Making his way down to the lobby area he was able to overhear the conversations of the operatives.

"We know that he has to be here somewhere!"

"Well he's not on the bottom three floors."

"That leaves only two left to search then."

"Who is checking the exits?"

Silence followed for a moment before a hushed curse. Then a bang that sounded suspiciously like a gun shot with a silencer.

"I'll ask again. Who is checking the exits?"

Brennan moved into a door behind him that led to a laboratory. He should be able to get off this floor through here. Meandering through the equipment he quickly found the door on the far end that led to the opposite hall and the stairwell.

Once he was pretty sure he was clear he murmured into the microphone. "Guys, I think he's on the fourth or fifth floor. The guards haven't found him yet."

Jess and Lexa quickly acknowledged him and Shalimar whispered a quick thanks before the air went silent again. It was times like this that he missed their old communicators. When they would be doing stakeouts and undercover work he almost always had someone talking to him. On more then one occasion he and Jesse would use the surveillance glasses for more personal use and often get in trouble when the girls or Adam found the files. Now the empty silence was almost menacing.

Quickly searching the first floor he made his way to the second before locating the other members of the staff that had been herded into a room and locked in.

"I found the other workers in a room on the second floor. They are on the east side, the second room toward the back. How are you guys going with you search?"

"The top floor is clear, most of it looks like they are doing construction." Shalimar replied.

"The third floor is clear. Shal meet us on the fourth and Brennan stay hidden for a little bit. We'll use the other people as a distraction to get out of here." Lexa said.

Looking around he found a janitor's closet with a drop ceiling. That would suit his needs just fine.

Meeting Jesse and Lexa on the fourth floor they started combing the area until Shalimar was able to pick up Keith's scent. He was hidden in one of the storage lockers. When she opened the door he all but flew at her with a few sharp looking pieces of lab equipment.

Instinct saved her from becoming cut or injured, and at the look on Keith's face there was no denying his happiness at seeing them. Then he swept her into a tight hug while murmuring into her ear.

"You shouldn't have come. They want you guys not me. I don't even know how they found me."

Before Shalimar could think of anything to say Lexa was pulling on them to leave.

"We need to go now. Their going to be coming up here to check pretty soon and we have to get out."

"How are we going to get down without being spotted?" Keith looked confused.

"That's pretty easy when you have someone like me to get you from point A to point B!" Jesse replied cheekily.

Bending over he took a deep breath and slowly exhaled making a shimmering ripple flow in a circle on the floor. At Lexa's pointed look Shalimar grabbed Keith around the waist and jumped down to the lower floor being quickly followed by Lexa and Jesse.

Shalimar left Keith's side and listened intently at the door. When no noise was heard she opened it and did a quick inspection before leading the group toward the east side. When they reached a good spot to drop down she pulled them into a room where Jesse once again was able to drop them through the floor onto the second story of the building.

"Brennan we're on the second floor in the last room." Shalimar whispered.

"Be right there."

A quick look outside showed that the workers had arrived and were working on the circuits that Brennan had so artfully burned. Traffic had begun to move along thanks to the patrol officers who were standing on the corner, non-the-wiser of the hostage situation going on not twenty yards from where they stood.

A soft click had everyone in the room glue their eyes to the door. Brennan's tall form emerged into the dim light reflected from the outside. Shalimar felt a small beat of happiness in her heart that he was safe. From the look he gave her, it was mutual.

Lexa began speaking as soon as they gathered close. "From here the best option I see is letting the hostages go and using them to help cover our escape. If we can get them out through the first floor side door where Brennan entered we should be good."

Brennan was shaking his head even before she had finished speaking. "It'll be no good now. They have guards posted at the entrances and these guys mean business. The guy in charge didn't think for a moment before shooting one of his own."

"So all of the doors are pretty much out?" Shalimar felt herself ask even though she was almost positive of the answer.

"How many people are they holding?" Jesse asked looking between Keith and Brennan.

"I don't know maybe twenty? Keith?" Brennan looked in askance.

"That sounds about right. Most of the employees work an early shift and were gone before the place was overrun." His eyes bled apology even in the dark. "I'm so sorry that this happened."

"Too late for sorry now," Lexa said, but the tone was more of a brush-off rather then an angry retort.

"Well if there aren't that many people I can probably get them through the wall." Jesse speculated.

