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Summary: How many times did he have to do this to get it right? That was the one question that kept going through Chris' mind and how many more times would he get it wrong?

A/N: Well this was a little idea that came to my mind yesterday and hasn't left me alone since. It is an AU of Season Six, where Chris comes back in time, not before he is born, but instead later in time to a point where Wyatt is 8 years old and there apparently is no Christopher Halliwell or maybe there is. So who is he? And what must he put himself threw to make sure that certain parts of history repeat themselves, while others change? As a side note in this fic no one knows that Chris is not a full Whitelighter yet and they don't know that Wyatt is the evil from Chris' future either. As in all my fics Italics represent either an unspoken thought or a memory.

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Chapter 1 Take Us Home

As Chris orbed into the Manor kitchen he was surprised to see that all three of the Charmed Ones were sitting at the breakfast bar sharing a cup of coffee and some lighthearted sisterly chat. He glanced at the clock above the sink and frowned. Normally Piper would be the only one left there by ten o'clock but it seemed as if neither of the other two sisters were planning on moving from their comfortable positions. "Did I miss something? Is it a holiday?"

"Good morning, Chris," Piper said scowling slightly at the intrusion. "And as an answer to your question, in a way it is. We have declared this the official Halliwell non-magic, non-worry, non-work and especially non-demon hunting holiday. Leo even took Wyatt 'up there' so we could relax some."

Chris' eyebrows shot up at that statement and he scowled slightly. He was beginning to think that if they had their way everyday would be a holiday from their Wiccan duties. "You can't do that," he said folding his arms over his chest.

"And why not?" Phoebe asked smiling sweetly at the young Whitelighter.

Chris walked over to the calendar on the wall and started pointing out dates both past and future alike. "Because you've tried it before and believe me, you'll try it again, but every time you do something has and always will mess it up." With that he flipped the calendar back to the current month and shook his head at it but then froze as he looked at the x's that had been marked through dates that had already gone by. "Wait, is today May 11th?"

Piper had been about to tell Chris that even though they hadn't succeeded yet she was willing to give the non-magical holiday another chance or as many as it took to get one normal day in her life. But his frozen stare pulled her own face to the calendar. "Yes, it is," she said simply not remembering anything special about the date.

"Oh, hell, oh hell, this can't be," he said his voice beginning to panic. His face had become pale and he turned to run from the room and headed up the stairs two at a time. The sisters, curious as to his strange actions, followed at a slightly slower pace up to the attic where they were surprised to see Chris throwing every one of their backup potions into a leather pouch muttering to himself. "So caught up in saving Wyatt, that I completely forgot. How could I do that? If I mess this one up everything will be lost. Damnit!"

"Chris, what exactly is going on?" Paige asked in quite a bit of suspicion. She had never seen him act this way before. On any other day he would have been calm and collected if not bitchy but today he honestly seemed afraid of something but what none of them could even guess.

"We have to go on a demon hunt," he finally answered zipping the pouch and throwing it to Paige.

Piper's confusion turned into anger at those words. "What did I say downstairs? No demon hunts today. Whatever it is can wait till tomorrow."

Chris head moved back and forth vigorously at her words. "No, no it can't. Not this one. It has to be today and it has to be you three and especially you, Piper."

"What are you not telling us, Chris?" Phoebe asked catching stray bits of emotion wafting off of the normally unreadable Whitelighter. She had to admit that what she was feeling was frightening her.

Chris licked his lips, not sure what all to reveal but then nodded making up his mind what would be safe to say. "There's an innocent you need to save, a very important innocent."

"Oh geez, Chris. All innocents are important," Paige countered. Of course they would go and save the innocent but that still didn't explain Chris' fearful actions. And they were all beyond tired of the secrets.

"I know that, Paige, but if you lose this one it can significantly ruin a large part of all of your futures and none of you will ever even realize it." Chris hoped that his vague words would be enough to get them moving, but as he saw the confused looks on their face he knew they weren't gonna go for it. "What do I have to say to get you to leave right now to save this innocent?"

"How about starting with some truth?" Piper answered icily. "Who is it that we have to save?"

Chris growled with frustration. He knew he could have just orbed out and did the vanquish himself but he also knew just how important it was for Piper to be the one who saved this particular innocent. "Fine, if you must know the truth, he's your son, Piper. Or at least he will be once you and Leo adopt him."

Piper's jaw dropped and her mouth formed a perfect 'o' as her eyes became large. "My what?"

"Listen, we don't have time for this. With all of the concentration I've been putting into finding the threat to Wyatt, I forgot about your other son. He's in a lot of trouble right now and I hate to imagine what the demons will do to him if you don't save him." Chris was desperate. He was almost willing to spill all of his secrets just to assure that Piper would go and find that child.

Piper closed her mouth and nodded quickly. "We have a lot of talking to do later, Chris," she said walking over to grab his arm. "Where is he?"

"The underworld. Follow my orb trail, Paige," he called out orbing he and Piper down below.

When they arrived in the underworld Chris started explaining exactly what was going on. "In my original timeline you came down here searching for a clan of demons that were terrorizing witches above, but I guess all the other demon hunting I've been having you do has kept you from getting involved in that yet."

Piper began to remember something then that they had forgotten to look into. "That's right. When Leo came to visit Wyatt the other day he mentioned a new threat to witches but I was the only one home. Paige and Phoebe were with you on a vanquish and then I sort of forgot about it."