"We'll need a distraction." Shalimar said as her mind shifted into gear. "They have people at all sides, but maybe if Lexa can help me we can shed a little light in their eyes?"

A sly smirk curved the girls' eyes. It hadn't escaped their notice that all of the guards had been outfitted with night-vision goggles. "That could work."

"The back has no entrances and seems to be the least guarded." Shalimar's mind raced to her initial surveillance.

Quickly looking at Jesse, Brennan, and Keith, Shalimar assessed their thoughts of the plan. Nods of approval came, although Brennan and Keith shared a reluctant hesitation. She knew that it was risky but they were not rolling in options at this moment.

Looking to the guys then to the window, Shalimar glanced out and saw the dark vehicle parked down an alleyway across the street. Feral eyes glowed and she saw that the guards were more lax then their interior counterparts. One was relaxed against the seat and the other was watching the street with little notice of the building.

"Jess, if you can get us through this wall I can guide Lexa down while she keeps us invisible." Shalimar looked. "Those guys aren't paying much attention. It will work in our favor."

Keith squeezed her hand tightly and pulled her into another hug. "Be careful," he whispered into her ear.

Brennan's eyes looked slightly jealous but they would have time to iron out the details after they were safe. Flashing him a quick smile she saw that his expression mirrored Keith's words. She knew her eyes were reflecting the same sentiment.

"Ready?" Jesse asked as he stood against the wall.

A nod from Lexa told her that it was a go. Grabbing Lexa's waist with her left arm, Shalimar braced herself to take the jump to the car across the street.

"We'll land on the hood so just be ready." Shalimar said as they backed up slightly then launched through the opening that Jesse created.

In the span of a few moments the world had taken a quick turn. Brennan had dashed out the door with Keith hot on his heels. Breaking the door open that held the captives he began telling them to go but to be quiet about it. Jesse was almost thrown against the wall as the panicked people began to rush out.

They had made it to the bottom of the stairs before one of the guys had bumped into on of the girls causing her to stumble and yelp as her ankle twisted under her weight. Brennan grabbed her as they continued to funnel down the stairs and Keith led them to the back storeroom that had a wall leading to the rear of the building.

Jesse pushed through and the people became more upset as they realized that there was no exit in that room. He had to tell more then one person to be quiet and listen so that they would all get out alive. The wall began to shimmer on the other side of the room and Jesse was ushering people out as he heard shouts of the captors. Still holding the girl he urged everyone to hurry and move out quietly. As one of the last guys were passing he handed over the girl to him.

The whirring of the air system came on and they knew that time was up. The electric was back on and they would have all of their equipment working again as well as the cameras that were in the hallways; including the one above his head. With a snort of disgust he aimed his hand at the camera and sent an electrical bolt toward it, effectively causing it to spark and stutter as it stopped its rotation.

"Brennan c'mon!" Jesse yelled.

Bullets hit the wall and he had to agree with Jesse's idea. Racing for the makeshift exit he ducked through as Jesse followed him panting heavily.

The scene that greeted him made a lurid swear come out from between his lips. The guards had started coming around the building and firing at the innocent workers who had just been released. The girl who had injured herself lay on the ground by the corner being approached by a man with a gun trained on her head. Brennan didn't think just took aim and shot him with his electrical blast. Running to the girl's side he grabbed her up and started carrying her in the direction of the fleeing people.

What happened next would be the source of many nightmares for too long. Not noticing that Jesse had still been recovering from his long bout of expelled energy, Brennan had taken off thinking the younger man would follow. Lexa's shout was the only reason he turned to see the situation.

Lexa had been across the street intercepting the guards and taking as many down as she could. She was too far away, and now so was Brennan.

Jesse was being surrounded and trying to punch his way out with little success. Blond hair announced Shalimar's entrance into the fray. Taking down two of the guys in her initial attack, she tried to help Jesse face down the rest.

Brennan heard the leader's voice as clear as day.

"I have no more use for you genetic mistakes."

With several shots he watched his best friend and his love fall to the ground.

Lexa's scream permeated the air as he felt himself drop the girl he was holding and call up power he never thought he could tap into.

Unleashing their offensive force, Brennan and Lexa fought until they no longer knew how they were standing.

A black haze swirled in his head. For a moment, he could almost think it was a nightmare and that he would wake up and see Shalimar and Jesse seated at the table arguing. The events that led him to this place began to unfurl in his mind. The anguish was just as real as reliving them all over again…

He turned just in time to see one of the operatives that had gotten past him take aim at Jesse, who had stretched himself to the limit getting the hostages out of the building and was barely able to stand, let alone mass or phase himself. Shalimar must have seen the shots coming because she was already moving in front of Jesse.

The sound of the gunshot filled the air with a harsh crack followed by several more that echoed the initial shot. His mind flashed the full scene of Shalimar's body as it jerked to the left by the initial impact into her torso then backwards by the second one into her throat. Jesse's voice screamed Shalimar's name as he too was hit with the bullets piercing Shalimar then entering his body and causing mortal damage.

Brennan's mind was a mess of confusion and anger, anger at the others, anger at himself, and just plain angry at life and its outcomes. He knew at one point that he and Lexa had stood over the remains of the operatives who killed their friends, but he did not remember how it happened. His recollection was hazy at best with only moments between then and now where he was laying on the sofa in Keith and Shalimar's apartment. Time was confusing and he wasn't sure if only a few hours had passed or maybe they had been days.

"You need to eat something." Keith's voice broke into the silence of the room.

"What time is it?"

"Nine o'clock at night. You haven't moved in over a day." Keith sounded sad and distant.

Brennan had to wonder for a moment why Keith would sound that way but then it hit him, this man loved Shalimar as well and her loss would be a huge toll on him too. Guilt joined his already raging emotions, was it really less then two days ago that he had Shalimar's lips on his, her body flush with his own. All the while the man standing here watching warily was in trouble.

Brennan quickly pondered the possibility of walking into the Dominion headquarters and see how many of them he could take out before they killed him. The thought had appeal. Most every thing that he had come to love was gone.

Mentally sighing he realized that he couldn't do that. Survival was programmed into him, even when he wasn't sure what he was surviving for.

Moving his eyes to Keith, he saw the man looking intently at him. "What?" His voice was slightly harsher then he intended.

Moving a step back, the shorter man took on a look of thoughtfulness. "I have a thought to run past you and Lexa." Turning he began to walk from the area to the kitchen. "Wake her and join me in the kitchen. I'm going to start some coffee and food." With that, he walked out.

Forcing himself to move Brennan found his limbs initially uncooperative and sluggish. He grimaced as he realized that his body and mind seemed to be in agreement with his mood.

Taking a few steps to the back room, he found Lexa stretched out on a futon in the back room where she and Jesse had initially slept. Her breathing was shallow and every few seconds he could see a slight hitch to her breath. Lexa's pride needed to stay intact and he knew that if he just stomped into the room it might make things a hundred times worse. Taking a step back, he knocked on the doorframe to give her a moment for composure before calling her name. A few seconds later he saw her shift and sit upright, hauling her feet over the edge and planting them on the floor, her back to him. Her hands reached up and swiped at her face before she turned around.

Her face was splotchy from tears and her eyes looked as bloodshot as he was sure his were. Uncertainty took over for a moment, and he wanted to hug his last companion but her wild and defensive expression caused him to hesitate. Instead, he took a step into the room and took a deep breath before speaking in a low tone that one would use with a frightened child.

"Keith is making us something to eat, and he says he needs to talk to us."

Her expression narrowed for a moment and he could see the words she didn't say as she glanced past him to the hallway and the kitchen. Her jaw muscles jumped and she nodded tersely before standing.

Turning around he headed to the kitchen and found Keith dishing out some pancakes and sausage onto plates. Brennan wasn't quite sure what to make of the food, but opted to at least try to put food into his system before totally discarding the idea.

Lexa entered a moment later and sat next to Brennan. Keith silently handed over plates and coffee to both of them before taken his own mug and plate. Brennan noticed that most of the food had more mileage moving around on the plate then it did being eaten. The tense silence was making him want to crack. Lexa was staring daggers at Keith, Keith was angrily spearing his food then pushing it around, and Brennan was just trying to figure out who or what he could take his aggression out on.

"I have an idea." Keith said finally breaking the silence.