"Damn this is just too close. You should have found him early this morning. We are several hours late." As they spoke Chris led them through darkened tunnels that he knew should have held Karas demons. They were the demons that were holding the child and he knew that they should have been in these particular tunnels. "Going by the original timeline you should have vanquished the clan and then found him hiding in one of these caves. It took every ounce of persuasion you had to get him to come with you, Piper."

"Is he a human child, Chris?" Phoebe asked cautiously. What would a human child be doing with demons?

"Don't tell me I adopt a demon, Chris. I don't think I can handle that," Piper asked incredulously.

"No, he's not a demon. He's actually a Witchlighter, like Paige," he explained hesitantly. He wasn't sure if maybe he was giving out too much information now.

"Like me. But that's forbidden. I thought Wyatt and I were the only ones." Paige was so surprised to hear that there was another person out there that shared something as unique as she and Wyatt did.

Just at that moment they rounded the corner and saw exactly what they were looking for. There were over a dozen demons in the cavern and one of them was holding a small boy several feet above the ground with its hand wrapped around his throat. They could all see the struggle the boy was putting up as he kicked out at the beast. "I grow tired of you child. I think it's time you go to another clan," the demon was saying from behind a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. "That is if we don't just eat you first."

A whimper came from the child as his whole body slumped petrified in utter fear.

Piper wanted to scream in outrage at what she was seeing. The boy was very small and couldn't have been much older than five or six years old and he looked dirty and malnourished. It was enough to make any decent mother see red and that wasn't even taking into consideration all of the bruises she could see on his pale face and arms. Her hands immediately shot out blowing the demon to bits that was holding him as Paige reached out and called, "Boy." The boy disappeared in blue and white orbs and reappeared in Paige's arms just before he would have fallen to the ground. Paige sat him down and forced him behind them as she and her sisters went about destroying the entire clan of demons.

When the last demon exploded Piper quickly turned to make sure the child was safely behind them, but to her surprise he was no where to be seen. "Where is he?" she asked in complete fear.

Chris also looked around but did not seem at all surprised not to see the child there. "I'm sure he's hiding. That's what he did before after you vanquished the clan."

"But why? We are the good guys. The ones who are trying to save him," Phoebe asked not understanding why the child would fear them also.

"Listen, I've already told you too much. You've got to figure the rest out yourself. I'll be at the Manor trying to figure out the next most likely threat to Wyatt." With that Chris orbed out leaving three very angry women behind.

"I swear I'm gonna blow him up one of these days," Piper growled as she headed into the next adjoining chamber and looked all around for any place the child might hide. Phoebe and Paige followed her as they searched from chamber to chamber.

They all knew that most of the day had ticked by as they searched for the small child but none of them were willing to give up just yet. After what Chris had said about this boy being Piper and Leo's adopted son there was just no way they could give up on him. Finally they had found their way into a chamber that disgusted all of them. There were several stone tables erected and on each table lay a motionless corpse. "Oh, gross, what is this?" Paige asked holding her nose at the smell of rotting corpses.

"This is my chamber and none of you belong here," a voice said from a doorway to their left. They all noticed a demon that looked no different from any man standing there looking in surprise at the unwelcome guests.

That's when they heard it. It was barely audible but there was a soft cry coming from under one of the tables. The demon's face scrunched into a snarl as he quickly circled one of the stone tables looking for the source of the sound. "Is that you, whelp? I told you if I ever found you near my bodies again I'd hang you upside down over the pits of hell until you begged me to drop you into the fire. Now come out of there and explain to me who these people are you've brought into my lair."

They heard the small whimper again and it was all Piper could take as she moved forward and threw her hands out blowing up the demon in question.

"What kind of demon was that?" Paige asked in disgust as they all three made their way around the tables until they were next to the one that they knew the boy was hiding beneath.

"I really don't know," Phoebe answered as she and Piper each kneeled next to the table where the boy was apparently hiding.

"Hey, kiddo, why don't you come on out here," Phoebe said quietly trying to draw the child out from his hiding place. They could hear his low tremulous cries and it was heart wrenching to say the least.

"Piper, Chris said you convinced him to come with you in the original timeline," Paige pointed out.

Piper remembered that too, but what to say to him? "Hey, little guy, I know you are afraid but I promise that we are not going to hurt you."

The child did not answer, as he pulled even further back under the stone table pulling his knees close to his body and hiding his face in them.

"I promise to take you away from here to a place that is safe, where you don't have to worry about anything harming you," Piper tried to tempt him. "And I'll fix you something to eat. You are hungry aren't you?"

With that the boy lifted his head and it was plain to see a lifetime of pain in his eyes as he tried to decide if he was being tricked. Piper could barely hold back her own tears as she stared into those glassy green depths imagining the horrors they had seen. "I promise, I won't ever let anyone hurt you again," she whispered holding her hand out to him but not touching him as she waited for him to take the offered hand.

His own hand began to snake forward and they could see how his small fingers trembled as he did so and then it rested in her palm and she slowly pulled him to her picking him up and wrapping her arms around him as she stood. She could feel how the boy's arms hung loosely around her and his chin rested on her shoulder. She wished she could see his face but then another part of her knew that it would only hold the pain and sorrow that had been his life. "Take us home, Paige," she whispered not wanting to frighten the boy.

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