"Oh please, lets hear it oh wise and marvelous one!" Lexa snarled. "I mean hell, it was your idea to go into work when you knew that there were problems with the Dominion to begin with, but please let's see if you can kill me and Brennan off now!" Her voice had risen along with her body as she leaned forward on the table to stab Keith with another hard look.

Brennan could think of little to do, part of him understood Lexa's anger. If it hadn't been for Keith, maybe this whole situation would have been entirely different because Shalimar would have been with them instead of making a new life with him.

"I think that your anger is partially rightly placed, but we all knew what we were getting into if you recall." Keith showed no malice toward the fiery brunette instead he took a deep breath and kept his face expressionless as he looked at her. "I remembered something that Shalimar told me about a mission you guys went on, and mutants who could return you to the past."

Brennan's breath had hitched slightly in his chest as he realized that he had been wishing he could turn back the clock and change things.

Lexa's looked angry for a moment before the thought settled completely with her and she realized the option that was presented to them. She slowly maneuvered herself back into her seat.

"I know it's not good to mess with the past, but there are circumstances that I think might need changing. I just found out that Adam was killed as well."

The silence was almost deafening. This was really it; everyone who could do something was dead or dying.

"How did you find out?" Lexa's voice sounded oddly calm and remote.

"It was on the news. His body was found washed up by the river." Keith never looked up from his plate as he relayed the news. "They didn't have a name, but showed a picture to see if anyone could identify him."

Brennan was shocked by his own sharp intake of breath.

"We have to stop this from ever happening. I found someone who agreed to help us." Keith continued his explanation quickly. "She was a friend of Shalimar's and her brother is able to create a portal to the past. It'll be a one way ticket, but hopefully that's all you guys will need."

The next few hours quickly evolved with a whirlwind of discussion. When to go back to, what to do and any other plans that, they might need to be prepared for. With all three of them bouncing various ideas back and forth, it was intense and slightly disturbing.

Brennan finally needed a break and walked away. He found himself unconsciously moving to the roof to watch the sky slowly starting to lighten to welcome the day. Sitting on a low wall as his thoughts took over he relived some of the memories of the past three years.

Five years ago he was little more then a petty thief and con artist. His life had changed so drastically since then. Meeting Adam and the team had been one of the best things to happen in his life. Even with the events of the past few days, he wasn't sure if he would have traded his decision. It had afforded him real friendships and a family. Nothing that he'd imagined having in his life.

A throat clearing broke him out of his ponderings.

"I used to find her up here a lot too." Keith said softly as he moved to sit on the wall next to Brennan. "I used to wonder if she had ever left something behind that she shouldn't have, you know?" He paused for a moment before continuing. "You know her though. She would always deny it and say that her choices were always her own. But I think we both know different."

Brennan felt off-balance by his words but before he could engage his mouth to speak, Keith continued.

"I think that she wanted to make everyone around her happy. Her spirit was infectious and bright, and when I first met her, she entranced me. It was like watching fireworks or meteor showers. I wanted her to stay with me to help me find the light in myself…"

Brennan's mind thought of how Shalimar had become a personal bright star and how she had changed his life in so many immeasurable ways.

Keith continued. "That's where I was wrong though, too selfish if you will. Her light seemed to dim a little each day she was away from her real life and team. I don't think she ever noticed it, but little by little, I began to see it in her. Heaven knows I tried to stop it from fading, but how could I when I'm almost certain I was the cause."

'Of course you were,' almost flew out of Brennan's mouth but somehow he refrained from speaking it. He needed to finish hearing Keith's side of the story. Somehow, he could relate to it in his own way. Something about Shalimar had drawn both men in like moths to a flame.

"Then you came back into her life. At first, I thought she was just happy to see her old friends, but as time went on, I realized how much her old life had meant to her without her knowledge… How much you meant to her, Brennan."

Brennan felt his breath catch as the other man spoke as if in confessional.

"I was selfish to keep her with me, Brennan. I need you to promise me that you won't let her go with me this time. It might make the biggest difference in the world, or it might make none. I just know that she is happier with you and the team then me."

Brennan's head nodded and he watched as Keith exited the roof.

Long moments passed and Brennan could only think of what changes would need to be made. Adam needed to be kept safe, the expiration dates, and maybe Shalimar's return home all hinged on Brennan and Lexa's ability to change the past.

Shalimar's face flashed in his memory once again and he came to the conclusion that there was nothing left in the current future for him.

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